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  1. Set 1 – Justice League Set Symbol – JL Logo Release – July-August 2017? Packaging: Starter Deck - 10 decks per display (8 Displays per case) Booster box - 24 packs per display (12 displays per case) Starter Decks: 40 card tournament legal deck - 3 copies of 4 Character cards (alt art versions of booster pack cards) - ? Event cards (alt art versions of booster pack cards) - Basic battle cards (“no extra effect” battle cards that are legal and will act as basic additions to fill out decks in limited play) - 3 Random Foil cards Four Different Starter decks available (randomized in uniform packaging) Super Friends – Midrange Flexibility Bat Family – Team attacks galore! Justice Swarm – Card drawing maniacs! Evil United – Powerhouse abilities Booster Packs: 12 Cards per pack - 1 XR (Cross rare) per box (4 total) - 1 UR (Ultra rare) in every other box (2 total) C1-JL Alfred Pennyworth Butler C2-JL C3-JL C4-JL C5-JL C6-JL C7-JL C8-JL Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz C9-JL C10-JL C11-JL C12-JL C13-JL C14-JL C15-JL C16-JL Poison Ivy Pamela Isley C17-JL C18-JL Absence of Fear C19-JL Leap into Action C20-JL Birds of a Feather C21-JL C22-JL C23-JL C24-JL C25-JL C26-JL C27-JL Overboard C28-JL C29-JL C30-JL C31-JL C32-JL Intelligence 1 MP+2 C33-JL C34-JL C35-JL C36-JL C37-JL Strength 2 MP+3 C38-JL C39-JL C40-JL Strength 3 MP+0 C41-JL C42-JL C43-JL C44-JL C45-JL C46-JL C47-JL C48-JL C49-JL Special 4 MP+0 C50-JL C51-JL C52-JL C53-JL C54-JL C55-JL C56-JL C57-JL C58-JL C59-JL C60-JL U61-JL Batgirl Barbara Gordon U62-JL Batman – Dark Knight U63-JL U64-JL U65-JL Cyborg Victor Stone U66-JL U67-JL U68-JL Nightwing Dick Grayson U69-JL U70-JL U71-JL U72-JL Superman Man of Steel U73-JL U74-JL Harley Quinn Former Psychiatrist U75-JL U76-JL U77-JL Victorious U78-JL U79-JL U80-JL U81-JL U82-JL U83-JL U84-JL Power Corrupts U85-JL U86-JL Rebirth U87-JL Upper Hand U88-JL U89-JL U90-JL Strength in Numbers U91-JL U92-JL Strength/Intelligence/Special 1 MP+0 U93-JL U94-JL U95-JL Strength/Intelligence/Special 5 MP-2 U96-JL U97-JL Special 6 MP-2 U98-JL U99-JL Intelligence 7 MP-2 R100-JL R101-JL Aquaman Arthur Curry R102-JL R103-JL Doctor Fate Agent of the Lords of Order R104-JL R105-JL R106-JL The Flash Scarlet Speedster R107-JL R108-JL Zatanna Magician R109-JL R110-JL R111-JL R112-JL Deathstroke Slade Wilson R113-JL R114-JL Lex Luthor CEO of LexCorp R115-JL The Joker Clown Prince of Crime R116-JL R117-JL R118-JL Evil Parade R119-JL R120-JL R121-JL R122-JL Right on Target R123-JL R124-JL R125-JL R126-JL Inherent Weakness R127-JL Intelligence 1 MP-1 R128-JL R129-JL R130-JL R131-JL R132-JL R133-JL Strength/Intelligence 5 MP-1 R134-JL R135-JL R136-JL R137-JL R138-JL Intelligence 7 MP-2 R139-JL Special 7 MP-3 R140-JL XR141-JL XR142-JL Darkseid Ruler of Apokolips XR143-JL XR144-JL UR145-JL UR146-JL Superman Last Son of Krypton S1-JL Harley Quinn Former Psychiatrist S2-JL S3-JL S4-JL Solomon Grundy Cyrus Gold S5-JL S6-JL S7-JL S8-JL S9-JL Strength 3 MP+1 S10-JL S11-JL S12-JL S13-JL S14-JL Intelligence 2 MP+2 S15-JL Intelligence 1 MP+3 S16-JL S17-JL Special 5 MP-1 S18-JL S19-JL Superman Man of Steel S20-JL S21-JL S22-JL S23-JL Rebirth S24-JL S25-JL S26-JL S27-JL S28-JL S29-JL S30-JL S31-JL S32-JL S33-JL Intelligence 1 MP+3 S34-JL S35-JL S36-JL Special 1 MP+3 S37-JL S38-JL Green Lantern Hal Jordan S39-JL S40-JL S41-JL S42-JL Strength in Numbers S43-JL S44-JL S45-JL S46-JL S47-JL Strength 1 MP+3 S48-JL S49-JL Intelligence 3 MP+1 S50-JL Intelligence 1 MP+3 S51-JL Special 6 MP-2 S52-JL S53-JL Special 4 MP+0 S54-JL S55-JL Batman Dark Knight S56-JL Batgirl Barbara Gordon S57-JL Nightwing Dick Grayson S58-JL S59-JL S60-JL S61-JL Upper Hand S62-JL Strength 4 MP+0 S63-JL S64-JL S65-JL S66-JL Intelligence 7 MP-3 S67-JL S68-JL P1-JL P2-JL Victorious P3-JL P4-JL P5-JL P6-JL P7-JL P8-JL P9-JL P10-JL P11-JL P12-JL P13-JL P14-JL P15-JL P16-JL P17-JL P18-JL Strength/Intelligence/Special 5 MP-2 P19-JL P20-JL
  2. Dr Fate is very interesting. On one hand, he takes up your one character play and nets you no MP, but denying your opponent a VP is REALLY good.
  3. Hey guys and gals. Stryyder here trying out this whole "article writing" thing. Many of you have seen me in here since the beginning of PanZ, giving input, helping with rulings, getting promos to the players. I have mostly stayed away from article writing because it's a bit daunting and I tend to be better at reacting to others' statements than putting my own down. But hey, let's take a chance. Today I'm here just to break down the preliminary info on MetaX. Unlike many modern games, MetaX is breaking out with new gameplay mechanics, though admittedly with a spark of inspiration from some of the older generation of games. The first set, Justice League is said be dropping on August 4th. After that, they will be adding new IPs to the game, creating a crossover battle where anything goes! Step 1 - Gameplay So, how do you do the things in MetaX? Card are split into 3 types: Characters - Your main fighting force. Characters will be played to the table where they will be pitted against your opponent's characters. Each one has 1-3 stats, comprised of Strength, Intelligence and Special, ranked in values of 1-7. The higher a stat, the bigger an attack can be performed in that stat and the more HP a character has. You are not limited in what types of characters you can play, so teams of Joker, Superman and Zatanna, or Batman, Bane and The Riddler are completely legal! Events - One time use cards that give you good effects at the cost of Meta Points (MP), more on MP later. Battle Cards - This is where the action lies in this game. Battle cards have one or more stat and a rank (1-7) and are used to attack your opponent. They are separated into regular Battle cards, which come in booster packs and often have extra effects, and "Basic" Battle cards, which are inserted into starter decks and can be used to flesh out decks in Limited play (Draft or Sealed). A standard turn lets you play ONE character from your hand, as well as any number of event cards. You then have an attack step, in which you play a battle card from your hand onto one of your characters (that character MUST have an equal or greater rank in whatever stat is on the battle card). Your opponent may then play their OWN battle card on a character to block the attack (using the same stat/rank requirement), though it need not match the attacking stat. If an attack goes through unblocked, you get a point (your opponent puts the top card of their deck face down in a side pile that counts as your victory points). If it was blocked, players take their played battle card and attach it to the opponent's character. If the total rank on attached battle cards ever exceeds that character's highest rank stat, or if it has the same # of different stat typed battle cards as the character has stat types, that character is KOd and sent to the discard pile. (i.e. - If your Harley Quinn with INT 6 and SPL 3 ever has 6 rank worth of battle cards attached, or 2 different types of battle cards, she would be KOd. However Solomon Grundy, with STR 6, will ALWAYS be KOd with only 1 battle card, because he only has one stat type) First player to reach 7 VP wins! Step 2 - Currency is key Every game has a currency; MTG has Mana, Pokémon has Energy. These are used as systems to either play cards, or use their effects. MetaX has MP, or Meta Points. MP is granted by playing certain cards and is then spent to play other cards. The most common way to gain MP is by playing character cards. Nearly every character card in the game grants MP and so far NONE cost MP. This means that ANY character in your deck can be played during your turn, as opposed to a game like MTG where you have a mana curve and must wait several turns to play your more powerful creatures. MP stays in your supply until used, so it does NOT go away between turns, and you can not have more than 10 MP or less than 0. Step 3 - the meta within Meta So now you know the basics. The next obvious question is, how deep does gameplay go? Are we just whacking away at each other aimlessly to grab some points? Well, you could. Aggro is always a viable option. But yeah, the next step is to find the archetypes. One way that nuance has been added to the game is with Traits. Each character card in the game has a trait, in set 1 these are either "Hero" or "Villain", but will be expanded in future sets. As stated before, you are not limited by these traits in deckbuilding, instead they denote certain themes. In Justice League, generally, Hero characters have effects that help you as the player and Villain characters typically have effects that hinder your opponent. Other themes work through different factions, though these factions are not printed on the cards, such as the "Bat family" having effects that lean toward Team Attacks. With spoilers rolling out, combos are already starting to appear. There's a small smattering of information to get you started. Keep an eye here for more as it is revealed, as well as exclusive previews! ~Stryyder
  4. New Spoilers posted on Reddit and the Panini Games FB page: R102 Doctor Fate Agent of the Lords of Order MP+0 STR 1/SPL 7 (when played): You may KO this card to place a random card from your opponent's VP pile into your hand. R108 Zatanna Magician MP+1 STR 2/SPL 6 (CONT.): At the beginning of your turn shuffle this card into its owner's deck to shuffle target Character into its owner's deck. C27 Overboard MP-2 Discard a Character from your hand with a maximum rank of 5 or less to draw 2 cards.
  5. Well, here we go again. With the recent announcement that NES classic was going off the market after a mere 6-7 months, rumors began swirling about the possibility of SNES classic and the nightmares it would induce. Well, get your Nyquil ready, because it's here. Nintendo announce the SNES classic this morning. Releasing 9/29/17 and boasting a price tag of $79.99, SNESCE boasts 21 preloaded titles, including Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid(they really loved this "super" moniker), F-Zero and LoZ A Link to the Past. (See below for full game list) In addition, the SNESCE will mark the debut of Star Fox 2, which was cancelled before being release on the SNES, due to the impending release of the N64. In a statement from Nintendo, promising that they are learning from their mistakes, the provided controllers will feature 5ft cables (up from the 3ft ones provided with the NESCE) and they have stated they will ship "Significantly more" units, than they did with NESCE. They won't give numbers though. So, if you're interested, keep an eye out. So far the only place I've seen doing preorders (aside from $300 pre-scalps on eBay) is Amazon UK. (It says they don't ship to US, but according to their twitter feed they will and my order went through without any problems) Otherwise, I would suggest subscribing to a Nintendo notification twitter feed like @Ninwire and set notifications on so you'll get a ping whenever they go up elsewhere. SNES Classic Edition Game List Super Mario World Super Mario Kart The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past F-Zero Super Metroid Star Fox 2 (previously unreleased) Super Street Fighter II Turbo Super Punch-Out!! Castlevania IV Donkey Kong Country Mega Man X Kirby Super Star Final Fantasy III (US port of FFVI) Kirby’s Dream Course Star Fox Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island Super Mario RPG – Legend of the Seven Stars Contra III – The Alien Wars Secret of Mana Earth Bound Super Ghouls n Ghosts
  6. Some new spoilers including Aquaman and Batgirl, plus a tutorial video from TAK games in Australia, who recently announced a distribution partnership with Panini for all those fans down under.
  7. Might be good for some early points. You save 5mp, but it MUST be an Intelligence attack, that and you've got a base damage of 9 which is pretty sweet. Makes her an easy target for removal though.
  8. It's the red cartridge. So I guess in that respect if it were on SNESCE it would be at least 30% less cool.
  9. Well, to be fair, Chilled IS a non-canon "fan-made" character, in the sense that Toriyama really had nothing to do with Episode of Bardock. It was created by someone else and the story, manga and anime were completely outside of the series, even moreso than GT. To my knowledge it still hasn't been referenced in any of Toriyama's work (as other works have been such as Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return, with the mention of Tarble).
  10. Probably the only one I'd LOVE to see them put on it myself is Maximum Carnage.
  11. Well, for about 5 years now, the Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles has been growing and getting closer to SDCC status. They have been the largest Anime convention in North America for quite a while and, after a hiccup in 2010, has come back with a vengeance. Bigger events, bigger guests, etc etc. It seems they are adding another notch in their belt on the way to SDCC emulation: Convention exclusives. They've had some vendors offering small stuff; pins, posters, art cards, etc. But now it looks like groups are coming in with con exclusive figures. Bandai will have for sale a convention exclusive articulated Goku, as part of their Dragon Stars line (about the same size as Figuarts/Figma.) $35 price tag. Depending on how many they produced they are likely going to either flood the market and be worth next to nothing, or be really hard to find and way overpriced. We'll see this weekend.
  12. I'm gonna look in person to see if it looks any better, but yeah. Considering we already own a dozen or more S.H. Figuarts, Bandai needs to step up their game.
  13. Tamashii is preselling SSGSS Goku kits at Anime Expo this weekend. Release date is sometime in August. This is the first Figure Rise kit released in the USA with no Japanese equivalent.
  14. True enough. Only ones I still have are Mario World, LttP and Super Metroid, and 2 of those are on Handheld. I'm stoked to get some of the old standards like Mario RPG, DK Country, StarFox and Contra and trying out the classics I just never took time to try out like Earthbound and FF3(6).
  15. After seeing some of the cards, I like the process. For one, it allows for intentional character turnover, since you can only have 3 in play. Plus, it allows for viable KO effects, like Harley Quinn's "Gain 1 VP when this character is KO'd". Making damage fully negateable would probably double the play time of the game and lead to stalemate stalls that would rival the crap you run into in MTG.
  16. In reaction to questions on how "hero" and "villain" alignments work in MetaX, Richie delves into "Traits". Basically there is no inherent difference when building decks or using different types of cards, but some cards will reference these Traits in their effects. As well, some traits will have overarching themes, for example Hero Characters in Justice League (Set 1) generally have powers that help the player, whereas Villain Characters have powers that hinder or disrupt the opponent. There's nothing saying that these trait themes will continue into future IPs though. 4 new cards spoiled: Darkseid Ruler of Apokolips (XR) - MP+0; S7/I5 - (When Played): Your opponent discards a random card from their hand. Lex Luthor CEO of Lexcorp (R) - MP+2; I7/S5 - (When Played): KO target Character with a Rank of 7. Deathstroke Slade Wilson (R) - MP+1; S4/I4/S6 - (When Played): KO target pushed Character. Intelligence Battle Card (U) - MP-2; I7 - (Battle): This attack cannot be defended. Also, word on Comic Con - 4 Alt Art foil promos will be given out over the weekend, and there should be a contest on their new facebook page to win a set of them. More MXJL previews will be found on: TAK Games TCG Top Tier MetaX TCG Reddit Panini Games Facebook Group Panini Games Twitter
  17. I think Lex will be underestimated. You may have to hold him, but given that ANY character can essentially be played on any turn, your opponent could drop a T1 Darkseid, you drop T1 Lex. He could easily affect deck building choices.
  18. I'm debating. I may wait until I get a chance to try it on someone else's system, but I also have a bunch of friends that I do "Mario Kart" nights with at conventions, so I may want to pick it up so we can all play it together. As with Numanumaking, I can't see myself playing it all that much, but local multiplayer maybe. And yeah, from what I've heard the motion controls lose every time to someone joysticking it.
  19. No release date yet, but a promo image for set 2 is already going out to stores. the tag line is A Future of Despair Begins and it features Goku Black Rose. It also says "booster pack series" so no decks maybe?
  20. I'll have to consult my list of targets...
  21. Damn, you guys have Weird Al and Andrea Romano. Kill, eh? hmm...
  22. AX is July 1-4 Yeah, we actually are gonna have Chris Sabat (Vegeta), Ryo Horikawa (Vegeta), Sean Schemmel (Goku) AND Jason Douglas (Beerus) at AX.
  23. AX is the same weekend as DCC. Since the exibit hall for AX isn't open until that Saturday there's really no way to overnight from Saturday to Sunday as a last resort. Wait, is chris booked for DCC? I'm pretty sure he was booked for AX too...
  24. Using Vegeta is a suicide lock deck seems the play. Play everything that depletes your opponent's hand, preferably in non-main phases like combo. Essentially they'll have one card per turn to work with. Will make ANY draw leader the meta competition though.