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  1. Xenoverse MP Stacks

    Yeah, it's pretty muffed in any tcg to have that much permanent lockdown that messes with the draw step. Maybe it'd work if the top of deck effect was only on his level 4 and it came with a debilitating side effect like not being able to win by MPPV ever like Lord Slug?
  2. I fixed mine, apparently some of the Promos were included in the update Revelations scans instead of the Promo scans.
  3. D&D and other RPGs

    I played a very foreign monk-type (I think the class was called "Brawler" and was from a Pathfinder book) character with strange quirks I came up with in advance and gradually revealed. He wore a candle holder helmet, but always lit one going into combat regardless of if he needed light. Occasionally, I'd reveal the various enchanted candles I'd thrown in with the hundreds of normal ones he bought. Like, there was this room full of vaguely poisonous looking mist, so I lit a "candle of clean air" and offered to go in alone. In that same scene I got captured by these "mist drakes" (or maybe they were more like big dragon people) or whatever. Sitting under one of them, I proceeded to open a fortune cookie (I bought an entire box in town after the dm mentioned them as a misc food item without mentioning it to the rest of the party) and pulled up an online fortune generator....it said "You will know great peace soon."
  4. Hey, is anyone else having trouble with some of the promos in the new image pack?
  5. Xenoverse MP Stacks

    Me, an intellectual: "This is going to be a thread about the default designs for the Create-a-character races. That would be a good way of diversifying choices of characters who interact with the trait system...." Alternatively, if there isn't enough art to make full mp stacks, the time patrol could make cool hero allies and the time breakers could make a cool set of new villain allies with names of old characters.