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  1. Buu/Red Deck Style

    I am new to the game as well so know you might have already figured out what you are going for I have a weird idea for a Buu deck that is Blue Red/ but interestingly I have it using the Goku Black leader to help put out some off the high cost buu and it can self awaken so I have a trial deck list around that idea if your interested. although I have no idea if it would actually work ha.
  2. Blue Green Vegeta Deck

    Hi, Everyone new to the game looking for advice on a Vegeta deck. I'm a huge Vegeta fan and was looking to build an aggressive deck I got some tips from a guy at my local . It's more of a budget build than trying to go for a Broly engine etc Any advice or feed back is welcome. leader- Blue Vegeta Blue- 30 4- Assailant Vegeta 4- Boost Attack Piccolo 4- Trunks Creator of the Future 4- Vegeta the Proud Father 4- Bulma Supporter of the Future 4- Energy Bosted Majin Buu 4- Senzu Bean 2- Whis's Coercion Green- 20 4- Trunks Bridge ot the Future 4- Implacable Trunks 3- Tenacious Vegeta 2- Unyielding Justice SS2 Trunks 2- Raging Attacker Vegeta 2- Furious Yell Vegeta 2- Human Shield Krillen 1- Hidden Awaking Kale Side Board- 15 3- Objection 2- Iron Hammer of Justice Android 16 2- Full Power Trunks 2- God Charge Vegeta 2- Energy Charge Gotanks 2- Beerus General of Demolition 1- Whis's Coercion 1- Hope for the Future