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  1. So guys Set 10's been out for a few days and we've had a moment to take it in. What decks are you immediately drawn to and want to build? For me I really like the idea of a few Resourceful decks. Nappa, Raditz, Piccolo, and the list goes on. I'm really enjoying a few Amplified decks as well. Cooler and Pikkon to be specific. I may build a Kid Trunks deck in Orange or Saiyan. Also liked the idea of Retribution or Ascension Supreme Kai to get to that level 3 as quick as possible. I'd also like to add that there are a ton of MP's added in this set and each of them seem very strong at face value. Which of these new playable characters do you think is the most balanced and best designed for the game? I've only played a few rounds against Supreme Kai and nothing against other new MP's as of yet so I can't really comment from experience on this. I think however, Kid Trunks has great powers, great flavor, and doesn't seem to be a point of contention for anyone since his reveal. So he would have my vote.
  2. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I thought this as well but this would hurt you too. Beerus makes you banish whenever you discard so his named card essentially banishes both players hands. Not many options would be left for your shuffling effects. Also on the Alien trait, Pikkon does have the Alien Trait along with Cell Jr and Cell. Cell JR and Cell are an oversight and those cards only reference set 1-7 MPs. This was explained on Retro. I wish they had put up a blog post to clarify as well.
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    And we're certain there is/are named cards? Either way. Pretty great so far. Namekian Right Cross is crazy. Cannot believe that card is not BAU. Really wasn't interested in testing Enlightened Mastery until now.
  4. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Where did you get this info?
  5. Deck building and organization

    A lot of people soley use that now as their main source of playing games. No matter what if there's no community in your area, there's always one online.
  6. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Haha it's fine. I'll try to keep it updated at more cards are revealed. Next set I'll start it much earlier. It was fairly easy to put together in about 30 minutes.
  7. Deck building and organization

    I wouldn't mind playing via OCTGN if you need a way to play.
  8. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    If you guys are interested here is the link to the preview Drop Box. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xdtge4p1871r83o/AABOKp3ZavKunYBqVIima2VMa?dl=0
  9. Deck building and organization

    Is most of your testing done in OCTGN as well? I play OCTGN occasionally but not that often mostly I just play with my close friends and in tournament play. So when editing my decks it's often real cards that don't always immediately find their way back home.
  10. Set 10 is offering a plethora of new gameplay experiences through MP's and Masteries. Between helping my friends, girlfriend, and building decks myself; my dining room table always becomes a disaster zone of loose cards. I'm excited for the release of Revelation next week and also fretting the condition of my flat surfaces after the deckbuilding frenzy is over. So with that said what are you going to do to stay organized while finding the fastest way to break Android 18 and Supreme Kai? I have 3 long boxes of styled and non-styled C/U cards. The rest go in my binder organized by style and card type. Some staple C/U cards go in my binder as well. Share with me how you organize your cards and what works for you.
  11. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    That Supreme Kai MP calls me. I wanna break that level 3 so bad. But how... haha seriously though Goten and Supreme Kai have been the highlight characters of those revealed so far for me.
  12. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Holy crap is he freaking awesome.
  13. Set 10 Blue Mastery Speculation

    I ran 2 copies of Blue Lunge in Protective Cooler in set 6. Only time I've used the card. It will definitely be a staple in Resourceful decks. Has anyone done any testing with Resourceful yet?
  14. New Mastery Ideas

    The Red Mastery is cool if you can get in a position where you can hold 4 anger. Throwing level 1 Pikkon's free energy for 7-8 Life Cards was pretty epic (this was with despair drill in play and 1 Red Leap Rejuvenated). I played 2 games against Ruthless Chilled and the first game was a total wash. I changed some stuff up and although it's a battle for stages the whole game, damn does it hit like a truck. I think for red to really have a chance against stage beats decks they're going to need to add some stage support cards. Blue Resourceful Mastery is good. Like really good. At first I thought it was underwhelming but somehow it works. I'd like to see some stage beats decks that use Blue Cleanse to their advantage with this mastery. I could see Nappa leveling up and using Blue Cleanse to grab energized charge- Dig- Draw card- and commencing beatings. Chilled is also capable of doing something like this with his Energized Volley. I've played a few games with this mastery and Raditz already and it leads to really big combats.
  15. Set 10 Blue Mastery Speculation

    This mastery seems weird at first glace. It's got a lot of disjointed effects that make you scratch your head. I tested a Blue Resourceful Raditz, for fun, with a few cards I have (no set 8 or 9), and it was surprisingly just that. Raditz can put a whole lot of set ups in play during combat with this mastery. Stretch Kick is obviously this decks bread n butter. In one combat I was able to use 2 Blue Lunge's I was able to cycle it 3-4 times a combat sometimes. I think the name is fitting for this mastery. It's got a small damage mod and some tactical effects. as far as Blue attacks go I think the style has some of the most brutal attacks in the game: Blue Slash and Blue Head Knock. But that's the thing, every Blue deck utilizes the same cards. Hopefully this mastery changes that up. Blue Stretch Kick: The Mastery.