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  1. Dragon Ball Z OCG - Opinions?

    I've heard of that game, and yes, it was nice, it's a pity that developers didn't pursue the project, it would have been an interesting addition to TCGs.
  2. Namekian Radiant Piccolo

    Nice deck really!
  3. OCTGN for GT?

    LATEST UPDATE - COMPATIBILITY ISSUES BETWEEN DBZ FUSION FORMAT AND DBZ TCG PLUGINS SOLVED Please follow the instructions below to avoid crashes on OCTGN while using the Fusion Format plugin: 1) Go to this OCTGN subfolder: GameDatabase\383a6ac2-6e52-40a5-980f-fade09e4908b\sets and delete the following folders: -0c196c03-ea0a-4287-a973-0d25bd017c0d -4cfe18bb-9de6-4e31-89c6-0ec76650429d -19cc5c8e-4069-4427-babd-ef04407f7408 -22ac7b37-6694-4237-8ca4-e7e64877214b -25e6dccb-c41c-409b-b5ab-1f797ed94414 -524f7345-8a6b-43e2-92bd-f635fd656e64 -2040f5dc-dac5-463c-b2fe-afdeb38ef52a -254870e2-6e2d-48bb-bb35-ceb086fcb2d1 -829904ed-425f-417f-8574-5001483d34ad -af655f80-adcc-4e49-87a2-04497d060e99 -e3be0e00-441e-4dea-b9ae-7577dba4a100 -ea0de271-df95-4c40-9000-45ea0107975d -eec8cad5-82c7-4254-936a-836ef945db77 -fe54a6f1-360b-436c-8dec-7fb3049d58dd N.B. THESE FOLDERS ARE THE SCORE Z CARDSETS DATA RELATED TO THE DBZ PLUGIN; you have to delete them because their set.xml files are not compatible with the Fusion Format Score Z cardsets data. 2) Go to this OCTGN subfolder: ImageDatabase\383a6ac2-6e52-40a5-980f-fade09e4908b\Sets and delete the following folders: -0c196c03-ea0a-4287-a973-0d25bd017c0d -4cfe18bb-9de6-4e31-89c6-0ec76650429d -19cc5c8e-4069-4427-babd-ef04407f7408 -22ac7b37-6694-4237-8ca4-e7e64877214b -25e6dccb-c41c-409b-b5ab-1f797ed94414 -524f7345-8a6b-43e2-92bd-f635fd656e64 -2040f5dc-dac5-463c-b2fe-afdeb38ef52a -254870e2-6e2d-48bb-bb35-ceb086fcb2d1 -829904ed-425f-417f-8574-5001483d34ad -af655f80-adcc-4e49-87a2-04497d060e99 -e3be0e00-441e-4dea-b9ae-7577dba4a100 -ea0de271-df95-4c40-9000-45ea0107975d -eec8cad5-82c7-4254-936a-836ef945db77 -fe54a6f1-360b-436c-8dec-7fb3049d58dd N.B. THESE FOLDERS ARE THE SCORE Z IMAGE PACKS RELATED TO THE DBZ TCG PLUGIN; you don't need these folders because the DBZ TCG plugin acquires Score Z card images directly from the Fusion Format plugin. 3) Go to this OCTGN subfolder: GameDatabase\b5df32b4-59b4-4a67-aa6c-8636ae8daf07\sets and copy-paste the folders listed below into this OCTGN subfolder directory: GameDatabase\383a6ac2-6e52-40a5-980f-fade09e4908b\sets -0c196c03-ea0a-4287-a973-0d25bd017c0d -4cfe18bb-9de6-4e31-89c6-0ec76650429d -19cc5c8e-4069-4427-babd-ef04407f7408 -22ac7b37-6694-4237-8ca4-e7e64877214b -25e6dccb-c41c-409b-b5ab-1f797ed94414 -524f7345-8a6b-43e2-92bd-f635fd656e64 -2040f5dc-dac5-463c-b2fe-afdeb38ef52a -254870e2-6e2d-48bb-bb35-ceb086fcb2d1 -829904ed-425f-417f-8574-5001483d34ad -af655f80-adcc-4e49-87a2-04497d060e99 -e3be0e00-441e-4dea-b9ae-7577dba4a100 -ea0de271-df95-4c40-9000-45ea0107975d -eec8cad5-82c7-4254-936a-836ef945db77 -fe54a6f1-360b-436c-8dec-7fb3049d58dd N.B. With this last operation you'll copy and paste the Score Z cardsets data from the Fusion Format plugin to the DBZ TCG one updated with Score Z and GT cards, thus enabling OCTGN to load Score Z images into both the plugins with no crashes happening at all. Have good games!
  4. OCTGN for GT?

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: if any user wants to play the classical Fusion Format plugin (Panini +Score Z) on OCTGN, don't install this patch for GT, because you'll get crashes on deck builder menu while adding a Score Z card; this happens because both of these plugins have ScoreZ cards installed inside; if I manage to solve this compatibility issue between these two plugins I'll update this topic, otherwise I advise you to choose which plugin you prefer to play: the DBZ plugin updated with GT and ScoreZ cards or the Fusion Format one.
  5. OCTGN for GT?

    Yes, Artificial I think it's just a plugin issue, just try to check if you have the correct subfolders inside OCTGN main folder; otherwise I advise you to clean install both OCTGN and the DBZ TCG plugin, and afterwards you can follow again the procedure I mentioned in the previous posts to clean install all the sets too. I'm sure that this way you should solve the problem if you like, just post some screens of your folders, I could try to help you verifying if they are just in the right directory as last tip, just check carefully the GUID code of the plugin, it has to be this one: 383a6ac2-6e52-40a5-980f-fade09e4908b; most probably in your OCTGN you have the other plugin installed, which has this GUID code instead: b5df32b4-59b4-4a67-aa6c-8636ae8daf07.
  6. Lost Episodes Saga rulebook for DB GT TCG

    No problem Artificial take your time and many thanks again for the favor
  7. Lost Episodes Saga rulebook for DB GT TCG

    I would be very grateful to you Artificial thank you very much if you can provide the scans for me
  8. OCTGN for GT?

    No problem mates I'll show you how I solved this issue, here are the instructions: 1) just check to have installed this DBZ plugin which comes bundled with OCTGN: Originally this plugin was designed to play with PanZ and FanZ cards only, but there's a way to have Score Z and GT into this plugin too, just let's go ahead with the following steps: 2) Download this archive: http://www.mediafire.com/file/49v4l79yy1cz4f0/Toms_unofficial_fusion_format_patch_for_octgn.zip Inside this archive there's a folder called "sets"; open it, select all of the contents and drag them into your 383a6ac2-6e52-40a5-980f-fade09e4908b folder, which is located into OCTGN's gamedatabase folder. Here is a screen, just to be clear: With this second step you'll have the needed files for OCTGN to load all the raw data about Score Z and GT cards. 3) Now you have just to download these image packs to view all the cards ingame (all the sets from Score Z and GT are included): http://www.mediafire.com/file/hahoqdvmdm8sjea/gt_promos_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/8iab4bwueau40f5/frieza_saga_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/xb1v6y2o86keu1r/saiyan_saga_part_1.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/s8zl78amkw8th9b/saiyan_saga_part_2.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/0svfa5rqs2d4txw/baby_and_world_games_saga_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/29zc1m5a0rnrlmw/shadow_dragon_and_cell_games_sagas_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/sag7jwsauehypu3/dbz_promos_part_1.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/x4ed3k0zi9y327v/dbz_promos_part_2.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/2l4w3425qzvvqr4/babidi_saga_and_fusion_saga_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/538pxp5t4z2d3kg/majin_buu_saga_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/63374hsi8svfa1d/Androids_and_super17_saga_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/o28w5f2o53dqnjw/dbz_league_promos_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ol96kwhriewk1b/tuff_enuff_and_trunks_saga.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/hx8a113di9b6a60/Kid_buu_saga_image_pack.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/zzuhvf181ghvq4w/cell_saga_images.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/moa9otm89q4jndq/lost_episode_saga_image_pack.zip 4) Unzip all the folders you find inside these archives into this OCTGN's subfolder: ImageDatabase\383a6ac2-6e52-40a5-980f-fade09e4908b\Sets; obviously overwrite any files if requested. That's all, thanks to this method you'll have just one plugin with all Dragon Ball cards loaded into; just open OCTGN and verify that all the cards are viewable N.B. TO ALL USERS: if you have installed in your OCTGN platform the Fusion Format plugin too, please scroll down and refer to the "COMPATIBILITY ISSUES SOLVED" post in order to avoid crashes while using the deck editor.
  9. Sorry guys, has anyone by chance some scans or a pdf of the Last Episodes Saga rulebook? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  10. Hello there!

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, I like very much the Dragon Ball universe and this is an awesome community, congratulations!
  11. OCTGN for GT?

    Yes, there's an Octgn plugin for Expanded Format, you have to join this group on Facebook: "DBZ CCG/TCG - Score + Panini Expanded Format Discussion"; they are using now the Fusion Format but in the file section you can find also GT image packs for the Expanded.