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  1. Set 10.5

    Heck yeah to new sword cards, I'm just the slightest bit saddened that there's not a new Blue Sword attack. I know we got a set up fairly recently, but it's pretty genuinely not worth the deck space in I'd say just about any deck, and the deck just really needs a plain attack card to drop from hand without the set-up. On the topic of Blue though, I god damn love that new Setup. Utterly useless if your opponent isn't countering your allies, BUT WHEN ISN'T YOUR OPPONENT BURNING YOUR ALLIES. Probably a really good time for people (me) to actually go back and make Red Sword Trunks. I tried it a few times before, and didn't really like how it played, but maybe with Red Amplifying preserving my A. Sword Drill, I'll actually be able to get behind it a bit more. I just know I'll probably spend most of my time with the deck missing my Blue variant. ... or I could make Red Sword Dabura. Probably going to make Red Dabura. ... F*ck it, I'm also going to make Red Sword Trunks. An MPPV Sword Trunks might be fun to actually play. Hello to Black Judgement Rush. That one MAKES me want to play more Black Physical beats pretty much on it's own, though is anyone else getting a bit jumpy with how many "stays in play" attacks we got running around? I don't know how good that Nail is. Can someone tell me? xD The Saiyan drill feels lackluster to me. Someone will almost definitely prove me wrong in feeling that, and I look forward to it, but I just don't care about it right now. Saiyan masteries are designed to hyper-level, especially with Trunks, so it comes across as though you'd be putting down a Drill for maybe a single combat, get 1 "alright" Sword swing to repeat over, and would probably be leveling again almost immediately after, removing your own drill. So while I can see the potential for it, and how it could probably decide some match-ups after a few turns of use, Saiyan (with it's current Masteries) just doesn't feel like the right home for it.
  2. The Games We Play

    Eh, I'm feeling a bit bored lately and thought it could be fun to talk to people about what games people are playing. Kind of a slide from the other thread regarding what we're looking forward to, but different enough. On my end, I've been trying to finish up Trails of Cold Steel 2. I beat the first game sometime last year, and OH MY GOD, that one was the best (worst) game I've ever played. Like, 90% fetch quests splitting up the story with some actually pretty interesting characters (once you get past Rean Schwarzer being as compelling and original as a wet brick). Luckily, the sequel is a lot better, actually making use of a lot of the mini-games and giving me hunts so that I get my fill of the pretty (comparatively) solid gameplay. That said, I am notoriously bad as a completionist, and the unbridled load of side quests that they don't hint at or give you visual denotations of are driving me nuts. On the other spectrum, I have also been playing a LOT of God Eater 2 Rage Burst on PS4. I get a lot of crap for liking the game from my friends who are into Monster Hunter, but honestly, the lack of any narrative structure and the dramatically slower pace kind of killed that series for me. That and the lack of a lock-on just... I've heard it's better with World, but eh. Probably an objectively better game, but it's not to my preference. On the other hand, I really enjoyed God Eater Rage Burst's narrative (excusing the blank protagonist), and I liked the world they set up, and GE2 has kind of kept in tone. Honestly, if anyone else has the game, they should hit me up. We'll go kill something |: Besides the above though, I'm kind of hoping to get around to Persona 5 in the near future. I played and beat all the other Personas, and loved all of them (4 the least, admittedly), and god knows, I've heard it's praises sung SO DAMN MUCH. Just aiming to knock out Trails of Cold Steel first. I also have Gundam Versus, Agents of Mayhem and the new Star Ocean lined up to play after the fact. I'm just slack as anything to change discs over until a game's done, and GE is in there <> I should also probably go back and finish up Bloodborne. I love the game to absolute dickens, and it's probably my favorite game on the console. Just, the chalice dungeons don't stop, and I can't... I just can't not do them |: They must be done, or the games not done. What about the rest of Top Tier? I imagine most of you are hitting up FighterZ, MH: World, maybe some Shadow of the Colossus HD. Xenoverse 2 has some DLC coming-up down the line, so I could also see people returning to the game. God knows, I probably will AFTER the DLC drops. But again; One game per console at a time |: 3DS is occupied by FFTactics A2, if anyone cares. I also have Rune Factory 4, Dragon Ball Fusions, and Final Fantasy Explorers digitally downloaded, which kind of breaks the rule of one at a time |:
  3. Set 3 Leader Opinions

    That Blue Goku actually seems fairly strong to me as a hyper-aggressive unit. That said, you may be right that he'd lose out to the classic SSBSS Goku. After you get your rush done, all SS3 Goku really seems to offer is a recharge in energy. But without some serious hand generation, which SSBSS would also have access to, I'm pretty sure he'd long-term get curved out of a win. Dr. Myuu seems kind of neat. I'm kind of slack to go through all the cards to find all the Machine Mutants, but I could see there being some serious power there in the ability to pull out free cards. Board advantage is pretty worthwhile. Long-term, and after some building, I think he has got intense potential. Right now? He's probably going to be slept on. A13 is the most meh-invoking thing I've seen in awhile. SS2 Gohan was a lot more disappointing, don't get me wrong, but I don't think A13 is necessarily disappointing as he is just underwhelming as fuck. Bardock is in the same boat, but I like that he's got some early hand generation in the same vein as S1 Gohan, but his overall usefulness is underwhelming for such a prominent figure. Hell YES to Trunks. That's a Leader that might actually pull me into playing this game on a regular basis. He himself isn't so fantastic outside of enabling warp plays, honestly, but I really wanted a decent Gohan or Trunks to get behind and really learn. I'm a bit sad that Mira is just undeniably a better Leader who performs to much the same capacity and deck-types, and honestly, I'll probably end up playing Mira long-term, but a good Trunks is a good Trunks is a good Trunks. I'm all in. Son Goku: Childhood is a fun one. I like the deck search into a deck search you can pull with some Bulma plays, not to mention just general interference. Looking at not-leaders, there are a lot of really interesting staples in here. Terror Scythe Goku Black is one I could see being played in a LOT of Green decks just for the field generation and extra combo power. Honestly, I wonder if you could build competitive decks from just this set, but I'm very, very doubtful.
  4. A Home For Frieza?

    I actually didn't know that one. Thanks for the heads up. Actually, you've given me quite a few heads up with rulings. Good on you, and thanks for that so far xD
  5. A Home For Frieza?

    Give me a heads up when it's going down, and I'll try to spectate if possible. Though, if it's already happened |:
  6. You took the deck we made in the end! Awesome! Honestly, reading through your assessment, it's really nice to know that you and the deck were able to perform and keep pace with all these titans. That said, I wouldn't take it too heavily that you made some misplays. The entire thing is a giant learning process, especially with something like Dynamic Cell, and the amount of pressure and fatigue you get from playing multiple matches in a row with as technical a deck can really start to interfere with your thought processes. Add on the reality that you had some painful losses early on, and I can very easily see how you might miss some opportunities, or guard incorrectly. Do you know if any of these matches were recorded in the end? And how are you feeling about your potential at future Kai events?
  7. So Retro is talking about how bad 19 is.

    I like this. I would like to see this implemented. And I would like to see this in Blue. I will say though, I did like what 19 looked like when I first came into the game. I just feel like he is excessively reserved in what he does, and would've rather a focus on an MP with a low PL who absorbed power stages when your physical attacks hit (you know, as 19 CONTINUOUSLY TRIED TO DO) and had some level of Energy Block/Control.
  8. So, with the recent inclusion of traits and the constant allusions to Blue Frieza in the build-up to set 10, I thought I'd go back to the Galactic Emperor and have a try at crafting him a deck for the modern format. ... except I have no idea what style to play him in, or even what style really benefits him the most. My thoughts mostly went back and forth between Blue Tag and Orange Ret/Combat. My thoughts with the former was mostly imitative of an old deck a friend used to play, going for King Cold ASAP and using HFIL/Golden Frieza to drop a Cooler/Chilled turn 1 (or really whatever other ally you want to tech in) so that our opponent cannot level you out of Golden. His variant played very defensively, and did an excellent job of rejuv'ing Frieza's banished zone while slowly building up speed to start dropping insane Supernovas in the late game. The latter was just an idea I was playing with, making use of Orange Sword Chop to net Frieza's Arrogance to your hand while using a handful of attacks that swing twice. This one mostly just lets you keep up defense while using Frieza's respectable PLs to really do some damage, and would rely minimally on any actual drills. Plus, Retribution + HFIL lets me just go and grab a drill of my choice as my first action in a combat, or even save it until my opponent is done swinging to net something I want to keep around, or I can forfeit my instant level up and build up from Frieza's level 1 for a chance at MPPV. But then I decided to go through the Set 10 cards, and I noticed Red Announcement. And how nicely that fits into Frieza's themes. And the fact that Red has just as many, if not more, attacks that stay in play to be used twice. Plus, I've seen the havoc this combo can pull from when my aforementioned friend was trying to find a home for his own Frieza, where he was able to go into combat on turn 3 and deal easily upwards of 32-ish life cards of damage because he'd just pushed me into such a corner with the endless assault of energy attacks. And all of this theory-crafting has left me where I am now; Wondering where the hell post-Set 10 Frieza should set-up shop and start trying to deal out the hurt. After all, Frieza has (on the surface) all the tools for a hyper-aggressive deck whether you level jump or try to grind up to MPPV. What are people's thoughts, and does anyone have experience with trying to build Frieza since set 10? Should I give up on the prick and turn my attention to his ever-rejuvenating brother, who may have very well gained more from Torturous Volley and King Cold? After all, a Red MPPV Cooler could be MEAN.
  9. Score MP into Pan/Fan Z

    I mean, being honest with myself, the Majin Buu Saga Gohan stack. The one focused on the power-up stage. I don't think it's strong necessarily, I just like it. But for the sake of annoying people? F*ck it. Bring back Guldo. Give people flashbacks to fighting him on Gameboy Advance while making a semi-decent Blue Anti-Anger Level 1 Camp deck. Why not? Or maybe some of the Vegeta stacks that were more villain-ey. God knows, Villain!Vegeta is probably one of the weakest personalities in PanZ. Not even sure if he was considered strong back during release considering Nappa, Goku and Krillin.
  10. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    Ooph. Well, if there's anything I can help with (in regards to your Dragon Ball Top Tier), feel free to hit me up. But here's hoping that things start to lighten up a bit in terms of your load, and you get some time to relax.
  11. Fanuary Results

    I'm just excited to see Set 10 MPs in the top 4, honestly. And not a Broly in sight. <> A bit sad to hear that the turn-out was only 8 people, but definitely seems like it was a pretty healthy and fun environment overall. Did you participate yourself, or were you happy to just play judge/watch on?
  12. As @Artificial Human brought up pretty much the same deck concept, I figure I'll post my most recent version of the deck for people to peruse and pick-apart if they so choose. I will note that I've not really messed around with this deck for a little while, so there may be some synergies I'm missing. If you see changes that can be made, suggest them, and definitely try it out yourself. Orange Retribution Bardock Drills: 1 Orange Crying Drill 1 Orange Checkup Drill 2 Orange Energy Dan Drill 1 Orange Energy Phasing Drill* 1 Orange Captivity Drill* *These two drills are mostly there to ease mirror-matches and help generate speed. Bardock has a thin line of defense unless you get really lucky, so using Captivity Drill to balance out energy attack costs/GAIN power stages while charging anger is surprisingly efficient and helps hurdle to L3. After you hit L3, you can ease up a bit. Events: 3 Orange Juke 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Bardock's Premonition Setups: 2 Visiting the Past Physical Combat: 3 Orange Launcher 3 Orange Spine Kick** 3 Orange Sword Chop** 3 Orange Uppercut 3 Orange Cover Up 3 Orange Refocus **Spine Kick is basically there to help you exit out of dis-favorable combats, which I promise will come up no matter how much effort you put into this. The fact it also serves for anger and ally removal is mostly just cream on top. On the other side, Orange Sword Chop will net you either an Orange Juke or a Bardock's Premonition depending on your situation, or any other event you happen to put into your deck. Energy Combat: 2 Bardock's Riot Javelin 3 Orange Bicycle Kick 3 Orange Fierce Attack 3 Orange Power Point 3 Orange Precise Shot 3 Orange Combined Burst*** 3 Orange Stare Down 3 Orange Energy Absorption 3 Orange Energy Catch ***This just generates extra synergy with Bardock's level 2 while giving you some extra damage on your opponent. There are a few other good cards you can consider here though, like Sweeping Blast or Overflowing Burst. Just don't go too hard on utility since Bardock has limited searching, and you may give yourself too many dead hands. This is my current version of Retribution Bardock MPPV/Survival double threat. I've made my feelings on the deck pretty clear overall, but it should be noted that my online play-group strictly plays heavy beats decks, which this deck really struggles against. As such, my opinion is probably heavily biased to this deck being more anti-meta than a stand-alone competitive build. Also worth noting: He does alright with Orange Combative. Helps out with the decks fragility a lot, and can ease the strain of needing to put out more life card damage.
  13. Orange Bardock (Deck Concept)

    I actually built pretty much the same deck you have in your mind there awhile ago. I tried a variety of builds, across all the different Orange Masteries, and I ultimately settled for Retribution being the best one for the anger gain since a big focus in your deck is going to be getting up to his Level 3 (or you can just Unleashed your way there, but MPPV can be pretty damn vital in some match-ups). I put up a deck list awhile ago, but honestly, going into this, I had pretty much the same issue you did with not knowing what the hell I was really doing with it so the recipe is a bit of a mess. I've since cleaned it up, and I'll post the updated list in a little while for you to peruse for ideas if you like. A big point with Adept, since I was originally convinced it was going to be the Mastery for Bardock, is that your opponent will snipe your Drills. A lot. And Adept has a lot of trouble changing gears once your board starts getting picked apart like that, while Retribution is able to stabilize regardless. You'll also never be hitting as hard as your opponent is, with the trade-off being specific sniping. Fan-fucking-tastic in some match-ups, actual hell in others, so you need to consider who you're versing when you're going into things. An Oppressive Broly is going to be a lot harder to take down for this deck than a Black A17, for example, and you may find yourself trying your hardest to switch gears to MPPV while killing their anti-anger cards (and leaving things like Time). I said it on my old deck list though, and I'll say it again, Black Bardock is a trap. There are some wonderful synergies that can go down, and when they're happening, you feel like an overpowered god of deck destruction. But one bad combat can leave you desperately trying to recover, and if you are met with the aforementioned Broly, or a Namekian deck that rejuvs like hell, or really any personality that rejuvs (hey, Pikkon and Supreme Kai are useful here) then you're going to have a fucking terrible time. tl;dr: I've done the exact thing you're thinking, and I feel like it's the perfect example of an "anti-meta" deck that crumbles to rogues. I'll put up my stuff later so you can peruse.
  14. Starting Now

    DOOO IIIIIIIIIIT. The above said, depending on which Vegeta you mean, that would probably be your strongest choice for a competitive deck. I just think Androids are fun. As for your question, kind of depends on your locale for the most part. I've seen some tournaments in America with really varied deck-types and Leader spreads, but out London-way, it gets a lot more monotone in what decks are used competitively. As for finances, keep to the lowest rarity you can if you're ordering cards individually and you should be able to make up a lot of the gap you missed by not starting earlier. The main issue you'll probably find is that a lot of cards have reached staple status now, but you shouldn't be thrown out over maybe $10 for any 1 card (probably like $34 with postage though. Yay Aus.) So, the game isn't financially unreasonable to start up this late compared to some card games, but is starting to grow in cost?
  15. Hero 18 Combative

    That one might be a little presumptuous on the parts of the playerbase tbh. FanZ has always struggled with an issue of perception, where people see the cards, work out what they can theoretically do, and then are horrifically disappointed with the results (which also speaks to the design, but smeh). And I kind of feel like you're suffering from that a little bit with these personalities, since it is a lot easier to sit on the outside and spurn just the theory. Especially in regard to Bardock, who everyone and their damn mother tried to take to when he came out from just raw hype. The big issue with him is that he doesn't really have a deck that goes super well with him (still sort of doesn't, though you can argue the new Black). He can be strong, but you're ultimately playing a very defensive game to try and balance his awkward power levels and lack of offensive pressure, which becomes a bigger and bigger issue the more aggressive a deck you're going against. If you think you can make it work though, hey, take it for a spin and prove everyone whose tried so far wrong? If nothing else, you're highly unlikely to get beaten out by Time. As for King Kai, please believe me when I say he's not worth it. At least not in any meta I've played in, where ally control was prominent and Broly/Gohan would just rip you to shreds gradually. Not even F. Gohan, good old Set 7 Gohan who will never die. The entire situation quickly became an "Unleashed or die", and that is FAR from unique to FanZ. Heck, even Pikkon is theoretically an INCREDIBLY overpowered personality with his Anti-Events, named cards and rejuv'ing, but he has consistently proven to be a second bracket personality next to classics like Set 7 Veggies. There's no real reason for Pikkon to struggle/lose, but he does o-O With the idea that people don't "want to make fucker decks", I'm like 90% sure that's one of the main reasons people play FanZ at this point. I think it's more down to the fact that these personalities are just really awkward to use and frequently lose out to the late PanZ personalities they were meant to be scaled to and who require a lot less thought in both deck construction and play. But hey, all the above said, I could be wrong. But there is a lot of presumption that the game will go a certain way, and that people aren't as competent, to assist this logic. Also note; This is just based off the pre-Set 10 environment. The game has changed a LOT post set-10, and there is a lot less bullshit from just the PanZ days running amuck.