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  1. And the answer: NOPE! Just 2 days from the anniversary of the game's release and they have revealed the IP for Set 5. to recap for those that lost interest the first four sets were: Justice League, Green Lanturn, Attack on Titan and Batman. In other words, 3 DC Comics sets and 1 anime title. Well, for set 5, surprise of surprises! We're going BACK into the DC Universe except in this case in a stupid way. This new IP has been getting flack from a huge group of the fandom but has experienced a bit of a renaissance in the past few weeks with a movie release that has seen pretty favorable reviews. Yes we're talkin Teen Titans Go. granted I dropped he game in set 1 because literally NO ONE played it anywhere near me, but come ON. A year later and we're still waiting not only for OP, but for more than ONE foray into the game's premise of cross IP play.
  2. Titans live action series

    I've dropped all CCGs at the moment, but I still find myself coming here to air thoughts on stuff, mainly nerd stuff like comics, shows and other games. Today's topic is Titans, the live action series coming to DC's new streaming service based on the team of the same name with Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy. Some of you may remember back months ago when a few set photos were leaked, showing the cast in their costumes. The general reaction was not favorable. Beast boy and Starfire were lacking their unnatural complexions, Raven seemed more "timid goth" than dark sorceress and Starfire's attire was...less than flattering. But the push back was "well, maybe they were just in partial garb and the final product will be different, let's wait for something official and give it a chance." Well, it looks like the official trailer just dropped. The news is not good. The news plays it off as Robin is having a tantrum about Batman (using a witty and poignant "Fuck Batman" to prove just how grown up and mature this show really is *sarcasm detected*) and teams up with a timid and afraid Raven and....somehow they join up with Beast Boy and Starfire (the trailer focuses mostly on Robin and Raven). Hawk and Dove show up at some point and for some reason all of the heroes, Robin included, are actively killing criminals, even petty ones. So yeah, all this "I'm going to be edgelord for the sake of being edgelord" coupled with the fact that DC is trying to launch this as the flagship title for their own streaming service just tells me it, like the few carjackers that Robin encounters, is going to be DOA.
  3. Nintendo E3 Direct

    So I quite DBS a month or so ago and haven't really played any CCGs lately, but I had to post this somewhere because I'm still hyped. The Nintendo Direct for E3 was, frankly, a bit meek on new titles aside from the smash bros coverage. Some good titles (Fire Emblem, MHGU, Fortnite, Mario Party with multi switch gimmick, FighterZ) and also a bonus for new Pokémon, with Mew included in the Pokeball+ controller. But considering they spent half the direct on Smash, they made it COUNT. Some highlights: *EVERY FIGHTER FROM SMASH HISTORY RETURNS - Even Wolf and Ice Climbers *New Fighter Classification - Echo Fighter - these are fighters that are built off of other similar fighters, like Dark Pit and Lucina *Only 3 new fighters - Inklings, Daisy (Echo Fighter off Peach) and FREAKING RIDLEY *Omega stages are back *New game balances for 1v1 as opposed to 3+ players *GAMECUBE CONTROLLER COMPATIBILITY *Amiibo support *Louder for the people in the back: FREAKING RIDLEY So yeah, the hype is real.