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  1. Red/Green Hit/Champa?

    So messing around and found a very fluid red/green combo that is working in testing with all of my friends and I'm gonna bring it to locals tomorrow and fully get it out there. The only thing I really need help in is if I'm gonna add the 4 drop red Jiren and if my leader should be Hit or Champagne. But other than that here's the deck list Leader-Hit/Champa Red- Cabba's awakening x4 Saipan Cabba x4 Miraculous comeback ultimate Gohan x3 Jiren, fist of justice x2 Ghost attack super saiyan 3 gotenks x2 Mighty mask, the mysterious warrior x4 Vados's assistance x4 Divine aide Vados x4 Leap to the future son goten x2 Leap to the future trunks x3 Lightning-fast hit x2 Green- Bundle of curiosity son goku x4 Son goten, family of justice x2 Energy power gotenks x4 Super saiyan gotenks x3 Full power energy x3 Any thoughts, or opinions would be greatly appreciated.