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  1. A list of upcoming products for the DBS card game: Draft Box 1 - 12/8/17 Contents: 12 packs of set 1, 12 packs of set 2, 4 new leader cards (4 copies of 1 leader in each box), 1 pack of TP1 as a prize Deck Box sets (Hero set and Villain set) - 1/26/18 Contents: 1 Deck Box, 14 cards (7 different cards, 1 foil and 1 non-foil copy of each) Series 3 - March 2018 Series Packing: 2 starter decks (One "Red", one "New color"), 1 special pack, booster boxes NOTE: This set will introduce a new fifth color to the game, as well as Foil copies of all cards in the set, not just R and higher Draft Box 2 - April 2018 Contents: 12 packs of set 2, 12 packs of set 3, 4 new leader cards (4 copies of 1 leader in each box), 1 pack of TP3 as a prize Themed Boosters 01 - May 2018 Details: Special smaller set (101 cards) packaged in boosters with "Themed" contents. More details to come
  2. So the much anticipated Draft Box 1 has dropped and people are snapping them up left and right. However, much like Brad Pitt in Se7en, we had one big question...what's in the box?! Well, that's not entirely true, we all knew what would be in the box, 12 packs of set 1 and 2, a promo pack and a pack of 4 leader cards. But with people opening boxes, some new ratios have come to light. Here are some stats: Draft Box 1 12 Packs of set 1 12 Packs of set 2 1 Pack of 4 leader cards (there are 4 new leaders but each box contains 4 copies of only ONE of them) 1 Draft Rulesheet The box itself is a high quality tuck box, about 800 capacity (unsleeved) 4 Boxes in a display 6 displays in a Case * A single sealed display of 4 boxes will include one box that contains EACH of the new 4 leaders. * TP1 packs are slightly mapped, thus far a single sealed display of 4 boxes will yield either all foil or all non-foil promos. * Early reports showed some players getting steady ratios of R leaders and SRs in boxes, at a rate of 4 Leaders (2 from each set) and 6 SRs (3 from each set). My own experience has disproved this, however the ratios ARE pretty steady, split between 3-4 SRs and 2-3 R leaders of each set in each box. * Boxes CAN contain SPRs or SCR, but exact ratios per case are not yet available. * Boxes CAN contain God Packs. (I got one in my second box, it had 2 SRs and 10 Rs) Still haven't tried out a draft, but it seems like a lot of fun. Here is a run down of how it works, including some draft-specific rules: (there doesn't seem to be any difference in the included draft rules and the draft rules that have been on the website for a few months) Players are given 3 packs of Set 1 and 3 packs of set 2 to draft. (not written in the rules, but assumed) Each player is given one of the included leader cards in the draft box. Players sit in a circle and open a pack. Each player chooses a card from the pack, sets it face down in front of them and then passes the rest to the left. Repeat this until all cards are gone. SPECIAL - if you have NOT yet chosen a leader from a pack, you MUST choose a leader card. However, after that you may take one additional card from that pack (this only applies to the first leader pulled from packs). Players may not take additional leaders until ALL players have picked one from a pack. (This will likely be a non-issue as each pack in the draft box tended to have at least one UC leader card) Repeat the above process with all 6 packs (alternate to passing right on packs 2, 4 and 6) until all players have a stack of 72 cards in front of them. Players will use these cards to make a 40 card deck of battle/extra cards plus 1 leader. Any cards not used are now considered in that player's Sideboard (INCLUDING LEADERS). Between games 2 and 3, and between rounds, players can exchange cards in their deck with their sideboard (including leaders). However once leaders are revealed to start a game, players may NOT make any changes until that game is over. Suggested format is Bo3 in a round robin tournament. Winner claims the lone TP1 pack from the box.
  3. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    So since no one else has stated it, Ballad of Champions dropped last night! Another of Nintendo's "we will now announce the release date for the DLC pack. The release will be 5...................4...3...2..". After watching the trailer, anyone who griped about the content for price on DLC can go suck it. New missions, new outfits, new weapons, new Horse equipment and A FRICKIN' GUARDIAN MOTORCYCLE. Between the new baby, work and a get-together tonight I haven't been able to dive in yet T_T
  4. Upcoming DBS products - December 2017 through May 2018

    TP2 will be going all through regionals, so there will be plenty out there, I think that's why DB2 has TP3. As for the themed set, I fell for their weird math, it's actually only 101 cards (they say 176, because they count the foil AND non-foil C/UC as 2 separate cards). The set is smaller than even set 1 which was 119, counting the 5 SD cards. Still waiting on how the themed packs will be structured, but people are speculating we may see some reprints here. It could be each booster is a specific color, or specific storyline (android, buu, etc). We'll probably get more details in February or so.
  5. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    Honestly, I think this thread is less about the state of card games now and more about your highly apocalyptic view of MTG. It's like you expect it to fold within a year and drag the entire world of TCG/CCG with it.
  6. Draft Box Leaders

    Frieza opens up free play of a good number of powerful staple Extra cards, but the at the cost of a life card can hamper him toward the endgame, particularly against heavy agro decks like blue vegeta.
  7. Timing of Extra during defense

    Completely incorrect. For reference to the Rules Manual: 4-6 describes how free Timings work, particularly 4-6-3 which says you choose an action to carry out, then return to the free timing, until you decide not to do any more actions. Section 7 describes combat, sections to reference: 7-2 and 7-3, which describe the Offense Step and Defense Step respectively, particularly 7-2-1-2 and 7-3-1-2 which states these steps are free timings, and then subsequently lists what actions may be taken during this free timing (7-2-1-2-1 through 7-2-1-2-3 and 7-3-1-2-1 through 7-3-1-2-2-3 respectively) which includes Activate: Battle skills (7-2-1-2-3 and 7-3-1-2-2-2 respectively). I went through the same thing. I had been away from my locals for a few weeks, ended up going a week and a half ago and some group had moved in and convinced everyone that the order of actions as they were listed in the rules was the order you HAD to make them in (Combo from hand, then combo from field, then activates, then awaken, then end phase). Someone tried to tell me the order at the end of the round and I had to explain to half a dozen people what "Free Timing" means.
  8. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    My opinion has always been, and continues to be....FUCK gt. that is all, proceed.
  9. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Video Games: BotW DLC pack 2, FighterZ probably something else I can't think of. I downloaded UltraSun 2 weeks ago and haven't had time to play it Card games: Draft boxes for DBS, hoping to judge at Vegas, unstable for MTG Comics: Keeping up with the new volume of Runaways, seeing Rodders and the gang finally get the Lost Light back in the TF comics Toys: need 3 more dinobots to finish Volcanicus, hoping SOME 3P creator makes a Rung, getting the Trunks Time Machine model kit Board Games: Tanto Cuore 5, Betrayal Legacies, new DC deckbuiling stuff
  10. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    I started playing Magic over 20 years ago, somewhere around 1995. At that point, it was JUST magic. 1997 brought Pokémon and YuGiOh in 1999. When 2000 came around the floodgates opened. EVERYONE got into the business. if there was an IP in the early 2000s that was marketable they had a game. Some had staying power for a couple years like DBZ, YYH, Magi Nation, .hack. Others just dropped a set and bailed or stayed in the shadows with a small but dedicated base. This all came to a head toward the middle/late 2000s. Games just started failing. Fewer events, fewer games, even the established games had to work harder with bigger gimmicks to stay relevant, now that online gaming was becoming a thing and people were flocking to game consoles. Jump to the 2010s and things began to stabilize. The "big 3" were still around and JCCGs like Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz were entering the scene. Heroclix revamped their core and stuck around. PanZ resurged. It's pretty much like any big thing like this, a small start, a huge boom when people realized it was popular leading to an oversaturation crash and at this point we're on the upswing of a plateau. People still enjoy the games, most titles have a dedicated base. We're not gaining mass numbers of new players, but attendance is still there. The biggest problem we have now is sales. Whereas this hobby started as a "trading card" offshoot, it has now turned into something more akin to a stock market. Players aren't buying to collect, they are buying to turn a profit. buying collections to flip, starting their own ".com" to undercut the local market with online sales, make an easy buck because players are going to buy. Hence why some companies are switching to a "brick and mortar only" sales model. While this is feesable for larger games like MTG, fledgling games like DBS and MetaX just can't afford it. Long story short, we're in the far end of a bell curve here. TCGs will never be as popular as they once were, but we're in a stable place.
  11. Timing of Extra during defense

    Yeah, the way it is laid out could be much better. Here's a good description: The Main step, Offense Step and Defense steps in Dragon Ball Super employ a phase type referred to as "Free Timing". During a Free Timing a player is given a set of actions that they may take during that Step. These actions may be taken in any order, as many times as the player wants/can, with no general restrictions. This breakdown illustrates: 1. Enter phase, resolve any "at the beginning of (this phase)" effects. 2. Enter Free timing 3. The active player chooses one of the legal actions for this phase and resolves it. 4. Repeat step 3 ad infinitum until the active player chooses to stop. 5. Proceed to the next game phase Valid actions by step: Main Step * Play a Battle card from your hand * Use an "Activate: Main" skill on one of your cards (including Extra cards from your hand) * Activate your leader's Awaken Skill * Rest your leader to attack your opponent's leader or one of their rest mode battle cards * Rest one of your battle cards to attack your opponent's leader or one of their rest mode battle cards Offense/Defense Step * Place a battle card from your hand into your combo area * Place an Active mode battle card from your battle area into your combo area * Use an "Activate: Battle" skill on one of your cards (including Extra cards from your hand) * Activate your leader's Awaken Skill
  12. DBZ Figure-Rise Model Kits

    Broly is nice. I'll have to get the Time Machine soon. We'll see how much cash I have after the holidays. I keep waiting for it to show up at the local Barnes & Noble. They just got the Android kits in.
  13. Super Mario Odyssey

    So enough with all this "fighting game" nonsense, no one plays those. let's get into some REAL hardcore gaming....MARIO!! Seriously, though, Mario Odyssey is officially out and I am officially on board. I went the digital route, simply because I have a pretty sizeable memory card in my system and it's easier than swapping cartridges. Not to mention I live on the west coast, so I was able to purchase and download the game on Tuesday, then last night at 9 I just had to do a little 1 minute update and I was up and flinging cappy like nobody's business. So I got to play for an hour or two last night before hitting the hay (stupid "job", making me get up in the morning). Went through the basic intro, one small introductory island, a smallish "first" world and stopped just as I got to the next. The game is quite fun so far. Cappy is a fun weapon to wield and pretty useful. So far I've been able to possess a frog, a chain chomp and a T-Rex (the latter being rendered in a realistic design, not a "Mario world" cartoon design). I can already feel that I'm missing things on islands I've been to. Each world seems to have normal coins as well as its own unique coins that let you buy world specific items. A LOT of the terrain can be interacted with. We're definitely back in the style of Mario 64, just no goofy "jump into painting, complete objective" gameplay. It's all pretty open world each place you travel to, though with a LITTLE bit of leading so far. I'm really looking forward to exploring more and seeing what other surprises are in store for everyone's favorite plumber.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey

    I will admit I'm using an Amiibo powersave to spoof the Bowser amiibo for the last few purple coins in each area. "wander every inch of the stage to find all these little coins" was never my favorite play style. I'm also dreading my return to the Metro kingdom and how much time I'll end up spending on that damn jump rope game.
  15. Super Mario Odyssey

    Only 5 left in each world, yeah, keep believing that I'm starting back at the hat world and working through each to get all the coins and moons. Just finished up Cascade and jumped into the Sand Kingdom to find there are 98 frickin' moons there. Definitely seems like one of the largest of all the worlds.
  16. Mentors as a Mechanic

    Guaranteed card draw really goes against the element of random draw for a game. Yeah, I know everyone wants skill to be the final line, but making it so you can draw a game-breaking card, or the exact card your deck archetype needs as soon as you need it seems counterintuitive to me. Especially if there's no restriction on what cards can go in the side deck (aside from standard deck rules like named cards and color matches your mastery). Going back and errataing a bunch of cards to say "Mentor deck" would be ridiculous. I would mentor decks have a 1 per limit and you MUST have the exact # of cards in the mentor deck that it says on the mentor. So for your example above the player MUST have 4 cards in their mentor deck and each one would have to be different.
  17. Light Of Hope Trunks non foil

    Moved to Marketplace and eBay link removed. Please read and follow forum and marketplace guidelines. ~ Stryyder
  18. Super Mario Odyssey

    Wow, yeah I barely had 200 when I beat Bowser. I loitered a little bit in each world, but eventually just wanted to move on and explore the new stuff. I'll go back now and get more.
  19. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    I've spoken with some that got their shipments already and received their dash packs, but I've also heard some that are getting shorted on all shipments, just because the demand is so high. Time will tell.
  20. Super Mario Odyssey

    pretty sure that shop is right down the way from the ship, on your way into the main area of the level. Hard to miss... (also, FYI you can only redeem one world's purple coins in that world's purple shop) Ok, so a weekend later and I have "beaten" the game. By "Beaten" I mean I beat up Bowser and finished the "captured Peach" storyline. except now I find out that I have one brand new world to explore and I haven't even acquired 25% of the available moons in the game (fyi, there are 880 different power moons to collect, plus you can buy more from shops after you beat bowser, the max # it will go up to is 999 moons). Plus getting more moons means unlocking more new outfits. So there is still PLENTY to do post game. Also, it looks like all the outfits that the different Amiibo unlock are not exclusive, you can actually unlock them all at some point after you beat the game without any Amiibo use. So all in all, I had a blast with the game. That last boss before you head to Bowsers castle was everything I've ever wanted in a Mario game. Also Bowser's castle having a Japanese temple theme was really cool. So now it looks like I will be spending some time exploring each world to get all their power moons and purple coins (some worlds have upwards of 70-99 moons!)
  21. Counter questions

    Yes you do.
  22. So some of you may have noticed that the latest version of the DBS rules manual and play manual went live on the main website. These documents now include descriptions and rulings for new mechanics in set 2 such as Union, Tokens and Indestructible. So let's take a moment to break down what all was added to the Rules Manual. (you can find it here: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/pdf/rulemanual.pdf?Update=20171025 - Changes/additions are indicated by red text.) Section 1 - Game Outline No changes Section 2 - Card Data 2-11-1-1-1 and 2-11-1-2-1: There are some cards in the new set that reduce energy costs for Battle cards or Event cards. This causes a problem between "Total Cost", which is how much TOTAL energy you normally pay to play the card, and "Specified Cost", which is how many energy of a SPECIFIC COLOR you must use to play that card. For example, a card with an icon in the upper left that says "4" and has 2 smaller red dots around it has a "Total Cost" of 4 and a "Specified cost" of 2 red, meaning you must rest 4 energy to play that card and at least 2 of them MUST be red. The added rules in the sections above state that if the cost of a card would be reduced BELOW the "Specified Cost", you must still pay that specified cost MINIMUM. So with the example card above, regardless how much you reduce the cost, you would have to pay a minimum of 2 red energy to play the card. Section 3 - Game Areas There are 2 small clarifications in this section: 3-6-7 - There is no limit to the amount of Extra Cards that can be in the Battle Area, but you may only have ONE field card in your Battle Area at one time. 3-7-3-1 - You may ONLY combo with cards that have both a combo cost AND combo power. Section 4 - Basic Terms No changes Section 5 - Game Preparation 5-2-1-3 - This addition clarifies WHEN during the preparation players may search for cards that their leaders put in play at the beginning of the game (Such as Babidi). The order so far is 1) Present your deck and leader, 2) Place your leader card in the leader area, 3) "when this card is placed in the Leader Area" checkpoint, 4) Decide starting player, etc etc... Section 6 - Game Progress No changes Section 7 - Card Attacking and Battle 7-3-1-2-1 - Small clarification specifying only non-turn player may use their in-play battle cards for combo during their defense step (turn player does so during the Offense step). Section 8 - Activating and Resolving Skills No changes Section 9 - Rule Processing 9-4 - evolve skills and union skills direct players to place certain cards on top of other cards. These actions are processed with the "Interruptive rule" processing (9-1-2-1). This means that once the skill or play has been paid for and resolved, with any counter: play skills resolved, the cards are played on top, regardless of other effects currently pending and no other skills may be activated before that card is placed. Also, cards placed on top of other cards in play all modifiers and information on the base card is transferred to the card placed on top. Section 10 - Keywords and Keyword Skills LOTS of updates here 10-10 - [Once Per Turn] has been specified as a keyword. 10-11 - Indestructible - New Skill - Indestructible has been clarified. It is classified as a [Permanent] skill and cards with this skill cannot be KO-ed during battle or removed from the battle area by your OPPONENT'S card skills. 10-12, 10-13, 10-14 - Union - New Skill - Union has been classified as an [Activate: Main] skill and is divided into 3 different types: Fusion, Potara and Absorb. (NOTE: the rule manual seems to classify Union Potara and Fusion as [Activate: Main] but Union Absorb simply as [Activate] with no timing quantity. However in the description on the new Play manual it states as a blanket statement that "Union" skills may be activated during the Main Phase.) Union-Fusion - This skill may only be activated from the HAND and only if you have the 2 characters specified in the text box in your hand, in addition both must have the SAME POWER. Pay the Union cost, send the 2 specified character battle cards from your hand to the Drop Area and then play the Union-Fusion card to the battle zone. (NOTE: The rule manual does not specify where the specified cards must come from, but the description in the Play Manual states they must come from your hand.) Union-Potara - This skill may only be activated from the HAND and only if you have the 2 characters specified in the text box in your battle area. Pay the Union cost and play the card from your hand on top of the 2 specified character battle cards. Union-Absorb - This skill may only be activated while the card is in the battle area. Pay the skill cost and take the specified card from the specified area and place it on top of the Union-Absorb battle card. Cards placed on Union-Absorb cards retain the modifiers, position and other effects that were on the card it was placed on. As with Evolve, the stack is considered 1 card. 10-15 - Ultimate - New Skill - Ultimate has been classified as a [Permanent] skill. A player's deck may ONLY contain ONE card with the Ultimate skill. 10-16 Tokens - New cards in set 2 can now bring Tokens into play. These Tokens act as specific cards with specific traits as denoted on the card that brings them into play, they are also governed by specific rules; * Tokens count as Battle Cards. * Tokens have the same information as cards (Color, name, etc), as specified by the skill which creates them. (NOTE: my interpretation of this, per 10-16-2, is that if the skill that creates them does not specify something, such as color, the token does not have that information. Thus cards that target specific colors could not target Tokens. An email has been sent to Bandai to confirm this.) * By default, Tokens enter the Battle Area of the player who used the skill to create them. * A token's name is equal to the type of token specified in the Skill. (i.e. a "Cell Jr." Token will have the Name Cell Jr.). This means if that name is specified by a skill in <<<>>> it can target that token. * Skills and effects that target normal cards can, generally, also target Tokens. * When a token would be moved from the Battle or Combo areas to any other area remove that token from the game instead. 10-17 - Remove from the game is now an official game mechanic and is pretty self explanatory. Cards that are removed from the game must remain face up for all players to see and do not count as being in any "area". Section 11 - Other 11-2 When moving cards between hidden areas, those cards MUST be revealed even if the card does not say so. (i.e., "Add a <Son Goku> from your deck to your hand.") NOTE - unlike with other "cherry picking rules" this rule does not seem to make any exception for all-purpose searches (i.e. search your deck for a card and put it in your hand or shuffle a card from your hand into your deck), thus for now any such effects would still require the card be revealed. 11-3 - card stacks are slightly clarified with the following: * Cards placed on top or below existing cards in play are always placed in the topmost or bottommost positions. (i.e., if you have a stack of 2 cards in play and another card would be placed under it, it must be placed at the bottom of the stack) * Only the topmost card of a stack is active. * If a stack would be moved to an area other than the battle or combo areas the top card is moved to that area and the remaining cards underneath it are sent to the drop area. (Any auto skills on the cards underneath the active card triggered by area movement do NOT activate) * If a card specifically states to move only the top card of a stack, the next card in the stack will now be the active card of the stack and will gain any modifiers or information that affected the previous top card. That should be about it. Any questions or corrections are welcome.
  23. Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

    That all just sounds YuGiOh-after-Battle-City level awful.
  24. Rules Manual Set 2 Update - What does it mean?

    Also, as part of the Token ruling: Cards like combo Goten that specify a card has a specific energy cost (i.e. "KO a battle card with Energy cost 3 or less") cannot target tokens, since they have NO energy cost. However, cards like Bardock or Kale that specify a number of battle cards whose total costs add up (i.e. "KO any number of battle cards whose cost add up to 3 or less) CAN target Tokens, since the effect does not specify that the targets HAVE a cost, just that they be battle cards and, as a group, don't exceed a certain cost. (In other words if you target 2 Cabba and 5 Chilled Army tokens, 1+1+*+*+*+*+*=2, which is less than 3).
  25. Rules Manual Set 2 Update - What does it mean?

    Ok, it's official. New updates to the main website's Q&A section, further fleshing out the new mechanics like Indestructible, Tokens, Union, etc. Here are a few clarifications to note: Tokens - Tokens do NOT have an energy cost unless the creating effect specifies they do. This would corroborate that Tokens ONLY have as much information as the creating effect would give them. Indestructible - This skill protects against the opponent's effects only, but when given a choice, a card with Indestructible CAN be targeted, even though it won't go to the drop area. For example, if your opponent has Awakened Broly leader you may choose your Indestructible battle card as the target for his Skill, to essentially making it useless. However if it is YOUR Awakened Broly leader and you choose your indestructible card, it WILL go to the drop area. Mafuba - Contrary to the rules Mafuba does NOT stop "When attacking" Auto effects. The attack order shows that Autos "activate" after counter window and Mafuba specifically says the card's skills CAN'T "activate" but apparently Bandai decided they didn't want to pay attention to that tidbit.