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  1. Saiyan Dynamic Nappa

    Dynamic still feels like a Mastery without the right personality to me. Nappa is a step in the right direction, but with the surprisingly large number of ways for you to get deleveled, it just feels like too big of a risk. That in mind, while this is a good approach to take with the mastery, I'd definitely say to go with your instinct to change to Empowered. Any benefit offered by Dynamic is way too quickly trumped by both Empowered's aggression and Rampaging's innate flat stage damage from discarding endurance. I really love Saiyan Extreme Training tbh, especially when you're aiming to camp at a specific level, but I don't know if it's necessary for your build. Nappa is pretty vicious with Clench regardless of what level he's at, and without drills, there's no incentive to camp. Maybe trade a copy out and throw in Bardock - Oozaru as a punish in case your opponent drops you to 0 stages without paying attention to Clench, since that's a 6 stage swing for free. Besides that though, you could consider something like Saiyan Interruption for the 10 stage hit w/ Clench and the ability to stop forced combat end, but you might do better with something like Saiyan Pre-Game. All-around, I really like the deck.
  2. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Well, we also know that Dabura will most likely have the God trait, since he's the Demon King. Questionable on if Babidi will get it or not, since he's god-esque in his own way. If he does get it, then he's probably not going to be able to use it. The Majins will all likely be looking at using it, depending on how they're done. But in regards to our current state, I actually think Frieza and Cooler at the best personalities for it, and Chilled is contender in the background?
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    tbh, my immediate response is to just try and figure out what personality can abuse that attack the best. I mean, it's alien-locked for the second effect. So I guess Chilled, or Frieza? Maybe Ginyu?
  4. FoWCo TCGs.

    This is actually a really serious problem I had for awhile with running an online Vanguard team (and still do, to a much more limited extent). We had several players who started off liking Bermuda's mechanics (well, "started off"), and that was fine. Then it got to the point of them going to fucking tournaments with mats depicting lolis in lingerie, and shit got REALLY out of hand. I pretty much booted all but one of them from my team tbh, and the last one is someone who several members of the team are attached to, so unless he slips up, I'm limited in my actions. That said, I do have a strong history of booting him from the team chat whenever he posts something creepy, or nasty. That said, I agree with you in not having an issue with sexuality. For me, it's a matter of atmosphere and appropriateness. It's hilarious to me that people like my team mate can show up to these events with basically porn, screech at everything that is remotely female, and then rave on about how women don't like card games. I wonder what gave you that impression, mate? |: That actually sounds really wonderful. If there's something I've always felt card games needed, it was a more balanced environment that was actually welcoming. Keep everyone lit up on how it goes.
  5. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    @Artificial Human I'll say 50-50 on me mis-remembering in this instance, since I do remember the HUGE flood of Thing Saver and Phantom Blaster we got a long time, as well as the MLB-hybrid that forced a rule change. I also remember hating how Bushiroad god damn abstained from ever using the banlist when the new rulings would break the game so badly. That said, I'm referring to the interim period before Abyss and Thing were dropped (which was mid-season); the rogue LB4 deck that would still do well, like Glendios before Blaster Joker and Overlord the Re-Birth decks that were viable up until around the mid-point. Heck, even Nouvelle decks were persistent until the Legions started getting out of hand. But this is also kind of what I mean in terms of it being like LB4 was in Season 2. You had two settings: Kind of underwhelming, like early Brawlers, Granblues lot, and Aqua Force at the time (the revival legion sent the game to hell for awhile a bit later on), and absurdly overpowered ones like Thing Saver, Phantom Blaster "Abyss," the late Brawlers, Blaster Joker, etc. Heck, iirc, most clans didn't even get a legion for a long time, and were flat-out unplayable. It's kind of funny to me that you bring up Bluish Flame Liberators though, because iirc, they sat awkwardly between the two categories until Glory came out. I guess that's why Tier 2. I do agree that legion was pushed too hard. I think we got a certain part of the way in, and Bushiroad felt that they weren't as popular as they'd like in the higher brackets despite the fact that they were slowly being adopted and warmed up to. But in the matter of a couple of packs, we went from Great Silver Wolf, Garmore to Monarch Sanctuary Alfred in terms of power-scale. I think the early legions were fine for the time, Sacred Wingal, Percival and the like all not doing much to alter the format, but definitely giving variety. The biggest issue with Legion was that we got a few big ones way too early on, with effects that would carry them well into the G-era (looking at Break Ride Abyss). If you could slow that progress down to take place over 2 seasons, and spread out the support a bit more across the less-loved decks, it really could've been a fantastic format. Of course though, that's not the reality of the matter, and I admit I aggrandized it. Really, my ideal progression for the series would've been Block 3, Early Legions, Keywords across LB4/Legion/Non-Applicable where we got late Season 4 Legions/revival legions and more fleshed out support for the older mechanics, G3-linked Strides, Toolbox G-Guards with G3-linked G-Guards for specific units. As a side note, if we did have G3-Linked Strides, Bushiroad also would've been able to work it so each clan strides differently. Maybe keep it so GC discards G3s (ig), but make it so Shadow Paladin has to retire from their field to stride. Make Spike Brothers send from hand to soul. Work it so striders were the only units that could stride, strided in very specific ways, and scale the strides down/up to simply make them alternatives as opposed to just better. Eh, such is life. Heck, you could've even turned the movies plot of the Deletors going to town into an entire season. It certainly would've been better than the rush job we did get. As for the Keywords, I imagine they took so long mostly because Bushiroad has a history of clamoring over itself in attempts to come up with new mechanics and advertise the new cards. The game very much took a turn to be sales-focused the second Season 4 started up, and we can immediately see fan-bias deciding what clans get support and what don't. So while Keywords very much should've happened sooner, the reality is that they just weren't the idea they came up while they were rushing to produce more cards/episodes/money.
  6. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    To be fair, I would actually argue that the biggest issue with Stride is that it came a season too soon. Vanguard is actually a really interesting game, with some interesting mechanics and clan interactions. With the Break Ride era, it was honestly the first time I'd played a game where your main power came when you were just inches away from losing. And what I really liked was that with Break Ride, Limit Break was fully fleshed out compared to it's previous state in Season 2. The mechanic needed 2 series and a spin on it to really make it go home, and it was great. Legion was/is like Limit Break was in Season 2. It seemed absurdly powerful, and a large number of clans lacked decent ones because there's only so much you can do in one season. They were limited in power to balance them against LB, and while most of the decks of the era used it, LB decks and even decks that didn't run mechanics worked fine and were competitively viable to the point of topping. Where we should've gone from there is Keywords + LB4/Legion/Nada. For those who aren't keeping up to date, Keywords is a mechanic introduced recently that either supplements the clan's original basis (ala. Wave 2nd meaning specifically on your second attack for AqF), or adds an extra layer to the clan like Ritual or Blaze. Now, some keywords are obviously nicer/better than others, and some don't fit thematically with the clan they're in (Brave in a superior calling clan that WAS based around hand-advantage, Ritual in a deck that was based around superior calling specific combos of Grade 2s and 1s to fill the board for retire effects like Shadow Paladin), but they ultimately served to make the game more dynamic and were a worthwhile addition to making the clans more distinct and more variants of each deck viable. Stride came way too soon, and was handled poorly. It went on to be a toolbox, instead of a specific G3 to a stride. What's hilarious is that even the lore of Stride doesn't really function with the toolbox mechanic, since it's meant to imply some kind of link with the summoner and the unit being called from the past/alternate reality/future. A good example of how stride COULD have been handled is in Blaster Dark "Diablo". Give Blaster Dark specific strides that ONLY he can use (and maybe Vortimer too, ig), and are barely a good attacker to the others. This would make Stride a much more limited mechanic, and would make it so much more meaningful when ALL your accessible strides are based on your G3. This would also be a more natural progression of Seek the Mate/Legion Mate, where your G3 grabs an ally that they're closely linked to to fight alongside. Only in this instance, they're calling an idealized version of an ally to fight on their behalf.
  7. Set 2 news

    @Vile Even with that mindset though, I don't know if he really seems that useful to me. By the time you're prock'ing his Awaken, the game should have already hit a pretty late stage, and the deck damage can destroy some really crucial combos and leave you equally as devastated. To me, it just doesn't strike me as hard value like you get with most of the others. Again though, I'm probably missing something.
  8. Set 2 news

    I'm not going to lie, I REALLY love that Cell card. That's got some really interesting implications and interactions while being really good for hand presence (in the late game), and just being curious in the early game. On a side, that Trunks was a bit disappointing. His awakening is literally just the same effect. It's not powered up. It's not interesting. He's just, there, and boring. On another side, I don't even know if that Gohan card is worth running o-O He's basically a vanilla until you take your final turn swing. Maybe we'll get some really good Gohan/Goku support, and it'll make up for the lack of advantage by having access to both? If that's how it works? But as it stands, just use the other Gohan. Fused Zamasu is just the worst leader of this set imo. Awakening at 2 life is just horribly handicapping, and the fact his draw is conditional on it being blue discourages running him in a mix. The argument is there that Gohan and him are tied for the worst one, but I just don't feel the advantage of Zamasu with the current game state. But hey, I'm like, 90% sure there are some absurd comboes waiting in dormant for both Gohan and Zamasu that would make them top tier. I do just flat like Android 17/18. They're cost effective and are all about leveraging advantages, making lower cost units more effective and meaning that you require at least a touch less energy generation. I actually think of all the new personalities, they probably have the greatest potential for curving out opponents (which seems even more like the intent given the presence of Krillin, as well as the 3[2] cost versions who swing for 15k PRE-power boost and re-stand each-other). I especially like the absurd comboes they seem to have available to them if you can get the right set-ups on the board, being able to just attack over and over for around 20k. Again though, Cell is the favorite because god he's weird, and I really hope we get to see a Green/Red variant of Cell that's based on Awakening yourself and then just pumping hand/field advantage. It's hilarious to me that Cell and the Androids actually have the same win con of attrition, especially with how differently the game approached them both.
  9. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    I mean, you just kind of named 3 card games that were pretty game to do something unique, one of which I KNOW is still going strong xD We also need to acknowledge that, while I really hate Bushiroad's business model, their card games tend to be fairly original in structure and rulings. Honestly, if you just go hunting around, I'm sure you could find an absurd number of really original games. The issue is that they lack the player base of the big 3, and the only new games that really tend to get any attention are ones that replicate those 3. Also, if you're not in America or Japan, good luck collecting the majority of them.
  10. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I won't be making many comments in regards to Traits, or the idea of a new mechanic yet, since we've not fully seen how it's going to be implemented. What I WILL say, however, is god DAMN I love the visual identifiers for them. They're succinct, don't take up too much space, and translate the message fairly obviously to you. This feels like something the main game should've implemented from the start, and if we ever do see a commercial recommencement of the game again, that's definitely something they need to start out with.
  11. Set 10

    This is an aside, but does anyone else just really god damn love it when card gamers talk about comboes from old games they used to really enjoy? Not being a shit or anything, genuinely one of the reasons why I frequent this forum so consistently xD Also, I don't know if I'd argue that Vanguard is in the big three. The big three, insofar as I've experienced, are generally Pokemon, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Time will tell how badly Link has damaged Yu-Gi-Oh! since they actually had some record breaking numbers in the last year for player participation, but it has undeniably soured the fandom quite considerably. Vanguard is more of a secondary niche market, especially in the West, where it is generally considered an alternative to Yu-Gi-Oh. It's got a bit more presence in America, but Australia and the majority of Europe are still mostly unfamiliar with the game, while Pokemon is receptive of incredible turn-outs, insane support from the parent company and player-bases in pretty much any country you'll find the others. This all said, I will say that I don't think PanZ was a cash crab by any means. It's a bit late to weigh in on that one, and I won't deny that there were a lot of problems in managing it, but how they responded to the games cancellation, and the fact that several members of the original team have continued on in an environment where there is NO hope for financial growth (in fact, now costing them money as they organize events and prizes), belies that there were at least a considerable number of people who were genuine fans of either ScoreZ or GT. Or both. Rather than it being a cash crab, I would say that the game struggled from creative differences within the design department. I'd also argue that this is why the early sets of the game were so concentrated on reviving older cards; The fans of the original game had a vision that was going to build off the original game, while the overall company was a company, and just wanted revenue. In effect, it wouldn't be a stretch to call it a sanctioned mod of the originals with the goal of fixing what were their personally perceived issues with them.
  12. Set 10

    To be honest, you'll probably find that it's got more to do with the support the game is overall getting, alongside a few of the points you made about cost (and Dragon Ball Super airing). It's also got an easier to grasp gameplay engine than a lot of other games do, so it's not too bad to pick up and play. But the reason I bring up the support is that you can look at games that are equally as cost effective and cheap, and very easily see how they've died off/only taken off based on how the company interacts with said game. The Pokemon TCG is probably a good example of this, being an insanely cheap game for how prominent it is, and currently experiencing the height of its popularity. But ultimately, the only real difference between the early days and the new days is the amount of attention the game is receiving from it's parent company (and of course a few rule changes). Nintendo interacts with it more, promotes it more, awards the players, talks with the players about what they want, and the end result is a pretty damn successful community that feels listen to and wants to keep playing. Dragon Ball Super's CCG is receiving similar levels of support, and it actually seems to have pulled a lot of people who previously loathed the game over to its side. Compare this to companies that spend less time, or have less focus on, engaging with their fanbase, and you generally find dwindling fandoms who only really get involved when there's a new pack released. A good example of this is how Bushiroad handles it's Western community, where the majority of our discussion around the game comes from Japanese leaks about new cards in the upcoming set, and there are long droughts where people have limited interest because we've settled into a meta and the interest of experimenting has dwindled. Sound familiar? Because that's kind of FanZ's model at current, where they're terrible about telling us about upcoming events, about new promos, about deck lists, etc. and the bulk of the hype around the game is very much dictated by the number of card reveals we're receiving at a given time.
  13. OCTGN for GT?

    I did this a couple weeks back, though I put the mod and the new image files into the Dragon Ball Z Extended Format OCTGN game (and that actually worked, so I don't have to sift through the total card base in order to make FanZ decks). Not 100% sure what caused your issue unless you accidentally installed it into the wrong game plugin?
  14. OCTGN for GT?

    Not to be that guy, or to beat a dead horse, but were you actually able to get the image packs for GT to work? Because if so, I would REALLY like a quick step-by-step for it xD
  15. Red Ascension Vegeta; Critical Rush

    Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've really done anything on this forum, and while there's a heck of a lot of love for the Dragon Ball Super card game, I still find myself missing PanZ an awful lot. It's been awhile since I did some deck building too, so I figured I might dust off one of my earlier decks and revamp it for a few matches with a mate. Here's the result: Red(ish) Ascension Vegeta To present in my original fashion: I basically just wanted to build a deck that would go for survival as fast as possible and that could swing for a critical effect on every attack. I also have a really prominent love for Freestyle cards, and since there's no Freestyle mastery, I thought I'd use a Mastery that holds some synergy with non-stop Criticals. Now, there might be a better Mastery for this idea out there, and if so, then feel free to take it for a spin. But for the here and now, this is what I'm working with. Main Personalities: Vegeta - Experienced Vegeta - Imposing Vegeta - Energized Vegeta - Pinnacle of Power Non-stop crits and a focus on Freestyle pretty much meant that Vegeta was destined to be the MP of this deck, and I don't think I need to give any explanations as to why. Allies: None. Vegeta doesn't have friends. He has people he doesn't kill. Setup: Red Relaxation x 3 Even the prince needs to relax. Honestly, Red Relaxation is just one of the better cards for Red Mastery (imo). Free critical effect, which gives you + 2 stages with Ascension, then the + 2 power stages and an extra card to hand. Events: Red Stop x 3 Time is a Warrior's Tool Does there exist a more straight-forward Event set-up? Basically just using Events for the omni-blocks. There's potential for Red Stop to be used to net out Red Intimidation Drill, which starts to become real damage, real fast, but for the most part, they're omni-blocks. Drills: Red Intimidation Drill x 1 Just the single aforementioned Intimidation Drill. There are definitely some Red Drills that would be useful in this deck, but I kind of made this deck over one long night. Honestly, the extra card can easily turn into 5 life cards of damage, which will net yet another Critical Damage Effect. Go for gold. Physical Combat: Android Headbutt x 2 Heroic Dashing Punch x 2 Playful Punch x 2 Red Double Strike x 3 Red Blocking Hand x 3 Red Determination x 3 Red Reverse x 3 Honestly, the physical beats aren't really the main focus of the deck, but they do generate some nice, free damage over time. Almost all of these should immediately start swinging for 5 Life Cards of damage from turn 1 (though don't expect crits just because of Endurance), and they have some pretty handy secondary effects. I particularly like Playful Punch. You won't use it for the Paranthetical, but the 5 stage gain is useful defensively, 5 life cards poke is fantastic, and messing with anger isn't anything to sneeze at. Energy Combat: Allied Blitz x 3 Assisted Kamehameha x 3 Blinding Energy Move x 2 Crushing Beam x 3 Energized Strike x 2 Focused Assault x 3 Point-Blank Volley x 3 Vegeta's Destruction Blast x 3 Vegeta's Final Flash x 3 Vegeta's Galick Gun x 3 Red Escape x 3 Red Evade x 3 The Energy Combat cards are probably the real meat of the deck for me, especially given that my local scene had very little in the way of players using Energy beat. A few of these cards are also probably going to have you scratching your head, since the cost seems to outweigh the damage (Point-Blank Volley, for one). Most of these have some kind of secondary effect that I kind of feel outweighs the downsides however, such as banishing attached cards, adding itself to your hand when banished for Endurance, etc. Additionally, once you start punching your way through the majority of their Endurance, Ascension should start to help you net even with costs. This is especially true once you hit Level 2, where it becomes a game of how many Energy blocks your opponent can throw out at you. I can't really speak about the decks overall effectiveness sadly, since our locals has pretty much died out in favor of the Dragon Ball Super card game. I will say, however, that in the few test matches I had with my friends, the deck performed admirably. The biggest point in any match-up was how much Endurance my opponent had, and since every attack I played tended to give a nasty poke, even their Endurance didn't save them too often. There's also an element of "can my opponent stop my anger gain?" since once you hit level 2, you've pretty much won through the Endurance. This means that the deck has a huge weakness to Blue Style decks, and is pretty easy punished by some others. Of course, you'll also get the occasional moment where you will (like me) pull off a win that you didn't even notice coming just because of how quickly the life card damage starts to add up. This all said, the deck can definitely be improved, and if you have the cards, the love for Red, and like a man with a widow's peak, give it a go.