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  1. I'm actually somewhat impressed. Participation - Alt art card 2nd day swiss - acrylic resource tokens Top 32 - unique playmat Top 16 - medal Top 8 - acrylic world's damage dial Top 4 - Uncut sheet of the alt art card Winner - Unique mat and trophy plus travel expenses to next year as well as entry fee for them plus 1. Plus prize wall tickets for every win. Granted it's not thousands of dollars worth of alt art promos like DBZ, but DBZ had a higher threshold to get into the event. This one is pay $70 and gain entry to one or more of the 5 game events plus a branded deck box and shirt. I've seen a LOT worse. ARG all you got was MAYBE a promo for entering (usually not), a playmat and (generally useless) ARG points for top 8.
  2. Well, Afterworld is another TCG "resurrection" for them. Though the game was never very popular in the first place. They've already released 2 starter sets for it, but marketing and support is non-existent. As for DC, my guess is some sense early on that VS system redux was actually going to be big and they wanted to compete this time, rather than reconnect with UDE. I keep seeing new VS System expansions, but barely anyone actually playing. It seems the fervor for DC deck-building game is dying down too, as they haven't released a big box expansion since Teen Titans in 2015 and all we've had lately are the small "crossover" packs. They're trying to broaden the range of their licenses to get some more dough.
  3. I would agree and disagree. Most players I know that get items off the internet don't do it because their local doesn't have it, it's because it's cheaper. Most players that play CCGs intently are looking to get the most return on their money. They think if they buy low they'll make money in the end. (some will break even, most will lose out in the long run.) This site is evidence. So many people buying boxes and cases from Potomac and Hills. same on popo's on FB. Everyone looking for cases for cheap. The bulk of sales will be made via internet bulk and not through brick and mortar stores. The market is even worse for singles. With singles you not only have to contend with online sellers, you have to contend with EVERY SINGLE PLAYER THAT WALKS IN. In many games you also have to compete with online trade groups like popo's or virbank. Saying "if they don't want to support it's on them" is ridiculous. A shop selling singles is an investment. They purchase cards and put them in a case, hoping they appreciate in value and eventually they get cash for them. You know what happens to most of those singles? They either sit on the shelf or someone uses store credit they got from trading in more singles. And then when something happens like back in December with PanZ, you are now stuck with upwards of THOUSANDS of cards that NO ONE will want for fair value anymore. You now have a box of bulk, worth hundreds of dollars a week ago, now worth $50 maybe. It's not worth the investment for most stores. Why should they invest their money in cards they will get NO money for, when they can buy boxes of MTG that will sell in mere days as draft sets. In many industries high risk can equal high reward. Rarely will that pay off in the CCG/TCG market. Especially for someone who makes their living off of in-person sales in an increasingly e-business world. You can stay safe and feed your family, or you can satisfy a few die-hard loyal fans and get top ramen instead of chicken and potatoes. /soapbox
  4. I am genuinely curious how long they've been working on this. 7 months from concept to release is really quick. Granted they may have been working on it longer and it's not like they really have much else in the works. But I wonder if the summer release of DBS had any hand in moving up their time-table. As it is, they are going to have their hands full, given how many people will choose DBS just for the IP, as well as those who are still gun-shy on Panini for the way they ended PanZ. It will definitely be an uphill battle.
  5. FFG

    There have been other games with this problem. Dice masters was very hard to find early on, on one hand due to production shortages because of insecurity on popularity, on the other the low price point made it easy to grab a bunch. As well, they had custom dice, but not on the level of SWD. The difference being that Wizkids has been in the market for years and was able to adapt and compensate quickly. FoW had some scarcity issues, but also had advertising troubles. I didn't see any product in my local store until a month or two ago and by now the game is so niche that no one locally wants it. Even PanZ had a small problem in this vein. But it was quickly remedied.
  6. For me it already seems to fall into the trap that all games which mix IPs fall into: it doesn't feel like that IP. It feels like someone pitched a generic game, the company liked it and said "y'know what would sell this game? A popular brand!" Similar to the glut of Legendary games lately (except the Alien series, that ruleset fit SO well with that IP), a good chunk of the Cryptozoic Cerberus games, etc. It's one thing if you say "I made this random game, marketed it, now I'm going to make a copy/paste theme for funsies" (a la Munchkin), but trying to market this as a "DC battle game" is about as successful as marketing Cardass as a "DBZ battle game". The basic premise and feel of the game doesn't match the theme.
  7. It's here or there, really. The Divine beasts (the 4 major dungeons) are keeping in the style of puzzle solving dungeons, but yeah, enemies therein are non-existent (or few and far between). The sheer number of shrines, being mini-dungeons, are very fun for the most part and have some great puzzles. The best of the best, though, is Hyrule castle. Not a "dungeon" per se, since it is free roaming, has several exits/entrances and honestly, you can pretty easily bypass all of it to get to Ganon. But if you are into exploring and delving into all the nooks and crannies, it is what EACH dungeon should have been, honestly. If the "bonus" dungeon in the DLC ends up being anything like it, I will consider it worth the full price of the DLC. Second place would be a specific shrine quest which takes place completely on an island called Eventide Island. HUGE spoiler for this in: 3... 2... 1... Eventide Island is a small island in the southeast corner of the map. it can be visited at any time, really, but most likely you won't find it until you are well into the game, with some good weapons and good armor. The catch is that as soon as you step foot on the island you are stripped of ALL your items, weapons and armor. the only thing you have is your shiekah slate powers and any special abilities from beating Divine Beasts. You must now explore the island, using only items you find lying around and the powers stated above to defeat pretty good size groups of enemies, including a Hinox (cyclopean mini-boss) to get 3 orbs placed in pedestals. Once the orbs are in place, you get your inventory back. It's a really good challenge. Initially it's thunderstorming so using your magnet shiekah power to put metal boxes in the middle of enemy groups so the lightning takes them out is a handy way to accrue some basic weapons. Plus there's one decent axe in the middle of a swamp you can get with the same power. For me, it was the second to last Shrine I went after so it was a trip having to fight with crappy wooden weapons that did minimal damage and broke rather easily. But honestly, yeah, this entry into the Zelda mythos is definitely more about the overworld and what you find in the wilds than the dungeons. It's definitely a departure, but I enjoy for those reasons. I just got a Majora's Mask NFC chip Amiibo spoof (ordered it a few days before they announced the new ones coming in June) in the mail on Monday. Spent each of the last 3 days save scumming for one of the armor pieces and then farming materials to upgrade. I happily have my full set of max level Fierce Deity armor. Now to save scum for the sword, which will probably be a LOT lower drop rate. So now that I have that, I'll probably go back to Korok hunting.
  8. Hey guys! So it's been over a month since I started playing BOTW. Figured I'd give a progress report. Am I still playing it? Hell yes. What have you accomplished? Ok, so here's where we build off the last post I made. We already went over basics of dungeons, weapons and Shrines. So here is a list of the various things you can do in the game: Shrines - Qty 120. Each shrine acts as a mini-dungeon, generally with 1-2 puzzles to solve or a monster to beat (3 different difficulties on the monsters). each time you beat a shrine you get an orb. 4 orbs can be used to increase your heart count or your stamina (You stare with 3 hearts and 1 stamina wheel. Stamina wheel increases give you 1/5th of a wheel). I've beaten all 120 shrines, currently have 27 hearts and 3 total stamina wheels (10 1/5ths +20 hearts = 120 shrines, the 7 extra hearts are 3 at the start of the game and 1 heart container for beating each Divine Beast Dungeon). Map - As I said before there are about 10 regions on the map you have to unlock. This is pretty easy, since you can see the map spires from a considerable distance, though some are harder to climb than others as they require more stamina or have obstacles around their base. The real challenge is exploring the map. A good 25% of your in-game completion percentage is exploring every nook and cranny of the game map. When you enter a named region it will display on your screen and will automatically mark the name of that area on your map. to get 100% completion you must have ALL of these marked on your map. This is pretty easily completed just by finding all 120 shrines as well as.... Korok seeds - Every open world game needs some little inane collection mission, BOTW has the Korok. Koroks are small woodland creatures, first encountered in The Wind Waker. These mischievous critters hide ALL over Hyrule. You meet a large Korok on your travels named Hestu. As a sidequest you must help Hestu get back his beloved Maracas. (no seriously, his Maracas) After doing this he is unimaginatively grateful, but something is amiss. His Maracas are not making any noise! Those little Korok scamps have made away with all the seeds that give his Maracas their signature rattle sound. It's now your job to go get them back. He'll even help you increase your inventory space if you do! So how do you find them? It's as easy as picking up suspicious lone rocks, reforming rock cube puzzles, diving through flower rings on the water, shooting archery targets, etc. If you come across something suspicious it is likely a Korok puzzle. Here's the fun part: THERE ARE 900 KOROK PUZZLES IN BOTW Not only that, but you cease getting inventory upgrades after about 441 seeds. That means HALF of the seeds don't really give you a reward. In fact, you want to know what he gives you for getting all 900? Spoiler warning, even though it's so stupid it shouldn't matter: he gives you a golden piece of Korok poop. TOTALLY serious. I have found about 200 of these seeds. Am I just sad enough that I must complete this useless task and get my golden poop? Of course I am. (fun fact: since each requirement for in-game completion percentage is weighted equally, finding Korok seeds accounts for 72% of your completion percentage) Divine Beasts - So I briefly mentioned them before. There were 4 guardian beasts, each piloted by a different representative of the Hyrule races (Goron, Zora, Gerudo and Rito). Back when Ganon first appeared he used his evil to take control of these beasts and kill the pilots. Your goal is to remove Ganon's taint from the beasts and return control of them to the spirits of the 4 so that they may help you defeat Ganon so they can find peace in the afterlife. I won't say much more but defeated all 4 (First Zora, then Rito, Gerudo and finally Goron). This accomplishes 2 things in game. (Heavy spoiler warning here, just move on to the next paragraph if you don't want spoilers: If you do not defeat one or more Divine Beasts, you must face the specific dungeon boss(es) of those beasts right before you fight Ganon. Also if you defeat all 4 it knocks ganon's health down by half) Hyrule Compendium - One of the Sheikah Slate's features is a sensor that beeps when you are near a shrine (which helps because some are hidden very well). When you get this feature upgraded you now have a camera on your slate. Now you can snap shots of the various flora and fauna of Hyrule and reprogram your sensor to find a specific thing. Really helps when an NPC quest wants a specific bug or lizard. So there is an in-game catalog. Every time you take a picture of a monster, insect, animal, plant, rock type, weapon etc it logs in your compendium for sensor use. So you can actually create a compendium of 384 pictures. Now this could be a HUGE task, especially considering you might now know before you defeat a divine beast and that boss is forever lost from your picture library. NOT TO WORRY! for those you miss (or if you're just lazy like me) you can BUY all the pictures you want for the compendium. Paying 100 rupees to one of the NPCs gives you a random picture you don't have. 500 rupees for the boss pictures but you can't buy those until after you beat Ganon. Mini bosses - there are 4 mini bosses: Lynel, Moldulga, Hinox and Talus. There are 40 each of the latter 2, 4 moldulgas and probably 20 Lynel littering the map. If you manage to beat all of them on the map (except Lynel) you'll get a set of medals for doing so. (they don't do anything, but it's a cool bragging thing) Lynel are the hardest fights in the game, harder even than Ganon and the dungeon bosses. But they give some great loot. I could go on. Armor upgrades, Weapon drops, Master Sword, Amiibo items, but it's almost time for me to get off work and I'm sure you're tired of reading. Sufficed to say, I've beaten the game, gotten most of the accomplishments and am still having a great time. All I really have left is Korok seeds and armor upgrades.
  9. Examples? Pokémon - Full Art Shaymin (Alt art of a good card) more expensive than any other card in its set. MTG - Expeditions (Alt art of good old cards) more expensive than any other card in its set. DBZ - VES/HES set 7 (alt art of set 1 spheres) more expensive than any other card in its set. I can't think of a game where your example makes sense, aside from games which just print alt art of crap cards or just dump really good cards into lower rarities later (i.e. Yugioh). Alt art of good cards nearly always go for more than other cards because people like to chase the more unique version.
  10. Promo reprints destroy this argument. However, if you wish to talk packaged product I will, again, reference Pokémon. Alt cards value can easily be more than unique, because of rarity. Gold UB, a secret rare version of an uncommon, goes for $75. Full art cards are RARELY cheaper than their lower rarity alternatives. The new MTG expedition cards also come to mind. I think you are incorrectly referencing your own perceived "fun" value, rather than ACTUAL value. I will flip this argument around. The primary function of a game is to be a game. Regardless if it is a board game, lcg, tcg, ccg, cmg, etc etc etc. The collecting/trading aspect is SECONDARY in a game. If you don't like it, there are sports cards and trading cards out there that are primarily for collecting.
  11. Protip: Actually know what you're talking about before speaking. Point the first: Pokémon HAS rarity above rare. They have EX/GX pokemon (or whatever the flavor of the generation is) that are billed as "UR", generally 4-6 per box, as well as Full Art versions (Generally 1-3 per box) and, lately, SR or "Secret" rare cards, generally Gold bordered foils of popular cards (even basic energy SRs in the latest set). On average the standard EX/GX cards run from $5-40 depending on meta, full arts from $7-70 and SRs anywhere from $10-100 depending on what they are. Point the second: Pokémon prices are completely ridiculous BECAUSE of having cards above rare. Because the bulk of useful cards are in those rarities. Commons are generally worthless because they are only ever used as evolution tracks that have no inherent value themselves. Uncommons are barely above worthless, because that's where Trainer cards usually are, but other than that fall into the same category as Commons. one or two rares per set may actually see some play, but other than that, see commons and uncommons. Pokémon could EASILY drop the GX/EX cards into rare slots, drop rares in with the trainers in uncommon and simply use FA/SR cards as chase cards and it would be a WORLD of difference. As it is, 95% of a pokemon box is worth nothing because they have embraced the "above rare" rarities to excess. Not because they have none.
  12. that would require they actually LEARN from their mistakes.
  13. SS story of Bardock with Chilled needs to just go die in a fire. It's non-canon crap that reads like bad fanfiction. "the blast didn't actually kill Bardock it just sent him back in time where he became a super saiyan and initiated the legend of the Super Saiyan that caused his planet and people to be destroyed by Frieza in the first place". There's no reason to dedicate a set to Bardock and Chilled.
  14. New information released on the DBZ blog about MetaX: * "Justice League" is the name of the first set of MetaX. * Game will "debut" at SDCC (July 20-23) and will ship to hobby and retail stores in "mid-July". (someone needs to learn how to calendar) * MetaX will supposedly have a website. * Game engine will be "light(but deep)" * game will have large art boxes. * game will introduce "XR" or "Cross Rare" premium cards.
  15. The difference comes in the dichotomy of "Using endurance" and "preventing damage". To extend your example: Player plays KDD, unstoppable and unpreventable. defender starts taking damage and the first card is Point-Blank Volley "Endurance 1 (If this card is banished for Endurance, you may place it in your hand.)". You choose to banish it for endurance. The Endurance attempts to prevent 1 life card of damage, but KDD stops that effect. Place the card in your hand per its parenthetical effect. Take the rest of the damage from KDD. So it's not that Endurance can prevent damage in unstoppable or unpreventable attacks. It's that you can always ACTIVATE the endurance, even if an effect would negate the damage prevention. The only exception is cards that specifically say "you cannot use endurance" like the blue drill.
  16. yeah. A lot of game companies, like WotC and Asmodee, are trying to help by mandating that their distributors ONLY sell their products to dedicated brick and mortar stores. Online Businesses have so little overhead it is much easier for them to sell at rock bottom prices. Those who don't care about the shipping wait will go to them every time. Unfortunately, groups like Potomac (who portray's themselves as a "distributor" but is not) who have Brick and Mortar HQs, but also have a HEAVY online presence, are gaming the system to capitalize on this.
  17. Knowing the general wholesale price for boxes of PanZ, Potomac gouges the market to get minimal profit at high quantity. It is a shit tactic. They are lowering their price to the lowest possible margin to monopolized sales that they BARELY make money from individually, but in volume it eventually adds up. As buyers, we never really consider the impact because we just want the best price. But for every person that went to their local shop to try out the game and found no product, because the store knew they wouldn't be able to make money on it, that is the impact. As a seller, I see these tactics, they are used every day by huge conglomerates like Walmart and Target. The fact that smaller companies are using them in such a focused fashion is pretty sad. On this size scale, it has wide reaching effects.
  18. FTFY - My guess is some guy's kid typed it up for him because he was too lazy.
  19. So this may be the first official public info we have gotten on this game so far. A lot of details on release style, plus hints on tournament kits, support and previews. More solid info should come out at the GAMA show this month. (WARNING; the article seems like it was proofread by Stephen Root's character from Oh Brother Where Art Thou) Details: Dragon Ball Super - Set 1: Dawn of Vengeance Release window: Summer 2017 Starter Decks: 6 per box, 8 boxes per case (Deck contains 50 cards +1 leader card) 17 different cards that are Starter Deck only (9C, 3U, 5R) Booster Boxes: 12 card packs, 24 pack boxes, 12 box cases (packs contain 8 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare or higher) 114 different cards (60C, 30U, 12R, 8 Super Rare, 4 Premium Rare) Special Pack Boxes: 6 per Box, 48 box cases (Contains 4 booster packs, 1 promo and rulebook and playmat, likely paper) Lead up info: Stores will be able to get preview kits which include 20 sets of half decks (25 cards +1 leader) It was also stated they will provide tournament kits for shops. No word on official OP yet. More details will be available at the GAMA trade show (March 13-17).
  20. only $20 off? PanZ had the same MSRP and they were avging $65-70 depending on where you got them. These will probably be down there at Potomac. (tho I'm not a fan of them dropping trou to bill on quantity just to screw over local shops and other outlets, so I won't buy from them)
  21. I made one deck with FanZ in mind, Knowledge Gohan MPPV. 2 days later they errata'd Gohan lvl 4. I haven't touched my cards since.
  22. In a move that is possibly a hit to Panini's methods, Bandai has revealed an official website for the English DBS game. So far the only things live are a "What is" page, rules page and an event page (currently only showing GAMA). As well, distributors have received set 1 order info and are disseminating it to game stores for preorders. Nothing that really hasn't been revealed so far, but here is what it available: (Launch kits are due to arrive in June, actual release expected in July) Launch Kit – 20 half decks, 20 promos, 1 manual, 1 large poster, 5 small posters, 20 flyers Booster Boxes – 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case. $3.99msrp per pack Starter Deck boxes – 6 starters per box, 8 boxes per case. $11.99msrp per deck Special Packs – 4 boosters + 1 promo, 6 packs per box, 8 boxes per case. $15.96msrp per pack ($4 per booster +$2 for the promo approx.) Tournament Kit – 16 player promos, 3 posters, 1 tournament manual and prizes for winners: 1st – 5packs, 1 mat; 2nd – 3 packs, 1 mat; 3rd – 2 packs. (Tournament kits must be purchased and are not free, but out of respect for distributors and LGSes I will not reveal the cost. Suffice to say, $5/player seems a reasonable tournament fee.)
  23. Unless there is an effect in play that says "You may not use endurance" (there's a blue drill that does this), then you may always banish for endurance, even if it would have no effect (including on the very last card of damage).
  24. I was going to skip SDCC this year, since I've got Gencon a few weeks after, but I'm thinking of doing 1 day just because I want to keep my membership current. I'll probably put up another promo request thread for it closer to summer.
  25. Yeah, in addition to the scarcity, honestly I just don't care enough about FF to get into this. No local scene, everyone has reverted to MTG/PKMN/YGO/CFV so I'm back to board gaming.