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  1. About how long, after you applied, and in what way were you notified that you would receive a demo deck. I applied on the 16th, for the new demo deck promotion, and was wondering.
  2. Vegetal Prince of Speed seems like a really good card, especially if there is not going to be a lot of card draw.
  3. Sorry the Dragon Ball Z TCG that came out in 2014. @Majin Goo Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into those, and based on the description of that Tien deck I think I'll really enjoy it.
  4. Hello all, As per the title, I am new to the card game of Dragon Ball Z and, soon to be, Super. I am a long time lurker of Dragon Ball content, and it is one of my favorite TV series, whether its just nostalgia, I don't really care. I am hoping to get to know the community, and be an active member of it as I explore the game. Some of my favorite characters include Cell, Android 18, Tien, and, of course, Goku. I'm looking forward to building my first deck, right now I have a starter deck and am trying to figure out which direction I want to go. I enjoyed White, Red, and Green in Magic, if anyone has any suggestions based on that, I'm open to them. For right now, I'm planning on just playing with friends till i get the hang of it, but am super interested in popular get togethers, and whether there are any near me, I'm in the D.C. area. This intro. is going on for a bit so I'll end it there. Nice to Meet You All!