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  1. Buu/Red Deck Style

    @The Bear That was an awesome breakdown! Im def gonna def and build this and try it out. @Trunks123 Yeah, When I was at the shop, I heard people talking about how Cell is super good. I know it just won out in Cali too at that tournament. Seems like at the moment that are only a couple top tier meta decks and the rest are just completely viable rogue decks.
  2. Buu/Red Deck Style

    I did see the ones on bandai but i just assumed they were kind of like the basic starter deck ideas that most tcgs provide. I wanted to jump right into the meta and find out the hard way haha
  3. Buu/Red Deck Style

    Hey all! New to the site and new to the game of DBS but a local shop is really into and its infectious. Played a couple rounds last night with some of their premade decks and immediataly bought a promo pack to see where I could start. Ended up pulling a Grand Evil Absorption Majin Buu and because its a decent card (who am I kidding!? Its shiny and I want to use it), I was seeing if anybody had deck ideas for buu and buu archtypes. Been working on a couple ideas but wanted to see what other directions there were.