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  1. Dynamic Broly

    Just a quick note. You mentioned Brolys eraser cannon but it isn't on your list, so I'm assuming the final 3 cards (counted 57) are them. You have 15 Saiyan physical attacks in the deck, so Brolys face crusher might be a hit or miss on drawing an extra attack with so many freestyle physicals. I would also look into Saiyan smack instead of Saiyan menace and tantrum as it immediately drops your opponent's allies 2 stages and a further 4 more (including their mp) if it hits. Drop tree of might, Saiyan targeting, and Saiyan body blow as 3 of your 4 levels add damage to your physicals, you have enough attach cards for unleashed and outrage, and makes more room for Saiyan physical attacks. Maybe throw in one more sphere as being unleashed against is a big threat along with infinity more events decks are running more of.