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  1. Like, he doesn't need to be a full stack, he could just be an alternate level 4, but I've always really digged his design, and Supreme Kai being tricked into fusing with Kibito is one of my favorite scenes in DBZ. Hell, they could even just make a Supreme Kai named card based on Potara Fusion where you banish/shuffle an ally to advance a level similar to the flavor of Cell's absorbing effects. (Cell's Draining Attack and Blue Vision.)
  2. Like, yes, he has strong mythological ties to Earth, but so the do the Namekians. I kind of wish that Majin or God had been rolled into a Celestial/Magical/Demon trait category. He's a Makyan, they have a named homeworld: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Makyo_Star. Although, I get that things like the "demon realm" existing as a place you can go to in universe muddies the definition of what we think of as an "alien"
  3. Let's get an Android 21 stack to really muck things up~
  4. New CRD

    I honestly think Card Advantage and "bricking" in this game aren't as tight as they are in Magic or Yugioh, so I kind of like the current lack of side deck as it makes matchups feel more meaningfully different. I'm glad that Visiting the Past is gone from my arbitrary bias against staple cards or anything too good in colorless in TCGs. I used to be all aboard the Ban/nerf Time is a Warrior's Tool train simply because I didn't like seeing it in every deck, but it's so meta-defining and I really don't want to see beatdown go more rampant than it already is. I'm primarily a Namekian main, so my color isn't really hurting for defense in the event of it getting removed....maybe it would've been smarter to give Namekian and Blue a Time equivalent card instead of actually just reprinting Time from the old Score game....but the damage has been done.
  5. Xenoverse MP Stacks

    He seems more balanced now that you've more or less limited his stack abilities to the screening utility, I'm not entirely sure I get how the distinction works as far as "Trunks" personality cards" you mean "Trunks Named Cards" right? I'm assuming that he counts as a separate character like the Future Gohan or Kid Trunks situation. Side Note: I guess I thought the weirder race'd Time Patrol stacks would be a good way to expand support for Alien/Namekian/Majin, but with potential reps from Super as of the Tournament of Power arc and Android 21 as a more defined videogame Majin rep...there's better material to pull from now.