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  1. Jiren's Draw power

    Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely look into adding Flying nimbus into the deck. I always have the personal issue of not understanding why I would want to run self awakening skills. As typically I will win battles (not just with this deck) At like 1 or 2 life maybe, unless it's a complete blow out. The idea for me is this deck up to turn 6 is designed to function without awakening your leader, (not that you can't, as it does have a huge help on turn 4) but it's not necessary. And the only time I'd really play Kunshi is when I play Toppo which my ideal targets for him will be the blocker and 3 cost Jiren (if needed) respectively. But I am listening so in play testing I will definitely look into trying him out, though I'm curious as the deck is now, what cards do you think I should take out for Nimbus, cocotte, or kunshi? As I've built the deck it's hard for me to go, "take this out" or "put this in" Personally if I were to put kunshi in, I feel I would take out Swift Dyspo, as I feel he is actually slow for the deck.
  2. Jiren's Draw power

    I think for me it's about making a deck I like, regardless of whether it's top tier competitive and seeing just how good I can make it. I'm a casual player and always will be so as long as it can at least stand up with my friends decks then I'll be happy. But what you said got me thinking and I am trying to re work the deck so thank you.
  3. Jiren's Draw power

    http://www.dbs-decks.com/#!/deck/visualview/46598 learned about this site and wanted to add a visual view of the deck.
  4. Jiren's Draw power

    This is a deck I was working on, I like it because of the raw draw power of the deck, but I thought I'd share and ask opinions on it. It was designed using cards from the ultimate box, so while I don't have a few of the cards I've tested with proxies with positive results on my end. A big fear I have is fighting Cell decks but I'm not sure how I'd counter him. Deck U7 Jiren Power Leader Jiren//Explosive Power Jiren Absolute Justice Jiren x3 Ally of Justice Toppo x4 Explorer Bulma x4 Fledgling Talent Pan x4 Hero Combination Kettol x4 Hero Combination Tupper x4 Hero Combination Zoirey x4 Jiren, Universe's Strongest x2 Ki Bomb Support x4 Ox-King, Dad at Heart x4 Secret Vitality Jiren x3 Swift Warrior Dyspo x3 Toppo Unleashed x3 Youthful Bulma x4 A few other cards I was thinking about were Caring Mother Videl, Dynasty's Solace Chi-Chi, and Multimech Bulma. I fear Multimech Bulma is too slow so I avoided using her. But if I put Caring Mother Videl in, then Dynasty's Solace Chi-Chi could be an effective searcher when almost half the deck is goku's lineage. The general strategy is to draw your heart out for 3 turns, and hopefully play Toppo turn 4, then Jiren turn 5 and 6. From play testing I've had pretty positive results from my draws, but I wanted to ask what other people thought.