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  1. Oh! Yeah, I meant drop Burning Aura Drill. And tbh, I think I just like taking the hits for the most part so that I can make sure I can use my allies. But I've also been fairly lucky in my match-ups since I'm not dealing with too many of the nastier hit effects. Honestly, my mindset with this one was just to remove all the excess cards that take up deck/hand space and leave me with such bad early game turns. If you can bring it down to JUST what's necessary to win, then I think this deck is a lot more forgiving.
  2. Alright, so I've been trying to tackle this in bits and pieces on my end. But I have been fairly slow about it, and tbh, I'm trying my best not to mess too much with the different themes you've got going, or the attack line-up. About what I've gotten so far is this; - Puar To be honest, Puar isn't needed to your comboes, and is just another card to get into play, and another card you need to lose stages for. And while Puar is nice, you're ultimately just pressing an advantage you ALREADY have if you're using her. - 2 Orange Quick Dodge - 1 Aura Drill Seriously, this deck has so much in-built physical/stage protection just as a result of being an ally deck. Add on top of that both Chi-Chi, and Icarus, and you're pretty well in control. As a result, I feel like Aura Drill is in the "just another card you need to get on the board" area, and Quick Dodge just doesn't do enough on top of being a physical block. - 1 Steady Drill - 1 Focusing Drill Steady Drill is fully okay to leave in here. It's not a bad card by any means. My main focus with this deck has been cutting out the number of cards you need to get on the board, and Steady just didn't make the cut with my own testing. As for Focusing Drill, to be honest, you may not need it at all. It's nice, and it stops Black decks from ripping you another asshole, but being real, it is literally just another card to get on to the field after you've set up your board. By itself, it doesn't further any of your win cons. So put it to 1 total imo. + 2 Blinding Energy Move + 1 Earth Dragon Ball 7 This deck needs some early combat enders. Badly. If you come up against an aggro enough deck, and they get a couple of good enters on you early enough, you're going to be struggling uphill forever after. These at least give you a HOPE to slow these decks down enough. + 2 Focused Blast I'd argue to completely drop Focusing Drill and go triple Focused Blast tbh. Decent damage, easy enough stage to pay, extra energy attack to bring down your own stages, and acts as an attach that stops key drills from being blown apart. +1 Heroic Plan Honestly, I'm kind of shocked I've not seen anyone bringing this one up o-O Heroic Plan PERFECTLY fits your criteria for cards, with the only issue being that it is a set-up. I'm not sure if this is quite in line with what you're aiming for, but this is what I've worked out so far. Give it a try and let me know if it works any better??
  3. Deck testing

    I do this a lot as well tbh, especially when I'm trialing out new decks and concepts. Big issue I get is that I tend to peter out in how much I care about halfway in, so I never really get to know if my deck's have the ability for a last-minute comeback until I play it against someone else. And given that I have anxiety problems and don't deal well with random strangers, that's quite rare xD ... On a side, there isn't a Discord or anything like that where I can find the Top Tier players, is there?
  4. You should also consider some Orange Staples like Orange Uppercut to search out one of your Energy Attacks while also dropping stages. While the attack itself doesn't really help the above points, it does net you an Energy Attack regardless to swing with and pushes for an increase in overall synergy. Orange Bicycle Kick is another staple to consider, but one I can understand leaving out because it is quite infamous. Personally, I'd say not to put it in just because it's more interesting that way. Surprised you don't have Assisted Kamehameha tbh. About the only big thing I see this deck missing (having finally had time to put it together myself) is that you kind of lack unconditional offense, and A. Kamehameha is just solid as anything for that, especially since it's treated as Styled from LV2 up. You could also consider some combat-enders in the interim as well. You don't really have much in the way of rapid-fire engines to drop your allies to the board like Namekian Gohans do, so something to delay the opponent's assault and give you more uses of your LV1 is pretty worthwhile considering. Oh, curious question because I've always been curious, how do things like Android Defensive Blast interact with Gohan's continuous??? Also, since i get the feeling that you're enjoying some of the cuter comboes this deck can pull, I have always had an affinity for Orange Offensive Strike. It's 1 power stage, so it's alright to help you nudge your own stages down enough so that your allies make actions without being unplayable, but it also searches extra copies of itself. Granted, the total damage of all 3 isn't that great, but with a lot of modifiers in play, it can stack up. The downside is; No Endurance, and honestly, the card just isn't great. It's just cute and opens some comboes. A similar thing can be said about Orange Electricity. Medium damage attack, 1 stage cost, completely prevents the damage of your opponent's next attack. Kind of matches up with your MO, but it doesn't directly play into your win con. Other than that though, having rummaged through all the Orange Energy Attacks and the Freestyles Attacks in general, there's unfortunately not much else that fits what you were looking for that you don't already have. Sobering Hammer will help you grab out a quick Icarus, as you pointed out, but doesn't help with any of your other end games.
  5. Monaka's too strong?

    If you're genuinely asking, then that's not how it works. It means that you put that one card on top of the opponent's deck, and all the cards that were under it WHILE IT WAS ON THE FIELD are put into drop. So if your opponent has a stacked up Cell on the board, you can send all of his stack to the drop by returning him to the deck. It does not affect the opponent's deck.
  6. AMANAX. I will come back later for suggestions after I screen the Freestyle and Orange Energy combats, but just wanted to shoot out there that it's cool to see you working on another project. Curious what's drawn you to Combative though. WILL RETURN.
  7. Completely destroy

    I can't really comment on how good the Tien is since I've not seen it, but that one could also be chalked down to Blue F. Gohan having a REALLY good match-up. To be honest, I can't think of many personalities that DO have an innate advantage over F. Gohan. He doesn't really have too much in the way of weaknesses, so I think you're mostly looking at neutral match-ups at worst. But Tien decks (in my experience) tend to be pretty personality power dependent and a little squishy, neither of which fares well against the hybrid Saiyan.
  8. Completely destroy

    I mean, I'm not going to die on this hill since I tend to be more the Trunks player than the Bardock player, but I still feel like this is just kind of underestimating the amount of early damage Bardock can do to Trunks. Just going off my own experiences, having all my Red Sword Stabs banished turn 1, losing Time, and just not really being able to enter in on Bardock safely because of combat enders is frustrating. And it is equally frustrating to bait a Bardock into throwing out a Defensive Burst while I have an answer ready thanks to his hand screening (which in itself is frustrating). Then throw out things like Black Swirl, and I generally find that I just don't get to play the game when I'm in that match-up unless my opponent makes a massive misplay, or I get really lucky. I could just have bad luck though. But I am going to say, literally the entirety of the Black Perceptive Mastery is a hard-counter to Tactical Drill. You can make an argument that they shouldn't have any attacks get through, but that argument's self-defeating as it just gets into "BUT THIS CARD" debates. Admittedly though, you should probably just take a Black Perceptive Bardock out against a Red Ascension Trunks yourself, and decide how you feel there.
  9. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    To be real with you, it all comes down to their encompassing support, and with that in mind, I'd currently say that Pan is slightly better off.
  10. Completely destroy

    There's probably a logic and point to your argument here, especially since I'm not that well-versed in the specific match-up, but I feel like that might also be under-selling Bardock's stack a bit. The main reason I was thinking Black Bardock is because of the ability to mill/screen your opponent's deck without needing to attack, alongside certain really good shutdown cards like Black Defensive Burst which flat-out shuts down Trunks' main method of anger gain. He also plays into your point about hand-screening. Basically, play it as you would any other match-up with Black Bardock, and focus on mill/in-direct damage and disruption to rile people up. But I do agree, as in my original comment, that Blue is the best anti-MPPV style in the game. Plus, you get a nice little Red VS Blue theme, which is always nice.
  11. Completely destroy

    For specifically dealing with Red Ascension Trunks, you're probably best off looking at a Black deck. Maybe something like Black Bardock depending on your friends build. Your first action screens the opponent's deck for any odd techs or important cards you can see (look for Heroic Dashing Punches, and if there's only one left, destroy it before the opponent gets to it), your second is something like Black Scout Maneuver to banish all the Trunks' Slam/Red Sword Stabs/whatever other problem card you wanna hit in their deck. You also get to use cards like Black Volley (I don't remember the full name, it's 1 am. It makes it so any anger gain is set to 0 for the turn). Just a few key cards that really dick around with MPPV. Or you could go for a classic MPPV disruption tactic. I personally really favor Blue Tag Team for this purpose, but any Blue Mastery works. You can use things like Blue Defensive Effect to flat-out stop his anger gain (with good endurance), Blue Head Knock to make an entire turn of building Anger mean nothing, Blue Knee/Neck Beam/Blue Takedown with an extra Earth Dragon Ball 5 thrown in to flat delevel your mate back down. You could even chuck in a couple of Vicious Strikes to compliment the anti-MPPV theme of the deck, but you'd need to find an MP that's comfortably able to level-hop to match that one (maybe something like Cooler, with Blue Dominance to bring you up to 2, and then his Level 2's in-built anger gain to go up higher, or a Gohan level-hop deck working around Gohan's Backlash and etc). It depends on if you're specifically looking to hurt Ascension Trunks, or if you're looking to hurt MPPV. Ascension Trunks, Black can really do a number on by just banishing most of the needed pieces from deck directly. Blue is hands down the anti-MPPV style though, with the biggest range of utility and anger to 0 cards of any of the styles.
  12. Eugh... So, I'm not going to lie, this is probably my first original Black Deck. I don't play Black, and I never really have (well, okay, that's a line. I did try out Black back in ScoreZ, but the face of Black has changed a lot). So, when going into this, keep in mind that my only experience with the style has been netdecking things to test against. That said, after the recent discussion of who our favorite MPs were, I kind of reminded myself of how amazing Pikkon could be for near-enough shutting down the opponent's Events. And never being one to turn up my nose at a good disruption strategy, I decided I'd find a way to leverage that so as to minimize my opponent's plays. And so Black Perceptive came to mind. Black Perceptive Pikkon Not going to write out Pikkon's levels, since he only has the one stack. Drills None Allies None Setup Black Power-Up x 3* Dragon Balls Earth Dragon Ball 7* Events Black Adaptation x 2** Black Invitation x 3 Black Reflection x 2 Black Scout Maneuver x 3** Pikkon's Hyper Tornado x 3 Time is a Warrior's Tool I will say here that after putting together this Event Line-Up, I definitely think that a Black Bardock deck should have a lot more oomph than I've seen. Just opening with his ability to screen the opponent's deck, then dropping Scout Maneuver to pull out any pesty attacks while you hit Time... That must feel satisfying. Add on a Black Reflection a bit later on into the match and pick out that big attack you swiped from them, and just... I need to make Black Bardock. Yummy. Physical Combat(s) Black Choke x 3*** Black Defensive Burst x 3 Black Dismissal x 3 Black Hug Maneuver x 3 Black Judgement Rush x 3 Black Punt x 2 (-) Black Vehicle Toss x 3 Heroic Dashing Punch x 2 Heroic Jab x 2 Black Energized Guard x 3 Black Knee Catch x 3 Energy Combat(s) Black Constant Barrage x 3 (-) Black Teamwork x 3*** Pikkon's Thunder Flash x 3 Torturous Volley x 3 * Combat Enders. While some people loathe them, my recent experience in this game has been that they are sorely undervalued by aggro decks, and while this is by no means an aggro deck, the point remains here all the same. Black Power-Up is a really fun card to put onto the field, especially as you watch your opponent try to come up with ways to push through it in a single action. The Dragon Ball is the same, and one I've personally taken to including in most decks. An instant-combat ender that you can drop for nothing and don't have to waste set-up on? Hell yeah. I will not be caught in your dis-favorable combat this turn. ** Black Adaptation and Scout Maneuver were weird ones for me, since my inclusion of them kind of ended up shaping how I built the deck. I really like the idea of catching an opponent's big energy combat early on, and then removing the threat entirely. By the same token, Scout Maneuver serves pretty much the same purpose. If I'm going in against a Vegeta deck, I can easily use one to get at his Galick Gun and the other to smack down on his Final Flash pre-emptively, eliminating a LOT of the threat from his Energy Beats. I imagine this is all stuff people already know, but hey. I'm learning Black. *** Black Choke was one card I could not pass up for it's synergy with Black Perceptive Mastery. Having my Mastery, on it's own, mill 3 cards unconditionally just seems like an amazing synergy to me. Add on things like Black Teamwork, Black Invitation, and etc. and you can hit some really big mill numbers. I think I'm finally understanding what the big deal about Black Mill Cell was back in the day, although I do still feel like it was a weaker variant than Namekian Cell. Also, can we address how amazing Teamwork is in this Endurance-heavy meta? God damn that's a good card. (-) These are cards I have minimal interest in. Punt is here for straight life-card damage, but I don't think I especially need it to enable any comboes. Likewise, Black Constant Barrage definitely has some synergy with the deck, but I don't know how this deck goes about grabbing Critical Effects, so I can't say I'm particularly attached at this moment. And this was my first proper Black deck, behind the wheel of Pikkon (who is probably not the best match, admittedly). I thought I'd try something a bit weird with it honestly, and while I'm pretty sure there are big holes here, I feel confident about this deck as a starting point on figuring out how to build better Black Decks. Probably going to actually try my own spin at Black Bardock now. Scout Maneuver is just too good to use in synergy with him...
  13. Draft Box 2 Info

    But it's Super Hercule Where is his Beebus? That said, I actually have 0 interest in any of this xD Their doubling down on shit has befouled my interest. I WILL ONLY BE HERE TO GIVE SASS.
  14. Future Sets

    To be honest, I kind of feel like you're a bit wrong there. I don't think that SS3 NEEDS to be better than his Awakening/Unleashed stack, I just think it needs to be different enough, but equally strong in what it does, that the two aren't necessarily compatible/competing. Admittedly, that's hard because Unleashed Goku is so god damn generic that he works with everything, but maybe like, bringing Goku back to an updated drill-based stack to work with his Kamehameha attack, or playing on the flavor of SS3, and making it give him an INSANE damage increase while burning your own deck down to nothing and then de-leveling. Just pummeling 3 card mills per action you make, but a + X life card multiplier to his attacks based on how many drills/named cards/whatever he has in his drop. idk, THERE ARE IDEAS.
  15. The Games We Play

    Eh, I'm feeling a bit bored lately and thought it could be fun to talk to people about what games people are playing. Kind of a slide from the other thread regarding what we're looking forward to, but different enough. On my end, I've been trying to finish up Trails of Cold Steel 2. I beat the first game sometime last year, and OH MY GOD, that one was the best (worst) game I've ever played. Like, 90% fetch quests splitting up the story with some actually pretty interesting characters (once you get past Rean Schwarzer being as compelling and original as a wet brick). Luckily, the sequel is a lot better, actually making use of a lot of the mini-games and giving me hunts so that I get my fill of the pretty (comparatively) solid gameplay. That said, I am notoriously bad as a completionist, and the unbridled load of side quests that they don't hint at or give you visual denotations of are driving me nuts. On the other spectrum, I have also been playing a LOT of God Eater 2 Rage Burst on PS4. I get a lot of crap for liking the game from my friends who are into Monster Hunter, but honestly, the lack of any narrative structure and the dramatically slower pace kind of killed that series for me. That and the lack of a lock-on just... I've heard it's better with World, but eh. Probably an objectively better game, but it's not to my preference. On the other hand, I really enjoyed God Eater Rage Burst's narrative (excusing the blank protagonist), and I liked the world they set up, and GE2 has kind of kept in tone. Honestly, if anyone else has the game, they should hit me up. We'll go kill something |: Besides the above though, I'm kind of hoping to get around to Persona 5 in the near future. I played and beat all the other Personas, and loved all of them (4 the least, admittedly), and god knows, I've heard it's praises sung SO DAMN MUCH. Just aiming to knock out Trails of Cold Steel first. I also have Gundam Versus, Agents of Mayhem and the new Star Ocean lined up to play after the fact. I'm just slack as anything to change discs over until a game's done, and GE is in there <> I should also probably go back and finish up Bloodborne. I love the game to absolute dickens, and it's probably my favorite game on the console. Just, the chalice dungeons don't stop, and I can't... I just can't not do them |: They must be done, or the games not done. What about the rest of Top Tier? I imagine most of you are hitting up FighterZ, MH: World, maybe some Shadow of the Colossus HD. Xenoverse 2 has some DLC coming-up down the line, so I could also see people returning to the game. God knows, I probably will AFTER the DLC drops. But again; One game per console at a time |: 3DS is occupied by FFTactics A2, if anyone cares. I also have Rune Factory 4, Dragon Ball Fusions, and Final Fantasy Explorers digitally downloaded, which kind of breaks the rule of one at a time |:
  16. Future TCGs

    If this will return or not is not really something anyone can say right now. The simple reality is that, at present, Bandai has minimal interest in selling the rights to the source material if it would mean greater competition in the market. So basically, we can't say until after DBSuper's card game starts to take a backseat (IF it does), and then we'll need to wait for both another company with a desire to produce the game in this style and for the right environment to present itself and make it stable. Being realistic with you, while DBSuper will NOT be the last Dragon Ball card game, it's genuinely difficult to say if we'll get another resurgence of Score's game-play. This said, just in response to your comment about this one having been a cash-grab, I maintain that I think the PanZ variant of the game was overall a net-positive. A few people have stated that they feel it actually did more harm than good to the ScoreZ variant of the game. But to be honest, I feel like the new ruleset (specifically regarding named cards), as well as the slew of tournaments and official events that came with Panini's era, gave the game a lot more accessibility and some much deserved time in the light. And we also do need to remember that even after ANY AND ALL CASH-FLOW HAD CEASED, we still have members of that team continuing to work on the game of their own volition. So I feel like simply addressing PanZ as a cash-grab is disingenuous when members seem to care enough about the game to continue after any self-benefit is gone.
  17. Favorite MP

    On the topic of Pikkon, does he still have no traits? Or was he meant to have Alien, and they just forgot to label him as such? Because I'm ngl, Torturous Volley would sync up perfectly with Pikkon's themes, and be a pretty pivotal card.
  18. Favorite MP

    Love threads like this just because I feel like people's favorite MP belies a little bit about them personally. On my end, I LOVE Trunks and have for awhile. Close second is Awakening Gohan. Of the FanZ lot though, it's a tough call between Pikkon and Future Gohan. I really love the both of them because of how they counter specific deck focuses (events and powers). I like that they're both beat-down decks with secondary elements of control, and the versatility it gives you.
  19. DBS 2018 Product Releases and Nationals Confirmed

    To be honest, that's probably not completely it either. Don't get me wrong, a lot of JTCGs do go hard on pack releases. Vanguard is a good example of this. BUT, Vanguard is a good example of this. Most of the games are set up in a way where you can support specific themes without affecting the rest of the game in any dramatic sense. Shit, to use the revamp as the example, it kicks up in June, and we get 2 structure decks and the opening pack. Then, the next month, we get Tachikaze and co., which will have pretty much 0 effect on decks from the previous set and won't be something you'd buy if you're concentrating on one of those first 4 clans. DBSuper can maybe be trying to swing into this as we progress, but so far, they've not done a good job of this model. This kind model mostly works on the premise of "Keep the conversation going" ftr. You get people to join your game by keeping the spotlight on your game through intermittent card reveals, constant hype for decks to receive that next tier of support, and so on and so forth. But EVEN under that model, Super is over-releasing and going a bit too hard. Realistically, they should be lowering it down to maybe one major release every 3 months (with smaller releases in-between, like specific Leader-support) so that we get quarterly metas. This is a tried and true release strategy, and it also leaves so much room for them to work with less-powerful leaders in a meaningful way for purists and collectors to get excited fo (making up for their weaker leader skills by pumping up their main deck).
  20. The Games We Play

    Finally got around to beating Trails of Cold Steel 2. Have to admit, the game is pretty fucking good. Finnicky af. Especially if you want to get an S-Rank, but still. One big complaint I have though is that they definitely over-extended with the casts in this specific trilogy. It's something like, 30+ playable characters including all guest characters and bonus characters? You also have 12 members of Class VII you spend most of the game with, and tbh, 12 characters is too many for a game this short to adequately develop and give meaningful arcs to. Consequently, actually doing all the bonding events, you can miss like, 90% of the dialogue, and you will have missed absolutely nothing in terms of character narratives. In many ways, this game could have been easily refined into a really stand-out RPG/story. As it is, Rean, Millium and Alisa are probably unnecessary and clog things. And the fact that one of those is the protagonist is really deterring (shit, my fiancee made a passing comment at one point that the protagonist should just be Julius, since he actually has family on both sides of the war and his brother is the tactical leader of the enemy forces). Now onto Persona 5, another JRPG with an unholy SHIT TONNE of characters. But if the previous ones are anything to go by, they've done a much better job of giving characters meaningful arcs with what screen time they have.
  21. Mecha Frieza

    I actually overall agree with that stance of erratas > bans, but only provided that the erratas actually effectuate change. Don't give me none of this "Unleashed is now Banish After Use" nonsense, that card just needed to flat do less.
  22. Mecha Frieza

    On the topic of Planet Vegeta, I was actually debating if it would be worth it to go for a Yellow Super Saiyan 3 Goku deck that focused on abusing Planet Vegeta. I don't think it'd do shit to Mecha, but eh. Seems like a neat idea. That was before the product announcements though |: Now I'm hesitant to invest that much.
  23. Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

    ngl, I kind of feel like that's a good thing IF they keep Front Triggers away from Nova Grappler and Aqua Force. Like, those triggers were DEFINITELY made for those two, but geesh, could you imagine Blue Wave/Thavas with Front triggers? Bumping Tidal Assault up to 19k WITHOUT any extra boosts, then pushing him further still with extra restands.
  24. Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

    I mean, we're assuming that they're going to be giving us the same Gear Chronicle as we had last time. They could very easily focus more on the spinning side of them, or even go for Tiger's style of gameplay, where you bind your own units to then call them directly from the Bind Zone. Honestly, I think it'd be disappointing if they DO just go straight back to how they are now.
  25. Where the HFIL is Piccolo?

    GOD DAMN DUDE, YOU HAVE SO MANY DRAGON BALL SUPER THREADS LATELY. On a side note, yeah, where the bloody hell is Piccolo? Shit, give me a Piccolo Leader who evolves into Piccolo & Gohan with the scene of him protecting Gohan, and make him HYPER fucking defensive (basically a hard-counter to Mecha). LET'S GET A ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS FORMAT GOING.