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  1. Decks & Stories Post-Escalation

    I’ve got a pretty good story. This may reveal my identity haha. I had time for 1 game Thursday night before bed. Got on OCTGN to play my buddy. He loads up Amp Drawku. I hate this freaking deck he knows it. He taunts me before revealing it saying “It’s gonna be hard for you to win.” I load Knowledge Cell. A deck I haven’t lost with for 2 weeks now. Red Energy is a bad matchup for my deck. Trapped is your only way to mitigate the damage attack after attack and drawku level 1 handles the -1 from Trapped. He wins the roll and enters without thinking about it. I search trapped and draw my cards. Chest Explosion, Ball 2, and Unleashed. Sweet. His deck just goes off. He used Static 3 times. Left Bolt. Just laying the beats on me. He ends combat on 2 with 3 anger. I’m level 2. After I drew my 3 cards the score is 18(me) to 50. I draw Ball 7, Ginyu, and Stare Down. I held Ball 2 obviously. Play both balls, he’s level 1 again, ball 7 top decks Time, Hybrid, and Chest Explosion. Mill a ton with Whack attached. Didn’t hit a Reverse! We pass a few times. I’m holding Time, he’s waiting for an answer. I stalled him out with this alone. He never saw his answers. At one point i draw 3 Dragon Balls. I’m milling the hell out of him with Tora + Whack. They’re banishing his Tandems, Combined Blasts, Spheres, and Confros. We entered a combat where I stare down’d him and he drew dead. Leveled to 3 and continued to hold my time. Game ends with me drawing the last 2 balls when I could have entered and just threw my level 3 power to win by survival anyway. He was pretty mad. I random banished all his answers to time. He never drew what he needed and just lost. His deck runs so many answers too. Over 10. Sorry man lol.