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  1. DBS Singles

    SR- God Break Son Goku R- God Charge Vegeta R- Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta R- King Cold Father of the Emperor PR- One Hit Destruction Vegeta These worth anything to anyone? If so Im open to offers
  2. which one?

    anyone else? I heard there were sets that messed up the starters???
  3. which one?

    of the starter deck sets which box would allow for the best decks to be pulled? base set, awak or evo?
  4. SWD GenCon promos

    One Kylo and 1 rey from last years GenCon asking $80 OBO for the both
  5. Looking for MegaMan NT warrior cards

    Ive got alot from all sets. Near complete too I believe. Starter decks (all) many boxes worth of all 3? sets. Id sell easy It was fun but the fam lost interest
  6. Fastest players pt 2

    Has there been any notifications sent on this one yet? I see they have announced a 3rd soon as well