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  1. Tournament of Power Set

    @Vile Still plenty of room. They are spreading universe 7 across all colors. I would expect 17 in Green.
  2. So now that MetaX has released the first new IP, Attack on Titan, after 2 sets of DC comics properties, in their huge cross platform game where ANY property is fair game, they have now revealed that set 4 of the game will be.....Batman. Yep, you guessed it. After FINALLY living up to the X (cross) in their name, they are reverting back to the DC universe. Gotta say, not too hype...
  3. Mecha Frieza

    Should have just banned it and be done with it. The fear of banning one or two cards for the good of the game in favor of errata which just confuses new players who don't know the errata is beyond me. Same with Unleashed in PanZ. They tried an errata, it did next to nothing. The card destroyed the design of the game and continues to do so into FanZ. Mistakes happen, stop trying to Band-Aid the boo boo and just make the sacrifice for the good of the game. Sweep the leg, Johnny.
  4. The Games We Play

    Got bored and decided to go back to BotW and MO for a while. I never did complete the BotW master trials and the new luigi balloons seemed interesting: BotW - I am so out of practice. I'm in the middle trials and I keep dying left and right. Hardly have been able to get into the dark floors and then couldn't get past the Hinox because I couldn't see where I was going and ended up running into a wall for 5 seconds while he caught up and smashed me. Hopefully I can get back to where I used to be on this game. Odyssey - The balloon game is kind of fun, but once everyone realized the hardest places to put balloons in every level that's all you get offered to find. it's a bit monotonous and annoying, particularly for someone like me who won't bother to look up the good hiding places.
  5. Oversaturation

    After the CBL ruling fiasco I didn't really have much time to play. Then set 3 came out and the funds weren't there to buy any. I think it was the universe telling me I'm done with DBS. I'm just not that interested anymore.
  6. Lemme smash

    I won't argue that. The fact that they tried to fit every character in there is some kind of meaningful way did make it way too long.
  7. Lemme smash

    I don't play competitive, so I don't really care about version. And being that I play a lot of solo at home, SSE was probably one of the most fun experiences I've had with SSB.
  8. Lemme smash

    Adding in BOTW Link would be a great time to introduce costume upgrades to the franchise. Barbarian Armor would be cool, and of course Vai Link.
  9. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    There is no reason to believe you can't play black as energy.
  10. Lemme smash

    So for those who DIDN'T see the info from the direct today, SMASH BROS SWITCH IN QUARTER TWO 2018!!! Not much to go on yet. Inklings are in. Link is BOTW form. Let's do this thing!
  11. The Games We Play

    Well, I finally went through ultra sun, after installing it and letting it sit for 4 month (having a kid will do that to you). I enjoyed the changes they made. Just wandering around now to complete the dex, maybe try and get the few legendaries I don't have in the gang I've been consistently transferring since White 2. One of these days I'll have a living dex completed. Not sure what's next. a lot of good stuff on the direct today. Looking forward to Hyrule Legends definitive, even though I have it for WiiU and 3ds already and I never got around to playing the latter much. I'll probably try the South Park game once it gets to switch. One of my friends actually worked on it and I've been wanting to give it a try, but trying to game on the TV is rough these days (see the parenthetical in the first sentence of this post). I'd also like to try Okami HD, since I've never played on, but I love the artstyle. Plus of course Smash Bros.
  12. Dragonballz ccg (buying cards)

    I'm guessing you are talking about the Score version, which is technically DBZ TCG (the CCG was done by Bandai in the mid 2000s). Either way, this should be in Marketplace, so I will move it there. Happy hunting!
  13. A Few Rules Questions

    Yeah, the basic premise of their KO system seems to have come from an old game from the 90s called Overpower, which spanned Marvel, DC and even Image comics. It's a good system, I'm glad someone utilized it for a modern game.
  14. The Games We Play

    I will say, I really liked their Alien skin on the Legendary engine. Made a lot more sense than Marvel and the changes they made between the two were strong. Though I will say if a player gets chest bursted and turns into a Xenomorph it is pretty much game over. I've never seen a group overcome both the game itself AND a player-turned-enemy.
  15. Ultra Instinct goku SR

    Ah, yeah no. Evolve always states what the evolve target is in the skill cost. So to play UI Goku you have to pay 2 Blue, discard a card from your hand, and then place UI Goku on top of a 5+ cost Goku you already have in your Battle Area.