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  1. And the answer: NOPE! Just 2 days from the anniversary of the game's release and they have revealed the IP for Set 5. to recap for those that lost interest the first four sets were: Justice League, Green Lanturn, Attack on Titan and Batman. In other words, 3 DC Comics sets and 1 anime title. Well, for set 5, surprise of surprises! We're going BACK into the DC Universe except in this case in a stupid way. This new IP has been getting flack from a huge group of the fandom but has experienced a bit of a renaissance in the past few weeks with a movie release that has seen pretty favorable reviews. Yes we're talkin Teen Titans Go. granted I dropped he game in set 1 because literally NO ONE played it anywhere near me, but come ON. A year later and we're still waiting not only for OP, but for more than ONE foray into the game's premise of cross IP play.