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  1. Successful Decks

    Solid yellow stall Frieza was pretty big here for a week. Sit without attacking, let Vegeta/Cabba soak life, then drop Ginyu and go ham on their last few life cards. Worked well until people started going heavier on Aggro and it couldn't keep up. Plus 6-drop champa played early with a splash of blue ramp destroys their board before they can drop Ginyu.
  2. @The Bear - Just remember those are MSRP, not market price. MSRP on a booster box is $95.76, it's just the suggested pricing from the manufacturer. We'll likely see the deck box sets around $15 and the draft sets from $70-80.
  3. New information has just gone out from Distributors to shops and dealers on new items that will be on sale in late 2017/early 2018. Draft Box 01 - December 2017 Includes: 12 Packs of series 1; 12 packs of series 2; 4 random leader cards (1 of each color, it looks like, the language is unclear); Draft rules; prize for the winner So it looks like this will be an all in one pack for 4 players to draft. Placeholder images show that it comes in a tuck box that could be used for storage. MSRP is $99.99 Expansion Deck Box sets - Mighty Heroes and Dark Demon's Villains - January 2018 Includes: 1 Deck box (Goku/Vegeta image on Heroes, image TBD on Villains looks like either Broly or rage mode Kale); 7 exclusive cards in foil and non-foil versions (cards TBD) Two sets of exclusive cards, likely their own promo sets. Character images on the hero pack are Vegeta, Goku and Trunks (from Light of Hope Trunks), images on the villains pack are blacked out but look like Broly/Kale, Frost and Towa (female demon antagonist from Dragon Ball Xenoverse). MSRP is $16.99
  4. Card Value

    Very true, but each works better in specific strategy. Broly, Goku and Champa 1 drops all have the same effect, searching for another card of their same name, pretty generic, but still a better skill that Frost. Majin Buu, on the other hand, has good value in that he can draw a card and is great early game, but unlike Frost, Goku, Champa etc, there are no cards that can use him as a base to evolve from. And Frieza, while he has the evolution base, has more limited scope of search (top 3), but has more search targets than the other searchers. May just be me, but I don't see any strength in trying to devolve card value into a strict number. There are just too many variables for how they work. Starting from the bottom your data is pear shaped, as most mid-range (3-5 cost) cards have EXTREMELY variable uses and then the top crop (6+ cost) would likely be the easiest to rank. But then you throw those rankings out the window with other choices such as which leader to use and whether you are splashing a color.
  5. Card Value

    This kind of statistical analysis is rarely helpful. It fails to take into account the effectiveness of abilities within the color or within the meta. For example, 1 drop Frost is 5000 and has 1 ability. However compared to similar cards (Cabba, Majin Buu, Broly, Goku, Frieza) Frost is utter trash.
  6. Successful Decks

    Blue/Red Vegeta is fun. Most games I've played with it so far end by turn 3. Turn 1 Majin Buu on the play, turn 2 Cabba, Senzu bean, Vegeta power + FD Champa for double strike crit, then Cabba for DS. Forces opponent to play SUPER aggro and hopefully run out of resources before you do.
  7. "I'll end it on turn 6! Ginyu's shocking strategy!"

    I've seen a couple on Facebook. A lot of players are playing Frieza as leader instead, using the same tactics, just not getting the free Ginyu Force from your life cards that Ginyu gives you.
  8. "I'll end it on turn 6! Ginyu's shocking strategy!"

    Turn 6? you gotta pump that number DOWN, that's a rookie number! Seriously though, Stall Yellow Ginyu is fun to play, not fun to play against. Biggest problems you'll face are Yellow not having a 1 cost attack negate and your opponent dropping Champa and/or eraser gun on you.
  9. Mono Yellow Frieza Players - Question

    This has become prevalent in my area. 2 brothers running essentially the same Frieza stall decks (don't attack, get huge board presence, drop Ginyu SR and just swing ham) dominated 2 tournaments a couple weeks ago. There are definite ways around it. Blue of course has Vegeta to make sure you awaken, but that makes you SUPER vulnerable and they don't have to have as big an army once they get Ginyu. Red has Cabba which can have the same problem. There are 2 huge weapons that can help here. The first is Eraser Gun. Hold it until they drop Ginyu, then on the first attack you stall their strategy and they lose the bonus from Ginyu. Gives you a turn to try and swing the tide. Red has the better weapon though, in SR Champa. If you can get Champa on the board just before they drop Ginyu, it destroys their army by KOing ALL of their Ginyu Force members (any BCs 15000 or under). Really hard to come back from something like that, plus it chips away a BIG source of their combos, so it could be a finishing move as well.
  10. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    I think I'd probably prefer playing MTG Archenemy. Honestly, the only form I've EVER played WoW in is one board game. never played the MMO so I never understood the draw. I do remember toward the end of the game it looked like they were selling full sets in long boxes just to get rid of it, or something like that. Somewhat related, at gencon last weekend there was a booth, Chimera Hobby I think it was, that had DOZENS AND DOZENS of packs and boxes and decks from dead games. We're talking big games like DBZ, YYH, down to little one and done games like Dragon Booster, Teen Titans and Zatch bell. Even the old 7th Sea game. It was such a glorious sight. I had to fight myself to not buy anything, it was tempting.
  11. vegeta or broly?

    Are you running 1 drop Broly? Vegeta and Broly 4 drops are nearly the same. Both have double strike, both KO a battle card when coming into play. Vegeta - Pros: Can be played as a Counter on attack; 20k - Cons: Auto limited to BCs with cost 4 or less, strict 4 drop Broly - Pros: Evolves as a 3 drop; can be searched with 1 drop Broly; KO any battle card - Cons: 15k; can't be played as counter. Comes down to preference. I'd suggest playing a couple matches and seeing how they fair.
  12. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    I kickstarted the original set, played it twice, haven't picked it up since. The game just isn't interesting to me. As for their distribution, it's really just LCG lite. I can't really see limited formats being fun. The reason draft/sealed works in games like MTG is because of the random packs. If everyone gets the same base cards to play in a limited format why not just play constructed? You are going to see a LOT of the same crap over and over in a sealed environment like this and in draft it's easy to make choices on which cards to grab because you are pretty much guaranteed on what is being passed to you. It's definitely interesting, but I think it's just LCG being paraded as something it's not.
  13. Auto skills and Blockers

    Exactly. Here's the timing: * Cabba rests to attack * Cabba's ability Triggers but does not resolve (Auto's trigger here, but don't do checks or costs yet) * Non-turn player may play Counter * Turn player may Counter: Counter * Turn player's auto effects go off: "You may draw one life card to give Cabba Doublestrike and +10000 until end of turn" (paraphrasing), resolve any other Autos (note: If using Champa leader, his skill does nothing until AFTER Cabba uses his. Once you resolve Cabba, then you meet the requirement for Champa and resolve his ability) * Non-turn player's auto effects resolve * Non-turn player may declare a Blocker. Think of it this way, the ONLY thing that is checked before counters is if any cards have effects that happen "When a card attacks...". Any costs or board/game state checks happen during resolution.
  14. Beerus Auto and Blocker

    I don't see where that was established? Blockers are not assigned until AFTER Cabba's Auto resolves. Also, to confirm a previous question: Awakening during combat happens during the free timing of an appropriate player's Offense or Defense phase, treated as an "Activate: Battle" skill.
  15. Rules primer - counter timings - Play vs Attack

    Agree as well. My reasoning would be that you MUST make your opponent aware of what card you are going to play, merely based on the fact that they would have to know how much energy is required to play it, to ensure you rest the appropriate amount (similar to the reasoning behind the "cherry picking" rule). Good point to bring up though.