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  1. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    I respect that, quite a lot actually. But again, my issue is more that this time of year takes a lot out of my bank, and with how many things tend to go wrong in the few weeks leading up to Christmas, I tend to just not spend anything until we're into the new year (and I'm determined that I won't buy a game to knowingly get the refund later). But I would sincerely be interested in any content you upload, so be sure to post links if you do go for it.
  2. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Somewhat of an ask, especially since there are a few videos here and there online regarding the game, but is there a chance that any of you have uploaded a few videos of the game? I tend to find this time of year somewhat taxing financially, so I'm not really in a situation to spare the money. But I'd still be interested in seeing someone run through what they think are the strong-suits of the game, and in watching some high-tier play.
  3. First off, where the heck IS everyone? Alright, moving on. Having gotten back into DBSuper's TCG at the site's prompt, it's hit me once again that they have unconsciously limited the lifespan of the game to only as long as the Dragon Ball IP will carry it. Some people won't see this as a problem, or an issue, especially when there's still so much to be done, but what I'm digging at there is that there is nothing in the game's mechanics, gameplay, or frankly anything else that MAKE it a Dragon Ball game. It is, for all intents, just a fairly bare TCG frame that can be used for pretty much any IP. This is something I've brought up before, of course, so nothing new. But that got me wondering what other IPs would interact really well with Pan-Z's update to the Score game model? And I want to be clear, I want to find ones that would work both in terms of flavor, and in terms of fitting the model. In theory, you could probably force any IP to work with the game, but a lot of them would come out feeling... Dull, imo. The big one for me so far though is; Digimon: Hands down my favorite one, and the one I think would almost straight-up just port into the Pan-Z model. Also the main one that I'd actually want. The MP-Levels easily correspond to the Digimon-life cycle, you can change Drills out to Tamers or have Tamers function the same way Sensei decks of old did, Crests could be used as Element-Specific versions of Kaioken/Unleashed that forsake the MPPV equivalent, find a way to break up the Crest of Miracles/Destiny into multiple pieces for a DBV-equivalant and so on. As for Ultras/Fusions, you could easily slot them in as either alternative Level 4s who give up MPPV, or have them be a boosted Level 5 that you get through a card like Gohan's Backlash. MP stacks would probably be the most difficult, depending on if you want to follow evolutionary lines, or specific Digimon from the series. With the former, it's pretty easy to fit in a Pokemon-esque box in the corner that says "Evolves From," and let people build their own stacks. Alternatively, have a Tamer's image in the corner, and make that dictate your stack (which seems mighty boring to me). Of course, it's also worth mentioning: DC/Marvel: The obvious one, and kind of what we had hopes for MetaX (at least, I think). Honestly, I don't actually know how well Comic-Universes would naturally fit into the PanZ Model. Rather, I think you'd need to make some edits; The big one being to change the "Power Level" to "Tiers of Strength" since there's such a unimaginable difference between Superman and Batman. Either scrap the MP-Levels (since transformations are incredibly rare in DC), or remodel it to focus on "experience and time" as the flavor (even changing out Anger for Experience). Make it so instead of MPPV, you can get wins by Intimidation, and scrap the Dragon Balls/DBV (in favor of Infinity Gems/Stones on Marvel, no idea what you could change it for in DC). It's almost entirely flavor, but it feels weirdly important to me. Most Shonen Properties: Don't want to talk about this one at length, since it feels self-evident. If you guys wanna explore it though, go for gold. The big ones obviously all work (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, MHA). I also think IPs like Megaman (specifically Battle Network) could work within this model with some minor changes here and there.
  4. I actually took your advice and decided to give the game a go again on OCTGN. And honestly, I enjoyed it. I built myself up a World Tournament (Announcer) deck, and I love the structure of the deck and the interaction between the paired cards (also, the huge Turn 3, Turn 5 and Turn 6). I find that this kind of deck design is actually really helpful to the game, though I won't lie, I do wish there were other World Tournament Leaders who do as much for the deck as Announcer does (like giving Red the ability to recharge their energy a little bit to make-up for the fairly steep Red WT costs). Still though, this was a good thing to see. Wish is a weird one imo, and one I think that is massively underpowered in its current format. While I understand that they can awaken early, and things like the Shenron Leader is actually quite fast with gathering DBs and Awakening, the others all feel a little slow at the moment. This might be a non-issue once we get some more varied Dragon Ball effects in the game, and a bit more variety in their support, but yeah... Add on to that the fact that if you get desperately unlucky, you may simply be unable to gather the Dragon Balls needed to awaken. Then, because of how their skills are set-up, they feel like a modification on the Teen Gohan Leader. You get one big swing, and then you most likely lose because your Leader is un-awakened and a dead card. Janemba is fun. Gogeta is fun, too. My friend and I tried out a few variants of each against each-other (I played mostly Janemba, he played mostly Gogeta). If you wanna build a dedicated-Janemba deck, it's honestly kind of weird. He's got a really strong loop that you can drop turn 3 without too much trouble, and then you get continuous Critical Attacks each turn. The main downside to him is that he lacks the same strong finishers as Gogeta has, and as a result, you kind of rely on either generic Blue Cards, or Black Finishing cards (or another off-colour finisher if you mix colours). Personally, I went for the 5 cost Shenron who gives another unit Triple Strike since this makes my Critical Loop combos SIGNIFICANTLY more dangerous while filling my hand (and thanks to Dimension Magic, I'm not too worried about saving energy for my defense). I would probably recommend against the mill strategy though, and say to ditch all the Janemba cards related to the Mill. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept behind the deck, and I think it has a lot of potential with more support, but in its current format, I mostly think it's like Hirudegarn. Cool on paper, but ultimately inefficient and ineffective. Gogeta is a deck that I actually think can be top-tier without too much outside support. Soul Punisher honestly makes him brutal, and his Leader Skill (the starter deck one) makes him a BEAST to defend against. Even the most defensive decks cannot hold him out for long, so they have to instead focus on out-speeding. Veku is such a freakishly good card that I actually think he's a 4-of in non-Gogeta decks depending on your build (my favorite one is throwing in the Veku Engine to the Red Vegito Leader). All 3 Gogetas are incredibly good, although the Ultimate is one that'll probably be lacking for you by the time you get the Energy, the cards to Union, and him in your hand without any searcher. There is already so much Blue Goku/Vegeta interactions as well that the Gogeta deck just kind of naturally carries on from the Vegito Blue deck (which, you can easily tech in a couple of Vegitos if you're going for a more swarm-centric strategy). Ultimately, I think Gogeta is the better of the two decks with a lot of huge plusses in hand advantage and field advantage, and some VERY strong finishers. So, once the Starter Deck comes out, if you're looking for a really cheap but still respectively competitive deck, go ahead and grab him. In terms of the Leaders, they both have A strong, generic Leaders (Knockout Strike and Supreme Evil). And whats more is that the Gogeta Main Deck is NOT Leader-locked, so if you feel Janemba is your preferred leader with his anti-Counter mechanic, you can rock him and go for what is one of the biggest dick moves with the 7 cost Gogeta. Relentless Speed Janemba is also a really good leader if you'd rather the extra defense, but I personally prefer the offense and think that one will do better in a tournament environment. Friza's Army is also an INCREDIBLY strong deck nowadays, with a lot of tools and speed at it's disposal. In a lot of ways, it kind of reminds me of the current A18 deck, and how much support and power it has slowly built up over time. Honestly, I really wish we'd see a lot more of the older leaders get supported in this same way. Especially ones that straight up lack the same competitive footholds as Blue Vegeta (for example, give Beerus a dedicated deck that's specific to his leader that ramps up energy a lot faster to try and get to that 16 Energy Win Con [with additions put into place so he can't go too hard on finishers]). That one was a good something to see. Goten is insane and a really good addition to the Goku's Lineage deck. Have some fun with that. There are a lot of whiffs in the game still, a lot of decks that just lack the support needed to really be playable, or fun. Those are still super-disappointing, and I kind of wish they'd spend less time throwing new shit into the game, and instead focus a bit more on supporting those guys. But as I said, I'm also finding decks like Announcer and Janemba to be incredibly fun. Oh, and Full-Size Power Son Goku is fucking nuts. He might not have much in specific support, but that Quadruple Strike and anti-Counter mechanic is god damn nuts, and you can awaken REALLY quickly when played in combination with a Goku's Lineage deck. Honestly, I've been experimenting around with it a lot myself, and my current question is pretty simply just; What Green cards are even worth focusing on with him, or should I just play him completely off-color?
  5. See, I dunno, because it does let you just kick off with Cell Jr. shenanigans immediately without needing to wait to set-up. That said, I think I'd still prefer Rampaging myself. His Level 1 + Rampaging's passive pretty much means any anger gain full-stop is Level 2, and after that, Level 3 is pretty easy to reach.
  6. You're probably right in that Saibamen are for Blue decks, it's just a pain since none of the MPs who work with Saibamen really like Blue :/ I'm curious to see IF A16 becomes relevant. I'm not going to beat around the bush, I've straight-up never seen an A16 deck at play (nor have I built one) so I have no idea what to expect from him other than a hell load of anti-Event stuff and a respectable amount of tech'ing. But then, with how prominent beat decks are in our current environment, I've got to wonder if being Anti-Event is enough? Ultimately, I think it'll all come back to how well he moves between offense and defense. He'll work well as an Anti-Supreme Kai/Babidi MP, but does he have the tempo for the others? And 100%, Saiyan Reinforcements will be a thing in Saiyan Ally Cell. That extra card gives him at least 10 Ally Searchers in your main deck, in addition to his own innate pulls. The real question for me is, what mastery will they use? Will we see a Dynamic setup with his old Level 2 to try and rush to 3 for the generic Saiyan pulling, or will we see mixed beatdown/mill like we see in Blue and Namekian?
  7. Man you got my hopes up with that one. I've been trying to get Nappa Saibamen to work for awhile now (or even Turles Saibamen), and unfortunately, I just don't think Saiyan Reinforcement is the card to do it. Unfortunately, just like Saiyan's other Ally Tutor card, this thing can only grab other Saiyans. Which honestly bodes really well for Nappa decks, since its flat stage damage AND grabs back your Clench, and drops a Turles to your board whose stage bonuses will also get doubled. But besides that, is super disappointing because I'm just waiting for a Saibamen deck to be made viable at this point.
  8. New CRD

    Oh, I 100% have. I actually used to build decks SPECIFICALLY to deal with Broly when I first came into the game, because I HATED him. And to this day, I uphold that Broly is way too strong of an MP since he has no trade-off, or downside. He's not spectacularly weak to anything, nor does he really have bad match-ups. But let's not pretend like Time balances Broly out. He's still a strong MP, and he can still compete even WITH Time around. Time hasn't discouraged people from playing him. In that argument, BROLY is the meta-defining card. As I said, Time is a wild card that shuts down all aggro decks for a turn. But it's not really influencing the game beyond that. As for the staples thing, I'm really more focused on game plans than deck make-up. Like, Ret and Double Bicycle Kick were both meta-defining cards, the latter because decks were actively changing to abuse it as much as possible (Uppercut and what not), and the former because it changed a LOT of Orange decks. Blue Neck Beam and its kin resulted in a Blue playstyle that can be entirely focused around Life Card damage and delevelling.
  9. Honestly, that just sounds really limiting and boring from a design perspective :/ Even from a gaming perspective, it's not exactly enticing. Especially since I'd say some of the strengths of MPs like Gohan and Cell now come from them having so many different traits. Right now, that's overpowering (mostly because these MPs weren't designed with traits in mind, and so it's become an added bonus), but down the line, that could really serve to give some diversity in deck building. Also; Goku did, or does, have Earthling. Did they say somewhere that he's no longer an Earthling? Regardless though, I just don't think Gohan should have Namekian. Let him use Namekian Masteries, because there are cards that ONLY work with him now (otherwise, he shouldn't even get that), but the cats already out of the bag, so eh. I stand by my previous statement though. They should make an icon that translates to "if it doesn't have THIS trait" (even if it's just a red cross over the trait symbol), and printing that on cards they don't want Saiyans, or Cell, to get to. One personality, one trait, while easy to balance, is honestly just boring.
  10. New CRD

    I don't actually know how much the meta WOULD shift. Like, would Broly get stronger, or would he just perceptively get stronger because more people would feel more confident running him? It becomes a question of how good is something VS presence. Like, when Tachikaze first launched in the new era of Vanguard, they were a top deck. After a couple of weeks, and the hype around it died, it became one of the worst performing decks. And the only difference, since this was before another set launched, was that there were less people playing Tachikaze. Thereon, less chances for the deck to simply luck out. We're actually seeing a very similar thing right now after Exculpate's release, where RP decks have become a fan favorite from hype, but aren't actually that great in performance. Just, when you have enough people playing it, luck of the draw will eventually tip the scales. I'd argue Pan/FanZ is similar to Vanguard in that luck plays a VERY definite part of it. So it stands to reason, if we see a lot more Broly decks, that Broly would perceptively be in a stronger position in the meta. But I don't know if the simple removal of Time would make match-ups that are historically bad for Broly, no longer an issue. Likewise, I don't know if anyone would really change their builds too much if you removed Time. It's a 1-of card that's not really formative for the majority of decks, so realistically, people would probably try to replace it with either an omni-block like Enhanced Reflexes, or would go for another tech. In that way, I wouldn't say it's meta defining. If 90% of your deck and game plan wouldn't change because of a card's removal, then that card isn't a defining part of your deck. (also, if your deck is entirely dependent on drawing 1 card out of 60 to win against Broly, then your deck has a terrible match-up against Broly.)
  11. New CRD

    To be honest, I could never get on board that train just because I liked the presence of a Joker/Wild Card that could swing an entire combat your way just by being dropped. And hell, Time doesn't even really do that, it just negates the opponent's offense. If you have a dead-hand, Time won't magically fix it and give you any advantage. Now in an ideal world, sure, there'd be something set-up so every Personality/Trait got one such card, but from a design/balancing perspective, that would easily become a nightmare. I don't think I'd call Time a meta-defining card though. It's a one-of staple run in every deck, but very few decks are actually based around any substantial abuse of Time is a Warrior's Tool, or really designed to combo with it. Presence =/= Defining a meta. Like, I'd say Orange Retribution Mastery was a meta-defining card because of how it changed the face of Orange decks. Likewise, I'd agree that cards like Blue Betrayal and Neck Beam are style-defining (if not meta-defining) because of how they've influenced the entire style. Time hasn't really influenced anything, it's just always been... There. The first, and pretty much only, wild card of the game.
  12. From a gaming perspective, I agree, but from a lore perspective, I really can't. Honestly, I think it'd be easier if they instead worked with things like "Allied Blitz," which specify a trait that it doesn't work with. Give cards that are both Earthling Trait, and that don't work with Saiyan-trait'd MPs, which locks off both Cell and the half-Saiyans. Hell, it locks out Goku too.
  13. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    I actually really, really don't want to defend any of this. At all. I'm actually really frustrated and annoyed at all these changes, and I just... Why did they need to connect Broly by some random fate to Goku and Vegeta? Can't he have just been some random fucking Saiyan who still existed? BUT. I do somewhat need to defend a different color scheme for Frieza. I don't know if we ever canonically saw flashbacks to the Frieza of yester-year, and his race can freely mold and change their bodies and colors. So in theory, he could've just rocked out that first form for a few years, then slowly molded it into something he likes more. God I hope the rumors that Broly is going to become a Z-Fighter are just fucking false. My god, it's just... Enough. Enough. Please. EDIT: Alright, so I watched a video by TeamFourStar, and I can freely admit when I'm wrong. It seems like Toriyama's "retconning" a lot less than we think, and more like a lot of what we have already was filled in by someone else. It's still frustrating to see so many changes to the story we know, but at the least, I have to give it to Toriyama that he's not "forgotten details," and from his perspective, is probably just working to fill in the blanks. After all, we know for a fact that he didn't watch too much of Toei's anime. I'm still bothered by him connecting Goku, Vegeta and Broly by fate though.
  14. So with the Tournament of Power out of the way, and the new CRD dropped, I think we've just about seen this next meta settle into what will be going forward. At least, not accounting for further edits to the CRD. Unfortunately, with that token, my play group has pretty much put the game on hold (mostly because of the commute), and I'm getting gradually more starved to hear about the game. That in mind, I was hoping to put it to you guys to share whatever fun stories you have about the game. What kind of decks are you playing to freshen things up? What noteworthy decks are you versing? Hell, would anyone want to share a play-by-play of a match they found especially stimulating? Preferably not the full thing, but a couple of crucial moments would be badass to hear about. Even from before Escalation dropped. To throw my own hat in the ring, the last play session I had with my group saw me trying out an updated Blue Cell Mill deck. Never having played Cell Mill before, I actually found the deck kind of... Meh. Not that it wasn't strong, but that it wasn't the most engaging to play when I mostly performed the same 3-4 actions turn-in, turn-out. Effective, even when dealing with Broly or Gohan, but also straight-forward and simple. But it did give me the idea to make a more attack focused Blue Cell Ally deck, instead filling it with as many Allies with Attack Powers as possible. We're talking the full Android set-up, a couple of Cell Jrs, Jeice, Recoome, Bardock, a Saibaman, just weird allies that had no business in a Cell deck like Spopovich. Honestly, the deck did not take full advantage of Cell's Powers and I doubt it could do anything competitively, but in combination with his Level 2 dropping him to 0 Power Stages, it would often pull turns where I just kept swinging for a solid 6-7 attacks where Jeice, Recoome, A17, A13, Bardock and King Cold would keep it up while I nursed the odd attack to throw in there at the end and maybe pull another Ally out (the rule being; If the attack grabbed an Ally, I put it in the deck). Of course, throw in a Tora and Cell Jr. Escaping for a bit of extra guaranteed damage every turn, but by no means was that the focus. The deck was terrible, made in about 10 minutes while others played because I wasn't enjoying myself, and is basically Swiss cheese with how many holes it has. But I god damn loved how much fun it was to just throw shit at the wall. Honestly, the entire thing got me excited to try out a Saiba-Nappa deck, but alas, that day will never come. But for a story: The best moment with the deck came while versing a mate with Dynamic Broly. After a few turns of him mostly taking an arse-kicking from the sheer number of attacks getting thrown at him, he finally reaches Level 4 and banished my entire board. About 8 allies gone in that one moment, a glorious picture of devastation. Of course, I immediately reply with a Blue Stylish Pose and grab back a Guldo (my hand lacked any Blocks). He swings with Broly's Face Crusher, and I stop it. I throw out a Blue Clash, hit for the 2 stages and 10 life cards, and not knowing what else to grab, pull out a Jeice to try and push game as well as I can (he only has maybe 5 cards left at this point). But to no avail. He's played me for the fool, and throws out a Saiyan's Destructive Blast. My board disappears again, and the game is all but sealed. I await my inevitable demise, with all my big plays exhausted and no blocks in hand. Anyone else up to share?
  15. New CRD

    Alright, @Jaith1, what are you trying to say? Because so far, it has come across as you touting that getting rid of Set 1 will create this amazing, imaginative, diverse environment in the game. Which I promise it won't, as literally any game with extensive banlists that has attempted to ban staples will tell you (ala. YGO). You get rid of one group of staples, people will MAKE another group of staples out of the cards that do well and are consistently strong, BECAUSE they do well and are consistently strong. Secondarily, I maintain, banning all cards from set 1 by name is an unreasonable ask for a mostly dead game with a cult community when they have been reprinted so often. You will straight up lock the doors on new players, because who the hell would bother with that for a game they're not already into. As for the stuff @Majin Goo has said, I'd be down for rotations if they do set it up right. Mostly, I'm looking at MPs there; either excluding them and their named cards from Rotations (the worse option), or rotating them back around in the next set, updated for the current format (the better option). I am curious though, what steps would you be looking at to introduce rotations into this game?