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  1. Set 10

    This is an aside, but does anyone else just really god damn love it when card gamers talk about comboes from old games they used to really enjoy? Not being a shit or anything, genuinely one of the reasons why I frequent this forum so consistently xD Also, I don't know if I'd argue that Vanguard is in the big three. The big three, insofar as I've experienced, are generally Pokemon, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Time will tell how badly Link has damaged Yu-Gi-Oh! since they actually had some record breaking numbers in the last year for player participation, but it has undeniably soured the fandom quite considerably. Vanguard is more of a secondary niche market, especially in the West, where it is generally considered an alternative to Yu-Gi-Oh. It's got a bit more presence in America, but Australia and the majority of Europe are still mostly unfamiliar with the game, while Pokemon is receptive of incredible turn-outs, insane support from the parent company and player-bases in pretty much any country you'll find the others. This all said, I will say that I don't think PanZ was a cash crab by any means. It's a bit late to weigh in on that one, and I won't deny that there were a lot of problems in managing it, but how they responded to the games cancellation, and the fact that several members of the original team have continued on in an environment where there is NO hope for financial growth (in fact, now costing them money as they organize events and prizes), belies that there were at least a considerable number of people who were genuine fans of either ScoreZ or GT. Or both. Rather than it being a cash crab, I would say that the game struggled from creative differences within the design department. I'd also argue that this is why the early sets of the game were so concentrated on reviving older cards; The fans of the original game had a vision that was going to build off the original game, while the overall company was a company, and just wanted revenue. In effect, it wouldn't be a stretch to call it a sanctioned mod of the originals with the goal of fixing what were their personally perceived issues with them.
  2. Set 10

    To be honest, you'll probably find that it's got more to do with the support the game is overall getting, alongside a few of the points you made about cost (and Dragon Ball Super airing). It's also got an easier to grasp gameplay engine than a lot of other games do, so it's not too bad to pick up and play. But the reason I bring up the support is that you can look at games that are equally as cost effective and cheap, and very easily see how they've died off/only taken off based on how the company interacts with said game. The Pokemon TCG is probably a good example of this, being an insanely cheap game for how prominent it is, and currently experiencing the height of its popularity. But ultimately, the only real difference between the early days and the new days is the amount of attention the game is receiving from it's parent company (and of course a few rule changes). Nintendo interacts with it more, promotes it more, awards the players, talks with the players about what they want, and the end result is a pretty damn successful community that feels listen to and wants to keep playing. Dragon Ball Super's CCG is receiving similar levels of support, and it actually seems to have pulled a lot of people who previously loathed the game over to its side. Compare this to companies that spend less time, or have less focus on, engaging with their fanbase, and you generally find dwindling fandoms who only really get involved when there's a new pack released. A good example of this is how Bushiroad handles it's Western community, where the majority of our discussion around the game comes from Japanese leaks about new cards in the upcoming set, and there are long droughts where people have limited interest because we've settled into a meta and the interest of experimenting has dwindled. Sound familiar? Because that's kind of FanZ's model at current, where they're terrible about telling us about upcoming events, about new promos, about deck lists, etc. and the bulk of the hype around the game is very much dictated by the number of card reveals we're receiving at a given time.
  3. OCTGN for GT?

    I did this a couple weeks back, though I put the mod and the new image files into the Dragon Ball Z Extended Format OCTGN game (and that actually worked, so I don't have to sift through the total card base in order to make FanZ decks). Not 100% sure what caused your issue unless you accidentally installed it into the wrong game plugin?
  4. OCTGN for GT?

    Not to be that guy, or to beat a dead horse, but were you actually able to get the image packs for GT to work? Because if so, I would REALLY like a quick step-by-step for it xD
  5. Red Ascension Vegeta; Critical Rush

    Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've really done anything on this forum, and while there's a heck of a lot of love for the Dragon Ball Super card game, I still find myself missing PanZ an awful lot. It's been awhile since I did some deck building too, so I figured I might dust off one of my earlier decks and revamp it for a few matches with a mate. Here's the result: Red(ish) Ascension Vegeta To present in my original fashion: I basically just wanted to build a deck that would go for survival as fast as possible and that could swing for a critical effect on every attack. I also have a really prominent love for Freestyle cards, and since there's no Freestyle mastery, I thought I'd use a Mastery that holds some synergy with non-stop Criticals. Now, there might be a better Mastery for this idea out there, and if so, then feel free to take it for a spin. But for the here and now, this is what I'm working with. Main Personalities: Vegeta - Experienced Vegeta - Imposing Vegeta - Energized Vegeta - Pinnacle of Power Non-stop crits and a focus on Freestyle pretty much meant that Vegeta was destined to be the MP of this deck, and I don't think I need to give any explanations as to why. Allies: None. Vegeta doesn't have friends. He has people he doesn't kill. Setup: Red Relaxation x 3 Even the prince needs to relax. Honestly, Red Relaxation is just one of the better cards for Red Mastery (imo). Free critical effect, which gives you + 2 stages with Ascension, then the + 2 power stages and an extra card to hand. Events: Red Stop x 3 Time is a Warrior's Tool Does there exist a more straight-forward Event set-up? Basically just using Events for the omni-blocks. There's potential for Red Stop to be used to net out Red Intimidation Drill, which starts to become real damage, real fast, but for the most part, they're omni-blocks. Drills: Red Intimidation Drill x 1 Just the single aforementioned Intimidation Drill. There are definitely some Red Drills that would be useful in this deck, but I kind of made this deck over one long night. Honestly, the extra card can easily turn into 5 life cards of damage, which will net yet another Critical Damage Effect. Go for gold. Physical Combat: Android Headbutt x 2 Heroic Dashing Punch x 2 Playful Punch x 2 Red Double Strike x 3 Red Blocking Hand x 3 Red Determination x 3 Red Reverse x 3 Honestly, the physical beats aren't really the main focus of the deck, but they do generate some nice, free damage over time. Almost all of these should immediately start swinging for 5 Life Cards of damage from turn 1 (though don't expect crits just because of Endurance), and they have some pretty handy secondary effects. I particularly like Playful Punch. You won't use it for the Paranthetical, but the 5 stage gain is useful defensively, 5 life cards poke is fantastic, and messing with anger isn't anything to sneeze at. Energy Combat: Allied Blitz x 3 Assisted Kamehameha x 3 Blinding Energy Move x 2 Crushing Beam x 3 Energized Strike x 2 Focused Assault x 3 Point-Blank Volley x 3 Vegeta's Destruction Blast x 3 Vegeta's Final Flash x 3 Vegeta's Galick Gun x 3 Red Escape x 3 Red Evade x 3 The Energy Combat cards are probably the real meat of the deck for me, especially given that my local scene had very little in the way of players using Energy beat. A few of these cards are also probably going to have you scratching your head, since the cost seems to outweigh the damage (Point-Blank Volley, for one). Most of these have some kind of secondary effect that I kind of feel outweighs the downsides however, such as banishing attached cards, adding itself to your hand when banished for Endurance, etc. Additionally, once you start punching your way through the majority of their Endurance, Ascension should start to help you net even with costs. This is especially true once you hit Level 2, where it becomes a game of how many Energy blocks your opponent can throw out at you. I can't really speak about the decks overall effectiveness sadly, since our locals has pretty much died out in favor of the Dragon Ball Super card game. I will say, however, that in the few test matches I had with my friends, the deck performed admirably. The biggest point in any match-up was how much Endurance my opponent had, and since every attack I played tended to give a nasty poke, even their Endurance didn't save them too often. There's also an element of "can my opponent stop my anger gain?" since once you hit level 2, you've pretty much won through the Endurance. This means that the deck has a huge weakness to Blue Style decks, and is pretty easy punished by some others. Of course, you'll also get the occasional moment where you will (like me) pull off a win that you didn't even notice coming just because of how quickly the life card damage starts to add up. This all said, the deck can definitely be improved, and if you have the cards, the love for Red, and like a man with a widow's peak, give it a go.
  6. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    Now I'm just curious, how would you set up a raid event with PanZ's mechanics?
  7. Gimmick Cards - What's your take?

    I don't really have strong feelings either way for most of these, but I will definitely say that I loved how the Pokemon TCG handled "LEGEND" cards. Especially in relation to the current EX/GX system, and with how draw engines in that game work. For a bit of behind baseball, Pokemon TCG draw engines are normally based around rapid discard and hand refills turn-by-turn, with things like the Professor cards, N, Colress and etc. completely replacing hands. LEGEND kind of forced players to work around it though, or hope that they get one half of it and an Ultra Ball. For the time period they were active, they were also incredibly strong cards, and with the ruling that you can only play a total of 4 cards of the pair, you were pretty much forced to rock 2 copies of the complete Pokemon total. In effect, the LEGEND mechanic heavily restricted the usage of what were incredibly potent sweepers and created a really engaging environment of timing and hand manipulation on both sides to try and control when they were dropped to the board. None of them could be especially relevant today thanks to the power scaling of the game, but it's definitely on the sadder side that this mechanic died out entirely.
  8. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    I just remembered something about Bushiroad's card design Kind of kicking a dead horse, but to sum up, they released an archtype just before the stride era in Vanguard that kind of initiated the Stride era. The archtype was called Deletors, and their basic mechanic was to flip down your opponent's vanguard (leader, to use a Dragon Ball Super equivalent). While flipped face-down, the opponent's vanguard was treated as having 0 power and no effects, and this would last until your opponent's end phase. Now, because of how strong that is (and it was at the time), these effects were expensive. We're looking at counterblast 3 to just Delete the opponent's vanguard in most cases. Literally a couple of weeks after Deletors were released, Bushiroad released the first Stride expansion. And the rulings were that if you stride over a deleted vanguard, it gets undeleted, and then the stride gains the power of your vanguard. Stride also got a heap of support so that it was basically a free mechanic, with an insane number of ways to proc it. Which basically meant that Delete is a null-effect beyond beatdown purposes. So we had an archtype that was literally good for 2 weeks, and then got made completely redundant by new rulings and card types.
  9. Mixed Colour Decks

    Honestly, this also makes me curious about people's thoughts on off-color decks (ala. playing Gohan in a mono-red deck), and if that's viable. I'm also curious if it's actually permitted by the rules. If so, then I could see both the Blue and Green Son Gokus working well in rush variants. Of course, don't know how viable the decks would be, but curious for thoughts.
  10. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    What I find interesting about this is that I've kind of found the opposite to generally be true for higher tiers of play in TCGs (though do note, I only really play Yu-Gi-Oh! and Vanguard at higher tiers), where the more competitive an environment you push up to, the more you get collections of the same deck over and over. While I'd love to argue that restriction breeds ingenuity, after we had 36 of the same deck topping in a World Championship in Yu-Gi-Oh, I really can't say it without laughing a little. Meanwhile, in all the LCGs I've followed (none of which I've observed in top tier play, so grain of salt), I've generally noticed a much more creative environment as a result of having access to such a large card database. This could easily be a result of Konami's/Bushiroad's card design though, since the Pokemon TCG seems to have a really good spread of topping decks.
  11. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Put simply; lack of advertising, lack of exposure, lack of accessibility, lack of playerbase, etc. There's also an element of wanting to flop your financial shaft on the table (which is to say, some people enjoy the elitism that comes from more expensive card games). Less masochistic, more sadistic. There's also probably an element of prize support that would be worth discussing. On a personal level, I like the idea of LCGs, but I dislike the mechanics of most of the ones I've played. Additionally, shipping kills my wallet and they don't receive any support in my area. Which brings up the aforementioned point of accessibility; the local major card game is normally a result of a strong local playerbase, and people are generally not willing to spend the money on a card game they won't get many chances to play. At present, the local card game of my area is Vanguard (which we both know I dislike) since Yu-Gi-Oh! introduced the new rules, and I play it pretty much just because others play it. LCGs will likely see similar problems.
  12. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    Wooo! Someone else has tried out Bushiroad's hot mess. Honestly, I think part of the issue with Bushi is that they've kind of overextended on how many card games/animes they're developing at once, so no one of their games is getting the support or time dedicated to it that it needs to really bring it to fruition. Probably a good example of this is how Stride completely outclassed Legion and Limit Break 4. Don't get me wrong, there is an element of like, needing to advance the meta and give general power creep to maintain sales. However, literally developing a card type that makes 9/10 Grade 3s (previously the most important cards in the game) neigh useless (unless they are a strider) REALLY hurt the game. Beyond that, as Artificial noted, the power creep got so out of hand so fast with Stride. Probably starting from "The Dark" structure deck, we started getting strides whose entire purpose is to make large chunks of the card database useless. They also have a pretty bad tendency of giving large chunks of support to making useless cards for already well-supported clans instead of really spreading the love. Another one for bad design for me (and an element of questionable game design) is probably UFS, but for a very different reason to Bushi. Universal Fighting System is a pretty neat game, but my lord is it complicated. Put simply, you can pick up one card of theirs, and you can see just how loaded the game and it's systems are. Consequently, it's REALLY not newcomer friendly or that intuitive to play (although it gets a lot better once you've adapted to the rules). This said, that over-complicated design (imo) is 100% part of why some people love it, so this one is more of a personal preference thing. So maybe this one isn't badly designed so much as very questionable in design. To spread some love alongside the hate though, I will say that the Pokemon TCG is surprisingly one of the most well-designed ones I've played in both card design and game design. I don't really play it anymore since there isn't a fantastic (free) online sim, but it definitely holds true from when I was playing it.
  13. What masteries would you like to see?

    Here's a question for you, Artificial. What would you name such a hypothetical format? Personal concern with your idea though is just how fast the game would get when you hit their current level 4s. Future Gohan would be a BEAST to deal with, and Broly would just leave crater-sized holes where you once stood xD
  14. What masteries would you like to see?

    ngl, the more I think about it, the more I'd be down to try out a format that is 40 cards and up to level 3. You'd need to hit a few 3rd levels to stop the auto MPPV (like Hercules level 3), but in those cases, you could probably trade out their level 3s for their level 4s and have a very similar all around experience. Someone with more friends on OCTGN should give it a go. As it is, I've got one other friend who plays it online, so.
  15. What masteries would you like to see?

    tbh, the bo1 is one that really should've been fixed early on by just bringing down all the win conditions (in terms of difficulty). Like, instead of 4 levels, 3, instead of 60 card decks, 40, and I cannot fathom a way to make DBV faster. Of course, the trade-off of this is that the games may be over TOO fast when dealing with survival rush decks. Another alternative is to just drop the majority of the Endurance in the game, but that angle has been butchered to death on this forum. I would dig a Mastery that has that kind of attack in-built for personalities without an attack of their own. Or heck, do one for EACH color so that players aren't forced into a single style.
  16. What masteries would you like to see?

    I was 100% about to comment that those were OP, but you know what? Touche, ser. You beat me to it |: Also, holy shit, what the hell is Saiyan Awakened. I REALLY hope we don't get that with mono-Styled Broly o-o
  17. Set 10

    I'm probably alone in halfway hoping they go balls to the wall with promos for a bit after Z, and throw in a heap of random Heroes personalities, or extra what-if fusions from Dragon Ball Fusions. Just some crazy shit. Also, straight up, they're probably going to do Super. Golden Frieza and Super Saiyan God Goku are already levels in the game, so they've already made moves to acknowledge and include Super. Same goes with Beerus ally. They're more likely to move into Super and provide extra support for the Super cards already in the game, than they are to build up from the ground with GT or Dragon Ball.
  18. Set 10

    I will personally be hugely disappointed if they make Kid Trunks and Future Trunks the same stack, just because it feels like that would be even more dismissive of how different the two characters really are than what we got with Future Gohan and normal Gohan (at least they have roughly the same disposition and outlook; the Trunks may as well be polar opposites). Another point here is that, while it made sense for Future Gohan to get Gohan's named cards (since he did know those attacks in his past), Kid Trunks has damn near never displayed ANY of his Future counterpart's attacks (except maybe Finish Buster, but I don't think Kid Trunks ever used that in the canon). That said, I'm also kind of hoping that Great Saiyaman isn't necessarily his own stack, but that comes from a kind of selfish want to play as Adult Gohan as his own MP. Have his level 1 just be him in his base form and uniform, looking fairly disinterested, level 2 be his "Golden Fighter" persona, then Level 3 and 4 be Great Saiyaman (with a lower power level than the level 2 because Super Saiyan). But again, this is just me REALLY wanting an Adult Gohan stack already, and in an ideal world, we'd get both going down (with Gohan (adult)'s stack ending on his Super Saiyan 2 state after Spopovich messed up Videl). So if it's one or the other, joint, if I can get both, definitely split Great Saiyaman to do his own schtick.
  19. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I've actually got like, nothing to counter your points with Trunks (though I'm not hugely bothered by it, I won't lie). You've got a pretty solid point, and I can see how the manipulation of levels benefits it in Ascension. I'm not sure if it's the most powerful plays, but there is a level of consistency and control with Trunks that most other decks don't quite get away with. Curious what your MP was with the Physical Beats though, tbh. And what style you were playing.
  20. What masteries would you like to see?

    A Freestyle Mastery. Preferably nothing too broken, but god dang it, the Freestyle Masteries were some of the most fun things to play in Score Z, I actually god damn need one. Just one. Hell, just bring back one of the old ones from Score word for word. Besides that though, Black needs a new, solid mastery. Not to say that the Black style is weak, but more that it is VERY specific with which personalities can play well with it, and as a result of that, it is a very underrepresented style. Maybe something like a toned down Devious that lets you discard a card to get a draw instead of discarding a card from both player's hands (that way, you can proc all the Black style cards that need to be discarded and net no hand loss + hand screening). Add on some kind of damage modifiers, or (imo more appropriately) some kind of disruption, and we'd have a decent Mastery to get the style swinging again. I'd also agree that Saiyans need another good mastery, but I'm kind of terrified of what they'd come out with to match Empowered/Rampaging. Power Creep has thus far been the way of FanZ, and I would hate to see more Orange Rets, and with just how ridiculously good both Empowered and Rampaging can be... Honestly, no ideas how to do this without creating some seriously overpowered jank. I kind of think they just need to give more support for Dynamic and Rampaging rather than worry about a new Mastery for this one. If they were to do a new one, we'd need to hopefully see something that neither focuses hard on survival or hard MPPV. Maybe a new Saiyan Mastery that focuses around allies to make Saiyan Nappa + Saibamen a viable option (since we have all the pieces of an incredible Saiyan Ally deck, but none of the Masteries really back it up). Issue there, of course, is making sure it doesn't step on Blue's territory. Which I don't think can be done personally, unless you made the allies come out for one action and then banish themselves or something. I feel like Blue, Orange and Namekian are actually REALLY well off right now in terms of masteries. Reds also doing pretty alright with Ascension and Ruthless, but maybe something to replace Enraged just to make sure that all the styles have 3 viable Masteries to play in FanZ. idk, it doesn't feel like we can do much more in terms of Masteries with the current mechanics of the game without getting a lot of crossover, but I might be entirely wrong.
  21. Kumite Mastery Format

    I'm actually just really curious about how anger mechanics factor into that single MP level format that Cytorak mentioned. Kumite sounds really cool though. A good way to dive neck deep into the combat and start swinging hard from the get go. I didn't even know all these alternate formats existed period.
  22. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Man, this topic took an epic swing from Cell being overpowered/good/annoying, to some really interesting recounts about players' experiences with tournaments and playing the game. I kind of can't get enough. And man am I curious about the hate on Trunks.
  23. Mixing Dragon Balls?

    Nevermind, someone answered xD
  24. Staples

    Senzu Bean could also be considered a staple for any partially Blue deck. Probably not an at 4 of, but re-activating energies and free power gain is a handy thing to have in a pinch.
  25. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    I'm pretty for FanZ's potential still tbh. I think it's important to remember that we're within the first year, so they're still finding their footing and figuring out what direction to head in. With the poll questions, I'm pumped as hell for Set 10 because I REALLY like Gohan's older teen years (even before Ultimate). I'm really pumped to see what he does honestly, and I'll probably run him regardless of how bad/good he might prove to be. I'm going to guess he's going to be solid as anything though, judging from the personality stacks they've done so far all being generally quite solid (excluding King Kai. Maybe. I've not seen ANYONE run King Kai). I'll agree that I think Bardock was a hugely disappointing stack. I'm down for screening your own deck/looking through the opponent's hand, but I'm really distasteful towards actual interference since it just doesn't gel at all with Bardock's lore. Make his level 1 power just looking through the opponent's deck in full so that you can plan ahead, that alone is powerful enough without constantly destroying your opponent's "Time is a Warrior's Tool."