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  1. Card stock

    Hey guys, getting back into this, and wanted to know what cardstock you guys use to print off the fanz images. Dying to play them but, I’m a slave to having the feel of an actual card. Also when you print just on paper and sleeve the cards does the paper get ruined through shuffling and normal use? thanks!
  2. Deck testing

    Anyone here play vs yourself to test a new deck you’ve built? I started doing it, it was pretty entertaining at first but I’m getting so bored now. Wondering what everyone else has experienced testing this way.
  3. Soooo my one play partner is getting rather stale to play against. He just straight mppvs most of the time and will occasionally do a beat down broly style deck. I am wanting to force him to change playing mppv via completely wrecking that play style for him (sounds dickish, I know.) His go to is red ascension trunks (awakening)- taking suggestions on how to accomplish this. Unsure of what style to go with and MP. Or if somebody wants to talk me down from this, my ears are open!
  4. Completely destroy

    Just ran Blue Gohan vs my Black perceptive Tien....ouch. Utterly destroyed tien, and I thought it was a good deck lol.
  5. Completely destroy

    Holy shat I can finally have any UR playset my heart desires!!
  6. Completely destroy

    Thinking about it, I can just print spheres off...is this allowed in any FanZ events?
  7. Completely destroy

    For the most part I ran what random number gaming put up- I tweaked a few cards either from not having any (spheres) and knowing how my friend plays. Which incidentally he doesn’t really run events too much. It was a lot of fun to use the deck and I’m probably gonna keep it around to tweak it some more (not a huge fan of using allies).
  8. Completely destroy

    Well I ran it, and don’t think I have a playing partner anymore (at least for a while)lol. Gonna install OCTGN now so I can play with different people. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Completely destroy

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, definitely leaning toward a blue type Future Gohan. Seems like a lot of fun and what I’m looking for as far as a complete shutdown.
  10. Completely destroy

    Yes but then I’ll have to play with myself (giggity).
  11. Completely destroy

    I don’t mean just win against this victory condition (we have a good back and fourth) I mean reaaaaaaallllyyy snub it’s face in the dirt.
  12. Black Perceptive Pikkon

    Man I’ve been wanting to create a Pikkon deck, only problem for me is the one person I know that plays this game does nothing but beat down/MPPV decks. Awesome deck list none the less!
  13. So I don’t actually own a physical copy of the card but I printed out a play set of it just to see what it’s like- and not a fan. It levels your opponent too and I am a bit confused as to why it has been hailed as a fantastic card. The cost of it seems too steep.
  14. I’ll dig your grave

    Wow Damn that hurts me for you lol. Did you just shake hands and call it a game? I’ve got to know how that played out hitting you so hard.
  15. I’ll dig your grave

    Well that’s embarrassing- definitely misread the card and it’s now a lot more appealing. Thanks hahaha
  16. Future Sets

    Just curious if anybody knows the direction FanZ is headed with future sets- can I get excited to at least see Gogeta (Much cooler than Vegito). And are they headed into super or do you think it will stop where Z stopped?
  17. Favorite MP

    So the new FanZ cards are awesome and by new I mean from celestial tournament to now (been gone a while lol). Curious to know everyone’s favorite MP and a follow up question- the most dominant one in the competitive scene.
  18. Future TCGs

    So I’ve been wondering is this style of the DBZ tcg ever going to be created again? I know the Super one is out but I’ve been reluctant to give it a shot (still bitter about this one being a cash grab) and I don’t want to spend the money if super is going to share the same fate.
  19. Future Sets

    That hurts to hear...
  20. Favorite MP

    I’m digging the Kami stack- drills and DBs. Still messing around with to see where I want him style wise.
  21. I’m needing some clarification here- going through the FanZ cards specifically the black cards. I want to make a Tien deck and was curious if his event card (preparation) counted as a non damage effect? I would think so but not entirely sure. Thanks!
  22. Non damage effects

    Edit: you answered my other question in the other post- thanks!
  23. Non damage effects

    Ok here are situations I had in my mind- I play tiens prep, with Black absorption drill out. Do I get the effect of the drill? Here’s another and it is worded the same- tiens prep one move and next move is black gut crusher —does that make gut crusher damage unpreventable?