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  1. New player - help with expanding a starter deck

    Also, can someone explain the colors in the game? What do they mean? I suppose they correlate with the manner of play like stall, rush, control, etc. but which one means witch? Thank you.
  2. New player - help with expanding a starter deck

    Thank you. It pretty much sums up my question except for this. I have seen some Jirens and other high priced cards on the lists so I would ask if you know cheaper substitute cards for me to include in my deck as a worthy replacement. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, I am an interested player and would like to buy a Series 3 starter deck, the one with the Masked Saiyan. Also, I would ask of you to help me expand the structure in a more competitive build in a budgeted manner because I want to start with a more stable deck and see if I would keep playing after a couple of tournaments. I have seen that some cards cost more money since the game is in full effect in the world, but for the first couple of games I would like to see if I want to spend the extra money on deckbuilding. I have experience with other TCGs, but I want to see if my interest will be greater after a couple of tournaments since the country I am is currently in the beginning of organizing DBS events. Can you help me? Thank you.