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  1. Do I really have a lot of blocks? So you're telling me my formula of about 10 energy and 10 physical blocks was wrong? Then I have got a few decks to go back and revise then... how many blocks do you recommend? I play with a few of my friends, but we're looking to up our decks power wise without changing who we play as and what style we use (one of us plays Orange Nappa). So, semi-competitive would probably be the best way to describe it?
  2. Also, I'm not sure if I can fit in Heroic Dashing... as I've already used all 4 proxies: Time is a Warrior's Tool, 2 Defiant Challenges, and an A. Sword Drill. Are any of these worth replacing for the Dashing Punch?
  3. Wow, that's a lot! Thanks, some good points brought up here. The point of it is, as you guessed it, physical beats. Then get into Counter Ball and Teamwork later in the game for some hard damage. Thanks for bringing up the point on being to banish-heavy, I'll have to change that. Luckily, I have the Ascension Trunks stack sitting around somewhere, so I'll have to look into that. Losing Black Restoration and Interrogation surprised me though. They seemed like such good cards. I was thinking about changing Knee Catch for energized guard, thoughts on that? You also mentioned not having enough anger, would black hug maneuver be good for the +2 anger, or is something else better? Thanks again!
  4. Trunks Protective Trunks Resolved Trunks Defiant Trunks Young Super Saiyan Perceptive Mastery Drills Aggressive Sword Drill x2 Black Rupture Drill x2 Black Absorption Drill x1 Black Smoothness Drill x1 Allies Dr Brief, Analyzing x1 Setups Visiting the Past x2 Ocular Pat Down x2 Physical Combat Black Gut Crusher x3 Black Double Team x2 Black Sword Rush x2 Trunks’ Sword Slash x2 Trunks’ Knee Bash x3 Trunks’ Slam x1 Dashing Sword Attack x2 Black Judgement Rush x2 Black Upward Dodge x3 Black Stop x3 Black Knee Catch x3 Black Flying Kick x3 Pulverize x1 Energy Combat Black Teamwork x2 Black Counter Ball x2 Black Swipe x3 Black Corruption x3 Black Adaptation x3 Events Black Restoration x2 Defiant Challenge x2 Black Interrogation x2 Time is a Warrior’s Tool