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  1. Ah, that must have been where I went wrong. How do I make it into an .o8c file though? Is it just a simple extraction? I tried that and it just gave me an empty folder whernn OCTGN asks for an image pack...
  2. Sorry if I'm making an amateur mistake here, I'm not necessarily the best at computers ^^'
  3. Does anyone know where I can find Panini/FanZ tournaments in the NorCal region, or at least within California or nearby? I haven't been into a tournament for anything yet so I really want to test my deck out!
  4. Yes but the folders are either empty or they don't show the content inside. Maybe I'm not doing it right. How do I unzip them and what should I do afterwards?
  5. I keep trying to install the image packs for the cards into OCTGN but it isn't working for a weird reason. I tried following the tutorial RandomNumberGaming made on YouTube but it doesn't seem to help. Can you tell me step by step how to get the images into OCTGN?
  6. Right, but I doubt that they will remove any of the leader cards. I found out that Black Goku is a leader card in the most recent Series 5, but Future Trunks isn't. Hopefully they will change that! Yeah, I feel like their effort will help expand the game and its fanbase even more!
  7. Thank you! Been looking for this!
  8. Nvm found it, there's a post in this section that sends the link
  9. Just a test to see how this works.  I'll be on about every other day at least.

  10. Anyone got the card list for the Japanese version of the Dragon Ball Super card game? I know there are gonna be many changes such as different characters and effects in the new version releasing to America in July, but I'm curious to know. Main reason why is because I want to play as either Black Goku or Future Trunks when they come out! If anyone has the list or at least a link to the list, that would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  11. A bit of a hyperbole there but I get what you're saying
  12. NorCal, I'm probably about 45 minutes away from Sacramento by car.
  13. My brother runs a Blue Tag Goku deck, and has quite a few cards to limit/lower my anger/MP. So I know at least to some degree how that works. It can get a bit annoying XD Based on that, think I might make my Red Ascension Trunks a Anger/Aggro deck just in case something happens to me. It would probably have to be a 1 per deck Drill that's Banished after use if it is a card.
  14. Likewise, glad to be surrounded by new people! Unfortunately, I live in California. Thanks!
  15. If that's the case, then what would be a good way to counter those cards?