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  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    it will be EPIC
  2. FoWCo TCGs.

    yikes man sorry to hear that. Its sad but true, I enjoy the anime art astyle as well but id have to say quite a few of the FOW images were pushing if not over the "boundaries" the Bluse Cat card comes to mind (though i fget it name atm)
  3. FoWCo TCGs.

    This is one way to look at these. Heres another lol. Casters are NOT vanguards but instead the main resource of the game. From what i gather you have a team of casters.. you can only have one caster of one name in play, you however can level it up to have said caster gen more "energy" to summon your "Servants" that attack and defend. Architect is an interesting one and honestly dont know what to expect from it. As for FOW itself once they came officially to the USA they let the p[layers change the game so much that id have to say the PLAYER base killed the game. The first move was to remove life break? Taking away the comeback mechanic to make it more of a winner is winning game really broke what the game was at its core. Too bad really but you have to cater to your players these days otherwise the game wont last long... even in hindsight lol
  4. Dont need to continue to hijack the LCG topic so heres one for Bushiroad games lol
  5. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    this is how a feel as well but even so i think this topic is a bit off track now huh guys perhaps a CFV topic can be created to continue?
  6. Score, Sabertooth, DBZ, Epic Battles and UFS

    ive got it then lol but thank you! I forgot about that site!
  7. Score, Sabertooth, DBZ, Epic Battles and UFS

    thanks bud I may be interested
  8. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Agreed! Bushi is quite original i have been a big fan sense day 1. Sadly though the direction they are taking in CFV is NOT something i feel is what the game needs but who am i but one guy. If they want to burry everything they built over the last 6 years in STRIDES then thats on them... who needs a deck lets start at G4 and win in 4 lol
  9. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    LCGs have near no secondary market value... they will never take the place of any tcg model. Are they a better model for gamers most def. but they wont make any real changes to the card gaming genre.
  10. Score, Sabertooth, DBZ, Epic Battles and UFS

    ? pic?
  11. Score, Sabertooth, DBZ, Epic Battles and UFS

    Those games belonged to a system called the Quickstrike system based off of the even older tcg by upperdeck Shaman King. As for epic battle im still VERY interested in finding product for it as well as the short lived and heavily criticized DBZ TCG (not the ccg) also by score. Just to brag a bit.. Ive got a full set of the Avatar Quickstrike system (minus the impossible to find Action figures and Burgerking toy line)