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  1. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    They killed my greatest pan z creation, Restored Gohan
  2. Pan/Fan Z and not fleshing out archetypes

    @Artificial Human here you go
  3. Pan/Fan Z and not fleshing out archetypes

    I'll see if I can dig it up. But trust me the list looked TERRIBLE.
  4. Pan/Fan Z and not fleshing out archetypes

    I had nappa build that looked shit on paper but actually had a good winning record, and even beat some red coolers in thier prime. It did better than it had any right to.
  5. Pan/Fan Z and not fleshing out archetypes

    Did they ever finish Saiyan stage lock? It was like two good cards away from being amazing.
  6. The Sad Reality of Fan Z

    I don't keep up with Fan Z, and know absolutely nothing about the new super game. So basically I don't have anything to contribute in that regards. I don't plan on making a game and I'm not qualified to do so. I just know that in every industry engineers, developers, and testers are all separate groups with distinct cultures and function. They work together to present a quality product to the end user, but they all have special skills themselves. This is how software developement works, automotive engineering, and so on. When a DBZ game starts operating this way, you'll actually see quality IMO.
  7. The Sad Reality of Fan Z

    First time checking in a long time. But I've said it before - developers and playtesting teams need to be two seperate teams. Anything else will also be a failure.