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  1. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I'm just hoping that Set 10 will do what the previous FanZ sets failed to achieve by shaking up the meta in a way where we're not seeing the exact same decks before PanZ died topping at events like GenCon 2017. I'm sick and tired of seeing the same old lists for Broly, Drawku, Tien, Namekian Gohan, and Saiyan Raditz without any effort put into the new virtual set releases. Why aren't we seeing lists for Pikkon, Bardock, or even Frieza who got a significant upgrade in Red Ascension and Black Conflict decks? Is everyone too distracted from the Dragon Ball Super CCG to even care? I'm fully aware that a lot of players don't have access to ink jet printers to print out all these cards for their decks but still...throw us a freakin' bone here.
  2. FoWCo TCGs.

    If Force of Will TCG had any chance of making a comeback it would've been through cashing in on the success of MTG's EDH/Commander format. It'd be hard to pull off due to the game's card pool not having enough cards to support a 79 card singleton format If you exclude both the J/ruler and Magic Stone Deck in regards to deck construction with Attribute identity. Dealing 21k or more to your opponents after you J-Activated could've been feasible with the J-Activation costs being akin to the Commander tax. While it's a shame the idea never took off, it probably would've hurt MTG in the long run which managed to capitalize on the success of EDH/Commander in order to stay afloat with Standard, Modern, and Legacy becoming too expensive to keep up with. Then again I don't think Sheldon Menery would've been pleased with another company plagiarizing a format that he created on his own before Wizards of the Coast caught wind of it's success. Not to mention the EDH Rules Committee would've had a better handling than Force of Will Company.
  3. Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

    Bushiroad doesn't understand the concept of unlimited print runs on their products like other Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game companies do where players are still able to get the cards they need without having to worry about supply and demand issues. Why is that so hard for them to understand? 'Stride Fusion' and 'Stride Evolution' was an attempt to retain the 'My Avatar' aspect of the game in order to make up for the flavor fail of a G unit gaining the card name of a Grade 3 or 'heart card' in the Vanguard circle. Had Legion been completely avoided, Vanguard probably would've still been in Block 3/Break Ride Era. The irony is that Stride could've been completely avoided had Legion not of added more power creep to the game by being able to toolbox from the drop zone which explains why we haven't seen any new support for the mechanic due to how broken it is with G Guardians. Bushiroad should focus solely on Vanguard instead of churning out TCG after TCG in an already crowded market where you still have the big three with MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and 'insert TCG/CCG name here' etc. Why do you think more gaming companies are investing in the LCG model with L5R and Star Wars? They either need to get over their quantity over quality mentality, adapt to a different gaming model, or just don't bother. That's the equivalent of Sega potentially wanting to get back in the video game console race between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo when they're much better off developing software.
  4. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Would've been better off doing previews of all the new Mastery cards first to get more players talking about what new decks they might end up building instead of keeping us in suspense with other new cards in the set that could've been spoiled later on. Not to say that these first new previews are bad, but it doesn't help the game overall when the rest of the remaining player base are under the loop with these types of preview choices.
  5. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Where else can Bushiroad take Vanguard without breaking the game in much the same way Konami already did with Yu-Gi-Oh!? The only reason why there's been such a huge emphasis on Strides over the last 6 years is mainly due to marketing. They don't like the idea of printing cards other than Grade 4's that are Triple Rares and SP's yet they don't seem to have a problem doing that with their Promo cards. Personally I'd like to see new Strides for Gold Paladin that don't require a single counter blast to be tier 1 like Scourge Point was, more counter charge skills for clans without making counter blasts irrelevant. Being able to enable clans like Granblue to guard or intercept from the drop zone where the units are removed from the game after use similar to removing cards from the game when using G-Assist.
  6. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Still feels weird that this is arguably the first set to contain more Hero MP's than Villains with the only one confirmed being Dabura as of late. If I had to guess what other Villain MP might be included in Set 10 it'd probably be Babidi over Spopovich.
  7. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    The people in the Top 8 don't care as much about FanZ when they're just using the format as an excuse to play what's already meta in Panini Z so they don't have to invest any more money into the game. Not to mention the FanZ virtual sets and CRD updates haven't really done anything to shake up the meta since Awakening.
  8. Set 10

    Dragon Ball Super CCG is taking in the demographic of players who used to play Buddyfight not Vanguard since it's still the go to Yu-Gi-Oh! alternative without breaking the bank. Rumor has it that Force of Will TCG is getting in on the popularity of MTG's EDH/Commander format so it'd be interesting to see If anything comes of it unless it ends of flopping like Tiny Leaders did. As for your argument about the Big Three and one to two tertiary games, like I said before the Secondary Market for Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games has gotten too big for any sort of sustainability for these games. It's why we have the Living Card Game business model to help offset the amount of games getting squeezed out from staying in production as Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games. I don't remember Naruto CCG getting discontinued in Japan with Set 2 Coils of the Snake. If my memory serves me correctly it happened around the time Set 5 Dream Legacy was the last expansion that Bandai of Japan worked on for Naruto CCG shortly before Set 6 Eternal Rivalry was released. Soon after I started to notice the difference in quality between the cards from those expansions. In fact the Bandai forums for Naruto CCG even admitted that starting with Eternal Rivalry all cards were going to be designed in the U.S. Bandai of America from my understanding even started releasing English exclusive promos for the game through issues of Shonen Jump while it was still in circulation with Tragic Name Gaara being the most popular one due to his broken interaction with Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji from Eternal Rivalry and Sexy Jutsu from Set 3 Curse of the Sand. Having played against that combo I know full well how broken it was since my choices were limited to help counter it back then given what was available in the game's card pool.
  9. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    The FanZ lists at Gen Con 2017 were played before Set 9 of FanZ was released, so they didn't have enough time to playtest some of the new MP's and Styled cards released from the set or maybe they just didn't care to. If they had we probably would've seen a list for Namekian Restored Kami or even a list for Bardock, Future Gohan, and/or Chilled. Sad part is that I was more interested in Didier Greenleaf's list for Freestyle Herogeta in Fusion format than the Top 8 lists for FanZ at Gen Con 2017, but that's not saying a whole lot though. Other than that we probably won't be hearing any new FanZ Tournament reports for awhile after this since ARG recently stopped hosting tournaments for FanZ with Dragon Ball Super CCG on the rise.
  10. Set 10

    The English game proves my theory that what they're doing is exactly the same thing they did with Naruto CCG. First few sets are directly designed by the R&D team by Bandai in Japan only to leave the rest to the U.S. shortly after before the power creep starts setting in. Somehow Naruto CCG managed to survive within the later parts of Shippuden which I was already out of the game by then yet the damage was already done.
  11. Set 10

    I remember trying out the last Dragon Ball CCG Bandai released back in 2008 before Playoff/Donruss acquired the Dragon Ball license from them shortly after Bleach TCG died. I didn't really care for it compared to the original Score version due to how the gameplay mechanics didn't capture the spirit of the original source material like Pokémon TCG did. I feel as though the Living Card Game distribution model is trying to remedy this in some way without over saturating the Secondary Market like what Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Games are popularly known for. It's hard to design a Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game nowadays that captures the spirit of the source material it's based on since generic gameplay mechanics apparently helps sell more product than one's that don't which could explain why Panini Z / FanZ failed to reinvigorate nostalgia from the Retro Z era. That's why you see so many clones of various Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games that are able to get around these types of loopholes in Japan so that they can avoid copyright issues here in the States.
  12. Set 10

    I don't understand why Bandai felt the need to discontinue the Naruto CCG in Japan years ago with the English version releasing their own expansions for it when it ended up doing more harm than good for the game overall. I can see a similar situation happen to the Dragon Ball Super CCG If they decide to pull the plug on it in Japan with the game continuing to stay in circulation through English exclusive releases.
  13. Set 10

    Interest for FanZ has really waned at my locals with the Dragon Ball Super CCG getting the most attention. One of my friends recently sold all his Panini Z cards and decks while saving some for his version of Tim Batow's Fusion format which allows the use of GT cards given tweaks to the CRD to help make the format more balanced. As for me I'm still debating as to whether or not If I want to tear apart my Red Ascension Frieza deck seeing as there's only two people including myself who still play FanZ.
  14. Red Ascension Vegeta; Critical Rush

    - 3 Red Relaxation - 3 Red Stop - 1 Red Intimidation Drill - 3 Red Double Strike - 3 Red Escape - 3 Red Evade + 3 Unleashed + 2 Tree of Might + 1 Aggressive Sword Drill + 1 Afterimage Technique + 3 I'll Dig Your Grave! + 3 Red Energy Shield + 3 Red Body Block
  15. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    There was a Fusion Format (Panini + Score) event at Gen Con this year with Didier Greenleaf (Vegeta Freestyle MBS) and Ryan Lewis (Master Roshi Red TS) in the Finals: