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  1. Nintendo E3 Direct

    So I quite DBS a month or so ago and haven't really played any CCGs lately, but I had to post this somewhere because I'm still hyped. The Nintendo Direct for E3 was, frankly, a bit meek on new titles aside from the smash bros coverage. Some good titles (Fire Emblem, MHGU, Fortnite, Mario Party with multi switch gimmick, FighterZ) and also a bonus for new Pokémon, with Mew included in the Pokeball+ controller. But considering they spent half the direct on Smash, they made it COUNT. Some highlights: *EVERY FIGHTER FROM SMASH HISTORY RETURNS - Even Wolf and Ice Climbers *New Fighter Classification - Echo Fighter - these are fighters that are built off of other similar fighters, like Dark Pit and Lucina *Only 3 new fighters - Inklings, Daisy (Echo Fighter off Peach) and FREAKING RIDLEY *Omega stages are back *New game balances for 1v1 as opposed to 3+ players *GAMECUBE CONTROLLER COMPATIBILITY *Amiibo support *Louder for the people in the back: FREAKING RIDLEY So yeah, the hype is real.
  2. D&D and other RPGs

    For those who are looking for a singleton experience for those hours where you can't get your group together, there are a couple of solo mode adventure games that have been popping up. The first is 4AD (Four Against Darkness) which I've heard is really good, but I haven't tried yet. The second is D100 Dungeon. I can go into more depth on D100D because I own it and have played it. And because it's FREE. All you need is the manual (about 47 pages), the printable character/map sheets (about 5 pages), a pencil and eraser, 1d6 and a pair of percentile dice.(in dice terms you need 1d6, 1d10 and 1d100) It is much less RP and much more dungeon crawl, since it's hard to roleplay solo. The book could be a bit better written, but it's pretty easy to pick up. You can find the download files on BoardGameGeek.
  3. D&D and other RPGs

    My history of RPs is pretty long by now, getting near 3 decades, but very on-and-off. When I was 9 or 10 I started joining in with my dad and his friends as they played D&D, Megatraveler and a few others. had some great fun there but was too young to really understand what I was doing and I enjoyed rolling the dice more than roleplaying. Fast forward to High School, after getting bitten by the Anime bug. A friend started up a game in the Sailor Moon version of BESM (Big Eyes, Small Mouth, a generic Anime RPG that also had dedicated books on anime like Slayers and SM). However the group playing was about 8 guys and 1 girl, so we ended up as a group of Sailor Knights (like Tuxedo mask) rather than scouts. We were in that phase though where our characters ended up as conglomerations of whatever pop culture icons we liked at the time (one guy based his on Duo from Gundam Wing, another on Leon from RE and the one girl on Mai Shiranui. Mine was essentially Fierce Deity Link with lightning powers). I actually put together a site on Geocities with our pictures and bios, but I'm sure that's lost to the aether at this point. Funnily enough, that's when I picked up the moniker Stryyder and I've been using it for the past 20 years now. This was pretty much the golden age of RPs for me. Our group was very dedicated, not too militaristic about rules and regs and we just liked to have fun making up stuff. I did learn a lot of what to avoid as a GM in that group though. The Tri-stat system of BESM also offered a fun alternative to the d20 system of D&D that everyone had started to get sick of at the time. We also had a friend who ran some basic "gladiator battle" scenarios with us. These were perfect for me, since combat has always been my favorite part of the D&D system. skip another 5 or 6 years to after I moved to California and got married. I found a random group meeting on a local campus apartment, running 3.5ed, but the group was a bit too close knit for an outside player to jump in (even though they had requested new blood). Each of them was getting up to level 10 with several sessions worth of items and money, trying to introduce a new randomly generated character with very little in the way of non-basic wares was just cannon fodder so I only went a handful of times before it became wearying. Shortly thereafter a buddy got me into a game with him a couple of his friends, and a few of their children (ranging in age from 12-16, but pretty good at it). Had some great sessions with them. We went through a couple sessions with a custom "crit chart" that came up with various special extras whenever someone hit a 1 or 20. for instance rolling a 1 when rolling to attack at one point caused on of our party member's swords to inexplicably transmorph into a hungry bear. Most outcomes weren't so outlandish, but it added a fun bit of chaos to the game. Sadly much of the group was school age and were moving toward graduation so we eventually stopped scheduling sessions. My only criticism of these was that we were running 4th ed. being a child of AD&D and 3.5 the regression to a more "user friendly" edition was disconcerting. Much in the way I don't like modern versions of Window going from text based menus to big bulky tablet-style icons. the simplicity of the engine just felt like it was stifling the customization of the game, in exchange for adding dozens and dozens of new classes and such in the form of myriad supplemental books. Seemed like after the game dropped from TSR to WotC they went for the easy cash grab. Since then I've done a few small sessions here and there, both as a DM and a player. I have a small supplement from the d20 version of BESM, which can basically be used to create an RP out of any modern anime-style genre in the d20 D&D style. I think I have a digital copy of the old tristat book somewhere as well. Plus my core 3.5 books that I kept, of course. That was really the best time for D&D IMO. it was more accessible than the old AD&D days, but not as watered down as 4ed. But I will admit I haven't played 5ed yet.
  4. A Way Out, and Other Couch Coop Gems

    Overcooked is quite fun and requires a lot of intuition and communication. it's exponentially more difficult the fewer players you have, being near impossible to get any good score solo, but once you get to 4 players it can get quite chaotic with everyone running around.

    Hmm, the corporate dystopia genre has been kind of done to death. The game seems unique and has a lot of interesting elements, but overall seems overly complicated. While I kind of like the system of being able to "buy" the opponent's cards by giving them resources during the game, the constant changing of card control is avoided in most TCGs for good reason. I could see several instances of cards walking away during large events. The art on the cards is nice, but rather generic. overall I'm glad to see some innovation in gameplay, but this seems like too much all at once. It reminds me of the old Babylon 5 game. Enough to draw a small niche crowd, but really too complicated for the general crowd to buy into.
  6. Tournament of Power Set

    @Vile Still plenty of room. They are spreading universe 7 across all colors. I would expect 17 in Green.
  7. So now that MetaX has released the first new IP, Attack on Titan, after 2 sets of DC comics properties, in their huge cross platform game where ANY property is fair game, they have now revealed that set 4 of the game will be.....Batman. Yep, you guessed it. After FINALLY living up to the X (cross) in their name, they are reverting back to the DC universe. Gotta say, not too hype...
  8. Mecha Frieza

    Should have just banned it and be done with it. The fear of banning one or two cards for the good of the game in favor of errata which just confuses new players who don't know the errata is beyond me. Same with Unleashed in PanZ. They tried an errata, it did next to nothing. The card destroyed the design of the game and continues to do so into FanZ. Mistakes happen, stop trying to Band-Aid the boo boo and just make the sacrifice for the good of the game. Sweep the leg, Johnny.
  9. The Games We Play

    Got bored and decided to go back to BotW and MO for a while. I never did complete the BotW master trials and the new luigi balloons seemed interesting: BotW - I am so out of practice. I'm in the middle trials and I keep dying left and right. Hardly have been able to get into the dark floors and then couldn't get past the Hinox because I couldn't see where I was going and ended up running into a wall for 5 seconds while he caught up and smashed me. Hopefully I can get back to where I used to be on this game. Odyssey - The balloon game is kind of fun, but once everyone realized the hardest places to put balloons in every level that's all you get offered to find. it's a bit monotonous and annoying, particularly for someone like me who won't bother to look up the good hiding places.
  10. Oversaturation

    After the CBL ruling fiasco I didn't really have much time to play. Then set 3 came out and the funds weren't there to buy any. I think it was the universe telling me I'm done with DBS. I'm just not that interested anymore.