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  1. Wooo! Someone else has tried out Bushiroad's hot mess. Honestly, I think part of the issue with Bushi is that they've kind of overextended on how many card games/animes they're developing at once, so no one of their games is getting the support or time dedicated to it that it needs to really bring it to fruition. Probably a good example of this is how Stride completely outclassed Legion and Limit Break 4. Don't get me wrong, there is an element of like, needing to advance the meta and give general power creep to maintain sales. However, literally developing a card type that makes 9/10 Grade 3s (previously the most important cards in the game) neigh useless (unless they are a strider) REALLY hurt the game. Beyond that, as Artificial noted, the power creep got so out of hand so fast with Stride. Probably starting from "The Dark" structure deck, we started getting strides whose entire purpose is to make large chunks of the card database useless. They also have a pretty bad tendency of giving large chunks of support to making useless cards for already well-supported clans instead of really spreading the love. Another one for bad design for me (and an element of questionable game design) is probably UFS, but for a very different reason to Bushi. Universal Fighting System is a pretty neat game, but my lord is it complicated. Put simply, you can pick up one card of theirs, and you can see just how loaded the game and it's systems are. Consequently, it's REALLY not newcomer friendly or that intuitive to play (although it gets a lot better once you've adapted to the rules). This said, that over-complicated design (imo) is 100% part of why some people love it, so this one is more of a personal preference thing. So maybe this one isn't badly designed so much as very questionable in design. To spread some love alongside the hate though, I will say that the Pokemon TCG is surprisingly one of the most well-designed ones I've played in both card design and game design. I don't really play it anymore since there isn't a fantastic (free) online sim, but it definitely holds true from when I was playing it.
  2. Here's a question for you, Artificial. What would you name such a hypothetical format? Personal concern with your idea though is just how fast the game would get when you hit their current level 4s. Future Gohan would be a BEAST to deal with, and Broly would just leave crater-sized holes where you once stood xD
  3. ngl, the more I think about it, the more I'd be down to try out a format that is 40 cards and up to level 3. You'd need to hit a few 3rd levels to stop the auto MPPV (like Hercules level 3), but in those cases, you could probably trade out their level 3s for their level 4s and have a very similar all around experience. Someone with more friends on OCTGN should give it a go. As it is, I've got one other friend who plays it online, so.
  4. tbh, the bo1 is one that really should've been fixed early on by just bringing down all the win conditions (in terms of difficulty). Like, instead of 4 levels, 3, instead of 60 card decks, 40, and I cannot fathom a way to make DBV faster. Of course, the trade-off of this is that the games may be over TOO fast when dealing with survival rush decks. Another alternative is to just drop the majority of the Endurance in the game, but that angle has been butchered to death on this forum. I would dig a Mastery that has that kind of attack in-built for personalities without an attack of their own. Or heck, do one for EACH color so that players aren't forced into a single style.
  5. I was 100% about to comment that those were OP, but you know what? Touche, ser. You beat me to it |: Also, holy shit, what the hell is Saiyan Awakened. I REALLY hope we don't get that with mono-Styled Broly o-o
  6. I'm probably alone in halfway hoping they go balls to the wall with promos for a bit after Z, and throw in a heap of random Heroes personalities, or extra what-if fusions from Dragon Ball Fusions. Just some crazy shit. Also, straight up, they're probably going to do Super. Golden Frieza and Super Saiyan God Goku are already levels in the game, so they've already made moves to acknowledge and include Super. Same goes with Beerus ally. They're more likely to move into Super and provide extra support for the Super cards already in the game, than they are to build up from the ground with GT or Dragon Ball.
  7. I will personally be hugely disappointed if they make Kid Trunks and Future Trunks the same stack, just because it feels like that would be even more dismissive of how different the two characters really are than what we got with Future Gohan and normal Gohan (at least they have roughly the same disposition and outlook; the Trunks may as well be polar opposites). Another point here is that, while it made sense for Future Gohan to get Gohan's named cards (since he did know those attacks in his past), Kid Trunks has damn near never displayed ANY of his Future counterpart's attacks (except maybe Finish Buster, but I don't think Kid Trunks ever used that in the canon). That said, I'm also kind of hoping that Great Saiyaman isn't necessarily his own stack, but that comes from a kind of selfish want to play as Adult Gohan as his own MP. Have his level 1 just be him in his base form and uniform, looking fairly disinterested, level 2 be his "Golden Fighter" persona, then Level 3 and 4 be Great Saiyaman (with a lower power level than the level 2 because Super Saiyan). But again, this is just me REALLY wanting an Adult Gohan stack already, and in an ideal world, we'd get both going down (with Gohan (adult)'s stack ending on his Super Saiyan 2 state after Spopovich messed up Videl). So if it's one or the other, joint, if I can get both, definitely split Great Saiyaman to do his own schtick.
  8. I've actually got like, nothing to counter your points with Trunks (though I'm not hugely bothered by it, I won't lie). You've got a pretty solid point, and I can see how the manipulation of levels benefits it in Ascension. I'm not sure if it's the most powerful plays, but there is a level of consistency and control with Trunks that most other decks don't quite get away with. Curious what your MP was with the Physical Beats though, tbh. And what style you were playing.
  9. A Freestyle Mastery. Preferably nothing too broken, but god dang it, the Freestyle Masteries were some of the most fun things to play in Score Z, I actually god damn need one. Just one. Hell, just bring back one of the old ones from Score word for word. Besides that though, Black needs a new, solid mastery. Not to say that the Black style is weak, but more that it is VERY specific with which personalities can play well with it, and as a result of that, it is a very underrepresented style. Maybe something like a toned down Devious that lets you discard a card to get a draw instead of discarding a card from both player's hands (that way, you can proc all the Black style cards that need to be discarded and net no hand loss + hand screening). Add on some kind of damage modifiers, or (imo more appropriately) some kind of disruption, and we'd have a decent Mastery to get the style swinging again. I'd also agree that Saiyans need another good mastery, but I'm kind of terrified of what they'd come out with to match Empowered/Rampaging. Power Creep has thus far been the way of FanZ, and I would hate to see more Orange Rets, and with just how ridiculously good both Empowered and Rampaging can be... Honestly, no ideas how to do this without creating some seriously overpowered jank. I kind of think they just need to give more support for Dynamic and Rampaging rather than worry about a new Mastery for this one. If they were to do a new one, we'd need to hopefully see something that neither focuses hard on survival or hard MPPV. Maybe a new Saiyan Mastery that focuses around allies to make Saiyan Nappa + Saibamen a viable option (since we have all the pieces of an incredible Saiyan Ally deck, but none of the Masteries really back it up). Issue there, of course, is making sure it doesn't step on Blue's territory. Which I don't think can be done personally, unless you made the allies come out for one action and then banish themselves or something. I feel like Blue, Orange and Namekian are actually REALLY well off right now in terms of masteries. Reds also doing pretty alright with Ascension and Ruthless, but maybe something to replace Enraged just to make sure that all the styles have 3 viable Masteries to play in FanZ. idk, it doesn't feel like we can do much more in terms of Masteries with the current mechanics of the game without getting a lot of crossover, but I might be entirely wrong.
  10. I'm actually just really curious about how anger mechanics factor into that single MP level format that Cytorak mentioned. Kumite sounds really cool though. A good way to dive neck deep into the combat and start swinging hard from the get go. I didn't even know all these alternate formats existed period.
  11. Man, this topic took an epic swing from Cell being overpowered/good/annoying, to some really interesting recounts about players' experiences with tournaments and playing the game. I kind of can't get enough. And man am I curious about the hate on Trunks.
  12. Nevermind, someone answered xD
  13. Senzu Bean could also be considered a staple for any partially Blue deck. Probably not an at 4 of, but re-activating energies and free power gain is a handy thing to have in a pinch.
  14. I'm pretty for FanZ's potential still tbh. I think it's important to remember that we're within the first year, so they're still finding their footing and figuring out what direction to head in. With the poll questions, I'm pumped as hell for Set 10 because I REALLY like Gohan's older teen years (even before Ultimate). I'm really pumped to see what he does honestly, and I'll probably run him regardless of how bad/good he might prove to be. I'm going to guess he's going to be solid as anything though, judging from the personality stacks they've done so far all being generally quite solid (excluding King Kai. Maybe. I've not seen ANYONE run King Kai). I'll agree that I think Bardock was a hugely disappointing stack. I'm down for screening your own deck/looking through the opponent's hand, but I'm really distasteful towards actual interference since it just doesn't gel at all with Bardock's lore. Make his level 1 power just looking through the opponent's deck in full so that you can plan ahead, that alone is powerful enough without constantly destroying your opponent's "Time is a Warrior's Tool."
  15. Pretty much just the topic, honestly. FanZ is a proxy-based, online format for all intents and purposes, and I've been thinking about how to encourage people to take part in it. And I think a big element discouraging the Dragon Ball TCG in general has been accessibility, both with official PanZ products, and with FanZ thereafter. Honestly, I don't really know if there'd be any downsides to an "officially sanctioned" tournament on OCTGN? Perhaps this is something they'd rather avoid since they'd still like people to get some life out of their real cards, but we should also probably be aware that the presence of a low scale tournament, or even a Kai tournament online, would not discourage tournaments in real life and would enable countries in other countries to take part without paying thousands to play a card game. What do you lot think? Any prominent things you think hinders competitive online play of FanZ?
  16. This is just a really random thought that has nothing to do with any card game, but I'm kind of growing fond of the Top Tier community so I thought I'd express it. So, just to establish where my thoughts are, I want to put out there that the part of the Dragon Ball community I was exposed to always worked on the theory that the fusion dance and potara earrings functioned by effectively adding the totals of their contemporaries' powers. So in effect, Goku's maximum + Vegeta's maximum = Vegito, while Gogeta was limited to Goku's weakened state to match Vegeta's base power level, and it just kind of hit me that this is almost definitely false. Now its a bit hard to really establish with Vegito, since his power could very well be the sum of his counterparts and he would still work within his narrative. Since our only real examples of potara are Fused Zamasu, Kibito Kai and Vegito, it's really hard to say how the earrings work since the former 2 were kind of amalgamations of their sums, so I'm not really going to touch on potara too heavily. If nothing else, Fused Zamasu (in the anime) appeared to be a lot stronger than just Goku Black with Zamasu's power and immortality added on, though I straight can't say that about the manga counterpart since he was matched by Mastered Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Anyway, this is all beside the point; What kind of shoves an iron pipe up this interpretations ass is Gotenks (and to a lesser extent, Gogeta). Just to be blunt, neither Goten or Trunks could turn Super Saiyan 2, and both were notably weak compared to other cast characters (each being significantly weaker than Android 18); yet Gotenks was able to achieve Super Saiyan 3 consistently and, by the movies, quite easily. Beyond that, his base level of Super Saiyan was such that he could survive an encounter with Majin Buu, something neither material could hope to achieve. Likewise, by the time Gogeta's fusion happens in Fusion Reborn, Goku and Vegeta have been exhausted by Janemba to the point of barely being able to fight but the fusion was easily one of the strongest things we'd seen. Enough so to utterly overwhelm an entity that Super Saiyan 3 Goku had been decimated by. Anyway, not really going anywhere with this thought. Just felt like putting it down somewhere.
  17. You outlined so many of my god damn issues with the Goku Black that I don't know if I have anything worthwhile to add other than; HOW. THE HELL. DID TRUNKS LEARN. THE MAFUUBA. I could stand most of the rest of the stupid writing and asspulls in that arc. I actually had to turn that episode off the first time I watched it because that was just too fucking stupid. I will say though, one thing I liked about the manga's version of Trunks is he felt a bit less like a wimp than his anime one. Like, he wasn't really relevant in terms of combat, but he got right the hell in there with Black and didn't have this insistence of like "They can defeat Black for me, there's no need to get stronger." Got his arse handed to him, but my god did he put in the fight. Also, Super Saiyan 2 Trunks being stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku almost entirely because he mastered Super Saiyan 2 kind of earned me over as compared to Trunks being one-shot in the anime's version of the same fight. It also made Black more of a threat. Trunks straight thought SS3 could destroy him single-sidedly in the anime, and then one brief encounter, and Black can keep up with Blue? Trunks gets punched around a bit by his Dad, and hey, he can take on Black. He was mostly fodder in the manga's fights, but he was so heavily involved that I kind of found it equally as admirable, and I can respect that it's at least consistent in power scales. Another example of this is actually Krillin in Z. He was almost never relevant in any fight he was in, but he was there for each fight, and he had everyone's back each and every time. Characters don't need the god treatment to be well-written, though I do just wish they'd have straight given Trunks the killing blow. No Spirit Bomb Sword, no Rage transformation, just sheer, raw persistence and stubbornness. Add in what you said about him taking advantage of a wound left by Vegito, and hell yes. I do see your point with Final Flash. There's also a point that Vegeta's Final Flash (hah) COULD have killed Cell if he had aimed it a bit lower, by official statement. Trunks straight couldn't kill Zamasu. Honestly, that time limit addition to the Potara felt like one of the biggest weaknesses of the Black arc. Kibito Kai used Dragon Balls to undo it, make the fighters agree based on that, and then the two powers of Blue just be too strong to maintain so the earrings shatter (emphasize this) and they split apart. No need to change lore, and we imply that Vegito Blue isn't a stable fusion just like SS4 Gogeta wasn't.
  18. I'm just going to respond to this point first because I actually hope we get another Dragon Ball Z film, even if it's just another rehash of the Goku Black arc. I'm pretty okay with the idea of having the anime, the manga and the films all do different interpretations of the same arcs so long as the films maintain a higher quality. At that point, I can live with Super just being spoilers for the other two since it is easily the lowest quality of the three. We'll need to wait and see though, since this Broly movie is certainly far from canon (though it does depict them both working together, and fusing into Gogeta. God damnit.) Goku not being a hero and Goku being an idiot are two different discussions. A major argument to defend him being so stupid is how he was in Dragon Ball, the original manga/anime, but the big issue with that argument is that Goku was 12 in that. He's now in his mid-40s to early 50s, so that argument is just ridiculous. That said, of course, Super is much more consistently drawn than Z's anime was (and from that perspective is better), and much more fanservice-based, so it'll attract certain audiences more than the previous series did. Honestly, I will say that I am loving having a new Dragon Ball series I get to watch as it comes out, and I am overjoyed the series is continuing. I even find myself REALLY enjoying it sometimes (I actually cheered for Future Trunks when he Final Flash'd Zamasu), but I also have similar feelings of just... I wish I could look back on it, and not feel like it's a guilty pleasure. And I hope the manga gets an OVA at some point succinct from the current anime.
  19. Random thought, since these would really apply more for a remake of the game than a reform, what about adding the ability to gain 1 anger from a critical effect to accelerate anger gain? We may need to do something to balance it, like add back in Level 5 (which I'm not for personally), but it would help fix some of the Unleashed problem. Or we can just not have Unleashed period.
  20. I can respect disliking his comment, honestly. As I said before, I think the main difference for me was mostly in terms of the context, where Goku had to rely on those powers to be able to tank more than a single flick from Beerus. Using others' powers as a last resort is one thing, it's something else when you have to use their power to fight at all. To be honest, I think the fandom put a bit too much weight in the Kid Buu speech. It was an incredible speech, and it showed a lot of respect from Vegeta, but even in the build-up to Uub, Vegeta openly comments on how he thinks Goku's an idiot and is just a prick to him. For that reason, I took the speech to be Vegeta respecting Goku as a fighter, but still finding him incredibly irritating/aggravating. My main issue with Super has more lain in how stupid Goku has been (at least in the anime) more than how standoffish Vegeta is. Goku's had a lot of his foolish actions exaggerated, and it would be one thing if they were filler, or just off-hand jokes, but they've been huge plot points like forgetting the senzu beans and nearly getting them all killed. Vegeta is in his right to be standoffish in this context. I wouldn't want to fuse with that either xD Also, this isn't to say that Super's writing is good. I really dislike the anime's writing, and while I really like the manga, I do hate how Goku-centric it is so far. I prefer Mastered Super Saiyan Blue to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken (which just felt like a bit much to me), but Goku going toe to toe with Fused Zamasu on his own just invalidates Vegeta's character. Resurrection "F"'s comments about them working together felt like foreshadowing for a future villain to me, tbh. I didn't see it happening with Frieza just because of how arrogant Frieza was, and the implication therein that Frieza is on par with Beerus just being REALLY far-fetched. Frieza's 6 months of training being enough to close the gap between "not able to stand up to Super Saiyan Goku (Namek) and Super Saiyan Blue" was dumb enough on its own. |: Especially when they very easily could've argued that Babidi had just awoken his potential like Old Kai awoke Gohan's. But I relent. I do agree though. The Goku Black arc didn't need to be as dragged out as it was, and it wasn't handled the best. I find it about as aggravating in hindsight as Vegeta seems to find Goku.
  21. To be honest, I do think Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta mainly differed from Super Gogeta based on the difference in Goku's character, so it might be worthwhile to address them as two completely succinct entities with the same origin. I actually didn't mind the Battle of Gods angle too much on a personal level, with Goku disliking that he had to rely on others to achieve that level of power. There was always a reluctance in his character to use things like the Spirit Bomb (outside of the movies, which kind of warped Goku's character a bit for the sake of narrative) which relied on others' powers, normally with Goku being forced to that conclusion after getting a hell of a beat-down. Probably the one time we saw Goku properly suck up his pride throughout Z and outright rely on others was with Frieza, and even then, it came after he had been utterly exhausted past his breaking limits. After Super Saiyan, he definitely became a much more arrogant character (which is fitting, since Super Saiyan is meant to drag out those more Saiyan characteristics), and it wasn't until Full-Powered Super Saiyan removed those negative traits that Goku was willing to rely on others again. Even then, Goku got really arrogant again by the time of the Buu Saga thanks to SS2 and 3, which enabled like 90% of the Buu Saga regardless of if you read the manga, watched the dub, or watched the sub. Probably the biggest hindrance to Goku's statements about disliking the power would be his willingness to make use of fusion, but even that was always a bit iffy in the canon/manga (with him immediately saying it wasn't needed the second Gotenks' fusion wore off, and being perfectly happy to discard the earrings as soon as the option was available). I think the big difference between Super Saiyan God and the Spirit Bomb/fusion though was always context. Goku didn't actively feel threatened by Beerus until towards the end of the fight. He'd gone into it as a friendly spar, and his dialogue was much more based around a rivalry than actually being enemies. Goku straight up couldn't match Beerus on his own, which had never really happened to him before. He could somewhat fight Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and Buu as equals, and had never had to rely on things like the Spirit Bomb to keep up. Relying on others was always 100% a last resort after all other options were exhausted, not the primary reason he could fight, and I always took that as being why he wasn't too pleased about Super Saiyan God. As for Vegeta, I don't necessarily think his character's been reverted in full to what it was before. In Super, he's been very open and willing to admit that Goku is the superior of the two of them (in both anime and manga), but he's also still trying to keep up and rival his power which is consistent from him in Z's final chapters following Kid Buu. where he's still 100% good to go against Goku and still training non-stop (while abusing Goku). He's shown his pride against people who aren't Goku, such as with Goku Black, or people who have personal history with him, but I've not actually seen that previous arrogance/hatred of his in the new series? Most he's really done is bicker with Goku when Goku trains on his own. On the other hand, he has also really grown in terms of no longer taking enemy's for granted. With Frieza, Cell and Buu, Vegeta kind of just let them do what they wanted because of that arrogance, but he wiped out Golden Frieza immediately, took Frost out without leaving any openings, was guarded and flat overwhelmed by Hit, and straight away went for the kill against Goku Black. Outside of Super's fillers, Vegeta seems to be taking things much more seriously now (100% expecting this tournament to let me down though). Also probably worth noting is that Vegito Blue wasn't exactly the same as the original Vegito. He had the occasional oddball moment where he showed some more of Goku's current arrogance, but he also came up as a much more diligent combatant. I'd like to say that this is because Fused Zamasu was around his equal, but even in the manga where he utterly outclassed Fused Zamasu, he didn't really kid around, or waste time. He actually displayed a lot of Vegeta's new-found maturity, where he's not willing to let his guard down and is much more prone to just killing the enemy.
  22. One argument I've heard for the major distinction in personality between Super Gogeta and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is the huge difference in power between the two states. Saiyans tend to get more and more arrogant the more powerful they get, Goku included in the statement, and Omega Shenron was straight up not a threat to the fusion at that point while it wasn't really established if Gogeta had actually overwhelmed Janemba, or was just using Janemba's energy to do damage (as his dialogue hinted). I also think part of it is the difference in Goku's character between Z and Super tbh, which is kind of nice to see reflected in the fusion. In Z, Goku was much more willing to take a fight seriously and contest himself against his opponent's. Even when overwhelming Buu, or even characters like Recoome, he wasn't as playful as he had been back in Dragon Ball, while GT kind of altered Goku's personality (much to my chagrin) to display more Dragon Ball characteristics as he toyed with and deliberately mocked Cell and Frieza. I'm 100% in agreement in that I wish Gogeta had more screen time though. His scene was cool, undoubtedly, but it's not enough to really base any solid opinion on. Side note, I was kind of annoyed that we didn't get to see Gogeta Blue in the manga instead of Vegito Blue. Functionally, either fusion could've done the role, and Vegeta has displayed knowledge of the fusion dance before (stating that he'd never perform it in the Buu Saga), alluding to the idea that he knows about the dance and how to do it. If they follow that along, there's grounds for them to perform the fusion (but they better damn well explain what happened the first time). Also, fun fact that I didn't know until just now, apparently Weekly Shonen Jump declared that Gogeta was the stronger of the two fusions but was less effective because of the limited time.
  23. I will forever have mixed feelings in regards to the removal of endurance. I might just rather see a remodeling of like, how critical damage works. So even if your opponent used endurance, if you hit for 5, you hit a crit just so we still balance out deck counts and can encourage longer games. Or maybe remove it, and discourage those longer form games? Or maybe set it up so cards with Endurance are more filler than they are staples, creating a balance of offense VS defense. idk, I feel like there are a lot of options here with endurance that would actually need some experimentation. And I think rather than power down attacks, give attacks appropriate costs. So something that's +5 stages DEFINITELY needs to cost a stage or two to perform, you shouldn't just be dropping that without thought.
  24. Some of these changes are pretty simple, and would work as just erratas, while others would require a complete redesign of MP stacks (that mostly being the first point and sixth point). The fifth point feels a bit iffy in design (giving your opponent a PUR on your first turn, and then an EXTRA one on their turn when you don't get one), and while it looks nice on paper, there is no real way to expect it to stay reasonably balanced in an ever-developing game, though the easy fix to this is to just change PUR so that it procs during both players main phase (could be neat, could be broke, would certainly make it more of a tug of war in terms of gaining an edge). Point 4 would be an incredibly extensive banlist that I just don't think is worth it if we really want a strong community-driven game. The CRD is already pretty counter-intuitive in terms of bringing in new players because it is just an endless list of paragraphs with clarifications and erratas. Add onto that a much more prominent Frozen list, and we're just adding extra barriers to entry. Point 3 feels unnecessary. I don't think there should be an aversion to ultimately making PanZ cards that can keep pace with some ScoreZ cards so long as they come appropriately late in the game. If we're looking at the Kid Buu era of Dragon Ball, then we should probably start to see the introduction of some better cards. I'd honestly just like to see more in the way of archtype cards and more liberal use of power stage cost when it comes to the stronger attacks (Bicycle Kick, I'm looking at you). Look at "Swords"; there's some pretty prominent power stage costs here and there that stop stupid levels of comboes. Imagine Dashing Sword Attack without any power stage costs, or remove the power stage costs from Trunks' Sword Slash and it becomes a much more powerful, much more easily abused attack. This was a good outline that immediately disappeared. This feels less like a reform of the current game, and more like a blueprint for yet another iteration of the Dragon Ball TCG which I really don't think we have the community for at this juncture.
  25. You have doubled my annoyances, good ser. Touche.