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  1. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Oh, ok. How is it as a power bank? Charges fast, etc. Those Lego hands. Using the power to light up its eyes and sword is cool. Is the robot form stable and does it seem it will hold up after a few years of use (transforming and or using it as a power bank)?
  2. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Oops, meant visual novels, oh well... Stryyder: Thanks for the info. I think I'll just stick to collecting other things (mostly Monster Hunter Figure Builder stuff at the moment). Really, I assume Hasbro will make 2 to 4 more combiners for this line but alright...guess we'll see what happens. Saw a recent video of Hasbro's working power bank Optimus, I guess Hasbro I guess... Tested out my YGO OCG cube draft with four players. Friends enjoyed it while I was more concerned with balance. I have to figure out the right amount of LP, deck size, and of course what cards should be in the cube. Will adjust rules and whatnot when we try it again. Went with 30 card deck and 5000 LP and one duel, whole thing lasted about 2 hours while drafting was 30 min, drafted 4 "packs" of 10, it was fun, also funny seeing random ass decks again (like the old days). Best moments were two duels had a player getting Lily-ied twice, calling out level 8 and Blue Eyes got discarded from Reasoning, and getting Yata-ed while cards were still on the field and in the player's hand (it's going to be taken out of the cube). Didn't play it like a tournament exactly, just a duel against each different player, not going for a winner but just having fun. Missing some cards and trying to get them now isn't worth their price (not paying about 6 bucks for a Japanese Millennium Shield, 1 for the card itself and 5 for shipping).
  3. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    sh0ryu_repp4: Not into virtual novels but thanks for the info. If someone I know who likes the genre and haven't already played, I might suggest it to him or her. Only one I played was one of the Phoenix Wright games (the one with Godot, him and his coffee). Thought it was amusing and hilarious with the animations and dialogue but there wasn't enough of a game for me to get into the genre (maybe if it had multiple paths, endings, viewpoints). Stryyder: Thanks for the suggestions, Birds of Prey is the reason why I might get it for him in the first place. Probably will get the base set with Birds of Prey. Do the female Transformers combine in this line? In your experience, how pricey are third party figures? Heard some can reach 300 or 600 dollars, I think it was the combining ones that can get that high (at the time, maybe Feral Rex).
  4. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Vile: That's hilarious. Might get a Gamecube or a recent version of the Collection (X or Classic) if there is one or going to be one. Stryyder: Maybe it wasn't selling or was employee error. Getting other PotP stuff? Saw a video of Rodimus Prime, it looked alright from the front but weird from other angles. How about Starscream? Hasbro makes some strange design choices these days (in my eyes). Also, someone attached Slash to Volcanicus and it was...um...let's not speak of it. Any expansions that you will recommend for DC Comics Deckbuilding Game? Might get it and an expansion for a friend (birthday gift). Saw a Nendoroid of X with Full Armor so I might get that one day.
  5. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Thearbiter20x6: If you really want to get into building Gundams or other stuff, I suggest finding a design you like, probably the high grade version and go from there. Been a long time but I think I started with a HG Red Astray, had some mistakes but still kept it and I don't nor do I want to paint mine. I admire those who do especially if it's well done. If I do start painting, I think I will go with a HG Shining Gundam (probably 2 sets) and paint it gold then probably the MG version if I feel like I did a good job. Vile: What's the red Gyan holding in it's right (I think it's the right one) hand? The joint problems was just a general statement. My MG Strike Freedom has a floppy arm problem and one of the wings just wouldn't stay connected but it's fine since I don't display my collection. The Bear: Been over a decade since I built anything but thanks for the tip. From time to time I see a random gunpla video which makes me check some stuff out. High five on the MMX collection, would've gone through it all if my Wii's disc reader still worked. I think I was stuck on X2 with either the Gator or the Ostrich. Stryyder: Are you also getting Slash? Not sure if it's part of Volcanicus. I don't really like Hasbro Transformers but at least the current line has more details than the last from the videos I've seen. Also, the current gimmick is weird. Haven't collected toys for a long time but from a video, I'm interested in the recent Diaclone Big Powered GV. It's expensive so I doubt I will get it. How is DC Deckbuilding game? Heard it's theme is odd due to fighting against each other and how villains can join a team but setup is faster compared to Marvel Legendary. sh0ryu_repp4: Last Soul Calibur game I played was the one for the Gamecube. How is the series currently? My friend is going to get Bayo 3 so thanks for the heads up. Does the SF 30th also include Pocket Fighter (doubt it) ? Since Arc System Works is behind it, I'm not too worried about FighterZ but I hope those concerns are addressed or have been already. Personally I feel ASW games have a very samey feel after Guilty Gear but it's probably just me. Majin Goo: I liked MM7 too, remembers fighting Bass and Treble with Rush armor. Now, did anyone play the Battle Network line? I enjoyed 1, 2, and 3 Blue. 4 was meh to me, got 5 DS but didn't finish, and 6 was better than 4 (it was also the last one so that probably helped at that time). Artificial Human: Had the SNES Super SF 2, remembers practicing until I could perform all the moves of all the characters since it was the first fighting game I got into as a kid.
  6. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    I don't paint mine so any decent looking paintjob is going to be pretty good to me. After I build mine, usually I test out the joints and see if anything falls apart or stuff like that then it goes into its box and stored somewhere. Do you have one that's considered your best work?
  7. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Oh, ok, that's what I assumed. Those look great. How long does it usually take to paint the 1/144 on average? Do you paint before assembly or after?
  8. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Oh, um, who provides the actual models for the game? Is it from someone's personal collection, every player brings what they can, and or the store provides it?
  9. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Lack of variety, an unfriendly community, and or too much focus on winning are mostly the reasons why I don't participate in tournaments. Vile: Cool, sounds like it's going to be fun. Hope it turns out well. Oh yeah, does the store, creator bring the gunpla or is it a everyone who plays pitches in kind of thing? Card Slinger J: Forgot to ask, how's FFTCG? When I found out about it, I couldn't get into it due to a number of things but am interested in its longevity. The art itself looks good but seems like it was taken from their archives, artbooks, etc. The backgrounds from what I remember were empty. It was expensive for a booster box for the initial release and was low in quantity. Friend bought it only to collect. How's the gameplay these days? Decent amount of variety? Back on topic, apparently there is going to be a Robotech (Macross) 2 player card game, Force of Arms. Haven't heard that name in a long time so I'm fascinated by it. Hope it's not a nostalgic cashgrab. Not enough details and pics from what I've looked up. By the way it sounds, it's not a TCG, maybe a LCG type of thing, not sure.
  10. Brand New Dragon Ball Super Player

  11. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Vile: Are there campaign objectives such as first to build a mobile suit, defeat rival suit, defeat opposing organization, etc.? How do you choose factions? I'm very curious on how someone would make a real life Gundam war game and things like balance issues and gameplay. Does it have attacks like Wing Zero's spin to win (even though you said it's based on ZZ)? Makes me think back of when I would occasionally pass by Games Workshop and seeing all the Warhammer 40K stuff. Thought that was too much to get into but if it was themed differently, I might give it a chance. Artificial Human: I see, that's understandable. Similar to one of my reasons why I will not play in an official tournament scene for any game. While it's different, used to go with a friend to a Pokémon TCG preview event, most of the playerbase I saw and played against were nice but there's an occasional jerk or someone who wanted to win very badly. One time, someone had prior knowledge about an errata (based on the Japanese release) and was talking to his friends about drafting the card/multiple copies of it, but he didn't seem like he would actually ask a judge or wanted it to be public knowledge (discussed it within ear shot and he was loud enough to be heard). Haven't been going for years, mostly due to loss of interest and my friend focusing on other games.
  12. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Most of the video games are getting released within a few months so that's cool. Hope Dragon Quest 11 will get an official date for the localized version soon. I wonder if UIs will be implemented in Fighter Z or DBS card game even though only a few characters can use it. My Wii couldn't read discs anymore so I couldn't finish Xenoblade, maybe I will replace it or get the New 3DS version. Was probably a third of the way through it. Liked the exploration the most. Did some quick research on Real Grade Gundams as a reminder for myself and read that some figures might be flimsy and also easily broken if one's not careful. One of the Mk 2 model(s) is good, so I've read, while the Original Gundam, that I'm interested in, is problematic. I prefer master grades while perfects are a bit much to build to my liking. If I ever go back to collecting and building them, probably one of each of the other grades while most will be MGs. Might get Deathscythe Hell, Wing Zero, Quanta (reminds me of Virtual On), and or something from Build Fighters Try. Speaking of figures, got two Monster Hunter figure builder ones. The sculpts look pretty good but one had a broken piece in its wing and the some of the paint on its back was bad even though it was still in its sealed baggy. Despite that, might try once more, probably a Deviljho or the Savage version (makes me think of Akuma). AlexM: How long does a 4X video game usually last? Only heard about that type of game from the board game community and it sounds likes it goes on for far too long for my taste but I am interested in the mechanics. Vile: Is that a war game with only Gundam figures or one with its story, mechanics, etc? Artificial Human: That sucks. Um, why do you hate your locals if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Until the end of this year and the next? Video games: DQ11, 3DS version on 2D mode (in the game itself), haven't played a new modern game with 2D graphics in awhile. Card games: Still slowly collecting cards for PanZ and trying to make decent decks for Blue, Saiyan, and Orange. Will get certain staples for Black, Red, Namekian and some random free style cards. Finishing research for Yugioh OCG cube draft. Have a good chunk of the cards. It will be for 4 players. Afterwards, maybe a cube draft for other games (in English this time around) such as PanZ and Maplestory iTCG. Board Games: Started collecting Arcadia Quest hero cards and figures. Gonna get expansions for the games I already have. Waiting for a KS game to be delivered next year. New ones might be The Quest for El Dorado, Onitama, Biblios, and or King of New York. Thanks for reading and or replying.