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  1. Advice required on r/b trunks deck

    Hi all , Just after a bit of help/Advice on my deck. Ive not built the standard R/b trunks deck as i don' have Jiren. Leader: Trunks Red 3*Miraculos comeback Gohan 3*Lightening fast Hit 3* Saiyan Cabba 1*Leap to the future son goten 3*Hit 3*Mighty mask the mysteious Warrior 2 Ability unleashed Gohan 3*Furthering destruction chompa Green * Son Goten family of Justice Blue 3* Mia support of hope 4* Sensu bean 2* Ultimate Judgement Jack 3*Raging spirit Gohan 3* unyielding spirit trunks 4* energy boosted majin buu 4* boost attack Puccini 2*results of training Please note still waiting for set 3. Any advice would be appreciated. The plan is get initial hits in via cabba then bring out gohan and take put battle cards. To finish evolve hit for ditect damage.