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  1. Set 10

    Definitely agree about Great Saiyaman being his own separate MP stack instead of being swappable with Gohan's other levels, as for Kid Trunks I'd rather have him not be interchangeable with Future Trunks either. I'd much rather have an MP stack for Videl over a new Hercule Level 1 to help increase the roster of female MP's but that's just me. Spopovich, Dabura, and Babidi are all fine choices for Villain MP stacks in Set 10. Ally cards for Nail and Raditz would be nice since they're way overdue. On a side note in regards to Set 11 I wonder how they'll handle Fusion with Gotenks, Vegito, and Gogeta, will it be like in Score Z where you needed either the Fusion Dance or Potara Earring cards with one of the fusion partners as your Ally in play while the other is your MP? Also I cannot stress this enough please implement Sensei Decks in FanZ to where they function exactly like Piccolo Sensei did in Score Z! I hated the way Sensei Decks were implemented in Score Z due to how it increased luck over skill.
  2. What masteries would you like to see?

    Bringing back Freestyle Mastery from Buu Saga in Score Z would be busted with Herogeta and Frieza since they both revolve around using their Named cards however I'd reword it to where you just get the tutor effect for them when entering combat instead of being able to keep all your Drills If you advance or lower a personality level since we already had that with Orange Adaptive Mastery back when Drillku was good until Android #20 came along thanks to Tim Batow. Since we already have functional reprints of Saiyan Style Mastery from Buu Saga and Saiyan Supreme Mastery from GT why not give us Saiyan Style Mastery from Cell Saga since it actually generates card advantage? Just don't bring back broken cards like Saiyan Blitz Mastery from GT where your opponent is forced to skip their next action every time you perform a Styled attack since it's basically the equivalent of playing against Yata Lock in Yu-Gi-Oh!. As far as other Styles go I think Black is overdue for a better Mastery compared to what's currently available while Orange and Namekian are good as it is with Blue and Red arguably in a safe spot right now though I'm not sure If they need better Mastery cards at this point in time. Too bad Panini never got around to implementing Sensei Decks before the game got discontinued but I guess that was also an excuse not to deal with Fusion like in Score Z as well.
  3. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    I'm actually dreading the possibility of an MP stack for Zen-Oh the Omni-King once FanZ catches up to Dragon Ball Super since he'll be busted as all get go. Hopefully by then the game will have already incorporated Sensei Decks just like in the Score version that function just like Piccolo Sensei which was the only reason why you'd want to run a Sensei Deck unless you needed to level faster with Vegeta Sensei.
  4. Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ)

    Bump... Updated the decklist for Set 9 in Fan Z by swapping Beerus Ally and Red Enhanced Beam for Chilled Ally and Red Controlled Blast for 9 Physical Stops in the deck total. Also swapped Stare Down for Unleashed since they're now $30 a piece though I'm having difficulty finding room for Villainous Energy Spheres while I went ahead and decided to run Red Stomach Dive over Red Trailing Blast due to the recent errata on it for FanZ. Red Blocking Hand was taken out for Red Capture to help deal more damage with Frieza's Supernova and since I don't have to worry about gaining anger until I get to Level 3 with Unleashed within the first combat I figured why not?
  5. New FanZ CRD...

    There's only 3 people in my playgroup aside from myself who play FanZ at our locals while other players I've talked to who used to play PanZ had no interest in it due to how Panini sold us out with Bandai Namco again like in 2008 especially with the low player turnout my area had at the last Midwest Madness event at Collector's Cache which was to be expected but they had at least 20 players based on what one of my friends told me who participated so it could've been worse.
  6. Set 9 Spoilers

    Why did they print Bardock as a Villain MP? I know it was already hinted at earlier with his Ally card but still...
  7. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    ...and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    At least there's confirmation of a core Pokémon title in the works exclusively for the Nintendo Switch that isn't Pokkén Tournament DX (Brand New Region and Starter Pokémon hopefully) according to Game Freak at E3 this year unless it's going to be a remake of Diamond and Pearl.
  9. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Really would've loved to have seen this game get a Nintendo Switch release.
  10. Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ)

    Title: Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ) Author: Card Slinger J Deck List: Main Personality: 1 x Frieza - Resident of HFIL 1 x Frieza - Golden 1 x Frieza - Galactic Conquerer 1 x Frieza - Revived Mastery: 1 x Red Ascension Mastery Setups: 2 x Tree of Might 1 x Villainous Visage 1 x Afterimage Technique Drills: 1 x Aggressive Sword Drill Events: 3 x Unleashed 2 x Overwhelming Power 2 x Frieza's Arrogance 1 x Time Is A Warrior's Tool Physical Combats: 3 x Frieza's Captive Strike 3 x Red Double Strike 3 x Red High Kick 3 x Red Reverse 3 x Red Capture 3 x Red Duck Energy Combats: 3 x Frieza's Supernova 3 x Red Static Shot 3 x Red Energy Blast 3 x Red Left Bolt 3 x Red Right Blast 3 x Red Freezing Beam 3 x Red Body Block 3 x Red Brace Allies: 1 x Chilled - Cackling Tyrant 1 x King Cold - Caught Off Guard 1 x Captain Ginyu - Aggressive Dragon Balls: 1 x Namek Dragon Ball 6 1 x Namek Dragon Ball 7 Description: Strategy is to spam crits with Frieza's Level 2 while also angering up to Level 4 to do the same while his Level 1 helps setup for it. Also recently tested this against Blue Resolute Turles and got my butt whupped with all the proxies I had after switching from running Piccolo while I'm still missing 10 cards in this deck to optimize it a bit more. Any help, advice, and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.