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  1. Why did they print Bardock as a Villain MP? I know it was already hinted at earlier with his Ally card but still...
  2. ...and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.
  3. At least there's confirmation of a core Pokémon title in the works exclusively for the Nintendo Switch that isn't Pokkén Tournament DX (Brand New Region and Starter Pokémon hopefully) according to Game Freak at E3 this year unless it's going to be a remake of Diamond and Pearl.
  4. Really would've loved to have seen this game get a Nintendo Switch release.
  5. It's not so much that these stores don't want to carry card singles for players to acquire for their decks when they don't want to risk losing money on appealing to niche markets. If local game stores aren't able to restock on supply in order to keep up with demand or have difficulty getting product in from their local distributors then players will get what they need off the internet. That being said, local game stores still provide a venue for players to socially interact with each other and have fun where they can make due with other ways to make their expenses on keeping their businesses up and running. If a local game store doesn't want to support carrying card singles for specific Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game products that aren't MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon that's on them.
  6. My friend Bryce showed up again last Friday at my LGS and judging by the way things went he doesn't know about what happened and I didn't tell him in fear that he wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore. They say that the truth will set one free however in this case it would've gotten me in more trouble as it wasn't my intention to hurt him by returning the cards I borrowed to Ben who used to be friends with Bryce. It was probably for the best however I get the feeling that this is going to come back to haunt me in the near future If any of us mention about Ben or the Thundercats series. Bryce came by from work to play in a MTG cube event which I thought he was actually participating in the Amonkhet Prerelease event that I thought they were going to have and gave me some good advice on my EDH/Commander deck. He wanted to get a few games in of Panini Z but unfortunately I only had a deck for Fan Z and a deck for a format that my friend Nathan created.
  7. It's Ben who doesn't want to talk to Bryce since he's been trying to contact Ben for months now, though had it been the other way around it still would've been a lose-lose situation which is why I'm not getting myself involved in their conflict. It's not my fault that Ben is the current owner of Bryce's cards as I was only doing what I thought was necessary by returning them back to him. If Bryce has a problem then he should take it with Ben and Dustin not me. I could try to call Ben myself to try to sort things out however it would only end up doing more harm than good since he'd probably get suspicious about me calling him on Bryce's behalf. With the exception of the Piccolo MP stack, the signed Piccolo's Weighted Clothing's were roughly estimated at around $25-30+ based on Larry Kenney's autographs alone however the monetary value of the cards weren't really in question here when it was more about the sentimental value of them as they actually meant more toward Bryce than it did to Ben and Dustin yet Ben ended up gaining ownership of the cards from Dustin by trading a Villainous Energy Sphere for them at the 2015 Kansas Regional event which once belonged to both Bryce and Dustin since they technically shared the cards with each other at one point.
  8. That's exactly what I did however If Bryce finds out about it then he's going to take his anger out on me when I didn't do anything wrong at least according to my knowledge. If he doesn't bring it up then it's best not to bring the subject up to him by letting it go, we've known each other since the early 2000's and have been friends ever since especially after all the times I've helped him out by giving him a ride home when he'd be forced to walk home otherwise.
  9. For potentially returning someone's cards to the wrong owner?
  10. So around late December last year I borrowed cards from my friend Ben Mason for a Red Ascension Piccolo deck that I was wanting to playtest (shortly before Panini broke the news about the game getting discontinued from their corporate buyout with Bandai Namco) which consisted of a Non-Rainbow Prism Premiere Set Piccolo MP stack 1-4 with a playset of Non-Foil Piccolo's Weighted Clothing's that were signed by Larry Kenney the voice actor of Lion-O from the original Thundercats cartoon series which I ended up forgetting to return to Ben since he'd been busy with work so I ended up having to wait 5 months to return the cards back to him with my other friend Bryce Evans claiming that the cards were his when it just so turned out that it was originally Dustin Mahwin's since he was the one who got the cards signed though I haven't really heard from him since he moved to St. Louis before the game died. Ben ended up gaining possession of the Piccolo cards from Dustin when he traded him a Villainous Energy Sphere from Premiere Set when it was still around $85-100+ a piece during the first DBZ Regional we went to at Collector's Cache in Overland Park, Kansas. At one point the Piccolo cards were Bryce's then Dustin managed to get the cards from him for reasons which I don't know about since I wasn't there when the incident occurred which later they came under the ownership of Ben who I borrowed the cards from when just recently Bryce warned me not to return the cards back to Ben as they haven't spoken to each other in months to reconcile their differences with one another. So what ended up happening is that I ended up becoming the victim of circumstance to a situation that wasn't even my fault to begin with all because I wanted to playtest a deck that I was eager to try out at the time. Having felt guilty for my decision to return the cards to Ben I felt that I owe Bryce an apology for what I did since If I ended up returning the cards to the wrong person then I'd only have myself to blame yet I'd feel bad for not telling him knowing that he'd get pissed at me for what I did when not telling him anything at all would only delay the problem further and since Ben still holds a grudge against Bryce for something that's completely out of my control there's nothing much I can do to help my two friends reconcile their differences with each other. I was planning on talking to Ben about it however he's been busy with work and hasn't shown up at my LGS's for sometime now and If I ended up calling him on the phone he'd probably think something suspicious might be going on or something. I already talked to my friend Nathan about it and he knows for a FACT that I did the right thing as I hope I don't end up getting sued in court over this.
  11. Ideally you want to enter combat with Red Right Blast in hand so that you can draw off of rejuvenating Named cards with the Level 2 Power and/or King Cold Ally (which is even better with Red Left Bolt) with the Named cards to banish off of the Level 1 Power being the 3 Captive Strikes, 2 Arrogance, and 2 Overwhelming Power unless you're forced to banish a Supernova to rejuvenate later. Red Infuriated Attack always felt like a dead card to me since I've never been able to get off it's parenthetical text when I want to and even then I can swap it out for a better Physical Combat card such as Red Back Kick for dealing with Yamcha and other builds that focus on energy beats unless If I'm better off running Shoulder Slam to take advantage of Golden Frieza's high AT at Level 2.
  12. Title: Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ) Author: Card Slinger J Deck List: Main Personality: 1 x Frieza - Resident of HFIL 1 x Frieza - Golden 1 x Frieza - Galactic Conquerer 1 x Frieza - Revived Mastery: 1 x Red Ascension Mastery Setups: 1 x Villainous Visage 1 x Afterimage Technique Events: 3 x Stare Down 2 x Overwhelming Power 2 x Frieza's Arrogance 1 x Time Is A Warrior's Tool Physical Combats: 3 x Frieza's Captive Strike 3 x Red Double Strike 3 x Red High Kick 3 x Red Jab 3 x Red Reverse 3 x Red Blocking Hand 3 x Red Duck Energy Combats: 3 x Frieza's Supernova 3 x Red Static Shot 3 x Red Energy Blast 3 x Red Left Bolt 3 x Red Right Blast 3 x Red Enhanced Beam 3 x Red Body Block 3 x Red Brace Allies: 1 x Beerus - God of Destruction 1 x King Cold - Caught Off Guard 1 x Captain Ginyu - Aggressive Dragon Balls: 1 x Namek Dragon Ball 6 1 x Namek Dragon Ball 7 Description: Strategy is to spam crits with Frieza's Level 2 while also angering up to Level 4 to do the same while his Level 1 helps setup for it. Also recently tested this against Blue Resolute Turles and got my butt whupped with all the proxies I had after switching from running Piccolo while I'm still missing 10 cards in this deck to optimize it a bit more. Any help, advice, and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.