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  1. Battling

    So then this game is based on strategy - interesting. Coming from Yugioh that's how the battling turned out.
  2. Battling

    @sh0ryu_repp4 what you have stated is a strategic way of attacking (which in turn it is answering it) but aside from the strategic way, my leader can always attack and I wont loose life. I could be wrong but I think there should be a penalty if you lose battles with your leader at least.
  3. Battling

    Hey I have been asked this many times and also wondered myself. Is there a draw back in attacking with cards? Ex: (OP - offensive player / DP - defensive player) OP leader attacks DP leader and after comboing DP wins - OP does not loose any life or no repercussions. Wouldn't you want to always attack with leader every turn? Battle monsters makes sense as they can be destroyed once in rest mode please help this poor noob (me!)
  4. Card Value

    Now with this example, I would categorize this as a base card. Frost has the cost but its indefinite you can perform the effect. The others mentioned are a 1 time summon (to them a +1).
  5. Card Value

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has figured out a formula to determine if a card has a good play value to it. So in Hearthstone here was some formula where you add the ATK points and Health points to match it to the cards level and so on... I have noticed that the base line (could be wrong) is that their POWER is based by their level x5000 Ex: Assailant Vegeta - Cost: 3 / Power: 15000 / Abilites: 1 Son Goten - Cost: 2 / Power: 15000 / Abilites: 0 Overflowing Spirit SSGSS Son Goku - Cost: 4 / Power: 15000 / Abilites: 2* (One is a permanent) Rampaging Super Saiyan Broly - Cost: 6 / Power: 30000 / Abilites: 1 Out of these examples, would Broly be the best value card? Let me know your thoughts or formulas
  6. Phases

    @The Bear Thank you for your response and clarification!
  7. Phases

    Hey all, this may have been answered but I could not find the thread. My question is: Once you are done in the main phase and proceed to battle, can you go back into the main phase? EX: - Cabba atk Leader - Cabba goes into rest mode After Cabba is in rest mode can I now evolve him and proceed with another atk? - Cabba evolve into Raging Cabba - Raging Cabba atk Leader - Raging Cabba goes into rest mode If this does not work then what or how would you use\utilize Raging Cabba? Thanks,