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  1. New DBS Player

    Welcome. I used to play OCG Yugioh casually with some friends. Some of them play the TCG side as well. Now, just PanZ and board games. Might make a cube draft for YGO, probably before Chaos Emperor released. Might get into DBS but highly unlikely.
  2. Hey

    Oh, ok, saw your other topic. How's DBS in your area? Is it growing? Maybe there's something at Frank and Sons.
  3. Hey

    Hello, welcome. Which part of CA? SoCal here. Only playing DBZ by Panini here and there with the friend who introduced it to me. If its Super, I'm most likely not going to get into that game. Nothing wrong with it, just doesn't feel like a Dragon Ball card game to me. In any case, good luck.
  4. Shoryu's Tournament Report

    Congrats. Base, at least in Yugioh and probably Magic means the original or printed attack, defense, etc. In Yugioh, some effects make base stat become another number. That judge probably thought that you should know stuff like that already since being in the event and that might be the reason for the warning. As for the other situations, maybe they're new to what they're doing or being in charge. Strange day but at least it sounded like it went well for the most part. How's the scene? Were there a nice variety of decks?
  5. Named cards you want to see?

    All of these and then some. Wasn't Assisted a nod to Father Son? Can Hercule's be called Present For You or was that only in the video games? If there's going to be a Vegito, I will like Pinball Attack to be made.
  6. Best TCG Templates

    While I didn't play MtG, I do think it probably has the best template from what I remember seeing. YGO has two formats or whatever it's called, TCG (English, etc.) and OCG (Japanese, etc). Before a certain point, the text was very cluttered. Currently, at least on OCG side of things, they numbered the effects so it's slightly easier to track down the beginning of an effect statement. At least the template gets straight to the point with YGO in general. Haven't played for a couple of years so I could be wrong. Also, it reads from right to left because that's how most Asian countries read their text. Top to bottom, right to left. Studied it since over ten years ago so things could have changed by now. Though, we did write left to right.
  7. Hi.

    Hello, was lurking since PanZ was out. Thanks for all the rule clarifications. Still playing PanZ with a friend occasionally. Slowly collecting and making decks. At the moment, making Perceptive Gohan. Next is Blue something. Made Black, Red, and Namekian decks. Thanks for reading.