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  1. Good DBS Decks

    Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Good DBS Decks

    THANKS! Means so much to me as a beginner!! Any tips and tricks are welcome! Thanks for any support and thanks for any more in the future!
  3. Good DBS Decks

    Thanks for the help! Really! I played the old dbz card game and I think it sucked REALLY BAD! I heard this game was a BIG improvement so I got a few packs to see, and the arts on the cards instantly got me in the game. I'm looking for starter decks so I can really get started, but can't find ANY! As for you saying Blue vegeta's good, that's a big relief! You know a blue vegeta deck list I can go off of to start?
  4. Good DBS Decks

    I'm new to the DBS card game and I want to know the Best decks to start with. I opened 4 packs to get started and opened one pack that had all rares. With the following leaders what deck can and should I make? Leaders: 1. Vegeta super saiyan blue 2. God of Destruction Beerus 3. Full power son Gohan 4. Ultimate form golden Frieza 5. Champa 6. Legendary super saiyan Broly