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  1. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    I mean, for the sake of clarity here, Toriyama only made 17 and 18 because everyone at Jump said that 19 and 20 looked ridiculous. Then, when everyone at Jump said that 17 and 18 just looked like delinquents and demanded he make something scarier, he went and made Cell. And then let's not talk about the giant mess that was the Buu Saga, and how much back and forth there was between Jump's sales team and Toriyama's actual wants. That entire arc may as well have been written by them after the Great Saiyaman stuff. He's also gone on record saying he hates how many transformations there are in this series. And I don't actually think anyone's listened to that. So yeah, sat at a table, able to go unrestrained with his imagination; lel no. Not since Dragon Ball, and even then, Jump's sales team was VERY heavily involved with everything King Piccolo. This series was made to sell from the start, and every time Jump didn't like it, or the fans demanded something different, Toriyama was forced to change it. Probably the only reason we still have Goku as the protagonist. But regarding the chapter itself, without actually seeing an English translation of Chapter 39, I don't mind what I've seen of it too much. The idea that Kefla was so strong was a bit far-fetched in the anime in the first place, so putting her around an Enhanced Ultimate Gohan's level doesn't bother me too much. Beyond that, and remembering that Dragon Ball was a comedy (or at least walked the tight rope of being one), Omen fading before Goku could land a single blow is god damn hilarious to me. As for Roshi; that feels like a hot bag that needs to be unpacked. Partly because I genuinely hate Roshi to the point where I want him to be the one death that keeps (and goes to HFIL) in Dragon Ball. This joke of an old man whose threatening to assault literally any mildly attractive woman is harmful and fucking stupid. But, strictly speaking, this isn't too dissimilar to stuff we saw him do in Dragon Ball's original manga. It's just on a bigger scale, with someone whose beyond Beerus, which sounds terrible at first until we remember that the dude isn't allowed to kill or even really critically hurt Roshi. For Jiren, it must be less than trying to swat a fly, and Roshi doesn't seem to ever really do damage as opposed to pester and annoy. I'll agree that it feels stupid, but we did always know that Roshi is a better martial artist than his students, he just lacked their raw power. So a condition that forces his opponent down to his playing field adversely advantages him. What confuses me about your statement is; I don't think the manga is particularly trying to sell anything by putting Roshi in the limelight. I don't think anyone is particularly fond of him, or overly attached to him. I think that was just Toyotaro liking Roshi, and wanting to make him be the one who teaches Goku UI's secret. As a whole though, Super has been disappointing to me. The manga always got bit more of a pass because it didn't have SUCH ridiculous leaps in logic or dismissals of character, and even now, depending on what the English translation says, I'm not too bothered by it. But ever since the ToP started, the manga doesn't spend enough time on anything and keeps blitzing through fighters and story points without ever making anything clear (and to be fair, this is a fucking big tournament and Toyo only gets 1 chapter a month with target dates that he has to meet). At this point, I sincerely think Dragon Ball was a fluke, and anything afterwards was a mistake. Especially considering that Toriyama has admitted to forgetting plot points week to week, the sales team was VERY heavily involved in the making of characters and plot lines, and the author doesn't seem to like around 50-60% of what came out of it.
  2. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Anti-Anger. You NEED anti-anger. Holy shit, why is MPPV still so popular/strong? We have SO MUCH HATE for MPPV. Also, some Event-Hatred will go a fair distance. It's actually really difficult to say what to tech for with this upcoming meta though. I feel like it's still in flux and hasn't settled down enough yet where we can confidently say what will be the most common deck-type or MP. And then there's always the problem that there are some MPs you just cannot tech for because they only have specific weaknesses (Drawku). Especially with the ToP, because there is a HUGE range of decks with very different focuses I keep seeing pop-up. At this point in the game, I'd actually probably recommend that rather than focusing in on teching for the meta, you should really focus on finding techs that protect and cover your bad match-ups. That, or if you're playing a highly combat aggressive deck, trying to find a combo of MP/Style that really helps you cover your bases without hard-dedicating to a specific counter. An example that I'm quite partial to of late is Black Perceptive Awakening Gohan with a variety of combat enders and a LOT of omni blocks. Things like Black Scout Maneuver are really handy for picking out your opponent's key pieces and combat enders (in combination with cards like Black Side Thrust), and the deck gives you a LOT of freedom. Alternatively, Red Majin Buu has a lot of innate pressure and board control, and can counter any kind of presence. There are a few issue with this approach. Personally, I find that these decks struggle greatly against Broly, and they lose out to anti-meta builds like Saiyan/Ascension Majin Vegeta (who is often built to specifically kill non-Survival decks, and you get caught in the cross-hair). But if I'm honest, it is VERY hard to tech for those two while covering your other bases. Alternatively, just grab yourself any Broly deck, power/Unleashed up to 4 and tech for the Broly match-up. The only true weakness of a Broly deck is another Broly deck (and maybe Future Gohan). There are some staples though. As Aimanax said, Spheres are a 3 of, and if you have a God MP, you can tech in their new Sphere card. On The Move! is a huge card as well, since almost every competing MP has a pretty strong attack that they swing with (or copied attacks, or ally attacks, or etc.), or you can just use it to get around a forced Pass. Combat!Blue has hard staples in the de-levelling/anger hate cards, and Orange has a lot of freedom to fit in anti-Ally cards. If you rock Saiyan, you can probably find a home for Saiyan Domination. Both Rampaging and Dynamic will make the card live fairly early on.
  3. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    See, I'm not disappointed that they killed the loop. I figured they would, because no way was it left. But I'm still pretty disappointed with that errata. Theoretically, they could've just made it proc when cards were banished from a non-CONSTANT source. That way, you'd still be able to work with a pretty consistent Black Banish/Mill deck.
  4. Flute/SS3 "Errata"

    This company is a PR mess and all of them would've flunked my course. What bothers me is that these statements and decisions reflect that they are fully aware of the bullshit that is Swap SS3 Goku, and they saw that and went "Yeah, that's how we want this game to be." Wish I could say something more, but these guys honestly seem about as incompetent with making a balanced game as Bushiroad is, and are so stuck up their own arses they won't let anyone say so.
  5. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Restraint is a yes, Wash is a maybe. At the time, it was a no because there weren't really that many other Ally decks around besides Cell and MAYBE Namekian Gohan, so it was mostly just bouncing your own board which could be really detrimental. Nowadays, I think we have a much wider array of Ally decks, and a lot of Allies that play dual functions in a myriad of decks (Gohan, Krillin, 18), so Wash COULD work. Also, yeah, straight up, Cell's Provocation makes the cut. The Rejuvenation effect is mostly a bonus in the deck, but no matter how we address it, it's still a 4-6 card mill in an Event with no cost, and you can (and probably should) tech in some Rejuv allies like King Cold to guarantee the rejuv goes off. You've kind of touched upon one of the strengths of Cell > Babidi though, in that Cell's Level 2 can drop itself down to 0, so you CAN tech in Allies like Raditz quite consistently. Cell's range is mostly just whatever allies you want + the 1-2 Cell Jrs. you need for his combos and POWER (at this point in the game though, I'd probably just say to run Escaping for the loop. MAYBE Trapped so that you can make up some damage if/when Tora is killed). The big issue is that you need Blue or Freestyle support to pull out the others, but if there was ever a Style to make that convenient... Well, Blue is it. That said, I would say Babidi and Cell are a LOT more comparable than Majin Vegeta and Broly. They both have the same playstyle, MO, and even similar POWERs. Both of them go for hard mills, use the same drills, setups and Masteries, and only really differ in maybe less than 10 cards (not counting Named Cards or Allies) which are optimal/sub-optimal because of their respective tools and their ally line-up. The only huge differences I see is in how they set-up their combos, and what allies they line-up for their turns. And to clarify, I mean 10 card by name, NOT 10 cards different between the decks total. Meanwhile, Majin Vegeta is a level-hopping, unrelenting arsehole who avoids all but a few Freestyle cards. He has a Stage Modifier, sure, but that's about the ONLY thing that gives him a Stage Damage focus and he's not reliant on it to pump out good numbers. Rather, his concept seems much more focused on pushing against Meta decks, with his Level 1 giving crits that can take Dragon Balls or kill off allies early, his Level 2 specifically stopping decks like Babidi and Supreme Kai who have an unholy number of combat enders (not to mention Saiyan Oppressive), his Level 3 mercilessly shredding Drill/Ally/Setup decks while gaining free advantage, and his Level 4 just being a strong attack to seal games after enough disruption. Broly, in comparison, is just a power-house and unrelenting. I actually think he is one of the worst designed MPs in the entire game because he does WAY too much with barely any investment and has no real weaknesses. Cell and Babidi are both ally focused mill decks that use similar boards and a LOT of the same cards. I would call them both the archetypal Blue MP. Broly is a beatdown MP. He is THE Saiyan MP. He charges at you head-first. Majin Vegeta is then the most archetypal Black MP this game's ever seen (ESPECIALLY with his heavy Banish focus), he's just also generic enough where he doesn't need to be played in Black. EDIT: Actually looking at building a Black Vegeta deck, there are a LOT of cool tools he can use. But that's actually brought me to a ruling question; how do Black Punishment and Black Remembrance Drill interact? Because they're both fairly old cards, and they look like they should loop ad-infinitum, so I imagine there's a ruling for that I've not seen.
  6. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Unfortunately, that's probably one you'll need to take to the Dead Zone (or the Facebook Page). My friends and I have pretty much always played it as, the moment the card is resolved, it goes to drop (unless otherwise stated) so by how we play, Feast would be the one getting rejuvenated. But then, we've also seen time and time again that my particular play group plays the game wrong since we don't really have senior players, judges, or anyone else we can ask questions and we're not going to sit around looking up rulings the one time a month we get together to play :/ Man, Tao sounds like a dick, but I kind of love that such an old MP is still capable of a lot of fun plays and even (mildly) competing with things. That actually just makes me happy, and it shows a good level of game design (whether incidental, or deliberate). Oh, on the topic of if Cell can pull any similar levels of mill in a turn, I don't think it's impossible with him if you get a Cell's Provocation (from hand, or by Rejuvenation) and a Blue Restraint off, or if you're level hopping for that turn, but the pieces needed to make his combos really shine are things you need to draw into. There's also some mention warranted of the Cell's Style mill, but it's not consistent so I wouldn't promote it. So far though, the best I've got is using Cell's POWER first to pull an Ally and Mill 2 (Tora + Arrival Drill), then his POWER to spin an enemy's ally for the Mill (4 on Level 2 with Tora), Cell's Provocation on your own Cell Jr. Escaping to banish (4, then 6 with Tora), Blue Restraint for another 4 with Tora, then either find a way to Level to 3 (Draining Attack), 6 card Mill at 3. So; Cell brings out Cell Jr. - Escaping - Mill 2 Cell spins an enemy's ally - Mill 4 Cell's Provocation - Mill 4 Cell Jr. - Escaping's POWER - Mill 2 Blue Restraint to banish 3 allies - Mill 4 THEN EITHER Cell's LV3 Power - Mill 6 OR End Phase Rejuvenation - Mill 3 Waiting Drill also gives you a Rejuv when you play Escaping at the start of the turn, which might hit a Provocation or another Ally if you're lucky, but I don't want to include those numbers here tbh. You're still stuck pushing to 3, but that is 20+ cards in A turn. Alternatively, you can pull similar things with his Level 1 to 2 (which is infinitely more likely to go off), and if you used Dominance to do it, then you don't lose the End Phase mill. This is also just assuming you have Tora, Waiting Drill and Arrival Drill out at turn start, so there's probably a way to keep pushing it up somewhere I can't see, and it is not an INCONSISTENT setup. I just personally dislike how it needs 3 specific-ish cards in hand, though if you don't jump up to 3, you're still getting a 3 card mill from Waiting and hitting 19-ish cards from the two cards in hand.
  7. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    That was kind of what I was meaning when I said the two are very similar, but Babidi is much more concentrated than Cell is and both a lot safer to play (combat enders), and a lot less safe to play (more vulnerable to control decks). That said, I find it absolutely hilarious that they BOTH have access to Vegeta - Content within their own engines. You are right though, I was off with my numbers for the mill by 2 cards, though that's still a pretty hefty passive move. Also, I didn't take Tora into account there since I was mostly reciting what I remembered. You've got it in one with how the deck boosts up to 2 as well, though it should also be noted that Cell has some innate anger gain at Level 1 that CAN get you to 2 with some very minor input from outside, and strictly speaking, you don't NEED to get to 2 to make the combos work. It just makes you more potent, and enables cards like Blue Restraint to be used with reckless abandon (since you can banish Escaping and 2 other allies from your deck, then just rejuvenate the other two while using Cell to pull the Cell Jr). Just going through cards, I cannot come up with a way for them to hit your number of an 18 card mill without using Draining Attack (or equivalent) to bounce to 3, swinging the POWER, then bouncing back down with a Dominance (and that feels like a rarity). Maybe on turns moving up from 1 to 2, and putting in a Blue Stylish Pose to grab out Escaping twice? Hrm.
  8. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Cell can spin the opponent's allies for his power, and Cell's Draining Attack can banish up to 5 Villain Allies from either side of the board. It's not the most versatile board control, but it's probably on par with Gohan's Awakening stack for Ally killing, and Babidi literally has no board control for comparisons sake. Beyond that though, he also does have access to more traits and styles, and Cell's Style is a peculiar card that I don't really know how to describe. I guess it's a snipe? I'd offer up a Blue Mill Cell deck for you to try, but truth be told, I never played it myself. I can comment from having versed it a STUPID amount pre-FanZ that the decks don't play anything like the Namekian or Saiyan Versions which are a lot more aggressive. Rather, they tend to focus more on milling you out passively. You're not gunning for his Level 3 ASAP with this deck if you do build it, but rather, only pushing up to it when you're going for game. The non-conditional 5 card mill (because you're going to have allies out, come on) is really strong, but the Level 2 gives you the ability to keep spinning Cell Jr. - Escaping, milling for 4 that then goes into Blue Tag Mastery's rejuvenate with Blue Waiting Drill for a total of 6. Assuming this is still early game as well, and you've only got Escaping and Trapped out, that goes up to 9 cards milled (or 7 if you're stuck on his level 1). The Level 2 also drops his own PL which gives you access to any villain ally's Power. What you do with that is up to you, but I've seen people tech Guldos, Jeices, Dr. Wheelos or whatever else have you. Basically, his level 2 is where it's at for the majority of the match just so you can keep forcing Ally actions and looping Escaping with Tag. I actually used to win games against Tag Cell by forcing them to 3 prematurely, because it lost them all their Ally actions in favor of a single hard mill a turn that actually did less total damage than he WAS doing prior. That said, Cell CAN go for traditional attacks as well if you wanna hybridize the approach. Things like Assisted Kamehameha are just raw value cards, so do what you do. I've also not seen the deck played at all since FanZ dropped, but I'm pretty certain that cards like Security and Tora bolster it up a pretty decent amount. On a side note, my current project with Blue is a Blue Protective Piccolo. I'm probably late to the party (oh, I'm DEFINITELY late to the party), but anchoring his Power to get off Discard synergies is incredibly fun, and I recommend everyone try it. My big issue with the deck right now though is just managing to actually push for game. The deck has a lot of mischief to it, but none of its plays seem to do a particularly large amount of damage, so, you know. Throwing it out there in case anyone has any ideas. I'll probably put up a deck list later after I rummage through it one last time, but I'd love ideas before I do.
  9. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Not going to lie, all this talk about Ally Builds kind of makes me want to go back and try my hand at some old PanZ builds, like Ally Gohan or Broku. I avoided them entirely the first time around because of how popular and overwhelming they were, but it always did sound like a fun way to play... If only King Kai was better too... That one has never even made sense to me. He trained all the classic Z-Fighters, so why not let him basically play as Babidi, but for the Z-Bois? To be honest, the impression I'm getting from what you're saying and what I've seen around here and there online is that Babidi is a more concentrated, but less versatile version of Cell. His almost sole focus is grabbing his allies out from various places and then milling. He's only got the Majin trait to bolster him up. He's also got a pretty notable edge at Level 3, since he can start grabbing his own allies during the Planning Step and doesn't need to enter combat. Essentially, he does one thing, and one thing only, but as a result, he's a lot faster and stronger at doing that one thing than our previous Ally MPs. My main concern with him is that he doesn't feel like he has an out to big board control, like Awakening Gohan, Broly, Cell, and so on. On the other hand, we all know what Cell has. What makes things interesting on that front (for me) is that Cell has access to all the traits except God and Majin, which gives him an absurdly diverse pool of tech that he didn't really have before. Plus, he makes for a hellishly fun Radiant Personality.
  10. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty amazing. I imagine the deck is somewhat like the old Namekian Gohan and Friends, with it being built mostly around Events, Blocks, Drills and Ally attacks and actions only with a few less cards needed to bring your combo pieces together (since Babidi can permit allies to make actions regardless of his own power stages, and keeps his ally focus from Level 2 up). That said, even what you're laying down there sounds incredibly similar to what the old Cell Ally deck was, with a heavy focus on Ally-based mill. I'd actually love to see Mill Cell VS Babidi just to settle which one of the two is really the King when it comes to this playstyle, though that debate immediately comes back to Cell Jrs/Saiyan Allies VS Majin Allies.
  11. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I've actually been debating that myself, since I've been playing around with both Red and Saiyan (Dynamic) M. Vegetas. But honestly, I've mostly just used them for level hopping down to 1 in both variants, and then jumping back up to 2 to get a second use out of his in-built Energy Attack. I'm sure there are better uses for him, but thus far, I've not really bothered to swing to 3 or 4 just because I've not run into match-ups where it's really been needed. Both decks tend to have enough board control without the level 3's power, and the level 1's power to banish the discard lets me use key Freestyle cards like Vicious Strike and his named cards without worrying about ruining my own setups. But I do agree. I don't think any kind of MPPV back-up plan works for Vegeta, whether you're using him for level bouncing like I am, or using him for the lockdown and pressure elements elsewhere. And I probably agree that Unleashed is 100% a more worthwhile investment in the deck regardless of your playstyle, since you can just as well use it to bounce down as you can upwards. It offers a lot more utility in his levels than you get with half-hazard MPPV strats, and he loses too much steam later on for dedicated MPPV to be worthwhile.
  12. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    If you're really desperate to escape those few, you could probably swing Hero18 for any of the decks you'd use Yamcha in. Beyond that though, I'm not really surprised that the top decks aren't changing too drastically. The guys at FanZ did say going into this that they were aiming to make cards around their level, as opposed to power-creeping them out. Unfortunately, this has kind of meant that only the cream of the crop ADDS to the old meta without really cycling it out, and honestly, the amount of freezing/errata'ing that would need to be done to balance what PanZ left feels unrealistic. That said, I am surprised we've not seen a few Blue Babidi coming out to contest Cell. Or even the presence of Namekian Radiant Cell, with just the bloody absurd amount of advantage that deck can generate. That said, edits to FanZ cards are pretty simple. I'm actually 100% for erratas to the FanZ creations, since they won't clog up the CRD.
  13. Green Super Mira

    Long story short, my friend and I were losing interest in the Dragon Ball Super card game awhile ago (first with Mecha Frieza, and then again with the SS3 Goku abuse), and we hit a point of wanting to give up the game. Before we did so, we made a list of Leader match-ups we wanted to play out, and one of those was Super Mira VS Final Form Mira (who we affectionately call Darkness Mira). This was the deck I ended up building for that match-up (and oh my, there is so much wrong with it). Leader: Mira/Dark Warrior Mira Battle Cards: 4 Newfound Power Son Gohan 4 Dr Gero, Evil's Inventor 4 Combination Attack, Android 14 4 Encroaching Terror, Android 19 4 Terror Scythe, Goku Black 3 Son Goku (Green) 4 Supreme Kai of Time, World's Protector (Super Combo) 4 Gravy, in Demigra's Thrall 2 Supreme Kai of Time, Continuity Keeper 4 Dimension Support, Trunks 3 Relentless Destruction, Mira 3 Trunks, Power Overseeing Time 3 Invasive Power, Mira Extra Cards: 4 Dark Kamehameha I want to say that I 100% went into that match-up expecting to get utterly destroyed with the power creep on Dark Over Realm, so I didn't spend nearly as much time as I probably should've building the deck. It was mostly made for a bit of a back and forth and laughs, hence why I threw in Dimension Support Trunks and what not. To my surprise, the deck had different ideas, and I ended up sealing the win in all 3 games around 5-6 turns in. Honestly, I think this was just the discrepancy between non-conditional, constant Critical and Darkness Mira's Drop Area refresh. I also opened almost all 3 games with Newfound Power, Son Gohan and Dimension Support, Trunks, so I had a LOT of critical on the board early. But regardless, I've been bored out of my mind lately, and I thought I'd share the deck on here to see if anyone has any thoughts on it, or if anyone else has been doing Leader matches.
  14. Thinking about Gundam

    Mostly posting this because I noticed it the other day, and I've recently discovered that no one else in all my social circles has actually watched the Gundam animes, but; Did anyone else ever notice that Gundam Wing was REALLY focused on Mobile Suits/Dolls instead of Gundams? Like, I grant that this was somewhat of a thing in the original Gundam series (at least until Char got his own Gundam), but remembering that it was establishing the entire extended canon and universe in which everything happened, that was kind of important. And even then, it was always a point that a standard Mobile Suit's performance (less customization) would NEVER match the Gundam, or any of it's successors. Likewise, SEED, 00, even Zeta and ZZ kind of shared this trait. But Gundam Wing kind of went in the opposite direction. At the start of the show, the Gundams are huge power-houses that are able to lay waste to entire armies. But pretty much from when we're introduced to the Tallgeese on, we start to see standard mobile suits that are keeping up with (and sometimes outperforming) the Gundams. The best examples of this are (in my view) probably the Mercurius, Vayeate and Virgo(s). These three all had specific abilities that matched, or outdid the Gundams, with the Mercurius' shield being about the only thing in the franchise to (successfully) nullify multiple shots from the Buster Rifle, the Vayeate flat-out having a Buster Rifle of it's own, and the Virgo merging those two technologies and then improving upon it (Virgo II). I'm probably alone here, but that seems nuts to me that this mass-produced AI-operated Mobile Doll, these grunts, had a weapon on-par with the title Gundams, and better defensive abilities than any of the Gundams. And the same applies for the Serpent in Endless Waltz; the thing was a more resilient, more well-armed, more technologically advanced version of the Heavy-Arms Custom. They literally mass-produced a Mobile Suit that was just an upgraded Gundam in every way. I respect that Gundams in Wing were a bit more strictly defined as Mobile Suits made with Gundanium (except Mercurius and Vayeate for some reason), but it still just feels weird to me that the anime went out of it's way to present the grunts as the biggest threat. The only real advantages the Gundams have over them by the end of the show are the pilots and ZERO System (in select cases). There's probably a discussion to be had about Mobile Armors, but I feel like that's still different to the notion Wing had of mass-produced dolls with the same firepower as the Wing Gundam. Anyway, not sure if there are any other Gundam fans on Top Tier, but if there are, do any of you remember any of the other animes pulling this kind of thing? Heck, do you have any random thoughts on the different Gundam animes you wanna share?
  15. MetaX set 5 revealed - is it a new IP?

    Honest to god, if they came into this card game with just the DC IP and put it forward as this big multi-IP crossover game, than someone needs to get fired. You do not, in any market, propose such a large endeavor (REGARDLESS of how much PR it may net you) without already having the mechanisms to pull it off. On a side, I've never actually touched VS System (or even heard of it prior to this forum). By chance, could I get your thoughts on how intuitive it is to play?