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  1. Completely destroy

    Yes you can print cards and use them in events.
  2. Completely destroy

    Now that’s comedy. Lol.
  3. Completely destroy

    Protective Future Gohan has the best MPPV match up in the game IMO. An important thing to note against MPPV decks is to try not to attack into their blocks as much. Ascension Trunks specifically loves to enter with 3 blocks and a slam. My advice would to play Baba, Blue Mental Drill, Bardock, or any other consistent hand knowledge cards. You’ll know when attacking is just advancing their game plan and if you can handle it. Orange has a good matchup for MPPV as well. Orange Meditation is one of the most degenerate cards in the game. As far as black Bardock goes, I think he has a bad matchup against Trunks. Your win condition is to get rid of all Trunks Knee Bash and Red Mule Kick; then slap wallbreaker on them and coast to victory. It’s a pretty fragile plan. Random Number Gaming has both Mischievous Bardock and Protective Future Gohan breakdowns on youtube. It may be worth checking out.
  4. Future Sets

    Take this back. Now. Lmfao
  5. Future Sets

    We probably will get Gogeta at least when they do Fusion Reborn but idk about SS4 unfortunately.
  6. Future Sets

    Joey said they will continue into Super and are not doing GT on stream.
  7. Favorite MP

    Pikkon has alien trait. You can see the alien trait card on the Deadzone blog.
  8. Favorite MP

    My personal favorites are Pikkon and Cooler. in the competitive scene I don’t think any single MP stands leagues over the others. Future Gohan, Krillin, Goku, Broly, and Future Trunks are all what I’d call tier 1 though.
  9. Set 10.5

    Yep. Blue in general loves this card. All those allies that are specific to the Mp you love? Try them out in a Blue deck with this card. My Resolute Cooler is pretty destructive in it’s current state.
  10. I goofed

    Hey guys! just putting a little NK rant here. To preface this story, the whole happening is my fault but I keep beating myself up about one loss at the tournament. In round 4 i was 2-1. I was playing Resolute Cooler using Stylish Pose, a small ally package, and a bunch of high damage attacks. This match was against Amp Krillin and I started off very strong! First combat I dropped Nappa ally and the first attack hit 2 Red Energy Blasts. I prioritized getting Chilled into play and banished them that same combat. I’ve now made it a very difficult battle for a setup based MP to beat my deck. From here, it’s coast to victory. Control the board, defend, and attack as necessary. None of my Supernova’s are hitting the discard so over a few combats he’s building up a very strong unusable board. 2-3 Destiny’s, Blazes’, and all that other nasty stuff. But all I have to do is protect Nappa. My opponent’s on level two with a few anger and plays an energy attack. I stop with Blue Narrow Escape and top deck 2 Overpowering Attacks. I mastery draw for one and use Salza ally to draw the other. My plan is if he crits Nappa I immediately play him again in the next action; keeping his lockdown alive. I play another energy combat card from my hand. He stops it and levels to 3 with a block. He’s down to about 15 cards anyway so I’m not too worried that I can take him out without his setups. He Krillin 3 powers and gets the crit. I don’t know if my opponent knew/knows but I didn’t at the time. Your HIT effects come before Critical Damage effects. He did this backwards. He crit Nappa and banished him with new Krillin 3. I can do literally nothing to respond to his Red Destiny’s and Blazes. He wins the game in a few actions. losses happen and I get that but when I found out this couldn’t have actually happened it really upset me. To any new players, make sure you’re asking questions. This game is complicated and micro rulings can win or lose entire games. I wanted to share this story for anyone interested. Thanks again guys.
  11. Set 10.5

    I must retract my previous statement. Stylish Pose is ridiculous and the best card in the set. The auto crit seals the deal. Mixed ally beats has never been better.
  12. Set 10.5

    I agree with your observation. There’s no real escalation of this specific power. Nail’s stack is all over the place. He’s got a very powerful 1,3, and 4 at the very least. so if somebody can find a way to weave them into a really cool control deck good on them! It almost feels like Kami at this point where his list will be kind of insane with cool tech options. Interacting with Hit effects, Dragon Balls, Named Omni Block, and on Demand crits kind of make him a niche tool box.
  13. Set 10.5

    I’m not too impressed with the set myself. I like Nail, Guru, Raditz, and Black Judgement Rush. I’m undecided on Namekian Planetary Countdown. The flavor is cool but I don’t play namekian and don’t see it played as much in my local. Red Shining Sword Attack is more spammable ammo for Dabura OTK. Has a cool interaction with Trunks’ Sword Slash. I don’t hate this one. I just wish they had made the drill a Trunks named card. That’s what it is. No other MP is ever going to make use of it unless they make a Gohan Z Sword level or something. the Blue card is my least favorite and that’s all just personal preference torwards Resolute, Resourceful, and Protective. Black Judgement Rush can find a home in a couple different deck archetypes which is why I’m most excited for it. No comment on the orange card. I don’t think I would play it.