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  1. "I'll end it on turn 6! Ginyu's shocking strategy!"

    You need 4 Crusher ball
  2. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    Yeah that awaken trunks is a disappointment. Same exact effect. It be better if they took off the "once per turn" restriction off of the awakened form. Or at least let us draw 2 cards for it
  3. Counter:Play Cards

    You are right about bloodlust. But the auto "when you attack" effect still go trough regardless if you negated the attack. For some dumb reason. I want to say it's because the attack deceleration already happened so, the auto met its conditions. (If you ever played Yugioh, you should understand this)
  4. Blue Vegeta

    Leader 1x Vegeta Deck 2x God Rush Son Goku 2x SS3, Son Goku, Maximum Energy 4x Energy Boosted Majin Buu 2x Rapid Spirit Ball Son Goku 2x Vegeta, Prince of Speed 1x Beerus, General of Demolition 4x Boost Attack Piccolo 4x Kind Saiyan Son Goku 2x Assailant Vegeta 3x Bulma, God Tempter 2x Energy Boost Beerus 4x Whis,the Resting Attendant 4x Guardian North Kai 4x Encouraging Presence Monaka 4x Whiss Coercion 4x Senzu Bean 2x Overflowing Spirit SSGSS Son Goku I am way to lazy to separate the card types, sorry. This deck is extremely fast and very powerful. Now on to my explanation. For the Goku engine, I play 4 of the searcher and 2 copies of each bigger goku. I believe this is the most consistent and balance numbers for this engine. I don't play objection because it's a minus 2 and whis is a far better card. I play 4x Encouraging Presence Monaka This card is a staple in the vegeta decks. It replaces it self and it give your critical vegeta double strike. It's probably one of the best cards. Everything else is just standard. If you have any questions about any card. I can explain it to you.
  5. The Prince of all Saiyans!

    4 Majin buu, 4 whis coercion, and 4 sense beans
  6. First shot at Beerus

    Also, you need 4 Majin buu he speeds up the deck a lot. And he's a free 5000 for a combo.
  7. First shot at Beerus

    It doesn't matter how you play objection. It doesn't matter when you play objection the card is minus 2 and and it's always going to be a minus 2. Don't play this card.