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  1. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    yeah those are in my video there Tackless Butterfly and yes its hard to kill it has 2 skills. The first is it cant be attacked while in rest.. meaning if you play it in attack and why wouldn't you your opp has to wait for a destruction effect. Its CLOSE to broken but this game has ALOT of removal so prepare for it and then kill it with said effects if a break does not kill it first And yes unlike DM you do need at least 1 Caster (mana) of a color to summon so not everything can summon everything, mult of a color caster to play mult cards.
  2. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    Duel Masters was the first TCG/Anime my wife and I watched/played together so the system has a special place in our hearts. The Kaijudo reskin... show sucked.. WOTC rushed the hell out of it then killed it (as if we did not know that was the plan all along WOTC...) Not to mention this was the version we could have got our daughter into... She had yet to be born (though already conceived) when we started DM AND it also carries her name in part. Now with FOWco in charge and lets be honest these guys are the new age reskin gurus MTG reskined as FOW and Now DM reskined as magic girls Heck there next title Architects looks like a reskin of the old VS system This Caster Chronicles is the game we all can enjoy! It brings back fond memories, Is creating new ones, The art style is decent not Too over the top with the Casters (at least not yet) and the servants all look funny/creepy/weird so theres a bit of everything. It is worth a try, Familiar yet different in its subtleties.
  3. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9doT...ature=youtu.be Im not one of THOSE types, The wife enjoys the art style and I enjoy the gameplay (its just a re-skin of Duel Masters/Kaijudo to be honest lol)
  4. The Caster Chronicles TCG

  5. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    Enjoy and sub for more card game content