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  1. FoWCo TCGs.

    I'd hate to play devil's advocate here, but that might actually be a good thing so feel free to prove me wrong. The people who complain about the game are often not interested in the well-being of the game at all but rather an agenda on how they want the game to be. A producer has to find a middle ground or a compromise that gives most people what they want. But since most people have only their own interests in mind, they don't care about that, and thus are never truly satisfied. Why listen to them at all?
  2. FoWCo TCGs.

    I've also been seeing similar behavior from WotC when it comes to MTG where their upper management only does what's in their own best interest instead of the interest of the consumer. I don't think companies have the right to run their own games into the ground when it should ultimately be up to the consumer to decide by voting with their wallets. If they spent less time thought policing social media sites like reddit, Twitter, and Facebook and actually gave a damn about their job then we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. As for Force of Will TCG, the reason print runs ended for that game was due to a misprint issue so they were forced to cut Time Spinning Witch short. They actually have a second wave coming in June that has the issue fixed. Based on what I've been hearing the game's doing fine despite the TCG/CCG Market being in terrible shape right now. The reason why Hour of Devastation went out of print in MTG was because it was a terrible set and nobody wanted it aside from the card stock still being made out of toilet paper.
  3. FoWCo TCGs.

    So Rudy of Alpha Investments confirmed that the company behind Force of Will TCG is being forced to end all print runs in an attempt to save their own game though he didn't say anything about Caster Chronicles which is dead on arrival IMO. WotC just recently ended their entire print run for Hour of Devastation in MTG and TPCi seems to be having similar problems with Ultra Prism in Pokémon TCG. DBS seems to be what's really saving the Trading Card Game/Collectible Card Game industry right now. He said that it's a part of an ongoing trend where distributors have gotten burned for so many years due to lack of sealed product being sold to the point that there's no longer any consumer confidence. The rapid decline of the Trading Card Game/Collectible Card Game business model is due to a combination of many variables: 1: An ongoing shift towards a digital space like Hearthstone. 2: There's so much product being distributed that the pie is being cut thinner and thinner. You also factor in other variables between poor management, too many sets being released, allocations, and such that it ends up creating a snowball effect. Sadly it's the direction that we're heading toward. Big companies are usually a lagging indicator and If the economy tanks then it takes a long time for a company to react and adjust, lay off employees, cut payroll, adjust how much production, etc. There is a lagging time and he thinks that we're finally starting to see those results. He's not sure If it's soon enough to really make changes but as far as Force of Will TCG goes he's happy that they're making changes. They need to make some good moves because they're not doing good, the game is on life support. When distributors order such a small amount, that's just it they're done. It's not because of how much money they've lost in the previous four to five or six sets, it's bad. You go online and nobody's even carrying the product anymore, it's bad which is a terrible thing.
  4. Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

    Killing off the G-Zone wouldn't have bode well for veteran players who've already spent roughly half as much as their main deck but I get where you're coming from though. Vanguard Premium is looking more like MTG Modern where they're going to allow power creep to go unchecked without banning anything while focusing entirely on Standard except with Modern being the main focus in MTG. That being said I think Premium will be the go to format for veteran players while Standard helps newcomers and those who are nostalgic for the original series without having to learn 13 different mechanics. I'm just glad I managed to trade away Gurguit for Blasters when I did before the announcement came so that I can tweak it for Premium to see what kind of interactions I can come up with for the new Alfred Early. With the next set after G Booster Set 14 focusing on Royal Paladin, Kagero, Oracle Think Tank, and Nova Grappler for Standard I'm looking to build a competitive Dragonic Overlord deck that isn't as busted as in Premium with Drachma as the main finisher. It'll be interesting to see how they'll tie in Gear Chronicle for Standard without relying on the G-Zone with more of an emphasis on Time Leap If they ever reach that point in time.
  5. The Games We Play

    TCG's in the west are a lot closer to becoming what came of the American Arcade during the turn of the new millennium. It was once a place where you could prove your skills to others much like the LGS but when online gaming started to become a thing with eSports, Post-Millennial's already jumped on the bandwagon while Generation X and Millennial's got left behind. Digital is the biggest reason why the cost of Print Media has gone up over the last few years where companies are either forced to lower the quality of their products or raise their prices while some companies choose to lower print quality because it's the only way for them to compete against Digital Media without going out of business. This doesn't effect countries outside the U.S. where companies are able to accommodate the price increase without having to sacrifice quality. This explains why the card stock quality for Japanese TCG's are much higher than that of American TCG's where they're either forced to sell faulty products that warrants a class action lawsuit or by making their products too expensive to purchase without sacrificing quality.
  6. The Games We Play

    The only time I ever game anymore nowadays is when I try to get a few EDH/Commander games in at the LGS's I go to, most of my friends who used to play Vanguard have already moved on to DBS at another LGS that I haven't been to yet. I don't play video games as much as I used to anymore yet I do feel as though today's society is constantly pressuring me to go back into that kind of gaming experience that's less rewarding in exchange for Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games which felt more rewarding. So in a sense Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games were unintentionally designed to take advantage of LGS owners and staff at the expense of the players' own satisfaction. I think a lot of players who have already embraced the idea of going full digital have already drawn that conclusion. Someone once told me that If there isn't a difference between an AI and a real player to you then that says a lot about your social life. At the end of the day it all boils down to one's sense of immersion and how they perceive it compared to other players. Only difference now is that today's society isn't giving us much of a choice due to prioritizing convenience above all else because that's where current market trends seem to be heading toward whether we like it or not. Video Games were something that I was once passionate about since childhood but looking back on it now compared to the current state of the industry today I feel that it's become too mainstream for it's own good. It's gotten to a point where players are willing to except it as the only form of gaming because society tells them that it's the only option available.
  7. At least someone here understands the downside of going full digital over playing at an LGS for those who still have the privilege of going to an LGS. I'd rather not derail this topic any further so I'll just leave it at that.
  8. You didn't say anything was toxic it just seemed like one of the reasons why some players avoid going to an LGS but not the only reason. For those who no longer have access to an LGS such as yourself it's understandable but for those that still have that access should still take advantage of it while they can. The reason why there aren't as many LGS's open within a 40+ minute drive is mainly due to competition, the risks involved, as well as difficulty competing against online retailers. There has to be a viable solution. I apologize If I came off being an asshole earlier, it's just that when it comes to the sustainability of Trading Card Games/Collectible Card Games overall that it's important for the LGS to provide the kind of experience that you don't get from playing with friends online. A lot of people don't see it that way anymore and perhaps I'm behind the times to see the real picture that younger generations don't have same/similar interests as you and I because they weren't given the same/similar gaming privileges that we've grown accustomed to.
  9. Why are you trying to reinforce the "I'm going to boycott my LGS because said community is toxic" mentality when not everyone wants to sit at home and play video games online? I get it you feel guilty taking up table space from tournament organizers to host events for said TCG/CCG while finding it tedious to go through the hassle of a 40+ minute drive to get from point A to point B. In other words you're basically saying that there's no point in playing TCG/CCG's anymore because LGS's have already given up against online retailers. What's the point of protecting a hobby If there's no incentive to play at an LGS? I just don't see how anyone can hold an online tournament and expect it to do as well as an LGS tournament.