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  1. Super Mario Odyssey

    I will admit I'm using an Amiibo powersave to spoof the Bowser amiibo for the last few purple coins in each area. "wander every inch of the stage to find all these little coins" was never my favorite play style. I'm also dreading my return to the Metro kingdom and how much time I'll end up spending on that damn jump rope game.
  2. Super Mario Odyssey

    Only 5 left in each world, yeah, keep believing that I'm starting back at the hat world and working through each to get all the coins and moons. Just finished up Cascade and jumped into the Sand Kingdom to find there are 98 frickin' moons there. Definitely seems like one of the largest of all the worlds.
  3. Mentors as a Mechanic

    Guaranteed card draw really goes against the element of random draw for a game. Yeah, I know everyone wants skill to be the final line, but making it so you can draw a game-breaking card, or the exact card your deck archetype needs as soon as you need it seems counterintuitive to me. Especially if there's no restriction on what cards can go in the side deck (aside from standard deck rules like named cards and color matches your mastery). Going back and errataing a bunch of cards to say "Mentor deck" would be ridiculous. I would mentor decks have a 1 per limit and you MUST have the exact # of cards in the mentor deck that it says on the mentor. So for your example above the player MUST have 4 cards in their mentor deck and each one would have to be different.
  4. Light Of Hope Trunks non foil

    Moved to Marketplace and eBay link removed. Please read and follow forum and marketplace guidelines. ~ Stryyder
  5. Super Mario Odyssey

    Wow, yeah I barely had 200 when I beat Bowser. I loitered a little bit in each world, but eventually just wanted to move on and explore the new stuff. I'll go back now and get more.
  6. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    I've spoken with some that got their shipments already and received their dash packs, but I've also heard some that are getting shorted on all shipments, just because the demand is so high. Time will tell.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey

    pretty sure that shop is right down the way from the ship, on your way into the main area of the level. Hard to miss... (also, FYI you can only redeem one world's purple coins in that world's purple shop) Ok, so a weekend later and I have "beaten" the game. By "Beaten" I mean I beat up Bowser and finished the "captured Peach" storyline. except now I find out that I have one brand new world to explore and I haven't even acquired 25% of the available moons in the game (fyi, there are 880 different power moons to collect, plus you can buy more from shops after you beat bowser, the max # it will go up to is 999 moons). Plus getting more moons means unlocking more new outfits. So there is still PLENTY to do post game. Also, it looks like all the outfits that the different Amiibo unlock are not exclusive, you can actually unlock them all at some point after you beat the game without any Amiibo use. So all in all, I had a blast with the game. That last boss before you head to Bowsers castle was everything I've ever wanted in a Mario game. Also Bowser's castle having a Japanese temple theme was really cool. So now it looks like I will be spending some time exploring each world to get all their power moons and purple coins (some worlds have upwards of 70-99 moons!)
  8. Counter questions

    Yes you do.
  9. Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

    That all just sounds YuGiOh-after-Battle-City level awful.
  10. Super Mario Odyssey

    So enough with all this "fighting game" nonsense, no one plays those. let's get into some REAL hardcore gaming....MARIO!! Seriously, though, Mario Odyssey is officially out and I am officially on board. I went the digital route, simply because I have a pretty sizeable memory card in my system and it's easier than swapping cartridges. Not to mention I live on the west coast, so I was able to purchase and download the game on Tuesday, then last night at 9 I just had to do a little 1 minute update and I was up and flinging cappy like nobody's business. So I got to play for an hour or two last night before hitting the hay (stupid "job", making me get up in the morning). Went through the basic intro, one small introductory island, a smallish "first" world and stopped just as I got to the next. The game is quite fun so far. Cappy is a fun weapon to wield and pretty useful. So far I've been able to possess a frog, a chain chomp and a T-Rex (the latter being rendered in a realistic design, not a "Mario world" cartoon design). I can already feel that I'm missing things on islands I've been to. Each world seems to have normal coins as well as its own unique coins that let you buy world specific items. A LOT of the terrain can be interacted with. We're definitely back in the style of Mario 64, just no goofy "jump into painting, complete objective" gameplay. It's all pretty open world each place you travel to, though with a LITTLE bit of leading so far. I'm really looking forward to exploring more and seeing what other surprises are in store for everyone's favorite plumber.
  11. Rules Manual Set 2 Update - What does it mean?

    Also, as part of the Token ruling: Cards like combo Goten that specify a card has a specific energy cost (i.e. "KO a battle card with Energy cost 3 or less") cannot target tokens, since they have NO energy cost. However, cards like Bardock or Kale that specify a number of battle cards whose total costs add up (i.e. "KO any number of battle cards whose cost add up to 3 or less) CAN target Tokens, since the effect does not specify that the targets HAVE a cost, just that they be battle cards and, as a group, don't exceed a certain cost. (In other words if you target 2 Cabba and 5 Chilled Army tokens, 1+1+*+*+*+*+*=2, which is less than 3).
  12. Rules Manual Set 2 Update - What does it mean?

    Ok, it's official. New updates to the main website's Q&A section, further fleshing out the new mechanics like Indestructible, Tokens, Union, etc. Here are a few clarifications to note: Tokens - Tokens do NOT have an energy cost unless the creating effect specifies they do. This would corroborate that Tokens ONLY have as much information as the creating effect would give them. Indestructible - This skill protects against the opponent's effects only, but when given a choice, a card with Indestructible CAN be targeted, even though it won't go to the drop area. For example, if your opponent has Awakened Broly leader you may choose your Indestructible battle card as the target for his Skill, to essentially making it useless. However if it is YOUR Awakened Broly leader and you choose your indestructible card, it WILL go to the drop area. Mafuba - Contrary to the rules Mafuba does NOT stop "When attacking" Auto effects. The attack order shows that Autos "activate" after counter window and Mafuba specifically says the card's skills CAN'T "activate" but apparently Bandai decided they didn't want to pay attention to that tidbit.
  13. Rules Manual Set 2 Update - What does it mean?

    So after more consideration, I am more convinced that any information NOT included in the effect that creates a token, does not exist on that token. The reason is the update on 3-7-3-1. This states that a card cannot be used to combo if it doesn't have both a Combo Cost and Combo Power. Considering there are no physical battle cards so far that do not have both of those, I can only infer that this rule was meant to apply to tokens. In other words, if a token is created by a Skill that does not specify a combo power and/or cost, you cannot use that token to combo. This assumption was bolstered by Chilled leader, which specifically gives your Chilled Army tokens that are ALREADY IN PLAY a combo cost/power. This says to me that they do not have it because the skills creating them don't specify that they do, hence you need a separate skill to give it to them.
  14. Is this game DOA

    Cali rarely gets much though, or at least for games I play. We got ONE regional is Socal through the whole run of PanZ. Anything up in Norcal is just as bad as going to Vegas. We've got the CoreTCG event at the end of next week, but aside from the prizing that one is pretty shitty. Running a set 2 tournament the day after release is going to suck for those whose product doesn't come in on time and leaves little time to test with ALL the cards available. But props to Core for the ridiculous prize pool. as for the 1Ks, that's going to be kind of a weak series. I think it's 4 events spread over 4 consecutive weekends. That is WAY too many too quickly. I doubt the attendance numbers are going to be constant. but who knows. Yeah, we're getting SOME events, which is cool, but the way they are being scheduled is suspect and it's still not an official regional.
  15. Rules Manual Set 2 Update - What does it mean?

    Yes and no. Generally, cards can NOT cost less than their Specific Cost. However, for every rule there is a card breaking it. Apparently the new Frieza leader from the draft box contains text saying that if the cost is reduced to 0 you can play cards for free. They aren't necessarily a certain color, as all the token creation skills so far have only stated Power, Combo Power and/or Combo Cost. No word yet if Tokens will have a color or cost, so that's up in the air so far. Unfortunately the response I got back on Tokens was "we are not answering questions about unreleased cards", so we may have to wait for 11/3 for that. Though, hopefully all these questions being asked will trigger a release day Rule Manual update.