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  1. New player - help with expanding a starter deck

    I'm late to the party as far as responding to this, but typically Blue is more Ramping energy/Energy Manipulation. Green tends to be more control oriented/I'm gonna KO everything you have, or make you discard your hand. Red is the agro that tends to be playing lots of cards and swinging hundreds of times. Yellow is about those Extra cards, especially counters. (Looking at you Cold Bloodlust and Crusher Ball.) Black is pretty much an all around "I'm going to have cards that do a little bit of everything so I can be teched into decks." kind of color. At least, that is how I see the colors.
  2. Flute/SS3 "Errata"

    As far as hitting Flute where they needed to, I believe they did the right thing there. As far as SS3, I still think he needs to be toned down. He is still by far the Superior Leader for most decks. I'm not the greatest at balancing so I wouldn't even know how to suggest an edit to him to make him still different from what he is, but I was really hoping they were going to Errata him in some way. I still enjoy playing the game, especially with friends, and I think in future sets we will see the current meta shift more and away from SS3. (namely because I feel like they are going to keep releasing cards that screw SS3 over in some way, or that is the feeling I get from their update) As a whole, though, I don't know how I feel