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  1. Tournament of Power Set

    He is like a Pseudo Vegito for Universe 7 because at that point it doesn't matter what color your energy is anymore with no Specified Costs, and with Universe 7 being stretched out into every color in ToP it means you can use any of the Uni 7 cards in the deck and it should run just fine. I think it will be interesting pending what the rest of the Uni7 stuff does in ToP set.
  2. Draft Box 2 Info

    Im gonna guess at some point hercule will have a protection card like Babidi, albeit Hercule can be a nice striker if you have a card or 2 in hand since he would be a 55k swing. He has potential to be good, pending you build a more defensive deck anyway.
  3. Draft Box 2 Info

    It will be interesting to see what Caulifla does as a Red Leader.
  4. Mecha Frieza

    You know what, I would be a little more okay with Mecha not getting a once per turn to his effect if it was send one life to drop to use his effect instead of adding it to hand. I feel that would help to balance it out all the better. Keeps his effect pretty stupid good, but you lose a good amount of the advantage of using his ability since the cards are going to drop now instead of hand. Unless everyone here sees issue with that also. It could add an OverRealm twist to the deck I suppose, but I feel it would help to hit the power of the deck. I still favor a once per turn on him, but it could be another potential way to errata him.
  5. The Games We Play

    I cannot wait for Smash Bros. and Okami HD is beautiful. I LOVED it on PS2 back in the day, but the art style is really cool. It's fun running around a practical canvas of color.
  6. Mecha Frieza

    I feel like all they need to do is make Mecha once per turn, or maybe change it so it can only be used on yellow extra cards. Then change Planet Vegeta to require a Saiyan Leader. All it would take is a small change/errata to equalize the meta for DBS. I can't complain too much though I suppose since my Machine Mutants can usually knock out Yellow/Blue Mecha Apes, but Red/Yellow Apes are the problem. I'm trying different changes to my decks to see how they fair against Mecha Apes. I have yet to figure out how to use my deck to beat the red variant but blue isn't terrible as I can usually swarm the field faster than they can, and if they don't get that vegeta, I murder all of those apes with attack reduction. I just wish I could see variety at locals again instead of EVERYONE and their mother running Mecha Apes.
  7. Draft Box 2 Info

    I think it would be cool to see him Red and be a Machine Mutant/Android so that way we could see Red/Green Decks that utilized Red support for Androids in a more proper manner, but there is a good chance he would end up being Green since all of the 17 and 18 stuff already is green. Either way if he ends up bring a leader I think depending on what they do with him he would be pretty sweet. This is all making the assumption he gets to be a leader though of course. Can it be March 30th now so we can see the leaders?
  8. Draft Box 2 Info

    My buddy showed me the GT episode where Super 17 kills Android 20 and Myu calls him the ultimate Machine Mutant. So if he becomes a leader. Would he be an Android or a Machine Mutant? Or both? O.o food for thought i suppose.
  9. SS4 Goku decklists?

    I had a Goku GT Deck built that had the card in the deck, but it ran into issues with its consistency. I'm still tinkering with the deck and the idea of SS4 Goku, so if I get anything solid, I'll post a decklist here. Goku GT is interesting since it offers a lot of draw power.
  10. Fu, Shrouded In Mystery

    With quick games you are right. Hard to play a 6 drop. However, you are wrong and right about super combo. Fu cannot stop the keyword "Super Combo" as it is a perm. Effect preventing you from playing 5+ super combo cards in a deck. Fu does stop the Auto effects of your Super Combo cards though making them 0's.
  11. Fu, Shrouded In Mystery

    Yeah. It is all thanks to 2-3-2-3 in the rule manual. Says extra cards are cards you play in the drop zone to activate skills.
  12. Fu, Shrouded In Mystery

    I've been seeing quite a few interesting decks at my locals since set 3 dropped. (Did a few over the past weekend). I didn't think too much about it, but I truly didn't realize just how terrifying Fu truly is. Prevents the opponent from activating skills except Leader skills until your next turn. That literally prevents EVERYTHING except for permanent effects from activating. You can't use any Blockers, or Activate skills. Can't use auto's. Honestly if you have a semi-decent board set up, this guy can murder your opponent since they can't really do anything but combo. Plus your opponent can't Super Combo because it is the Auto that gives it the +10k and whatnot. Ouch. X.x Anyone else see some play from Fu?
  13. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Interesting reads about everything going on, but I have a worry if they made it so you can't play black cards as energy, and though I believe the Bardock deck coming out in set 3 is a black deck to begin with, if you couldn't place them in energy, what would happen if you Whis into a Black card? It would create a lot of issues in rulings.
  14. Mystery Announcement tomorrow, February 22nd!

    Pretty sure the announcement was you can stream DBS from the site now. Wasn't super big, but it was pretty nice.
  15. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    There is also a card list for a bunch of the new black cards on the site. holy crap a black negate that goes back into your hand by discarding 2 cards after activating O.o http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428003&color=Black