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  1. Brand New Dragon Ball Super Player

    I'm super late to the party, but welcome!
  2. Blue/Green Androids

    It looks like a great deck list. I know in my Android deck I'm still playing it mono green but swinging with the twins and boosting them with King Vegeta's Surprise Attack seems to catch a lot of people off guard. Especially once your Leader gives the 5K boost. You get 4 swings with 30K. Maybe I'll try to build an Android deck without Cell that utilizes the Twins and play Champa in there also so I can get some Double Strike Action on the little Androids over playing the big ones.
  3. Hey

    Welcome to the forums. I'm also working on a Cell deck. I have 4 of the SR Cells though I'm thinking I only need 2 of them in my build in which case if you still need him I'm sure we can work something out if you have interest. I also posted on your marketplace post. Hope you have fun here!
  4. DBZ Single Cards

    I have the Frieza, no idea what the value on it is, since it appears a lot of people never cared for him much, but we can work something out im sure if you would like. Feel free to PM me.
  5. Let's build a deck: Vegito

    No Mighty Attack Goku? (The one with Critical, I don't remember exact name.) I only ask because I know how good Critical can be. albeit bundle of curiosity lets you draw cards which is good. I like the build for utilitizing Potara Union.
  6. Android 17/18 alpha build

    I just traded for 2 TP1 Cell's and got 1 TP2 17. What ratio do you run your cells?
  7. Android 17/18 alpha build

    The twins require you to discard a card per their effect to re activate, without being able to draw cards from my leader I didn't have the hand to be able to slam them with the little ones. By the time I could play the big ones they already had the 6 drop zamasu out and the first player was playing blue/yellow zamasu and really didn't like when I played the big androids so they got crusher balled. >.< I've fixed my deck up and have 2 of the cell promo from set 1 and from set 2 now in the deck so I can self damage a bit easier so that doesn't happen in the future. I also have one awakened rage son goku in the deck more as a trump card if they are at 3 life since it isn't hard to get your free drop krillin blocker in the drop zone. It usually just ends up as energy since cell and the twins get most of the work done, but it is fun when the opp. doesn't have many resources from cell dropping and I can finish them at 3.
  8. Android 17/18 alpha build

    My main problem I keep running into with my A17/18 deck is Zamasu decks that never attack and wait to get their big guys out. If I can't get to my Tien, its GG
  9. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    That is very disappointing. I would be rather upset with my shop for that, but good luck in getting stuff you need. You never know what you might be able to pull or trade for.
  10. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    Wouldn't that be against the rules or something as far as Bandai goes with giving them product? I only ask because I know when I was a judge for Konami when product was mishandled like that, they would go nuts and shops could lose their status for things like that.