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  1. As a reboot this would be a great idea
  2. Hey everyone! While working on my set Eradication, I decided to make a little cheat sheet for myself to tell me what kind of card each set focuses on. I figured I'd share the information I found so far. Now this does not include any Free Style cards, Allies, Masteries or MP's or ANY cards from custom sets including FanZ. Styled PanZ cards only. Some of it you probably already know, but I felt some of it was a little surprising. Gonna do highest amounts to lowest. Here we go! PHYSICAL ATTACK CARDS: Red & Saiyan - 49 Black - 43 Namekian - 40 Blue - 36 Orange - 27 PHYSICAL BLOCK CARDS(Not Prevention): Blue - 14 Namekian, Orange, Red & Saiyan - 11 Black - 10 ENERGY ATTACK CARDS: Namekian - 35 Black & Saiyan - 32 Red - 29 Orange - 27 Blue - 26 ENERGY BLOCK CARDS(Not Prevention): Black & Blue - 12 Namekian, Orange, Red & Saiyan - 10 OMNI BLOCK CARDS(Not Prevention): Blue & Namekian - 2 Red & Saiyan - 1 Black & Orange - 0 EVENT CARDS: Saiyan - 19 Black, Blue & Namekian - 16 Red - 15 Orange - 12 SETUP CARDS: Blue - 19 Namekian - 12 Black & Saiyan - 11 Orange - 9 Red - 7 DRILL CARDS: Orange - 36 Black - 15 Blue & Red - 14 Namekian - 9 Saiyan - 8 ENDURANCE CARDS(Not Prevention): Black - 40 Saiyan - 36 (Not including the cards with printed 0 Endurance.) Red - 36 Namekian - 35 Blue - 31 Orange - 27 Cards with Anger gain, lowering, and other effects have not been added together yet. And there you have it! I was honestly surprised that Saiyan not only had the most overall attacks, but they had just as many Physical attacks as Red. I was also surprised to learn that Namekian did not have the most cards with Endurance. Hope this helps a few people who are making sets themselves or even for deck building. If anyone decides to go back and double check my work, PLEASE let me know if I missed anything. Also keep in mind that if the card was an Event, Drill, Setup or Attack AND it stopped an attack, I listed in both of the categories. Enjoy everyone!
  3. Glad to hear it :). Got anything you'd like to see one of the MP's or cards do specifically?
  4. Hey everyone! For those of you who follow my cards or take an interest in them when they come out or for anyone else who wants to start taking a look, here's some info for you! Looks like FanZ beat me to the punch again with releasing information. That's all well and good though, I know just how much work they're putting into it. Don't forget to check out their new set info. A post has already been made so go take a look! While the Terror Set Revision is coming along well and will be a fully usable set hopefully before the end of Summer, my Subset "Eradication" is currently in it's testing stages. FanZ was kind enough to tell you what to expect from theirs so I figure I owe the same courtesy. Here's what to expect: - Three brand new MP stacks including a new version of Broly from Broly - Second Coming. The new MP's are Bojack from Bojack Unbound and Dr. Raichi and Hatchiyack from Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans. - Seven brand new Allies including a new Broly Ally from Broly - Second Coming. The new Allies are Bojack, Bido, Bujin, Kogu and Zangya from Bojack Unbound and Dr. Raichi and Hatchiyack from Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans. - Each new MP will get 2 Named cards and Broly will receive 1 new Named card. - The set will consist of 86 cards and 2 Previews for the Terror Revision. While the cards are already in their testing stage, There's still room for suggestions and changes. If anyone has a specific power they'd like to see on a Styled, non-Styled, Named or personality card, please feel free to post it here and we'll see what we can do! @Artificial Human, @abstraktpb and I thank you for your input, interest and continued support :). NOTE: @sh0ryu_repp4 has recently agreed to participate in the editing/testing team and, though his assistance may be limited, will be providing support on balancing the cards. Wanted to give a shout out to him and say thank you, and I hope you all enjoy the great ideas and experience he brings to the table.
  5. And understand 100% that I appreciate the advice from you, emperor, and chipmunk. And have already apologized for my actions thus far. When it comes down to it from here, I've already mentioned like above that I've taken constructive criticism time and again and worked with it and even thanked for it. The issue was it wasn't constructive, just criticism which v3rse stated himself bellow. With an apology, saying I should have reacted differently and asking if we can move on, I feel this should be over with. Thank you again though for the advice. I agree with it 100%.
  6. I've already apologized and said we should step away from this and provided facts about how I've addressed and changed several suggestions people have made without the "ego" you guys keep mentioning. I'll say again, can we move on from this now?
  7. The 1st post by @LordVader asks if anyone has play tested them and for specifics. To quote "Anything broken or awesome ideas?" That sounds like asking for constructive information to me. I am also aware this topic is not about me, hence why I apologized to everyone in my last post and said I could've handled it better. I also sent a message to LordVader apologizing. A topic doesn't have to be about a specific individual for that individual to take offense to something someone else said. I've only provided solid defense and definitions in my defense about how what you said was rude but have ALSO said I could have handled it better. Yet here you are saying I rabidly defend myself. Doesn't sound all that rabid to me, the person who posted this topic, or a few other people. But, as I've said before, you're entitled to your opinion . EDIT: We gotta move away from this. I've apologized for how I handled it, you haven't, we need to agree to disagree and move on. EDIT 2: @LordVader, from what I've tried in FanZ's cards, Red Reverse seems pretty strong when using Red Ascension Yamcha considering Ascension gets the effect off really easily, and Yamcha is very Energy based. Also Orange Bicycle Kick, but that's said often enough xD. I gotta admit, I am fond of Pikkon's Sphere tactics, though I feel it should be limited. It's a nice concept but from what I've played so far, it's Super up there in terms of debilitating your opponent. Combine it with Black which already controls your opponent's gameplay to an extent and oooooh jebus.
  8. To begin with, defending myself when I felt someones comment was rude and nonconstructive is not the same remotely as "forcing" my version down anyone's throat. Nor does THAT prove otherwise. This has been the only time I have reacted to ANY criticism this way, and STILL have never once said he HAD to play it. Just to clarify here for the remainder of my response, baseless means "without foundation in fact." Opinions can include facts or they can't. When they don't they are baseless. He gave no facts to support calling them 1 dimensional(boring), totally broken or that I didn't know what was good. His "experience" as a player so he just "knows" is not a fact. Is this a possibility? Yes, yes it is. It is 100% possible that some of my cards need to be made stronger or weaker, but this can only be determined through further play testing. Testing still proves more fruitful then making assumptions based on how good of a player you are. This is what confuses me. I can go back to other posts I have made, take a photo of PM's or whatever I need to get it it across that it wasn't the "balancing issues" he had with my cards that I have an issue with. It was that his opinion was baseless and rude. Many people have already replied or messaged me about issues with my cards but were more along the lines of "Bulma says to draw a card and if it is a type of card, do X. To remove cheating, shouldn't you have to reveal the card?" and I then fixed the issue. When @Artificial Human and @abstraktpb were testing my cards, they frequently came to me with powers and effects that needed to be made stronger or weaker and I changed them accordingly. This I have said many times already. And I still invite any ACTUAL critiques to my cards. Something I can work with. I don't hate it and never said I did. And I've also said before on more than one occasion I don't expect everyone to look at, like or even care about my cards. Again, baseless means "without foundation in fact" and that statement is not inaccurate as much as anyone on here may dislike it. "I've played the game for years so I KNOW X card is broken even if you and a number of other people tested it before release" isn't a fact, it's an assumption. "I've played the game for years so I KNOW X card is broken BECAUSE it does Y and Z at the same time and shouldn't. That's too much" provides USEFUL information, constructive criticism, and fact. If someone says "you sound stupid" or "your an idiot" or "your work sucks" etc, without any reasoning behind it or suggestions on how to fix the problem they see, it's rude and you're allowed to defend yourself and request for them to bring forth evidence. In case anyone here is wondering evidence means "the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid." As said before, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I've said it, he's said it, you've said it, everyone has said it. And I'll say for the, i don't know, 4th time? I didn't dislike his opinion, I disliked that it was baseless. In the end, I can wholeheartedly admit I could've reacted better. I was allowed to be defensive, but should I have instead asked for examples? Yes I should have. Do I regret not reacting that way? Sure. But what's done is done unfortunately. I apologize to everyone on this thread for this discussion getting out of hand. This situation got out of hand because of how I reacted. That being said, take a look at my other topics closely and my responses before assuming I simply don't take suggestions or critiques well instead of just using this instance as a reference.
  9. Noticed Black Perceptive accidentally had the Awakening Icon. That has been fixed. Sorry about that
  10. After receiving a number of comments about people preferring sideways Mastery cards, I went ahead and made a Mastery maker. These cards have an appearance combination of their sets Style as well as the Original Mastery cards from Set 1. Hope you enjoy! If there are any problems or suggestions, please let me know! EVOLUTION: Now for Awakening! Hope you guys like them! I am aware that for WHATEVER reason, PanZ used the same background on their Evolution cards for their Awakening Mastery cards, but that didn't make sense to me so I used the Awakening backgrounds for the Awakening Mastery cards.
  11. Look, we can go back and forth all day. And that's not what this topic was made for. I felt your claim was rude, so I felt the need to say something about it. Unprofessional of me. You could have given examples as to what's wrong instead of saying it seems like crap or crap. Not very polite. When a number of people test these cards, edit them, and then release them so they're balanced, your experience doesn't speak as loudly especially when your only backing is your experience. It was 100% my fault in my 1st post not saying anything other then read. I knew if you HAD read them you didn't test them, but that wording is on me. I wasn't invalidating your opinion. Invalidating is saying your opinion doesn't matter, saying it's baseless is saying you haven't done actual research to support your claim. And that is actually a fact. You looked at something and formed the claim that it was broken without play testing. Like I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I've received several critiques and suggested changes that I have been more than happy to oblige. You didn't give any reasons other than your experience just now. Just said my stuff wasn't good(used other words obviously). It's not your opinion that bothered me like I said before. It's that it was baseless.
  12. I actually don't use Blue enough nor Blue Terror(believe it or not). What was the issue?
  13. I understand this. And yes, some cards are blatantly broken in some sets. But after extensively testing, editing and retesting each card in Fragments before releasing it, I know none of them are broken. And I'm not the only one that tested these before I decided to release them. Now if something is broken with a certain setup or combo, then the combo is broken or very nicely executed. I'm not saying no card ever made isn't broken, I'm simply saying none of the cards I made in Fragments are OP or easily turned a tide when coming out. Which anyone who has tested these cards would know.
  14. I don't dislike the opinion. I dislike that it's baseless. If you haven't play tested any of the cards in Fragments then you don't have all the information. If you had tested them, and said that, my response would have been asking what I can do to fix that for you.
  15. I can agree to that. Makes sense. I dont like that scores kept changing either. I just dont think they had enough power level range on panz table. But yeah yiur point is a good one.