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  1. Hey just wanted to post here about the tournament that is being hosted in Arizona at Arkadia Gaming, the format is the Legacy format that I created which includes PanZ sets 1-7 Score Z and GT the format follows the Score Expanded CRD for score and GT rulings, the format rules are as followed Deck Size: 70 cards (can proxy 100% of your deck just needs a readable image of the card.) MP Stacks: Must have at least a 1-3 to be used Mastery: Don't have to use one can make a non-tokui-waza deck Named Cards: You can only use name cards that have your MP's name in the title. (named cards for personalities who don't have a 1-3 are considered freestyle cards not named), also Gohan's Kick is considered G Kick for deck construction its not named. Most Powerful Personality Victory: Same as Panini Level 4, 5 anger if you don't have a level 4 you can't win by MPPV, also you may choose to banish 10 cards from your discard pile during your planning step to advance a level this turns off MPPV for you. Anger: You always have to gain anger if a card says too unless a card that prevents you from doing so. Allies: Ally constant powers are always active including the ones from score and GT there are some allies that are banned in the format I.e. Oolong, and Jewel at the moment there is no overlaying ally rule in this format, also allies must be a level 1 only unless you are using Orange Aura Mastery from Baby Saga then you can run level 2 allies this includes your sensei deck. Majin is just a title can be used in any deck as an ally Turn sequence Active player look at top 6 of your deck put the cards in any order and draw 3 Planning step : play setups, drills, allies, locations/battlegrounds, dragon balls. During this step you may choose to advance a level by banishing 10 cards from your discard pile if you do you must do so before gaining stages. Discard step: When combat ends or you decide to pass you may keep 2 cards in hand. Rogue Personalities Majin Buu - Fat Buu only can't have kid buu or super buu in your MP stack. Vegeta- You may include Majin Vegeta in your stack Majin Dabura Android 16 Android 18 Ok down to the tournament specifics Entry: $25 Date: July 22nd Location: Arkadia Gaming 12020 S Warner Elliott Loop #117, Phoenix AZ 85044 Time: Registration 12:30pm Start time 1:30pm Hotel Rates: 69/night at Four Points by Sheraton Phoenix South Mountain rooms need to be booked through the link below by June 18th, the hotel is 4 minutes from the shop and 16 minutes from Sky Harbor international airport. Book Hotel Prizing : 1st Place: Fatherly Advice 2nd-4th: TBD 5th-8th: TBD Will have more prizing as we get closer to the event if anyone has any questions, I will also have extra decks if anyone is wanting to attend but doesn't have a deck
  2. Honestly I have play tested a lot with FanZ and the MP's are really oppressive (Saiyan Empowered Gohan). In testing with the cards that @Royakenand I work on they are a lot more balanced and fun than the FanZ cards are, unless you are playing one of the new MP's from FanZ or Awakening the game is no longer fun but that's my experience in play testing against FanZ, but again you can't please everyone but before you say that someone else cards cards are OP or one sided based off reading the card you should test it with the cards that are out there and see how the card functions in actual play.
  3. Honestly I feel the Fusion format AT table balances the power ratings really well and with the increasing power ranges that FanZ and other card makers are headed because of the scaling of characters from the show, also the Fusion AT would lower the brackets of the newer MP's from F to D which would lower the amount of damage from 6 to 4 which would also help lower the damage when being at 0. The Fusion AT table also puts most MP's in B and C bracket with how the scaling is. It balances great across all versions of this card game whether its Retro, Fusion, PanZ/FanZ. The Fusion AT table is how score SHOULD have made the AT especially when they added GT that would have balanced the game so much more but that's a topic for another day.
  4. Here is the Fusion version of the clench Nappa deck that I have come up with. This deck does well against allies I recently added Saiyan Power Beam to the deck to help against certain drill decks. In testing this deck does well against most ago decks and most control, it does struggle against Hero decks that run Caught Off Guard Drill like black which is why I added CIT and Saiyan Power Beam. One thing is the deck doesn't always have a constant 6 card hand because there are a lot of non-styled cards in the deck but you at least get 1 extra card each turn. A big downside to the deck is it's low endurance count, and that's because most cards that fit what the deck is about are really strong and endurance would've made the cards way too strong, let me know what you all think. - Nappa - Lv.1 - Hero's & Villains - Nappa - Lv.2 - Saiyan Saga - Nappa - Lv.3 - Saiyan Saga - Nappa - Lv.4 - Hero's & Villains - Saiyan Style Mastery - Cell Saga - North Kai Sensei - 1 Saiyan Headshot - 2 City in Turmoil - 2 Saiyan Power Beam - 1 HUH??? - 1 An Amusing Trick - 2 Saiyan Rapid Fire - Cell Saga - 2 Saiyan Charge - Broly subset - 2 Deadly Attack Deck - 3 Android Arm Breaker - 3 Saiyan Clench - 3 I'll Dig Your Grave - 3 Saiyan Cross Punch - 3 Saiyan Overhead Kick - 3 Saiyan Body Blow - 3 Saiyan Skull Jab - 3 Saiyan Stomach Thrust - 3 Nappa's Energized Charge - 3 Sobering Hammer - 3 Stare Down - 2 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam - Kid Buu Saga - 2 Saiyan Energy Bullet - 2 Saiyan Brace - 2 Saiyan Outrage - 2 Villainous Energy Sphere - 1 Nappa's Physical Resistance - 1 Nappa's Energy Aura - 1 Nappa's Blinding Stare - 1 Saiyan Truce Card - 1 Saiyan Inspection - 1 Saiyan Stop - 1 Time is A Warriors Tool - 1 Vegeta - Impatient - 1 Turles - Fighter - 1 Tree of Might - 1 Super Saiyan Effect - 1 Saiyan Conservation - 1 Saiyan Power Block - 1 Recoome's Vogue Drill - 1 Saiyan Power Beam - 1 Saiyan Crouch - 1 Saiyan Planet Explosion
  5. You should be able to banish a card for endurance even if the damage is unpreventable i.e. Saiyan Turning Kick you can banish to get the parenthetical effect that says when this card is banished for endurance search your discard pile for a saiyan styled drill and play it, even though it wont count for the endurance will still just count as 1 card. If your opponent has an effect that turns endurance off completely i.e. Broly lv4 from Awakening then mechanic is turned off completely and wouldn't be able to use it.
  6. keep giving us feedback we are glad we can put out quality cards