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  1. what do these decks come with? any info would be great
  2. yeah Im sadly not a player but when I found these I had to get 2 of each pack to open on my Channel..
  3. no these are 12 card packs! from dollar trees
  4. I was in a local Dollar Tree and found a display (gravity feed style) box containing 4 Panini DBZ tcg sets. Movie collection, Awakenings, Perfection, Vengeance. The box itself had the Panini logo on it as well as the 4 sets logos. It looked to be an official Panini product however all Ive ever seen were booster boxes and packs being opened and never anything like this. How many packs are there in a box like this? Id gladly buy the entire thing but id want to make sure its "complete"?
  5. standard size like MTG
  6. fair point my bad
  7. ??? Just Rey and Kylo each x1 there were no other gencon promos Ill make it more clear up top
  8. if theres something for Metax there Im in as well please
  9. BOTH!
  10. Ive got a pair (Rey and Kylo) if anyone is interested? Asking $100 via paypal and will be sent with tracking. Open to offers though pm me
  11. there seem to be many changes actually...
  12. yeah been following GAMA stuffs but have not found anything from Bandai or Panani ..
  13. Are they I have not heard much of anything aside for the JL tcg announcement
  14. seems the site is back up and Potomic has starter sets and booster boxes... man to be a fly on the wall in the panani offices lol.
  15. I understand this version was BAD but im looking for info none the less lol are the starters all random and if so what CAN be pulled from them? Are they all cards from the first (of 3 sets) for it? If I were to get 50 decks what would I be looking for as I open?