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  1. Successful Decks

    Splash of blue ramp huh. So like objection and whis's coercion? I've been trying to think of a way to properly splash blue into red for a while now but to no avail. getting lightning fast hit off earlier sounds nice.
  2. The free Ginyu cards part is definitely nice, but that's not the real reason behind using Ginyu. More and more players are leaning toward getting you down to 5 life, and then waiting until they have lethal before finally attacking. So with frieza you won't be able to awaken...but with Ginyu you can force the awaken. Its Ginyu, Cabba, and that green Vegeta that can counter that prevalent strategy. I just feel like Ginyu would be more fun to build using it.
  3. Oh shoot. Are there any good ginyu decks out there? I should take a look at those then
  4. Decided to try and make a Ginyu deck next because why not. Still a work in progress obviously but the goal of the deck is to utilize both your ginyu leader ability, and the 6-drop ginyu card itself and OTK. Leader: Ginyu 4 mecha frieza 4 avenging frieza 4 frieza call 4 guldo 4 recoome 4 burter 4 jeice 4 appule 1 Sui 3 Ginyu 4 sorbet 2 champa 4 dodoria I need to fill space for the last 4 cards, and while the vanillas are in there for now, they either might change numbers or be cut. Likewise with Sorbet.
  5. Frieza Control

    I take it you don't have any actual constructive criticism? I'm building decks for each of the colors anyways.
  6. Frieza Control

    Too late.
  7. Frieza Control

    This deck is still very much a work in progress, but here's what I have so far. Leader: Golden Frieza 1 golden frieza 1 full power frieza 4 mecha frieza 4 avenging frieza 1 ginyu 3 recoome 3 burter 4 jeice 4 guldo 2 sorbet 1 king cold 4 frieza call 4 crusher ball 1 eraser gun 1 cold bloodlust 4 dodoria 1 hellish frieza 2 son goten 2 champa 2 ultimate Jaco 1 bad ring
  8. Tri-Mix Goku

    I might steal this idea for a red/blue deck.
  9. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    I mean the evolving effect is nice, but you can also get it off of Vados. That was the main reason I suggested it.
  10. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Yeah I thought about it afterwards and Hit is pretty good in conjunction with Vados. have you thought about Raging Cabba as maybe a 2-3 of?
  11. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Why run hit without lightning fast?
  12. The Bear's Green Broly

    Is champa really worth running just for the double strike? I understand that you can combo with it for game but how often does that come up?
  13. Yeller Freezy Pop 2.0

    So how useful does champa end up being in this deck? Goten I could maybe see, but just double strike doesn't seem too useful
  14. The Bear's Red Hit

    I wonder if it would be possible to mix this deck with some blue stuff, like a Whis/Objection engine of 4 bulma 2-3 whis 4 objection. so you can spam out more stuff faster and faster