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  1. DBZ Single Cards

    pmed you sorry was not home all day today lol
  2. Hey

    Thanks! I will most likely be purchasing more union force booster boxes might save up for a case simply because of the secret rare. The one I managed to pull right away sleeved and then placed in a binder hoping to grade it just for memorabilia sake's. Grew up watching the show so really love the art and detail they put into making all the foil cards.
  3. New DBS Player

    welcome there bud
  4. Hey

    Ah I see I will check it out I do need some help I have a lot more saiyan cards at the moment. Or in the current meta of decks I have a lot of cards but then missing things like 3 promo or 1spr so does kinda suck lol. Thanks though I look forward to that.
  5. Hey

    yeah it is dragon ball super, i am currently focusing more on the union force set which just came out simply because it contains a Secret Rare that the first set does not. Sadly only missing 3 spr/4 to complete my 1st set collection and for the 2nd set also 3 spr/4 xD i managed to pull the secret rare last night! Currently I am working on a cell deck only missing 3 SR cell to complete the deck was unlucky on my pulls. If anyone knows any good deck builds that don't require too many promo duplicates or SR xD. I seem to have pulled a bunch of gohan and cooler.
  6. i know the feeling lol i just recently found a card shop and bought 5 boxes of the new set
  7. DBZ Single Cards

    Hi all, I am brand new to this forums just happen to find it while I was trying to build a deck to finally start participating in DBZ games. In any case I will soon update this thread with a list of cards I am in need of as well as cards I have on hand and willing to sell. This is for my personal collection and sadly missing the most high valued cards if anyone can give me a decent and not overly priced offer on these cards please feel free to post on my thread. BT1-031 SPR God Break Son Goku x1 BT1-073 SPR Broly, The Rampaging Horror x1 BT1-086 SPR Golden Frieza, The Resurrected Terror x1 BT2-012 SPR Repeated Force Vegito x1 BT2-058 SPR Infinite Forced Fused Zamasu x1 BT2-108 SPR The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core x1 Can do trades as well in person if you are local to me live in Cali in LA List of Available Cards Coming Soon Stay Tuned
  8. Hey

    Hi everyone, been collecting the cards for awhile now and finally decided to start looking into deck building and participating in the game. Any local cali players hmu!