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  1. ToP SCR

    I'm also curious to see your build. I'll post my Cell build later today when I get home. I played it at my locals this past weekend and also tried out a Vegito deck running some ToP stuff and both decks did really well. Made me happy anyway. Maybe I'll post both decks to see what other people think.
  2. Set 4 Green Revealed on Website Today

    The Green color of set 4 has been revealed minus the R's and SR's. We finally have a Piccolo Leader, in fact the green starter was also revealed, so we have not 1, but 2 Piccolo Leader's now! Green in set 4 is all about Namekians. Piccolo and Lord Slug being our Leaders.
  3. ToP SCR

    Could you do a profile of the deck? how consistent has it been for you?
  4. ToP SCR

    So I built the Cell/Goku deck. It is actually surprisingly consistent. I need to change a few cards around as typically Cell on turn 5 is usually enough to really hurt the opp. hand and going into the Goku on Turn 6 the opp. never expects. I've been using OR Mira to help with keeping hand low but honestly I feel like He will probably come out of the deck for more Uni7 to help support the Goku engine. I'll have to post a Deck List once I re-edit it. I'm going to take the deck to my locals on Friday. Testing against friends it does really well. But Yellow is the one deck that completely shuts it down since Crusher stops the play. So we will see how it all turns out.
  5. ToP SCR

    I thought about doing something similar to that. My friend plays a Vegito deck with a lot of Goku cards. you get A LOT of insane value when all of your Goku's are tri-color. ex evolving into the Green 6 drop for free at the end of everything to restand and has Barrier is stupid good. Protects him for another turn of shenanigans!
  6. Where did it come from? NON FOIL RARE

    http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/us-en/community/promotion/free-demo-deck03.php It is from the current Demo Deck.
  7. You can get non rare versions from the new half deck (trial/Learner Deck) for teaching the game I believe. You get the Xeno Trunks Lead and a bunch of Red and Black Cards. That Goku is one of them.
  8. ToP SCR

    You don't have to have a U7 Lead to play it. Honestly one of the ideas I was getting if I end up with a copy was you could build a Cell deck that is Y/G and just put your focus on not attacking and keeping their hand empty with effects, or maybe attacking with Crit and bringing out the new Goku to end the game. Wouldn't be terribly hard since you could utilize either the Cell leader to KO small problem cards, or use A17 lead to play the Crit A17 and A18 at 2 energy. Would be a very annoying deck to potentially deal with. You only need a little yellow like running the Yellow goku (since it is basically the only target for the green UI Goku) maybe do roshi and something like Darkness Eye Beam just to keep resting opp. Battle Cards so you can attack those instead of their leader. splash minor yellow mainly to get the 2 energy you need from it. Obviously you have to put some Uni7 stuff in there to discard for evolving, but the idea was fairly easy since you mainly focus on keeping opp. hand empty, or at least very low. and if you don't take the crit route, your opp. had to self awaken all 4 life to actually awaken.
  9. ToP SCR

    To an extent yeah. But against a deck that doesn't have something like crusher or mafuba, you prob. gonna die if that thing hits the field. can't negate his skills or attacks. people will probably build decks around him. not sure how well it will go, but it will be super annoying.
  10. ToP SCR

    And worse yet, a Goku that makes you win if you deal damage with him. I would rather not see a "Victory Strike" card.
  11. Set 3 Droids

    I'm not sure what happened to the forums. Feels like they died a lot, but it looks like an interesting deck build. How is the Mira split working for you? I would run 4 relentless but I just like the discard ability so I'm a tad biased. Critical is super nice also though. I've been tinkering with Androids and since I don't have cell chain it makes it a lot more difficult to kill off hand.
  12. Tournament of Power Set

    The SR list has been updated on the main site. Trio is now playable, and 10 drop Jiren too good.
  13. Son Gohan's Triple Strike Ability

    Not entirely sure what Gohan you are referencing, but if it is the Green Leader from Set 2, his skill removes all cards in your Drop Zone from the game. Not the Battle Area. That is the only Gohan I know of anyway that causes you to lose the game.
  14. Tournament of Power Set

    While Vegeta has a Counter, his skill to K.O. a card is an Auto When this card is played. I believe that means it would be negated.
  15. Tournament of Power Set

    I like the silliness Uni9 added with the Trio putting a lockdown if you can get all 3 out at the same time, but it won't be viable using Bergamo as a Leader. >.<
  16. Tournament of Power Set

    Blue was revealed today. Gohan and Bergamo are the Leaders. Universe 9 looks interesting, and rather annoying. Gohan lets you combo Uni7 in rest mode and once per turn draw 2 if you combo a uni 7 from battle area.
  17. Tournament of Power Set

    He is like a Pseudo Vegito for Universe 7 because at that point it doesn't matter what color your energy is anymore with no Specified Costs, and with Universe 7 being stretched out into every color in ToP it means you can use any of the Uni 7 cards in the deck and it should run just fine. I think it will be interesting pending what the rest of the Uni7 stuff does in ToP set.
  18. Draft Box 2 Info

    Im gonna guess at some point hercule will have a protection card like Babidi, albeit Hercule can be a nice striker if you have a card or 2 in hand since he would be a 55k swing. He has potential to be good, pending you build a more defensive deck anyway.
  19. Draft Box 2 Info

    It will be interesting to see what Caulifla does as a Red Leader.
  20. Mecha Frieza

    You know what, I would be a little more okay with Mecha not getting a once per turn to his effect if it was send one life to drop to use his effect instead of adding it to hand. I feel that would help to balance it out all the better. Keeps his effect pretty stupid good, but you lose a good amount of the advantage of using his ability since the cards are going to drop now instead of hand. Unless everyone here sees issue with that also. It could add an OverRealm twist to the deck I suppose, but I feel it would help to hit the power of the deck. I still favor a once per turn on him, but it could be another potential way to errata him.