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  1. His level 4 is by far the weakest level on paper and in testing. Each of his powers are so easily played around on level 4. The prevention effect can easily be blown through by multiple attacks in the game. If it were “deals no damage” it would be a significant boon. AK, Sin Choke, and a ton of other no prevention options make that power significantly worse than the consistent recovery on his earlier levels. Otherwise all of his other effects are HIT effects. Inconsistent and slow. Cooler whips out a zero cost rejuvenate 7, Drawku can tutor Saiyan Tantrum for a Rejuv 3 and an auto crit, and Krillin is automatically tutoring multiple setups with a ton of other effects attached. All of these are zero cost level 4s. To get a significantly game-changing move on level 4 you’re going to need 2-3 turns of setup to possibly rejuvenate more than 3. Board control is popular right now because of Orange and Krillin’s popularity. All your opponent has to do is either block the first instant so you don’t have a setup for the attack’s hit effect,block the attack on level 4 so he can’t rejuvenate, or just banish your setups as they enter play because you have an action to interact with it. It’s pretty weak even compared to his 3. Level 3 automatically blanks one of your opponent’s board and adds consistent auto recovery. I’d take that over a few okay hit effects any day.
  2. I want to like him but his named package is flawed. There are a few direct counter cards for the gimmick. That generally leads to a very losing matchup. I think levels 1,2, and 3 all have the makings of great MP levels and after a few changes for the release Buu could be very good. Level 4 is okay but the HIT effect is extremely underpowered compared to other 4s in the already in the game. Overall I’m excited for the rejuvenation effects. I like the level 3 constant working even during your rejuvenation step and the he’s got Cooler’s level 3 constant on his level 2. what styles do you think he will succeed in, in his current version?
  3. My only concern would be that your main attacks are going to be Life Card damage. That doesn’t seem to synergize with MV much. But I think it may be worth testing out. Majin Buu is up on Deadzone guys.
  4. I’ve thought about Blue Protective with Overpowering Drill myself. There may be something to that. However I think against other Majin Vegeta’s, he’s going to lose the mirror because he can’t reliably run Prideful Challenge.
  5. I’ve been toying with Mischievous. Black Face Off, Final Flash, and Prideful Challenge to lock your opponent out of actions. You’ve got some decent anger physical attacks in Black too and really good block options.
  6. I like this stack a lot as well. I think he’ll open new avenues of play rather than being Broly 2. The level 2 and 3 will definitely be his sweet spot and 4 is his end of game swing. I think he’ll be successful in all of the stage beats-capable masteries printed so far.
  7. Hey guys new post on the DeadZone Blog. What do you think of him?
  8. There’s a few cards that he’s just not running enough of. Supernova is 100% all the time a 3x in any Cooler deck. The card is unarguably one the top 5 best named cards in the game. Drill line is a little weak. Definitely needs Despair Drill, Forward Stance Drill, and probably Embarassing Drill for his Combined Blasts. I would drop Training Blast, Frenzied Blasts, Energy Outburst, Heating Beams, Double Blast, and Red Sword Stab. Definitely add 2-3 Red Right Punch. Make Energy Blast a 3 of. If you want more physical damage go Red Pound over Sword Stab. It’s damage is good and you can proc it with the mastery. Look at Red Relaxation and VtP. I would drop the allies all together but if not run Overpowering Attack so he has a way to tutor them. I would drop Red Reverse if you are not running unleashed. Make Red Blocking Hand a 3 of. He may have good luck throwing seven dragon balls in with Red Bribes as well. I got creamed by an amp cooler that was setup this way the other day.
  9. If you’re going black physical beats definitely recommend looking at Black Judgement Rush, I’ll Dig Your Grave, and Suppressive Strike. If you want to push MPPV, Black Command is a classic. Black Palm Blast might be a cool one for Drawku to abuse too because of the insane damage you get for 1 stage, anger, and endurance. Generally people find Black aggro to be underwhelming.
  10. Completely destroy

    Yes you can print cards and use them in events.
  11. Completely destroy

    Now that’s comedy. Lol.
  12. Completely destroy

    Protective Future Gohan has the best MPPV match up in the game IMO. An important thing to note against MPPV decks is to try not to attack into their blocks as much. Ascension Trunks specifically loves to enter with 3 blocks and a slam. My advice would to play Baba, Blue Mental Drill, Bardock, or any other consistent hand knowledge cards. You’ll know when attacking is just advancing their game plan and if you can handle it. Orange has a good matchup for MPPV as well. Orange Meditation is one of the most degenerate cards in the game. As far as black Bardock goes, I think he has a bad matchup against Trunks. Your win condition is to get rid of all Trunks Knee Bash and Red Mule Kick; then slap wallbreaker on them and coast to victory. It’s a pretty fragile plan. Random Number Gaming has both Mischievous Bardock and Protective Future Gohan breakdowns on youtube. It may be worth checking out.
  13. Future Sets

    Take this back. Now. Lmfao
  14. Future Sets

    We probably will get Gogeta at least when they do Fusion Reborn but idk about SS4 unfortunately.
  15. Future Sets

    Joey said they will continue into Super and are not doing GT on stream.