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  1. Tournament of Power Set

    The "Danger Traingle" card, will that stop entrance effects like "Full Power Vegeta"? Or does the wording "Play", make it so that that effect resolves before the the Danger Triangle takes effect. Even so, it's a really strong card, shuts down alot of strong fighters like Jiren, Kale...etc.
  2. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    How is their support all that different? I don't see any real changes between their support. Their combo's both +10 and draw a card...I dont see any crazy card that must use Pan or Must use Universe 6 Cauli. Just trying to see what I am missing Although I happen to agree with you atm that potential 3 draw per turn from Pan is better than mass buff that Cauli gives.
  3. Wondering what you guys think is a superior red leader..... They both seem like top tier leaders. However, I am still debating weather losing Shugesh and nimbus is worth leaving yellow. But if I were to go mono red....what do you guys think? The new Caulifla boosts pretty much all of your battle cards and makes it impossible for your opponent to lock you out of awaken. But the new Pan is an insane draw engine, buffing one of your cards and allowing you to naturally draw 3 cards a turn, (Draw step, her ability, her attack once awakened.) What do you guys think?
  4. Tournament of Power Set

    This is how I was thinking it would work as well.
  5. Tournament of Power Set

    Wow, that's really REALLY strong.
  6. Just seeing what opinions are.... He basically went from being the most offensive general in the game, to being one of the most defensive. Being able to play Counterattacks for free, having access to cold blood lust and being able to play it for free, etc..... So what do you guys thing? Is he still viable? I personally am liking the new Bardock, drawing on attack even before awakened if always nice. However, I am currently stuck trying to decide between Bardock or Mecha, or just swapping over to red for Pan, or maybe even new Caulifa. Opinions are welcome. Am running the GT Goku evolution chain...which I love and is still very viable. Just trying to decide if it's worth it to stay in yellow for shagush and nimbus, or just go hard red.
  7. Tournament of Power Set

    What does the new Vegeta Leader's Warrior of Universe 7 ability mean? Treat all Universe 7 as if they have no cost in all areas? Surely that doesn't mean you can just play them for free.........right?