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  1. Looking for DBZ CCG Score collections

    Hi All, I was a long time member on the old DBZ CCG forums and just coming back now. I was well to known to a lot of the old admins as I was a big time collector in Australia. Guys like Tito30, HaXir, Demonvegeta and yaimbored (if they're still here), MirkoJaros to name a few helped me finish my collection. I am looking for any bulk lot of DBZ CCG cards (Score ONLY). I had over 250 positive references on the old site so I'm trustworthy and easy to deal with. The above mentioned members can testify to that. I am looking to get back into the game so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have cash only at the moment so I will do the best I can. Good to see all those I have dealt with before again and hello to all other members