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  1. Tournament of Power Set

    @Vile Still plenty of room. They are spreading universe 7 across all colors. I would expect 17 in Green.
  2. So now that MetaX has released the first new IP, Attack on Titan, after 2 sets of DC comics properties, in their huge cross platform game where ANY property is fair game, they have now revealed that set 4 of the game will be.....Batman. Yep, you guessed it. After FINALLY living up to the X (cross) in their name, they are reverting back to the DC universe. Gotta say, not too hype...
  3. Mecha Frieza

    Should have just banned it and be done with it. The fear of banning one or two cards for the good of the game in favor of errata which just confuses new players who don't know the errata is beyond me. Same with Unleashed in PanZ. They tried an errata, it did next to nothing. The card destroyed the design of the game and continues to do so into FanZ. Mistakes happen, stop trying to Band-Aid the boo boo and just make the sacrifice for the good of the game. Sweep the leg, Johnny.
  4. The Games We Play

    Got bored and decided to go back to BotW and MO for a while. I never did complete the BotW master trials and the new luigi balloons seemed interesting: BotW - I am so out of practice. I'm in the middle trials and I keep dying left and right. Hardly have been able to get into the dark floors and then couldn't get past the Hinox because I couldn't see where I was going and ended up running into a wall for 5 seconds while he caught up and smashed me. Hopefully I can get back to where I used to be on this game. Odyssey - The balloon game is kind of fun, but once everyone realized the hardest places to put balloons in every level that's all you get offered to find. it's a bit monotonous and annoying, particularly for someone like me who won't bother to look up the good hiding places.
  5. Oversaturation

    After the CBL ruling fiasco I didn't really have much time to play. Then set 3 came out and the funds weren't there to buy any. I think it was the universe telling me I'm done with DBS. I'm just not that interested anymore.
  6. Lemme smash

    So for those who DIDN'T see the info from the direct today, SMASH BROS SWITCH IN QUARTER TWO 2018!!! Not much to go on yet. Inklings are in. Link is BOTW form. Let's do this thing!
  7. Lemme smash

    I won't argue that. The fact that they tried to fit every character in there is some kind of meaningful way did make it way too long.
  8. Lemme smash

    I don't play competitive, so I don't really care about version. And being that I play a lot of solo at home, SSE was probably one of the most fun experiences I've had with SSB.
  9. Lemme smash

    Adding in BOTW Link would be a great time to introduce costume upgrades to the franchise. Barbarian Armor would be cool, and of course Vai Link.
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=D3udvmraQXQ themed for each color Red - GT Baby saga Blue - Buu saga Green - Android 13 Yellow - Dragonball Black - Xenoverse 2 also some DBS mixed in including Ultra Instinct. set focuses on Overrealm and evolve. at least 2 new ways to evolve: EX Evolve - pay an energy cost, discard cards and your evolution target must be a certain cost or above. Xeno Evolve - send your evolve target to warp
  11. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    There is no reason to believe you can't play black as energy.
  12. The Games We Play

    Well, I finally went through ultra sun, after installing it and letting it sit for 4 month (having a kid will do that to you). I enjoyed the changes they made. Just wandering around now to complete the dex, maybe try and get the few legendaries I don't have in the gang I've been consistently transferring since White 2. One of these days I'll have a living dex completed. Not sure what's next. a lot of good stuff on the direct today. Looking forward to Hyrule Legends definitive, even though I have it for WiiU and 3ds already and I never got around to playing the latter much. I'll probably try the South Park game once it gets to switch. One of my friends actually worked on it and I've been wanting to give it a try, but trying to game on the TV is rough these days (see the parenthetical in the first sentence of this post). I'd also like to try Okami HD, since I've never played on, but I love the artstyle. Plus of course Smash Bros.
  13. Dragonballz ccg (buying cards)

    I'm guessing you are talking about the Score version, which is technically DBZ TCG (the CCG was done by Bandai in the mid 2000s). Either way, this should be in Marketplace, so I will move it there. Happy hunting!
  14. A Few Rules Questions

    Yeah, the basic premise of their KO system seems to have come from an old game from the 90s called Overpower, which spanned Marvel, DC and even Image comics. It's a good system, I'm glad someone utilized it for a modern game.
  15. The Games We Play

    I will say, I really liked their Alien skin on the Legendary engine. Made a lot more sense than Marvel and the changes they made between the two were strong. Though I will say if a player gets chest bursted and turns into a Xenomorph it is pretty much game over. I've never seen a group overcome both the game itself AND a player-turned-enemy.
  16. Ultra Instinct goku SR

    Ah, yeah no. Evolve always states what the evolve target is in the skill cost. So to play UI Goku you have to pay 2 Blue, discard a card from your hand, and then place UI Goku on top of a 5+ cost Goku you already have in your Battle Area.
  17. A Few Rules Questions

    1) Yes. When team attacking, if your opponent defends, damage is assigned as normal, whether or not your attacker had a higher attack value. 2) A multi Stat card that is placed on a character as damage is never locked in as any specific type of stat. If that character has 2 stat types on their card and you hit them with a Int/Str/Spc multi stat damage, one more damage of any type will kill them. 3) I believe so. there is no rule in the rulebook prohibiting attacking on turn 1, it is usually not possible due to summoning sickness.
  18. The Games We Play

    I don't know, VS didn't seem to be doing too well. They may have started expanding into their other properties to try a last ditch effort to save it. I'm finally going through Pokémon Ultra Sun after purchasing it at launch. I had gone through Moon and completed the pokedex there (about 300) so I just banked what I had there over, but that's only about 2/3 of the dex because I didn't bother catching the lower versions of the ones I evolved (i.e. a "living" dex). Once I complete US I may try and put together a living dex. Other than that the new baby has been taking up all my time. I still haven't tried FighterZ, haven't gotten anything on Switch since Odyssey and I have Steven Universe Save the Light on the PS4 that I haven't been able to really play.
  19. Ultra Instinct goku SR

    "inconsistently" drop on turn 2. it takes a lot of resources to do so, but in blue it is possible. The fact that it can only evolve over a Goku that costs 5 or more is limiting.
  20. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    Looks like they are classifying cards that give you +10k and let you draw a card as "Super Combo" even though they don't actually count as SC (since SC are generally 0 combo cost and only give the +10k if you are at 4life or less.)
  21. Set 3 Rule Updates - Layman's edition

    Alright, we got hit by a LOT today in the rules update. There's a lot of confusion going around on what cards actually still work, what cards were affected and how some of these new effects actually work. As such, I'm going to bring back my old "What Does It Mean?" series (which I truthfully only did 2 posts of) to try and filter some of the confusion. So where to start. We'll start simple and ramp up from there: Erratas There were 2 important Errata today, in preparation of set 3 releasing. These are now added to the previous errata, which changed Divine Aide Vados, Boost Attack Piccolo, Trunks Protector of Children and Dodoria, The Emperor's Assistant to include the new "Super Combo" keyword. All of these Errata will come into effect on March 9th, the day that set 3 releases. Mind Controlling Babidi (BT2-022) - In light of the new red 4 drop Trunks card which lets you play a card with power 15000 from your hand, Babidi has been errata'd to read "If you have 6 or more red energy, when you play this card...", to ensure Babidi cannot be played prematurely with such a powerful effect. Not only that, but since your energy have to be red, it severely limits Babidi's usefulness in multicolor decks, aside from those using SS Vegito leader. Think's He's the Best Hercule (BT3-044) - in what is the first pre-release errata NOT related to a printing error, Hercule's Auto has been changed from 2 sentences to a single one with a comma. This was necessary because as Auto's have been clarified in the past (re: Mecha Frieza set 1 and Psych Up Gotenks), Autos that trigger on play generally are resolved "as much as you can" sentence by sentence. This would have made Hercule very powerful in non-Buu led decks, as the first sentence would do nothing and the second sentence would give them 2 energy with no downside. Rules Manual Ok, so the next section is the rules manual. As always there are several things here that were updated for simple wording fixes, but there are a couple big things to pay attention to. 3-1-7-1 - A quick housekeeping rule based around cards that take control of other cards (Black has a few of these). If a card would go to an area other than battle or combo, it always goes to its OWNER's area. This means if you take control of a card it will never go to YOUR hand, discard, warp, remove from game or deck. 6-3-1-2-2-1 - When an Activate Main skill is declared it opens a counter window. This will be discussed below under "New Counter Timings" 9-5 - New ruling regarding cards whose battle power is reduced. If a card's battle power is reduced to zero or less it is KOed. 10-2-5 - If a leader card is flipped due to awaken, any continuous effects affecting its POWER are retained. This is one of 2 new rules that eliminates all floating effects on cards that are Flipped, Evolved or otherwise overlayed, except for effects that alter Power. (Ex. If you draw a life card with SSB Vegeta leader to gain Critical and then awaken, you do NOT retain critical on his Awakened side) 10-10-3 - The counter timings have been updated. There are now TWO timings when activating abilities that would draw a counter, one when the skill is activated and then another when the skill is resolved. This will be discussed below under "New Counter Timings". 10-18 - I point this out, because it's going to cause misplays early on. When a card is played via Xeno-Evolve, unlike standard or EX Evolve, the new card played COUNTS as a new card. It does not retain position or power bonuses that were affecting the card that it evolves from. This is because it is not placed on top of the old card, the old card is sent to Warp. Meaning the Xeno-Evolution comes into play in active mode with no prior effects carried over. (This is confirmed by the Xeno-Evolve section in the Q&A) Most of the rest is just definitions of the new terms. Q&A Yeah, going through the Q&A is time consuming and tedious, luckily they started marking new entries with "NEW" so we know WHAT was added. I'll try and touch on the major things: "GAME Q&A - Skills" Q17-Q22 in this section reiterate updates to the Rules manual discussed above for 10-2-5 and 9-5) "GAME Q&A - Keywords" Counter - Q7-Q9 Mostly more questions about the new counter rules, see below under "New Counter Timings". Q9 outlines the info about using Bad Ring Laser and that you can't start activating more once one the chain starts resolving. Union Absorb - Q9 - If you place a card on top of a card whose effects have been negated does the negation carry over? No it does not. As with the new Evolve/Union rules above, ONLY Power modifications carry over. (Ex. You play Goku 1 drop, opponent uses CBL to negate its effects. Then you play another Goku on top using evolve, the newly evolved card is not Negated, as it has been in the past) Barrier - Notable because it confirms 2 things: 1) Barrier ONLY applies if the opponent's effect SPECIFICALLY says to "CHOOSE" a card. 2) Even if YOU are the one told to choose a card, if it is your opponent's effect you MAY NOT choose a card with Barrier (i.e. your opponent attacking with Awakened Broly leader). The majority of the remaining GAME Q&A additions outline and confirm rulings discussed above. "CARD Q&A - Starter Deck 3" Bardock - If his power puts 2 non-black cards in the drop, do you get +10000? No. His power says if you put any non-black cards in the drop you get +5000, but this does not stack if multiple of the 3 cards are non-black. "CARD Q&A - Set 1 Booster" Jeice - Confirming that you can draw cards one by one and stop at any time. You don't have to declare how many you are looking at when it activates. Cold Bloodlust Q1-8 - This outlines the new counter window structure for cards that are played due to skills. Read more about that below under "New Counter Timings". Crusher Ball - Reiterates everything mentioned under Cold Bloodlust. "CARD Q&A - Set 2 Booster" Mostly just reiterations of things discussed above. "CARD Q&A - Set 3 Booster" I'm not going to go through all this, I'm just going to mention one card that was the subject of scrutiny early on. If you have specific questions about the new cards just ask. Dauntless Spirit Vegeta SSB (BT3-060) - Q3 When is this card considered to have "dealt damage'? After Vegeta is the winner, before damage is actually dealt. So you can discard for his auto to give him crit before damage is actually drawn when he attacks. "CARD Q&A - Promo" No big additions with the new cards. Just generic reminders of normal rulings. Ok, that's about it for erratas and updates, but, as promised several times above, we're going to go through the new Counter timing for cards played via Skills. NEW COUNTER TIMINGS Via the new rules and clarifications listed on the site, there are now TWO counter windows when a card is played via a Skill. As stated, this ONLY applies to cards played via skills. Examples of these are Evolve, Union, Babidi, new GT Trunks, etc. If you are simply playing a card from your hand as a Main Step action by paying its normal cost these new guidelines DO NOT APPLY. As normal with those types of plays you just declare and pay for the card, counter window, then play the card to the field, as it has always been. Now, the new ruling is that you may activate a Counter: Play effect at 2 separate times when a skill would bring one or more cards into play: 1) When the skill is activated(before it enters play) 2) After the skill resolves (after it enters play) The main distinguishing feature here is that if your counter negates the card's skills and you activate your counter during the second counter window, the target still gets to use any Auto skills that trigger (When this card is played...). To illustrate, lets look at the example of Babidi: Player A declares they are playing Babidi and pays 6 energy Normal Counter: Play Window for Babidi Babidi enters play, triggering his Auto ability (Look at the top 7 cards of your deck, choose 2 red cards with cost of 25000 or less and play them) Counter window 1 Play the cards you chose Resolve any "When Played" autos on those cards Counter window 2 So, what happens when you play a counter to negate? As stated above and in the example, if you play the counter in window 1 it negates all the cards skills, including the "When Played" autos. But in counter window 2 they get their autos but everything else is negated. So here are some other common interactions to looks out for: Crusher Ball - So here is when it gets more important to know the difference. Playing a Crusher Ball in window 2 will have absolutely NO effect, since the card has already entered play. Crusher Ball MUST be played in counter window 1, when the skill is activated and before it enters play. Evolve (standard, EX and Xeno) - These new counter windows largely have no effect on any of the Evolve skills. You must still declare your intent to evolve, at which time a counter window opens, you play CBL or CB and then the card enters play. A new timing window opens after Autos are resolved for you to play another Counter Play, but that interaction is mostly useless in this situation. Union Absorb via Cell - Cell is quite complicated when factoring in the new counter window. Here are the different interactions with Cell, depending on when you play Cold Bloodlust: Growing Evil Lifeform Cell (3 drop) - Union Absorb Counter Window 1 - Played after opponent declares Union and puts an A17 under Cell, if player searches and chooses a Cell it is negated. However, the opponent may choose not to evolve (choosing 0 since the skill says "Search for up to 1 cell"). In that case, they may then Activate this skill again by putting another A17 under it and the process starts over. Counter Window 2 - Played after opponent declares Union and puts an A17 under Cell and they have already searched their cell and placed it on top. Resolve the Cell's new "When played" auto, then play CBL to negate the rest of the card for the turn. Evolving Evil Lifeform Cell (5 drop) - Union Absorb Counter Window 1 - Played after opponent declares Union and puts an A18 under Cell, if player searches and chooses a Cell it is negated. However, the opponent may choose not to evolve (choosing 0 since the skill says "Search for up to 1 cell"). In that case, they may then Activate this skill again by putting another A18 under it and the process starts over. Counter Window 2 - Played after opponent declares Union and puts an A18 under Cell and they have already searched their cell and placed it on top. Resolve the Cell's new "When played" auto, then play CBL to negate the rest of the card for the turn. I think this covers just about everything. Any more specific questions or if you find some mistake I made just let me know and I'll address it. ~Stryyder
  22. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    Which red Goku are you talking about?
  23. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Why do people still keep saying black is colorless? IT IS BLACK. BLACK IS A COLOR. (in the art world technically a shade, but in card games a color) "Black is colorless" is a false statement any way you look at it. There just aren't any cards currently that require black energy. There is no rule yet saying you CAN'T build a straight black deck and the statement they made is ambiguous. We'll have to wait for the new rule updates at the end of the month.
  24. Set 3 Leader Opinions

    in a vacuum they all seem interesting but inelegant. With some look at the cards in set a couple stand out: Green Vegito - Bad. Yes Green has a great destruction engine, but you get choked by a single indestructible, possibly Barrier (though I doubt Barrier will protect against cards unless they SPECIFICALLY say "choose", so there are plenty of green outs there, Kale chief among them). Blue Goku - with the power of new Goku cards, particularly UI Goku, this guy can be nuts. Personally I think Mecha Frieza engine is better with Objection/Monaka, but this guy will see a lot of play.
  25. R/G Gotenks

    Blocker in general is not a required skill. It is good and can help you stall in certain decks, but when going full aggro it is not always necessary. Cabba Evo is OK, but there are plenty of better plays later in the game. Just having the one drop is usually enough. He's a great early play for quick pressure and self awakening and late game is cheap enough to drop a couple and hit your opponent with several unexpected double strike threats.