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  1. Quick Deck Help *Beerus & Hit*

    New to the game and I've came up with a couple of lists I'd like to try out and wanted to get people's opinions on them as well as potential help for sideboards. Mono Red Hit 2x Fickle Destruction 4x Furthering Destruction Champa (3) 4x Hit (2) 4x Lightning Fast Hit (6) 4x Scheming Champa (2) 4x Saiyan Cabba (1) 4x Vados's Assistance (1) 4x Raging Cabba (4) 3x Double Shot SSJ2 Vegeta (3) 4x Calm Hearted Vados (3) 4x Bewitching God Vados (6) 3x Jiren, Fist of Justice (4) 3x Iron Wall Magetta (3) 3x Confident Botamo ive also got 2 of the promo Hit, Conqueror of Time Id like to put in. Mono Blue Beerus 4x Objection (2) 4x Energy Boost Beerus 4x Beerus General of Demolition (2) 4x Bulma, God Tempter (4 4x God of the Gods Great Priest (7) 1x Result of Training (5) 4x Whis, Resting Attendant (4) 2x Infinite Force Fused Zamasu 4x Whis's Coercion (1) 3x Whis Judge of the Gods (12) 4x Zen Oh Plain God (7) 4x Universe 10 Supreme Kai Gowasu (1) 4x Boost Attack Piccolo 4x Senzu Bean (1)