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  1. It's not that there's too much endurance, it's that high endurance are put on control oriented cards too often.
  2. I don't think I could. Of all the boasts I've made I'm certain that's one I made sure not to.
  3. The game has been fucked up by multiple teams. What makes you think anyone else here could do better?
  4. I tried to save people from Panini but no one listened and turned against me (leading to the birth of Dark Edison)
  5. There's no need for a draw in dbz. No game should ever be a draw. Timed wins should be 2 points instead of 3 and timed loss should be 1 point instead of zero.
  6. Original Score crd was big for a reason. Original game with new devs creating everything for the first time.
  7. This game looks terrible. That rules sheet gave me a seizure just trying to read it. The game looks like it is for kids or slow adults at best. 0/10 would not play.
  8. I know I'm not allowed to bash Destiny but will I be banned for giving my honest opinion of this?
  9. I tried getting into UFS and thought it was boring.
  10. My logic is that panini didn't "load packs". These boxes are likely comprised of booster boxes that were opened and one side of the box stuck consecutively in. So we already know if picking a open booster for Ur then you're better off buying an entire side of the box rather than a little from both. So if these boxes at dollar tree are comprised of half of four boosters then odds are fairly decent still. Just no guarantees of course.
  11. I just bought $26 worth of these and no trolling pulled a heroic dashing punch, Unleashed, I'll dig your grave, and villainous energy sphere. I also pulled to foil rares along with eight other foil Commons or uncommons.
  12. There should never be a draw in this game. There are enough win conditions that are objectively measurable to determine a winner.
  13. Some of the best decks ever in dbz could win easily without ever attacking.
  14. Anachronism is the greatest game ever. And if you don't like that, then I got two words for ya.
  15. Anachronism was an amazing game with dice as a core mechanic.