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  1. First shot at Beerus

    Beerus sama is the one leader where objections shines. Turn two you get to use your ability #awesomesauce
  2. Successful Decks

    Agro ginyu has made a huge impact since blue vegeta took his throne at the top of the meta.
  3. vegeta or broly?

    yeah I do like the possibility of busting a dual attacker, especially vados, but broly being a possible three drop and accessible with the one drop broly I think I've made my choice. Thank you all for the sound advice and gods willing I can snag the rest I need for my play sets.
  4. vegeta or broly?

    Been running a mono green broly as my main deck since I started with four rampaging attacker vegetas in it yet I recently came into two cells and the promo four drop broly. Which would be a better place, vegeta or broly as a four drop?