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  1. Hey Majin Goo, I actually decided to make an account on this forum just to respond to this topic (though I admit, I've been lurking in the background for awhile). This was a fantastic package. As an Australian, we don't really have ready access to the Dragon Ball CCG even with proxies and all the other places I was looking at that HAD the image packs had been removed by this point (though I don't know if they're back-up). So, thanks for enabling me and my mates to play on OCTGN. This said, just because there seems to be some confusion with A Random Role Player (may I call you ARRP for short?), it could be that they're trying to install the fusion format files which are in .o8s instead of .o8c, the former of which isn't supported on OCTGN anymore. This shouldn't affect PanZ/FanZ, but it means that the images for Fusion Format aren't really usable without first converting them (which I haven't been able to manage successfully, so I haven't a clue how to do that). I could be wrong though, just thought I'd try to help. Chees, and thanks again.