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  1. Wow! That has to be a new thing- I'm gonna check out the damn place now!
  2. Are those the 5 card packs? IMO not worth getting, no foils, 1/12 packs have a rare, and obviously no URs. Good if you don't have any cards and your wallet is light.
  3. Your decks are always so well thought out! I'm excited to try this beast out.
  4. Tell them to get their shit together?
  5. He pity's the fool..
  6. I.M.O. It would be cool to shut off MPPV for a combat, but yeah I'd have to have something to counter it, because that's a huge lockdown as everyone has stated. Or the effect could shut it off for both players for a combat. But that is why there is anti anger cards too.
  7. It's NC vs Gonzaga incase anybody is wondering.
  8. Who do you want to win each match up?! I call NC vs SC in the Finals.
  9. You special little snowflake. You have me curious, very curious. I predict you run a black piccolo deck, with NO DBV. <-----------that's the twist.
  10. Yeah, it's the iPhone version of skype.
  11. Practice against yourself (I do) or FaceTime fight with somebody- lots of talking but it's a lot of fun too
  12. I want to be surprised! I did however like what barrinmw did with Broly reversing the stages. Not saying copy that, but it was a nice twist i.m.o.
  13. Very, very excited.
  14. Very exciting! Hope they hit this out of the park!
  15. Meh, that kind of utility belongs in the other stlyles- I.e. blue and black? We need an all out I'm gonna wreck you style. I don't feel the other styles fit that.