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  1. SV828's Back and looking to trade Score Z

    I don't know if you are still looking but I have a lot of gt and broly cards for sale on eBay
  2. Old z collections

    Do you have any vegeta league cards
  3. I'm looking for this cards pm if you want to help me Vegeta lunge p8 Vegeta saiyan prince foil 151 Devastation drill pr6 Vegeta season l6-0 Vegeta percussion concussion l6-1 Sec'em goku l6-4 Vegeta gutter wallop l6-6 Time traveling l6-7 Double whammy l6 Vegeta energy thrust tr2 Vegeta energy focus x2 Majin rapid fire k4
  4. I'm looking for vegeta revitalized #159 and majin vegeta malevolent #123

    1. knorris12


      Sold all my ultra rares, 

  5. I'm looking to buy old school vegeta revitalized card and majin vegeta malevolent #123 if anyone is selling please contact me