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  1. Blue Green Goku

    Hey guys, so I wanted to run my decklist by you guys and see what sort of improvements can be made! So far it seems to be running pretty well, and so far I’ve beaten some good decks like Masked Saiyan, Red Pan, Dr.Myuu, Vegito, etc. The deck is basically my original deck I used to run with Soul Striker Goku, except I made some changes in order to keep up with the rest of the meta. All advice welcome! Leader: Son Goku//Heightened Evolution Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku Energy Boosted Majin Buu x4 Bulma, Supporter of the Future x3 Boost Attack Piccolo x4 Bundle of Curiosity, Son Goku x4 Courageous Heart, Yajirobe x2 Martial Expert Tien Shinhan x4 Raging Spirit Son Gohan x3 Light of Hope, Trunks x2 Energy Boost Beerus x4 Hidden Awakening Kale x4 Full Power Trunks x2 Super Saiyan Gotenks x4 Senzu Bean x4 Whis’s Coercion x4 Mafuba x2
  2. Yellow Blue Bardock

    So with the new promo leaders finally out, I wanted to mess around with Bardock and see what I could come up with. By no means is it competitive, but I wanted to see how good this can get, and what kinda damage it can cause. Also, I’m aware this would probably be more suited for an Ape deck, but I actually wanted to try out the SSJ Bardock route since it seems kind of Ultra Instinct-esque to some degree. I basically tried making this with some board control, along with the leader skill just in case they have a blocker or some other threat I need to pick off like a Cabba, Caulifla, etc. Then go in for the kill with Bardock and finish the game, all advice welcome! Leader: Bardock//Saiyan Power Great Ape Bardock Youthful Bulma x4 Energy Boosted Majin Buu x4 Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh x4 Gine, Family of Justice x4 Courageous Heart, Yajirobe x2 No Openings Son Goku x4 Explosive Spirit Son Goku x3 Energy Boost Beerus x4 Striker Bardock x4 Desperate Warrior Super Saiyan Bardock x4 Objection x4 Senzu Bean x4 Flying Nimbus x3 Mafuba x2