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  1. Yellow/Red Frieza 2.0

    I will admit this. I would rather keep Appule at 4. This decks sole reason is to be seriously aggressive. Now when I do go to side for the game I so side him out for CBL for stuff like Cell and Vegito but Appule has actually won me games even for being.just an attacker at that right moment. The idea of the deck is to just keep beating the opponent down while making them have no board state to work with. Jiren was definitely the best add of the new set to this deck because he is an absolutely mean bruiser for a 4 drop that can attack active battle cards.
  2. Yellow/Red Frieza 2.0

    Y whats up everyone here with a decklist based on the deck list for the Yellow Red Golden Frieza deck that was made here months ago. With the new set being out and all I kinda built an upgraded version of the deck itself Leader: Golden Frieza MAIN BOARD 4x Avenging Frieza 4x Sorbet, the Loyal commander 4x Ginyu Force Guldo 4x Crusher Ball 1x Cold Bloodlust 4x Appule 4x Dodoria, The Emperor's Attendant 4x Destructive Occupation Frieza 4x Mecha-Frieza, The Returning Terror 4x Saiyan Cabba 4x Vados' Assistance 3x Furthering Destruction Champa 4x Confident Botamo 2x Jiren Fist of Justice SIDE BOARD 3x Bad Ring Laser 3x Cold Bloodlust 2x Assassination Plot 1x Hit, The Conqueror of Time 4x Darkness Eye Beam 2x Destructive Terror Champa