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  1. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    EDIT: hit the wrong button, couldn't figure out how to delete. Delete the second post plz?
  2. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    I am so bloody interested in that Goku deck you keep talking about, and I implore you that if you can find a way to livestream it/record it, please do so |: On a side, do you ever test on OCTGN? Or is it mostly real-world testing? What is your process?
  3. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    I'm with Shoryu here, but also, just throwing it out there, the last few metas in Pokemon have been pretty interesting @Card Slinger J. EXs kind of became a pretty big weakness, with certain tech cards that did well countering them making them a high-risk, high-reward mechanic. We also saw a lot of budget decks like Night March.dek take top positions despite being made out of almost entirely stage 1s and non-EX basics. Right now, we've moved onto Pokemon GX, an evolution of the old EX mechanic, but who are normally stage 1s/2s (you do get Basic GXs, but they tend to be a lot weaker than the Stage 1/2s). And almost as soon as we got GXs, we got anti-GX mechanics. Mega-Pokemon also came into the game, and made a pretty drastic shift in how the game played since putting one on the board auto-ended your turn. And we've also had the Pokemon BREAK meta, where you evolve an already fully-evolved Pokemon into a "super form" that is mechanically identical to the LV. X mechanic of old but without the extra deck requirements (for those who don't know, LV. X were treated as having the same name as the Pokemon they were upgrading. So if you had 2 Darkrai LV. X, you could only have 2 non-LV. X Darkrai, which actually made the LV. Xs non-viable). This said, there is definitely still going to be issues with the game, and I'm sure if you dig hard enough, you can find enough to bitch about them to the point where you won't want to engage. This is more from a game state viewpoint, and to be honest, the company seems to have learned from their mistakes and are making moves. Which is more than Wizards and Konami.
  4. Orange Adaptive No18

    My biggest, and most pressing, question. Is this deck okay on the defensive? o-O
  5. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    sigh The Pokemon Card Game. Owned by Nintendo (but I don't believe it is licensed by). Is going strong, and actually growing in size since previous years, with actual support for their competitions, cash prizes, and all-around just stronger interaction with their community than Wizards and Konami. And is sold god damn everywhere with decent profits. YOU JUST LISTED THE SAVIOR IN YOUR OWN HYPOTHETICAL. As said by Goo, the only sectors of the TCG/CCG community that are at risk of a huge fall as a result of MtG crashing are the sections that focus almost exclusively on MtG. And I hate to say it, but sometimes a crash is necessary within any given industry to incentivize ingenuity and development. Them crashing wouldn't be the end, but would mostly just force a shift.
  6. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    I've not yet had the chance to really give the deck a go myself, but I've been lurking around a few of my old group chats with my mates back in Aus. From what I can tell from their conversations, the decks biggest issue seems to just be keeping up with pure beatdown decks even more so than MPPV (honestly, Black Trick Shot seems to be the saving grace in this respect since it near enough shuts down levelling for a turn alongside Black's innately controlling nature). The big issue that seems to still plague the style, which you noted, is a lack of a really solid win con beyond just playing interference. Not to say it's bad, but it always seems a bit more like you're playing a character like Ky in Guilty Gear with this kind of deck; you've got the tools necessary to win, but because you don't hit as hard, you have to play better for longer. It's been said a lot, but I can't help feeling like Black is the one style that would benefit the most from the introduction of a side-board/Sensei deck since they're just excellent at killing any specific complex strategy, but fall a bit behind when confronted with more straight-forward opponents.
  7. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    To be honest, I really like the nerf of Oppressive regardless of the changes to Trunks' level 3. It allows for a lot more freedom in future card designing, and it kind of helps to give Saiyan flavour as a mostly non-MPPV style. That said, it may also be worth considering a freeze on Sword Skill since the same basic strategy still works in Rampaging. But only time will tell how necessary that is. It would certainly force a lot more diversity in deck design too, but may REALLY hurt Saiyan Sword Trunks. My main question, however, is if the errata to Trunks was deserving/necessary? I'm not dramatically upset by it, but I wonder.
  8. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    @Majin Goo I straight up love that card you posited there WAY more than I should xD That's actually pretty excellent. Only issue I can see is that the decks that rely on Unleashed may find it to be too slow since it can't be used until several turns in, but time will tell if that's a major issue. I also really like that breakdown of what basically makes a broken card in concept. I'd probably say to add a layer speaking about cost to benefit to expand the conversation, but it does sum up the issue in a lot of modern card gaming very, very well.
  9. Sooo, I'm not going to lie, this deck kind of came up by accident while I was looking into Saiyan Oppressive Cell. And I'm also going to throw out there that this deck is not at all optimal, and really kind of half-arsed. I recently moved continent, so most of my cards are missing. As a result, I just went ahead and started building on OCTGN, and since I have no one to test against, I mostly threw it together to show off the concept. Saiyan Dynamic Cell While my original idea for Oppressive was to just go for Ally Cell and to use the mechanic to level and mill the opponent between skips, I noticed that Cell's original stack held some potential as well. Notably, his level 2 has a free tutor at the start of every combat, which seems INSANELY helpful in Oppressive. And it also got me thinking; "Man, that is one personality power I'd love to open a game with." And voila, the idea for Dynamic Cell was born. I'm sure someone has tried this before, but here's my scratch at an old Mastery/Personality. Main Personalities: Cell - Prepared Cell - Semi-Perfect Cell - Perfect Cell - Unstoppable Allies: Cell Jr. - Trapped King Vegeta - Ruler Nappa - Space Traveler Turles - Shadowy Vegeta - Content Honestly, I'm thinking this might be too many allies for the deck idea I'm going for. Especially since I'm moving away from the Cell Jr. engine. But honestly, I like the ability to tutor Saiyan Overhead Kick to my hand with Semi-Perfect, and then tutoring out one of my allies depending on the match-up. Setup: Saiyan Enraged x 2 Events: Cell's Style x 2 Saiyan Outrage x 3 Time is a Warrior's Tool Villainous Empowerment Drills: Saiyan Overpowering Aura Drill x 2 Saiyan Transformation Drill x 1 Saiyan Protection Drill x 1 Physical Combats: Cell's Draining Attack x 2 Saiyan Body Blow x 2 Saiyan Dive x 2 Saiyan Elbow Drop x 2 Saiyan Foot Stomp x 3 Saiyan Legendary Strike x 2 Saiyan Overhead Kick x 2 Saiyan Spin Kick x 2 Saiyan Turning Kick x 3 Saiyan Reverse Catch x 3 Saiyan Parry x 3 I went for a lot of x 2. In part because of the ability to tutor what I need, but also because it was a bit weird. I've also worked in a Saiyan Tracking Blast to work with Saiyan Body Blow, annulling the primary weakness of Dynamic by giving myself protection against level dropping. Energy Combats: Saiyan Aerial Attack x 2 Saiyan Destructive Blast x 2 Saiyan Tracking Blast x 2 Saiyan Energy Release x 3 Saiyan Crouch x 3 I just really love attach cards in Saiyan, guys xD But this is how the deck looks right now. I can say without any testing, or experimenting, that this is a very different deck to what I'd normally work with. I mostly tend to trend towards having a lot more attacks than this, and I'm not huge on Saiyan Drills. I'm also trying out things like Villainous Empowerment, which I've never used before, as a way to tutor a drill to my field and slow down my opponent's drills. One thing I've realized in just building it is that the deck has a lot of innate control, and I think with some careful testing and trial and error, you could probably come up with a pretty competent deck that can respond to any number of control decks. Some very obvious changes if you wanted to take this into a competitive environment though would be to drop Saiyan Enraged (which I've included mostly because I like the card) and Villainous Empowerment in favor of Unleashed. You could also probably mess around with the drill line-up to make it a bit more diverse and relevant. For the most part, I'm really inexperienced with Saiyan drills and what is and is not relevant. One thing I really love about this deck though is Cell's ability to jump to 4 as soon as you get off 2 meaning that you're honestly mostly just working with his level 2 and 4. Especially given the ability to counter delevelling effects.
  10. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    I love your comment about it being boring xD Couldn't agree more. But Broly was more an example of why Oppressive still has the potential to be hugely dominating. I don't think it's actually as bad as Saiyan Empowered was, but I can definitely still see the Saiyan Body Blow into Sword Skill into forced skips being very potent with the other Saiyan MPs (but we still run into the issue of, these personalities are potent in just about anything. Oppressive doesn't really contribute anything other than suggest a playstyle to make the opponent skip). On a personal level, I'm really curious about how this Mastery would go with a Cell Allies build. Saiyan Cell was always kind of the underdog of the Cell decks imo, normally being outshone by Namekian Cell and struggling to outdamage Red Cell while the latter would rocket to MPPV. This still can't MPPV, but it gives a certain level of utility that Empowered didn't. Weirdly, I actually love that it can't MPPV. I'm loving that Saiyan seems to be the deck that both has the easiest time MPPV'ing (Rampaging), but also the hardest since half their Masteries stop it or make it harder. It's somehow offering an identity to Saiyan in the background noise of playtesting, at least to my eyes. It also means that Saiyan decks are more likely to run the MPPV-stopping level ups like Goku's Kaioken or Cell's Absorption. Now if we can just ban Unleashed to really force people into different card choices...
  11. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    To be honest, Oppressive now functions a bit more with the aim of single-sided beatdown as opposed to single-sided MPPV. You can still swing it with big monsters like Broly, or even Turles/Nappa, and get huge stage damage/deck damage before the opponent has a chance to respond to you. Which still gives you an insane edge when the opponent is relying on AT stages as well (less likely), or if they're pure energy beats and don't have innate stage gain (which is surprisingly common). In effect, it's changed from an accelerated MPPV deck to a potentially more brutal version of Saiyan Empowered. Especially since you gain 2 stages each time the opponent skips, the lesser picked of the two options.
  12. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    To be honest, I don't think CCGs/TCGs are falling out of favor. I think we're just seeing an evolution and departure from the market that we grew up with, and dealt with. The big 3 are starting to crack at the seams, breaking underneath the weight of their own design philosophies and their willingness to turn away from older players while continuing to make games more complicated. I've said elsewhere that if you make your game too complicated, you kill the ability to build new audiences. We've seen this with both MtG and YGO now, but what makes matters significantly worse is that they've both long since branded themselves as the "complex, adult card game." Even were MtG to rotate out the more complicated mechanics now, and try a return to basics, it would only act to disenfranchise their current playerbase who enjoy the status quo and complexity of the game. These two have started down a road they can't back out of without a lot of effort, and doing so would be short-term financial suicide (but at this juncture, neither product has much long-term hope elsewise). To go for an example, Duel Links is actually an incredibly popular way to play Yu-Gi-Oh! now and is starting to make rifts and ground where the physical card game cannot. This is because the game is still fairly simple and straight forward, and while it captures nostalgia for a lot of people, I know just as many people for whom it was actually their introduction to the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. It captures the old spirit of Duel Monsters, both from DM and GX, and even with modern cards, archetypes and fusions, the limited format allows for much greater simplicity and a more relaxed easing into the game. If Konami was smart, they would angle this into real world sales and try their hardest to angle this playerbase into a real reception, as at present, Duel Links does not play at all like the modern game. But they also can't without angering all the current competitive players, who are genuinely here for the 5 minute plays that fill your board with 5 monsters with 1 card. And this has almost nothing to do with it being a digital card game either, although it does make things substantially easier to engage with. The reason we're enjoying this Yu-Gi-Oh! format isn't because it's a digital version of the real game, but because it's a callback to what the game was and should be. But back to my point about it being an evolution and departure of the market, the cracks in the seams of those 2 specifically are creating a space for a lot of smaller developers to jump into and try to angle their product through. This is where the current, insanely huge wave of smaller CGs is coming from, as they try to assume the role as a member of the next big 3. To put it into video game terms, remember when Sega crashed? Or Atari's struggles when the home console first really picked up? We're effectively experiencing the same era in card games. The industry isn't dead, or dying, but changing, and we're currently just waiting for the next major card game to take to the skies. Dragon Ball Super has nearly managed it too, but I feel that it handicuffed itself from the start by restricting it's IP to just Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball has very little to do with the mechanics of the game, and the power system certainly isn't derived from the IP, so it was entirely possible for them to turn it into a "Jump Superstars TCG," with the opening set being DBS and expanding outwards. This is something MetaX promised to do, but honestly, it doesn't have the backing or the power to do so. And it IS something that UFS did, and despite the overcomplicated mess that is, that game actually has an insanely loyal following. The reason why this is important though is because Dragon Ball isn't eternal, and by immediately associating your game with JUST Dragon Ball, you guarantee the limited lifespan of your product. The next point is price. As pointed out, Dragon Ball Super had a great opening, nothing was going to set you back too hard, and it was easy to get into the game. The important cards weren't too hard to get ahold of, and it was pretty reasonable. Hell, this is the reason Pokemon is still a popular game. Competitive decks are insanely cheap compared to the contemporaries and competition, meaning that it fits a niche of being affordable to younger audiences, but also reasonable for older audiences. Of the Big 3, Pokemon is definitely the one doing the best as they mindfully advance their game and add mechanics. If it doesn't work, it doesn't come back in the next rotation. You don't double down. Vanguard also tried to do this, but they mistimed it as YGO was still going strong, and now they've made things too powerful. The biggest issue with the game isn't just price, but power-creep. We've now entered an age where the only decks that tend to see more than the first stride are hard control decks/resource decks. Who the hell wants to get into it when every other stride has 3 paragraphs of skills and can be summarized as "I win"? If you don't have any background in the game, it is way too much information to take in. We, the players, stand at the precipice of the next age of card games, and horrifyingly enough, we need to elect whose going to have a big name in that era. Right now, digital card games are having the easiest time of it because of how easily they can reach audiences, but at the end of the day, they can't take the mantle.
  13. What would sell you on Xenoverse 3?

    And some of the longest and most finnicky PQs in the game legitimately only gave you 1 fairly subpar attack or super soul. |:
  14. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    We need Grandpa Gohan |: And maybe Fortuneteller Baba, who could probably work quite well as an ally MP. And maybe Tien's original master, though we do have Tao already.
  15. What would sell you on Xenoverse 3?

    @Artificial Human I wasn't originally going to reply to your point, but it just hit me that they make it worse by waving more interesting plotlines in your face xD This was more so in Xenoverse 1, but if you talk to the other time patrollers as you progress through the story, you get to hear about their adventures. Including one where Demon King Piccolo absorbed Kami, killed Goku, and Gero made the androids to deal with him while Frieza's Armada was invading. AND WHILE HE GETS TO GO ON THAT EPIC CLUSTERF*CK OF A STORY, we get "Raditz has been made stronger suddenly! Quickly! Stop him!"