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  1. Ryohei had lobby open on octgn come play dbz you fools
  2. been searching for a game for hrs letting anyone who sees this if ur interested join ryohei on ocgn its open... no matter how old this post is check octgn if u wanna play
  3. @Denithan yea nah nah yea nah yea nah yea? iknow a thing or 2 about aussies haha
  4. thank u dude the dbz community has a lot of good dudes, I had unzipped files but the problem was I wasn't dragging them into the octgn image datatbase so once I dragged em they bcame 08c and it was all good. took like 7 hrs tho I think I was at it for so long that I overlooked that simple error... play me some time
  5. ill be on for awhile and I cant find a game. If anyone wants to join on octgn my name is Ryohei I have an open lobby
  6. Can anyone hook me up with a link to the awakening image pack? I need a couple cards for my goku saiyan deck and its the only pack I'm missing someone please help a newwwb
  7. Below is the link for the Image Packs for OCTGN as provided and maintained by Brandon Shollenberger. All other instructions for installing OCTGN and the DBZ Feed remain the same for now. http://www.hi-izuru.org/DBZ/ Drop a comment to let me know if anything isn't right or if the link stops working. @Majin Goo Hey I'm new Ive been troubleshooting this problem for 6hrs straight I went to your link but the only image pack that works is the Celestial Tournament 08c file. The other packs don't work when I try to upload the images on octgn, I'm guessing bcuz theyre zipped files? Also I tried to unzip the files and then upload but that doesn't work either. Only option I have since these things aren't working is to drag the unzipped files to the deck builder manually but I cant bcuz I'm not a subscriber and I don't wanna sub yet just cuz I'm new.. anyway idk if this site is dead or what since I'm so late but plz hit me with a reply id greatly appreciate it.
  8. I have searched and searched (not very comp. savy) but I cant find any image packs for dbz cards the link I click on in the online play section for dbz image packs doesn't work it takes me to a site that says server not found.. if you guys could help me that would be great I'm freaking out rn I wanna play so bad... and let me know if u have to be a subscriber for the image packs to work or what
  9. today is my first day I got octgn and DBZ CCG but I cant get the image packs bcuz the link is not found if anyone can help a fellow dbz lover it would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hey guys I'm new day1! Just got dbz on octgn but I cant get any image packs if anyone can help me with this plz do also let me know if they've stopped the maintenance on dbz and have moved all resources to dbz super ccg
  11. Hey guys I'm totally new to this just got octgn and also dbz card game but I cant download any image packs for it because when I click the link it says server 404 not found soo idk what to do, I'm pretty bummed I was psyched to play but theres no point with no images. if anyone can help me plz let me know plzzzz