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  1. Saiyan Dynamic Cell Jr. So, being completely honest, this is actually a deck I've decided to thrown together out of cards I had lying around. I've never really been one for Saiyan Dynamic, and in fact, generally avoid playing Saiyan outside of Saiyan Empowered Gohan (or Saiyan Rampaging Trunks for the fun of Saiyan Face Strike for 4 anger to level 2). My friends and I have kind of set up a thing where we're not allowed to plays things like Unleashed, but for the sake of this deck, I decided to throw it in and it has proven really weirdly helpful. Getting to the deck itself, the basic strategy is simple. Skip Cell Jr.s Level 1, and maintain Cell Jr. allies as Hybrid blocks for the rest of the game. To this end, you're using the natural anger gain of Dynamic and the level jumping of Unleashed to set up Level 3 with Saiyan Extreme Training, and camping like no one has ever camped before. Every time you WOULD level out of your Level 3, you get a critical effect instead. Every time you use a Cell Jr. as a hybrid block, they return back to your deck to fight another day. If you mill the Cell Jrs, the Level 3 attack puts them back and gives you a hybrid block for future use. The biggest threat to this, as anyone could tell you, is deleveling. And for that reason alone, I probably wouldn't recommend this deck in any kind of competitive environment. This all clarified, to the recipe; Main Personalities: Cell Jr. - Taunting Cell Jr. - On the Move Cell Jr. - Oppressive Cell Jr. - Confident Allies: Cell Jr. - Escaping x 2 Cell Jr. - Trapped x 2 Cell Jr. - Unrelenting x 2 Turles - Fighter We're playing with 2 copies of each Cell Jr mostly for variety's sake. Also, I only own 2 copies of each, and am not even really sure why I own that many. Setups: Saiyan Extreme Training x 2 Visiting the Past x 2 Just the Extreme Training and Visiting. Could probably do with a couple more, but I've kind of tunnel-vision'd here. If you have ideas, please share. Events: Saiyan Assistance x 3 Saiyan Outrage x 3 Time is a Warrior's Tool x 1 Unleashed x 3 I'll admit that Saiyan Assistance can seem a bit weird when you first look at it, but I have really taken to the card of late for anger disruption, good endurance and a parenthetical counter for unnatural Level Ups. Screw over MPPV and Kaioken-esques. Drills: NO DRILLS. Honestly, nothing against drills, just couldn't find them. Physical Combat: Saiyan Body Blow x 3 Saiyan Direct Strike x 3 Saiyan Elbow Drop x 3 Saiyan Foot Stomp x 3 Saiyan Gut Kick x 3 Saiyan Lifting Kick x 3 Saiyan Light Jab x 3 Saiyan Overhead Kick x 3 Saiyan Spin Kick x 3 Saiyan Stomach Thrust x 3 Saiyan Escape x 3 This deck is near entirely physical beat. There's a lot of arguments to be made both for and against converting over to Energy, and I feel that it'll ultimately come down to personal preference. I've gone with Physical Beat because one of my structure decks was still mostly in-tact (bet you can't figure out which), and it had a LOT of Physical combat. I've also only gone with 3 actual block. The Cell Jr's basically existing as hybrid blocks has weirdly made this pretty acceptable too, in the test matches I've played... Special mention here just for Stomach Thrust. It has never come in handy, but my god, I see it in the deck and I can't bring myself to take it away. Energy Combat: Saiyan Pinpoint Blast x 3 Saiyan Crouch x 3 I said it was basically just physical beats. Pinpoint Blast was with the structure deck, and after testing, my biggest threat among my friends was actually a Namekian Piccolo who pretty well cornered me in testing by constantly delevelling me and putting up damage barriers. The bastard. But to say how the deck has been doing in testing, its actually been doing quite respectably. It's kept Empowered Broly at bay and nearly tied him to survival, has pulled some insane comebacks against the Celestial Tournament Gohan stack painted Red (Martyr was a prick, but wasn't around long enough to win it), and got utterly destroyed by Piccolo with the Knowledge. I imagine a Radiant/Knowledge Cell/Gohan could do equal damage. I'd bet Namekian in general could do equal damage. Does this deck work? Absolutely (not). I think the idea is incredibly sound, even if it came from me throwing random stuff together, but if your opponent forces you out of 3, you are in for a bad time. It's really fun to play though, and I'd really recommend giving it a try if you have the cards to put it together. Who knows, maybe you'll find a way to overcome the weaknesses I've come to find in the deck. Maybe I'm just using the wrong Mastery. Give it a try with Empowered (since this game plan doesn't care for MPPV) or Rampaging. Basically; Keep me posted. Edit: On further thought, the idea of using Empowered/Rampaging is really tempting. Getting non-stop Critical effects from Extreme Training. Someone do that.
  2. I did consider it, I just don't own any (that I can find at least). If I get it in the future, I'll probably give it a test spin though.
  3. Just straight life card damage, honestly. About the only thing his buff offers over them. I'm not saying it's a good niche, or even a necessary one. But hell, it IS a niche. As it currently stands, he doesn't even have that. (also, I think the reality is that unless we give him some ungodly powerful Level 2 AND 4, he's not going to be a smart choice over Broly/Nappa)
  4. In other words, there's little to no point to this support xD Honestly, I'm all for bringing glory to Villain Vegeta, but this isn't how. Probably the easiest, and best way, is to give him a new level 4 who literally just does what his level 3 does. Doesn't even need to be better. Just give us a constant buff to anger beat that we can sit on in Empowered, and he'll have a niche to himself.
  5. THAT would make this new Level 1 an actual, marked improvement on his old one tbh. As it currently stands, I might actually lean towards just playing his original Level 1, and either going Red (so I can keep dropping back down to his level 3), or at least going Rampaging Mastery so that I can try for the MPPV win over an Empowered Broly who is otherwise better in every way. Honestly, I don't think Vegeta's level 1 was the problem with his Villain stack. I think it's his level 2 and 4. His level 1 is basically not going to be around after your first combat since you're playing so many cards with Immediate Anger gain, especially in Saiyan or Red. Then you hit his Level 2, and you slow down a lot to trying to get his power off before you do anything else (while it's not a BAD attack, it's still a pain to have to do it at the start of a combat instead of having options), then his Level 3 hits like a freight train for all of a minute because of your anger gain, and his Level 4 is just... There. Doing its thing. Which isn't much of anything. FanZ, why the hell are we redoing his Level 1? |: Afterthought: Ig Saiyan Rampaging Mastery, but uh, that... Doesn't work WELL with the Level 1 either. For obvious reasons.
  6. I don't see it happening. Since we're only adding the new Level 1 to the previous stack, I don't know how strong this Level 1 actually IS. The FanZ group seem confident in it, but it's focus on giving "non-anger printed cards" anger gain doesn't really gel that well with what the rest of what Villain Vegeta's stack pushes. While it may buff it up in Saiyan Empowered and Saiyan Rampaging (I think, was never 100% sure on that ruling), you're kind of pushing in opposite directions in the other styles (admittedly, getting Anger raising in Red is nice, but you're kind of gearing up to leave Level 1 ASAP). But eh, who knows? Maybe I've completely missed something here. Or maybe it really is just intended to be Saiyan, and my point is irrelevant. Even then, the 4 stage poke for a Crit is kind of nice, and this is an alpha of the card.
  7. Honestly, I kind of like this. And I kind of dig the idea of breaking down the most overpowered cards into its core elements and seeing if they would operate in a similar manner if split into two cards. As it stands, Orange Retribution Blast would be a staple in all Orange decks, but at the god damn least it's a lot less consistent and more balanced than the Mastery is atm.
  8. The game-play itself feels a bit eh to me, but hey, all for a new experience. Just hoping it's a bit more fun than it seems right now. On the plus side, who knows, if it does well enough we might get a video game variant. Which I would 100% jump on immediately (provided it was on a portable).
  9. Ah shit, sorry mate. I meant Blue Dominance. Forces you to Level 2 and nets you 2 drills from your Discard. REALLY good if you're planning to camp on 2, and Trunks - Frenzied has the exact kind of skill you'd want for that (and since it's all "When entering combat", you can grab your Sword Drill, advance with Dominance, and use Dominance to put it back to your field).
  10. I've been ruminating on this for awhile, and a thought kind of hit me. What if you split these ideas into two separate cards? And I don't mean Majin Goo's specific example. But the biggest issue with Unleashed is how it lets you demote your opponent a couple of levels and gain a huge, swinging advantage. So what if we just removed that part of Unleashed, keep the rest of Goo's idea, and then give the deleveling to another card ("Restrained", for example)? Maintain the same cost of banishing all your attached cards, but make it so Restrained operates by lowering your own level by however many Banished attached cards, and then your opponent loses the same levels. So you invert Unleashed entirely, but add on that your opponent gets dragged to the same level as you?
  11. I've got a few Blue Tag Team Trunks tbh. The deck has got some of the best hand-advantage in the game, from Level 1 depending on how you play it. I personally went down a much heavier "Sword" route, using Trunks - Protective to set up Aggressive Sword Drill turn 1, and then using things like Blue Overpowering to jump up to Level 2 and later get back my drills. And one of the lovely things is that Trunks - Frenzied can reclaim your Aggressive Sword Drill if it ever gets banished, or moved out of where you can readily access it. I also put in Goku - Thoughtful and Tienshinhan - Returned, tbh, and threw in Blue Waiting Drill and Blue Release Drill to threaten my opponent if they go to banish Brief (since I'll rejuvenate him in the end phase to hit for 2), and Release Drill is just good anger control tbh, which is what Blue should REALLY be trying for in the current meta. That in mind, I REALLY like Blue Biting Drill, both for the constant damage up and how easily it is to start getting + 2 life cards on almost every attack on it if you play your cards right. Hell, even if you're relying on an Energy-based variant, it's just a solid onslaught of extra damage, and if you're ever put in a situation where you're on Level 3 and can set up Aggressive Sword Drill, Briefs and Trunks, you're constantly netting +3 cards every time you enter a combat. That said, don't go in just trying to skip your early levels. For Trunks, those early levels can be the easiest way to win a Survival. Especially in Blue xD
  12. It's 1 am and I'm on my way to crashing, but wanted to say that I'm glad you got those image packs working dude. Hopefully you have some luck finding someone to play!
  13. So, with this in mind, we've totaled up to: - Readdress and simplify the rulebook - Change wording of older cards to make it consistent with the current format(?) - Address the current state of the meta and problem cards. Errata/Ban problems cards as needed. - Establish less complex rulings/correct problem rulings - Develop a more open channel for communication with community to determine what the aforementioned problems are. And then I still think a quality of life thing would just be to include letters before power levels that state its place on the AT table to make it a bit more accessible to newcomers.
  14. Ah crap, I actually didn't know that. Fair dues. REALLY not enough of an errata. But fair, it counts.
  15. I'll agree with this within reason, but that still makes banning seem like a temporary measure or last resort for after all the erratas have failed to fix things (/make Unleashed unplayable). So far as I know, this thing hasn't ever received an errata, and there could be a pretty simple parenthetical solution. For example, would it be acceptable if it was power level restricted, or if it straight killed non-constant effects of a personality permanently? And now I'm just actually curious. To what degree of a negative would you feel needs to be placed there before the card becomes just another tech as opposed to a staple in non-MPPV?
  16. Honestly, a bigger fan of erratas over straight banning, especially in a game that can evolve as rapidly as FanZ has the capacity to do. Banning feels like an easy answer that just says "I don't wanna deal with that," which is fine, but really not what we should be encouraging in FanZ. Really, it should be a placeholder until we find a more permanent fix as opposed to just acting like certain cards don't exist.
  17. @Ryohei, calm down a bit. They're just ZIP files, and should be decompressed into 08C files, which are what you upload as the image packs. if that doesn't work, it may be an issue in the program you use, or your OCTGN. I just checked the files uploaded by Majin, and I'm not really having an issue with them, so I don't think it's an issue with the folders. Another issue to consider is possibly your internet connection. If it fluctuates, or dips partway into the download, then you'll get damaged 08Cs, and it won't work. Unless you're referring to Fusion, in which case, the unzipped files are in an outdated format and like hell do I know how to fix that. Also, one of the image packs will come up as broken when you upload it. It's not, it's just an error in the implementation that gives that message (it uploads fine).
  18. I've tested against Saiyan Empowered Broly, if that's anything. And I've also tried against Orange Retribution Vegeta, but sadly, that's about it in the way of aggro. I'm not huge on Blue Slash, and I think I'd rather go for Blue Retaliation (for the bonus discard effect with my Mastery, and high Endurance) over Slash, though I'm still trying to avoid going ham on the Energy Attacks because I have a historical problem with just going "all the energy attacks". xD Ah, but I will remove Smug Punch. It was mainly there for the straight life card damage and potential synergy with things like Devestating Blow. I'm debating how I feel about Devestating Blow though, honestly. It might be excess, but I love the banish. As for Endurance, I think I've got a decent amount of endurance but it's more in the way of straight stopping big attacks than stopping a lot of small attacks (losing an Endurance 6 on a 1 life card poke is still infuriating).
  19. So, not much to say in introducing the deck, or even really the basic idea. I have no idea why I feel like this deck would/should work, but I feel like it should, and I've found it fun so far, so there you go. Any tips on how to maybe improve it would be greatly appreciated too. Blue Protective Mastery Android 18 - Directing Android 18 - Prepared Android 18 - Effective Android 18 - Determined Let's get started. Allies: Android 14 - Stoic Android 16 - Unmoving Events: Blue Defensive Effect x 3 Blue Overcharge x 2 Blue Rest x 3 Blue Shifting Maneuver x 3 Blue Shopping x 3 Setups: Blue Dominance x 3 Drills: Android Attack Drill x 2 Blue Biting Drill Blue Lifting Drill Physical Combat: Android 18's Arm Breaker x 3 Android Headbutt x 3 Blue Betrayal x 3 Blue Head Knock x 3 Blue Knee x 3 Blue Round Throw x 2 Blue Slide x 3 Blue Smug Punch x 3 Devastating Blow x 3 Energy Combat: Android 18's Toss x 3 Blue Arm Blast x 2 Blue Neck Beam x 3 As you can see, the deck prioritizes straight life card damage over stage damage and has a heavy anti-anger focus. I elected to go with Physical attacks since I generally work with Blue a lot, and I tend to go energy attack builds so I'm trying something a bit different and going for a more aggressive route. I also considered some cards like Sobering Hammer to stop Unleashed and give me access to either Android ally, but I ultimately elected against it (I also tried Android 20; Don't |:). Thus far, the deck actually has done a decent job and Android 18's screening top 2 has helped a lot more than I thought it COULD. I'm ultimately aiming to camp at level 2, which is a pretty common Blue strategy, and you can probably see the anti-leveling I threw in there. I've also opted for preventing damage instead of blocking it as part of the whole "trying out something a bit different", and I have found it a lot better than I thought it was originally. Anyway, thoughts, ideas, comments? Try out the build yourself if you're interested.
  20. To be fair, it doesn't need to be as straight forward as "Letter Number". You could give the letters a sort of faded-out gray color so it's not intrusive, make it slightly transparent, and then give a bigger focus on the numbers. You could also do something like a similar, gray faded out circle around the letter, with the letter appearing like a stone/block on top of the circle, next to which is the power level. You can make the letters work aesthetically, if nothing else xD You can easily make it compliment the power levels, it'll just take a few tries and some dedication.
  21. You know, I did look at A15, but now that I think about it, he doesn't just help set up drill removal. He also helps build a constant provision of rejuvenation targets for A18 to ensure I keep getting critical effects. That said, with the inclusion of a third constant ally, do you think I should move to include Sobering Hammer? And if so, what would you identify as the weakest link in the current attack line-up?
  22. I mean, I think you just outlined the primary advantages of a digital card game over a hard-copy one; The ability for consistent, necessary erratas and balancing fixes.There's not a huge whole lot more to really expand upon that FanZ CAN do to effectively fix the current format, or re-balance it without a simplification of the existing rulebook. On a personal level, just for quality of life purposes, I'd like to see a slight change in how MP and Ally cards are designed. Not a huge one, but perhaps an inclusion of a letter that corresponds with its spot on the AT Table before the actual power level number. For example, "A 0" on everyone's 0 PL. Would just make it ridiculously easier to get people into the game since you don't need to give them a chart, or spend as long explaining the combat. While this is only a "make it slightly easier (albeit a bit uglier)" for long-standing players, I actually kind of feel that making the game as accessible as possible is 100% necessary if they want to get a bigger community involved. The main issue I've found people had with ScoreZ was accessibility problems, and the biggest issue I have getting people into this game has been the same. Beyond that, idk. Symbols that say if they can play Namekian? Not much, just a picture of Namek in the upper left corner and a picture of Vegeta (planet) to denote Saiyan. Feels a bit unnecessary, but I know it was actually an issue prevalent in ScoreZ as well after awhile so it'd probably be for the best.
  23. I actually kind of like this idea, though we'd need to sort out rulings when it comes to the Fusions named cards and inclusion/usage (the easy answer being, you can't use them until you hit your fusion's level). It could also permit for some fun mixed-usage things, such as giving a Vegito named card that has different effects depending on if your level 1 is Vegeta or Goku. What of what-if personalities? Any that catch either of your eyes?
  24. So, this is just an item of curiosity for me, and something I've been turning over in my head here and there. With the end of the Cell Saga in PanZ, and the current continuation of the game in FanZ, it's hit me that after a few movie sets (I look forward to Bojack personally) we will need to start moving into the Buu Saga. And with the Buu Saga, of course, comes fusion. So I have a couple of questions for people in light of this. How would you like to see fusion implemented into the current P/FanZ format? And a bit on the side, with games like Dragon Ball Fusions and Heroes presenting a number of "What-if" fusions/characters, who would you personally like to see be adopted into the card game? And screw it, how would you like to see them implemented? I'm not personally sure of what I want out of fusion, myself. But I can say that if we were to implement the What-Ifs, I'd personally love to see Xeno Trunks as a stack.
  25. I've said before that I didn't really get to play within the Score Z format, and this is true for the time it was originally going. I was largely unaffected by the card game (much to my current chagrin), so I didn't really get to partake in it when it was going full ham, but I have since gone back and played it after finding out about Pan Z (starting with the GBA game, and then moving onto actual simulators with local friends). This in mind, there were several key things we noticed in the difference between the two; A. That PanZ was an all-around more well-balanced and well-constructed game, and B. That Score-Z was anything but newcomer friendly. You had to come in hot for Dragon Ball Z, and you had to come in hungry to really dig into it. Otherwise, the overwhelming number of cards you had access to (including Named Cards), and the sheer number of cards that stepped on each-other's toes (including all the Enraged Variants), not to mention the insanely heavy control formats the game had introduced (mentioned previously by arbiter there) resulted in a generally unfriendly format where you pretty much just maintained a core audience. This in mind, PanZ presented the game in a much more newcomer-friendly and technical system, which sounds like an oxymoron, but with the additional rules set down (again mentioned by arbiter), deck building became much more technical and much less generic. I personally favor either Freestyle or Saiyan Styles when playing ScoreZ because of the ridiculous number of control-based Freestyle cards that become searchable with Masteries, and the sheer maintained hand advantage Saiyans had (especially when you added on things like Vegeta's Quickness Drill to either [I may not remember that card name right]). ScoreZ was a much less interactive or engaging game, at least from what I have experienced and seen of it. Hell, judging from the fact that PanZ COULD even kill off the old format, I'm going to take a gander and say that a large portion of the fan-base feels some form of agreement (else-wise, there was no conducive way to kill off the older game and PanZ would've died in early development). As for if FanZ has "killed the game", honestly, we're still in the early stages of FanZ. These individuals who have decided to continue the game have just lost a source of steady income in the loss of PanZ, now face huge real life shifts in their work loads and daily lives, and are still dedicated to trying to get some form of engagement with the fan community. While I feel there's room for criticism and better communication between the community and the FanZ body, I feel as though asking these questions, and putting this pressure on this early, instead of trying to find ways to constructively criticize or help are counter-intuitive to the development of a continued format. I think the reality is that the game died not because of FanZ, but because PanZ was cancelled and FanZ is having difficulty getting off the ground while the dust is fresh and everyone's still hungry.