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  1. Details revealed: seems interesting but card draw is going to be SUPER OP. I'll probably give it a shot.
  2. What he means is you have a 1:4 chance to get a specific XR or UR in a box. 4 XR at 1:1 (4 boxes to get all 4 XR on avg), 2 UR at 1:2 (4 boxes to get both UR on avg). to answer a previous question, no the game won't play out with a central character per deck. Details came out today, single deck, no side deck or other pregame periferals.
  3. Did they confirm 1:2 boxes for "XR"? Also, have they said anything about character cards being one per deck? Seemed to me it was gonna be a standard "3-4 of any card in a deck" type game.
  4. Ball 2 was a great contender, but was a double-edged sword. most decks would run it if they just camped on 1. MPPV decks rarely used it, because it being stolen hurt their wincon. Unleashed decks MIGHT run it, prior to the BAU errata, some are fast enough still they could run it without worry. Wallbreaker, on the other hand, lost its usefulness after set 4 or 5. Between cards that just work around it (Unleashed) or cards that just made it worthless (Red Shoulder Grab) and the fact the attack on it was jank, there were plenty of other options to hurt leveling. I remember seeing it still being played a couple times toward the end, but never to good effect. it either sat impotently on the table or immediately got banished. As to the topic at hand, I will actually agree. Early ScoreZ had no endurance. You had smaller moderate attacks, making PL and modifiers much more important if you wanted to get a crit. The way it is in PanZ, your crit is based on your opponent's endurance curve. I would much rather hit small attacks consistently and work at getting damage output high enough to crit (skill based) than for everything to be a gamble based on if my opponent top decks enough endurance (luck based). If we dump endurance by a certain factor or even get rid of it altogether, as well as drop printed damage considerably, it would probably have been a better game, IMO.
  5. They never mentioned that the one in January was the "final" one, if I recall. They've been threatening a final one since they released that one. Anyway, as with others I have a few ideas: 1) Ban Unleashed. yeah, it's become the topic of back and forth between "it ruins the game" and "just gid gud". The fact of the matter is that it ruins design space. There are plenty of other ways to jump levels, people never had a problem with it before. Having a card that can allow you to max out to level 4 while potentially dropping your opponent to level one is a something that should have NEVER happened. BAU is not effective, one per deck MIGHT be effective, but taking it out of the equation completely needs to happen to open up space to design better cards. 2) Rewrite/rerelease frozen masteries. Don't just say "unfreeze and errata". The game is open now. Just redesign the remaining frozen masteries from the ground up and release them as new cards with new titles in a future set. 3) don't be afraid to errata/ban. A huge problem with PanZ was their complete aversion to fixing their mistakes. Yes, make sure playtesting is thorough and complete. But if a problem arises, don't wait half a year to fix it.
  6. I don't think the mechanics and existence of PanZ hurt the game in the long run. However, in my eyes, the way the game was handled has. Early on we were told that they DON'T want to have a large ban list or errata book like Score did. This was both a blessing and a curse. They were so averse to fixes they didn't want to do ANYTHING. They just tried to print something in the next set that would hopefully straighten everything out. There were several problems each set with little attention given to solving them until at least 2-3 sets later.
  7. TOO HYPE! /ded
  8. There's a difference between "inspiration" and "clone with one or two mechanics changed". Original DM was play mana, tap mana to summon creature, use creature to damage opponent. The only real differences were that mana could be any card and damage was in the form of shield cards instead of life points. And considering it came out during the CCG boom where NO ONE was really copying magic and everyone was coming up with new ideas, it had no excuse.
  10. I think my last Korok count was 562. almost 2/3 of the way there. Picked up the last armor item I needed (Shiek's Mask). Details were announced for the first round of BotW DLC. We knew this would be the smaller of the 2 packs. Includes a "Hard Mode", which increases the monster levels, introducing a new highest difficulty and even features enemies in the sky on balloon platforms. Also includes "Trial of the Sword" and 45 floor enemy wave challenge dungeon. If you can successfully complete it your Master Sword will be "unlocked" and stay in its powered up mode for a constant 60 attack rating and greater durability(however it can still run out of energy). 2 new innate features include a "Hero Tracker" mode, which shows the last 200 or so hours of travel on your Sheikah slate map and a "Travel Medallion" which allows you to create a new warp spot anywhere on the map. Finally the first DLC pack will introduce a handful of new clothing items: Tingles Outfit (Full outfit), Phantom Armor (Full outfit, from the Phantom Hourglass design), Midna's Helmet (Headpiece only), Majora's Mask (Headpiece only) and Korok Mask (Headpiece only). The Korok mask will also have a function similar to the great fairy mask from MM where it will shake when a Korok seed is near. (Handy to find those last few of the 900 korok seeds) No release date yet, likely June/July. I would guess shortly after or before Splatoon to push Zelda a bit to keep it sharing the spotlight.
  11. It was fun for me for about a day, then I realized it was just a boring shadow of MTG. Don't even get me started on Kaijudo.
  12. Yeah, my statement was more agreeing with you, lol.
  13. Duelmasters 3.0?
  14. If a store was told they could order product for the prerelease, paid for that product, and then was told "sorry, we're only going to send you SOME of it but not all", that is not the store's fault. A shop local to me got some in but apparently wouldn't sell the individual packs, they would only sell the box as a whole. publisher games the shops, shops game the players. the world keeps turning.
  15. I'll have to dig deeper into bomberman, I didn't even know about secret bombers, lol. I got over 300 on Korok seeds, but have backed off since just because my schedule got hectic. I'll probably go back to it tonight. The real news in Switchland is Mario kart 8 deluxe. I was originally put out because it was just a revamp of the last title, instead of a new one, but being Mario Kart, I got it anyway. As it is, I'm really enjoying it. I'm not sure it justifies the full game price tag, as they didn't add TOO much, but I think it would have still been a good buy at $40. They added a few new racers, most prominent being the inkling boy and girl. The standard races remain largely untouched aside from balancing tweaks, but they did add some kind of "mini boost" which I haven't figured out yet as well as the ability to hold 2 items. A big blah point for me on the WiiU version was the fact that holding an item behind you didn't take it out of your inventory as it had on previous iterations of the series. This makes it a lot more interesting. They added 2 items, the "cape-feather" from super Mario world which gives you a quick jump and the Boo which steals an opponent's item. One thing that some people are griping about is that everything aside from kart parts is already unlocked. I don't care much because I'm really tired of playing 50cc tracks. But they did add a perk there. If you finish a cup with any stars on a higher track, you get the stars for all speeds beneath that (i.e. if you finish mushroom cup on 150CC with 3 stars, you will get those stars on Mushroom cup 50 and 100CC). Probably the best update is Battle Mode. Rather than just having 2 modes (balloon battle and coin rush) there are now FIVE battle modes. The two classics are still there and are supplemented by: Bob-omb Blast - Nothing but bombs and lots of bombs. Each item box gives you a bomb. You can hold up to 5 of them. And your own bombs don't hurt you. It's a fun full-blast free-for-all. Grab-the-Shiny - essentially king of the hill, except the hill is a pick-up. If you grab the big shiny a 20 second clock will start counting down. If someone hits you with an item you lose the shiny and someone else can pick it up and their 20 second clock will start. If you get the shiny back, your clock starts again from where it left off. So the player who holds the shiny for 20 cumulative seconds during the game wins. Captures the Renegades! - My newest favorite. This mode is a team game, each race alternates with your team either being the Renegades or the Law. The Law all have a piranha plant in front of their kart (they can still get and use items). Their goals is to find and eat the Renegades. This puts the renegades in cages that float above the ground with a button underneath. If a free Renegade hits the button it will free all the Renegades that are in that cage. The game ends either when all renegades are captured at the same time(Law win) or when the timer runs out(renegade win). In addition players gain points for each Renegade they capture as the Law and each teammate they free as a Renegade.