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  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Actually on this note, after getting a chance to see Gotenks, Ultimate Gohan and Beerus, I actually do feel the game will have a lot more variety and be much stronger as an experience. But I'm still going to be hesitant to outright purchase.
  2. Net Neutrality 2017

    If it's worth anything, I'd offer my support in full, but this is largely only an option for Americans. While there's a few places where foreigners can give their voice on the matter, the dominant number of ways to counteract it require an American area code or some form of ID. Sorry dude :/ Here's hoping you can stop all this shit though.
  3. I'm not going to lie, Ret Broly was one build I have never run into, and the recipe there is definitely not equipped to deal with it. As I said in the initial post, this deck was designed to counter a specific meta at my locals and things like Blue Rest should be dropped ASAP if you're not going into a meta where unblockable is more important then HITs. But I'm honestly just surprised (and kind of excited) that it kept pace with a kind of Broly it's never seen. Broly was always the biggest contender with the deck (see Saiyan Empowered) because it was god damn impossible to stop him from leveling and his named cards just did SO MUCH DAMAGE to my board. I'd recommend other counters to sub into the deck, but again, Ret Broly is something I have no experience with. I have no clue how to counter it! xD Good catch on the Dashing Sword Attack, I actually forgot that point a LONG time ago.
  4. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    As per the request, here you two go xD Definitely tell me if I should stop doing these long spiels with each deck list I post as well. It takes a lot of time, and while I enjoy writing it, if no one else is interested, it's just bleeding time.
  5. Per @v3rse's request, here's my favorite deck in P/FanZ; Blue Tag Team Trunks There are a lot of ideas behind this deck, but at the end of the day, it all boiled down to three things. I like swords a lot (did 4 years of fencing in high school), I like being a pain in my friend's asses and I like Trunks (second favorite to Gohan). Thus, this deck. To be blunt about this deck, I would recommend that anyone that uses it really put in the effort to make it their own. Don't just run my recipe, or my counters to the meta. Use it as a guiding principle, and try building it from the ground up with the competition you're expecting in mind. Blue is a wonderful toolbox of anti-meta that is sorely underused, and is lacking in the pressure department. Drunks fixes this issue with Aggressive Sword Drill and Dr. Briefs. Use that. Because of this deck's nature as needing to respond to your opponent, I've also included a few cards for a side board (even though this game doesn't have one). These are just cards to consider in your own building of the deck. Main Personalities: Trunks - Protective Trunks - Frenzied Trunks - Energy Charged Trunks - Overpowering So, if it's not clear from my Personality line-up, this is an old friend to me. My first deck in this game was a Trunks deck with Energy Charged and Young Super Saiyan, and I immediately took him to Blue. In that vein, I've kept Energy Charged as his Level 3 for the rare cases where your opponent will force you out of level 2 to help buff up Dr. Briefs and substitute for the loss of Aggressive Sword Drill. Overpowering is then my choice for his level 4, but you'll most likely never see this in my version. Allies: Dr. Brief - Analyzing Bulma - Genius Ox King - Naming Genius You should never be running more than 3 allies in this deck, and you should try not to have too many in play at any given time. This isn't really vitally important, more a point in playstyle. You also should never be scared to banish your own allies for Blue Sword Rage; They will be rejuvenated, and they will return to you. Setups: Blue Dominance x 3 I used to run Visiting the Past in this deck. Mostly for the laughs of "ohey, Trunks!" but we all know how potent this setup is. Events: Blue Defensive Effect x 3 Blue Rest x 3 Blue Shifting Maneuver x 3 Time is a Warrior's Tool I'll explain why Blue Rest later. For now, just keep in mind how powerful a card Defensive Effect is with it's high Endurance and neigh unmatched anger control. Drills: Aggressive Sword Drill x 2 Blue Recuperating Drill Lookout Drill Quickness Drill The deck used to play a few more Blue Drills, but I've departed from that build in recent months to bring down the set-up time/dead draws. If you want to really emphasize the deck's strengths, however, you should try adding a few more Blue drills in and rock out with Blue Seeking Blast and Blue Tempo. A big point for this particular build is that you're only ever really looking to have two drills out; Aggressive and Quickness. Lookout is a great tech if you're facing mill, but in your typical match-up, the other 2 are significantly more important. After they're both on board, you're aiming to get off Dominance. Heck, if you HAVE Dominance available to you turn 1, just worry about getting Aggressive out and wait until you naturally draw into the rest. Physical Combat: Blue Betrayal x 3 Blue Flying Kick x 3 Blue Head Knock x 3 Blue Knee x 3 Dashing Sword Attack x 3 Heroic Dashing Punch x 2 Trunks' Knee Bash x 3 Trunks' Slam x 3 Trunks' Sword Slash x 3 Blue Crouch x 3 Blue Sword Rage x 3 You'll see the immediate focus of this deck in the physical combats; Stop the opponent levelling, delevel them, chain tutor "Swords". Any Blue player will tell you that this is what Blue does best, and with 3 Betrayal and Knee Bash, the control doesn't stop at anger. On that note, Flying Kick is here to stop Unleashed. If you're not having to deal with Unleashed, you can lose it. Something important to note, while discussing this, is that you should always go for Blue Sword Rage unless you know your opponent isn't going to aggro you into the ground or you draw one naturally. Blue Sword Rage is the best block in Blue imo, being able to banish a card from your hand to grab another copy of itself when you need the extra block, or turning dead cards like allies and drills into usable attacks. Energy Combat: Blinding Energy Move x 2 Blue Clash x 2 Blue Neck Beam x 3 It's definitely going to seem mighty counter-intuitive to anyone paying attention to have so few styled energies with 3 Trunks' Sword Slash, but honestly, Sword Slash isn't here for the HIT. It's here for banish 6, being a Named card, and being a Sword card (but is a candidate for being replaced with Devilish Sword Strike). I'm going to go over Blinding and Clash in a little bit, so hold on if you're confused about the two of them. Side Board: Blue Rejection Blue Seeking Blast Blue Arm Blast Blue Release Drill Blue Biting Drill Blue Battle Drill (this card destroyed Opp. Trunks) Blue Lifting Drill Hidden Power Drill Oolong - Concerned Goku - Thoughtful I know this game doesn't have a side board, but given the nature of this deck, there are a lot of ways you can and should take it depending on the meta. Oolong - Concerned should be brought in when dealing with a lot of DBV for example, Goku - Thoughtful is useful if you plan to go back to the more drill-dedicated deck (which I affectionately refer to as Panzer), and Biting Drill is wonderful against any MP that's not anger focused. Arm Blast is an oldie, but a goodie if you need the extra defense/more energy and one I favor in the Energy Beats version of the deck (nicknamed Jaeger for how much faster it can be). Cards of Special Note: Aggressive Sword Drill - NEVER REMOVE THIS CARD. EVER. This + Dr. Brief's is what makes this deck work. Blinding Energy Move - I get a lot of smack for running this in my deck, but after a lot of testing and botched finals, I decided it was better to maintain it than drop it. A big point with using this is stopping the opponent's rampage when you're not yet ready, and it can be the only thing that keeps you alive when you're faced with the Broly freight train (this would also be relevant in match-ups against things like Arbiter's Adept Gohan if you're not yet set-up). This was also VITAL for stopping Oppressive Trunks for the brief period I had to worry about that. This is only personal experience though, and honestly, Trunks has access to a named card that can force your opponent to pass. Use your own discretion, but if you're going to edit for an upcoming meta, this is a prime candidate for removal. Blue Recuperating Drill - This is a leftover from my previous version of the deck which had Blue Seeking Blast to search out a couple big Blue drills. I've retained it in this version for the discard effect. It gives you an extra attack, and you can discard a spare copy of Dashing Sword Attack for you to grab back to your hand with a Dashing Sword Attack added by Aggressive Sword Drill. This can also be used to discard excess Allies since you normally only want 1 or 2 on the board at any given moment. Since the current version doesn't include any way to tutor this to your board, this card should also be considered a prime target for Blue Sword Rage to Banish. Blue Clash - @Thearbiter20x6 Okay, so technically, you don't need this. At all. This is a tech card that I used to run at 3 because a lot of my friends started playing Ally banishment to get around Tag Team's ally protection, but if that's an issue in your region/meta, this SHOULD be replaced by Overpowering Attack (which I REALLY wish was a Named card). This said, if you're going up against A17 (a big unit in this upcoming meta), Gohan, or other Blue decks with Blue Betrayal, this becomes a 8 life card unpreventable attack that is unblockable following Trunks' Sword Slash. This is some SERIOUS damage, especially when you then grab back the Ally your opponent just banished. Dr. Brief - In a neutral match-up where your opponent doesn't need a tech ally to stop them, Trunks' grandfather and his Sword Drill become the most important pieces of the puzzle. If you're going up against a mystery deck you know nothing about, or are seeing something you've not actually tech'd for, drop Briefs to the board with Tag Team and make sure you keep him there. The longer he's live, the better off you'll be. Other Allies - Every other ally in this deck is able to be changed to match what you're expecting. If you're expecting a lot of Namekian DBV, put in a Krillin to kill the Dragon Ball's immediate effects. It won't save the situation, but it'll slow them down a LOT. Likewise, if you're not having issues with Broly's, Nappa's, Turles', or ally-based stage gain (Turles ally in a Namekian Cell, for example) pull out Ox-King. A lot of these decks tend to work on the assumption that they can use the weaker attacks because the stage gain makes up the difference, and it can utterly stop their offense. Blue Rest - Also interchangeable depending on your match-up. One thing I kept running into was a lot of people rocking attacks that can't be blocked. To counter-act this, I went through a period of running ALL the omni-damage preventers. At present, I've only kept Blue Rest because it returns to deck. If you're not confronting a lot of HIT effects, this is a very, very good card. If you are, omit it and replace it with energy blocks because this deck does NOT have enough energy blocks. Delevelling Cards - I would include cards like Blue Head Knock in this as more and more level 1 camp decks show up, but the flat life damage means that it's never a terrible thing to have. Things like Blue Knee and Neck Beam are utterly pointless in a lot of these decks though. Neck Beam at least has the saving grace of having a on-discard effect built in, meaning it works with the aforementioned Recuperating Drill. If you're in an environment where you're just facing non-MPPV, don't bother with these, but if you expect a Dynamic deck, a Golden Frieza deck, or any deck that advances levels, keep 'em. Nothing f*cks off an opponent more than suddenly going from level 4 to level 1 because of a combo of delevelling effects (totally didn't do this. Not at all. Not to my best friend in the finals. Yep.) Blue Dominance - Just don't drop this card. This deck doesn't have much in the way of strong energy generation, and honestly, no matter the edits, it never will. You're using skips to jump up, and Dominance is the best level skip in the game since it can also be used as a way to stab back at your opponent's drill hate. And that's the deck, accompanied with a very long spiel about how to use it. Which actually brings up, are people generally for, or against this kind of long spiel surrounding decks? xD I personally prefer them, since I like to know the thoughts behind a deck, how to use that deck, and exactly how much people actually like a deck they play (if it's a bit boring, it'll read in the explanation). Oh, and if anyone's curious, this version is the Schneider. Ten points for anyone who guesses the reference?
  6. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    I'll shoot up my current draft of it tonight, but I will note that it was built to counter and take advantage of the meta at my locals (which it did very, VERY well). If you plan to try it out for yourself at an event or something, make some obvious edits to adjust it. The good thing about the deck is that it's fairly malleable, and the disclaimer is really more for if you ever want to run it rather than test against it. Just give me a bit to find my deck box and type it all out xD I'll also type out a couple of the matches I can remember playing it in, and a recommendation or two.
  7. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    What is going on with your deck?! xD Honestly, at this point, I feel like if you hype up A17 anymore that you'll find yourself losing as a result of misplay more than because of the match-up. So it's probably good to just go in with confidence at this juncture, and if you do run into it, to hit it as hard as you can |:
  8. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    Clash of Wills/I'll Dig Your Grave? Really, my big question is how scared are you of MPPV? Do you think you can control the opponent if they start aiming for it?
  9. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    Removing the level 4 nerf would be insane <> Do it. I will say in regards to my card choices that I made the deck at 2 am after getting fed up trying to find my real life cards xD But a lot of the cards I put in there as just techs to be searched for by Cell to counter specific match-ups. I didn't really take into account the current meta, or cost/value though. Since going back, I've changed it around a bit and put in "I'll Dig Your Grave" as well as a couple of other combat disrupting cards. Still not had a chance to test it though. If you do build your own, DEFINITELY let me know how it goes. I'm kind of loving it from the test hands I've done since you can very quickly auto-jump to 3, and from 3 to 4 (and back again if you feel like it). It's kind of amazing, and his level 4 has a better tutor xD
  10. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    Ah, but that's also kind of the fun thing about Blue Tag Team Drill Trunks xD It's a Level 2 Camp deck that searches out all the drills it needs in the first two combats. After that, you can lose either the allies or the drills (losing both is a disaster zone though), and you're still alright unlike most ally decks or drill decks. If you have both, you're easily swinging 5 cards hands EVERY combat, and are constantly entering just to prove a point. Right now though, I'm trying to test what happens when I remove some of my tutoring cards and put in Devilish Sword Strike and other new Sword cards. Thus far, I'm not happy |: I like tutoring. Especially when it's tutoring Allies and Drills. Also, Bulma - Taking a Drag has been disappointing. Weirdly, thanks to Tag Team, Gohan banishing allies becomes a free Rejuv o-O I will throw out there, we should probably just play on OCTGN sometime xD It's not quite the same, but hey.
  11. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    To be honest, I'd be kind of interested in going up against the Orange Adept Gohan xD I've never versed it before, and I'm kind of curious if my tech allies, anti-drill attacks, and searchable Trunks' Knee Bash is enough to sway the balance back. And honestly, the issue with Blue Frieza is knowing when to divert damage to the allies and working with mostly flat life damage. I'm not even going to pretend to know how to pull this, but I've seen it enough to know that it can be infuriating to do substantial damage xD
  12. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    tbh, Blue Tag Team is probably my favorite mastery for the above reason. It makes for a really good counter-counter deck depending on what Ally you pull out, and in match-ups where you don't need a specific counter, you can just grab allies that naturally help your game state. As aforementioned, I'm currently working on an F. Gohan build for it, but my favorite deck is probably Blue Tag Team Drill Trunks. The deck is insanely strong thanks to Trunks - Protective and Blue Dominance. The only real big issue with the deck is that it takes a combat or two to set-up, but you're not exactly a sitting duck for those two turns either. And thanks to a few choice techs and the aforementioned Dominance, even against Ally/Drill Control decks, it's fairly easy to net back resources (also, good bloody luck physical beating through it once the drills are on the field, or winning through MPPV with the sheer number of delevelling/anger to 0 cards in it). I only wish I could actually compete with it xD Though, I might get a rude shock if I did since my old locals almost exclusively played physical beats. If I ram into Energy Beats, my only option is to go all-out aggro and hope for the best. Oh, and probably somewhat worthwhile bringing up one of my friend's rocking Blue Tag Team Frieza in the FanZ format to stupid success back where I was. Turns out dropping King Cold/Cooler Ally and auto-Golden Frieza with in-built Ally Search is actually respectable. Too bad I've not seen more people experimenting with it xD
  13. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    Noooo! Don't share the Future Gohan tech! I was going to go for Red Amplifying Future Gohan or Blue Tag Team F. Gohan xD Sadly though, I can't compete in any tournaments. The joys of being not-American.
  14. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    I am so bloody interested in that Goku deck you keep talking about, and I implore you that if you can find a way to livestream it/record it, please do so |: On a side, do you ever test on OCTGN? Or is it mostly real-world testing? What is your process?
  15. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    I'm with Shoryu here, but also, just throwing it out there, the last few metas in Pokemon have been pretty interesting @Card Slinger J. EXs kind of became a pretty big weakness, with certain tech cards that did well countering them making them a high-risk, high-reward mechanic. We also saw a lot of budget decks like Night March.dek take top positions despite being made out of almost entirely stage 1s and non-EX basics. Right now, we've moved onto Pokemon GX, an evolution of the old EX mechanic, but who are normally stage 1s/2s (you do get Basic GXs, but they tend to be a lot weaker than the Stage 1/2s). And almost as soon as we got GXs, we got anti-GX mechanics. Mega-Pokemon also came into the game, and made a pretty drastic shift in how the game played since putting one on the board auto-ended your turn. And we've also had the Pokemon BREAK meta, where you evolve an already fully-evolved Pokemon into a "super form" that is mechanically identical to the LV. X mechanic of old but without the extra deck requirements (for those who don't know, LV. X were treated as having the same name as the Pokemon they were upgrading. So if you had 2 Darkrai LV. X, you could only have 2 non-LV. X Darkrai, which actually made the LV. Xs non-viable). This said, there is definitely still going to be issues with the game, and I'm sure if you dig hard enough, you can find enough to bitch about them to the point where you won't want to engage. This is more from a game state viewpoint, and to be honest, the company seems to have learned from their mistakes and are making moves. Which is more than Wizards and Konami.