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  1. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Toriyama's not beholden to some other writer's version of his main character's origin (regardless of how much he's said he likes it). We already saw this version in Dragon Ball Minus - it's not a new development. We're simply seeing another divergence between "Toriyama-continuity" and "Toei-continuity" play out on screen. Just like Roshi's story of the Dragon Balls' origin or Dr. Frappe: "Our Lord Creator came up with something else, so we have no choice but to adapt that and quietly ignore what we came up with by ourselves." The Lucas comparison is a good one - the Expanded Universe was not his story or under his control, so he had no problems overwriting whatever he wanted when creating new material. And really, why should he? It's not his problem that some people treat these ancillary things like immutable stone tablets handed down by Moses. If somebody wrote an origin story for my protagonist as a tie-in novel or something, I'd probably ignore it if I wanted to tell that story myself, even if it was good - because chances are it never lined up with my notions of what that story would be anyway. Toriyama and Toei had a real opportunity to do something different with Dragon Ball Z, and that was to explore the history of the Super Saiyan or Saiyan God. They could have decided to tell us more about who those individuals really were and what they went through to get to that state, however; they decided to rehash some old idea that was done before. Stupidity. I get that they don't have as much creative space for new material due to the 3 year time gap between the end of the Buu arc and the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai but that isn't any excuse not to put in the effort. I think Zephyr from the Kanzenshuu forums said it best:
  2. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Fair enough though I do find it odd that the trailer says that Goku, Vegeta, and Broly were born "around the same time" even though Vegeta is 6 years older than Goku. At this point why don't they just retcon more of the Dragon Ball mythos by making Mr. Satan Vegeta's grandfather or that the fusion dance was only a dream that Goku had since nothing's canon anymore. This is arguably the worst thing to happen to the Dragon Ball franchise since One More Day in Marvel Comics. What made characters like Goku and Bardock so appealing was that they were low-class nobodies who are essentially forced by random circumstances (whether it was a prophecy or a bump to the head) become heroes and overcome adversity. Now they're being turned into destined heroes which makes the original source material a lot more trite and boring.
  3. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Based on the new trailer for the upcoming Broly film, Dragon Ball Minus is now canon. Apparently Toriyama decided to make Raditz non-canon, retcon Goku and Vegeta's past including Bardock's rebellion against Frieza, change Broly (which was obvious), and Paragus (as If that wasn't enough already). Then for some reason he decided to change Frieza's base form color scheme just like he did with Future Trunks' purple hair. Gogeta isn't safe either. All of these unnecessary changes happening 20+ years later when we could've just had like I don't know, A NEW STORY!?! The Dragon Ball Super anime has been confirmed to continue after the Tournament of Power arc next year with another retelling arc based on the upcoming Broly film. Really? After Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F' they have us wait for ANOTHER new arc in the anime? Apparently Broly is going to be joining the Z Warriors as If we needed to add another Saiyan to the "roster" or should I say "peanut gallery". Why not focus on Gohan or Piccolo for a change? At least do something with Piccolo.
  4. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/experimentation-2018-09-21 Amazon officially announced that they're cutting 37.5% MSRP on all new Magic booster boxes to $89.40. Since they're going toward a Direct-to-Consumer model, you probably don't think it's a bad thing since Amazon's been selling products directly to people for years. However when you buy on Amazon right now and for the last 10 years you bought Magic product from Local Game Stores across the country, they all listed their extra product on Amazon, eBay, or TCGPlayer in an attempt to liquidate and sell the remaining product they have to recoup their capital. Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro stepped in and said that we aren't allowed to do that anymore. So for those who own a Local Game Store or are a staff member at said store should not be paying more than $89.40 MSRP though it's more than likely that Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro is going to contact Amazon to try to raise that number. So regardless of the Expected Value (EV) of individual cards, $89 to $92 a box is the new MSRP for all Standard Magic boosters moving forward. So the next time you walk into your Local Game Store be sure to tell the owners and staff members that their price on Standard Magic boosters needs to be below the average MSRP. Doesn't matter If they aren't able to make money to keep the lights on or that they're unable to pay $1 thousand for overhead, that's their problem not Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro's. So when these Local Game Stores are paying $4 thousand a month on overhead or even $8 thousand a month depending on the employees, they're only allowed to make $5 a booster box at the most and If they have to sell online then they're required to lose 10-20% of their income as a penalty for buying too much product and it's their fault. So go ahead tell them that it's your fault for ripping them off by convincing them to match their MSRP with Amazon's to ensure that these Local Game Stores won't be around in 12 months by helping them go bankrupt. I wouldn't be surprised If other Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game companies started following suit by partnering with Amazon as well. Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro asks: "How come you're not buying our Magic products after we partnered up with Amazon?" Consumer replies: "Well I don't have a place to play Magic as a way to hang out and socialize with my friends." Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro replies back: "Sucks to be you I guess."
  5. The Australian Government has released a draft Bill known as the Assistance and Access Bill 2018, designed to compel device manufacturers and service providers to assist law enforcement in accessing encrypted information. Although apparently developed to allow government agencies access to criminals’ encrypted communications, the Bill also grants broad, sweeping powers to government agencies that will harm the security and stability of our communications and the internet at large. This is a very dangerous slippery slope which is currently taking place in Australia right now but it will affect the UK, the United States, and potentially all other countries in terms of their own data and personal information security. In other words this essentially allows governments to get in touch with telecommunications companies to go in, read your data, and access it without a warrant and If people refuse to comply then there's going to be fines as big as $10 million including for people whistle blowing on this issue. So here's everyone's top concerns with this bill: It creates obligations on technology producers and communication providers, forcing them to work for law enforcement agencies; Creates powers that would allow police to seize information directly from a device; and Allows government operatives to access more data through current warrants.