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  1. The Australian Government has released a draft Bill known as the Assistance and Access Bill 2018, designed to compel device manufacturers and service providers to assist law enforcement in accessing encrypted information. Although apparently developed to allow government agencies access to criminals’ encrypted communications, the Bill also grants broad, sweeping powers to government agencies that will harm the security and stability of our communications and the internet at large. This is a very dangerous slippery slope which is currently taking place in Australia right now but it will affect the UK, the United States, and potentially all other countries in terms of their own data and personal information security. In other words this essentially allows governments to get in touch with telecommunications companies to go in, read your data, and access it without a warrant and If people refuse to comply then there's going to be fines as big as $10 million including for people whistle blowing on this issue. So here's everyone's top concerns with this bill: It creates obligations on technology producers and communication providers, forcing them to work for law enforcement agencies; Creates powers that would allow police to seize information directly from a device; and Allows government operatives to access more data through current warrants.
  2. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Having new Dragon Ball films as a replacement for both the Dragon Ball Super Anime and Manga after Broly won't bode well. Everyone thinks just because Toriyama green lights something it's automatically good when they don't even realize that he isn't God as he makes bad choices more often than he did when he was in his prime during the 80's and 90's. The reality is that Toriyama doesn't give a damn about Dragon Ball anymore to the point where he hired Toyotaro to treat his Manga as a Fan-Fiction project. Toriyama just needs to officially retire from Dragon Ball and Toyotaro needs to be fired from his job. They really should've ended the franchise after the Frieza Saga or at least pass the torch over to Gohan at the end of Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z without getting into the Buu Saga. I think Toriyama took for granted the success that his franchise made in the West and didn't want to bear the burden of continuing the franchise after GT until Dragonball Evolution changed his mind for all the wrong reasons.
  3. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    It's not so much that the Dragon Ball Super Manga gets a pass due to not having SUCH ridiculous leaps in logic or dismissals of a character when it's got more to do with filling in the gaps differently which is more of a detriment to the Dragon Ball Super Anime IMO. Not to mention that the Dragon Ball Super Manga is released monthly compared to the Dragon Ball Super Anime where it used to be released every two weeks. Hopefully it won't get a continuation after the upcoming Broly film in December. It's impossibly hard to keep things clean in a monthly manga versus a weekly serialized manga on top of all the other projects that Toyotaro has got himself prioritized for while finishing in time for the upcoming Broly film. Also is it really too much to ask for a well-written and soulful DBZ product these days? One-Punch Man isn't even considered Shounen, yet it encapsulates everything that was great about Classic Dragon Ball without being a soulless cash grab. My Hero Academia is mostly viewed as a Naruto rip-off than anything.
  4. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Toriyama's not the only one whose involvement with Dragon Ball nowadays is solely for shits and giggles, look at what Toyotaro's doing in the Dragon Ball Super Manga where he made Roshi go Ultra Instinct against Jiren instead of Goku. I've never seen an Anime and Manga of a franchise contradict so much of what they're doing to the point where it's literally just pointless fan fiction. Dragon Ball is no longer Toriyama's passion project where it's just one man sitting at a table allowing his imagination to go unrestrained while crafting narratives. Dragon Ball has now become a committee that's being crafted by a marketing team where they can take these little ideas and farm them out to Toriyama for some vague outlines of some story lines that they're able to put across for whatever they're wanting to produce. What made Original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z special was either completely glossed over or ignored in Dragon Ball Super. Characters used to bust their ass in order to obtain new levels of power where the training was just as much of the franchise as these levels of power were. Now all it takes is for someone to asspull their way out of a situation without any given explanation as to how they did it.
  5. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Gohan's not just studying since he's also been busy looking after his mother, wife, and daughter. The Tournament of Power arc made him realize that he needed to become strong enough to protect his family but not so much to the point where he needs to keep up with Goku and Vegeta on a constant basis. However the End of Z contradicts this with Gohan not being as active in martial arts as he used to be with Goten and Trunks being pressured to enter the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai. Probably because they didn't want anyone else to outshine Goku and Vegeta. Dragon Ball Super is basically the Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza show at this point so according to Toriyama If you're a part of the peanut gallery then you don't matter to him. At least he sort of made up for it by adding Roshi, Tien, and Krillin as part of Universe 7's representatives in the Tournament of Power arc even though it didn't really amount to anything. It's really a shame they wasted Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Super compared to the amount of respect he got in Dragon Ball Z though.
  6. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/dragon-ball-super-chapter-38/chapter/8448 So Chapter 38 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga supposedly spoils how Broly will die in the new film, as it explains a lot about Broly's power being demonstrated by Kale of Universe 6. Cabba explains this theory in the chapter that once someone like Kale or Broly awakens it's all over, their power keeps growing, and they rampage until they basically self-destruct. It's definitely an interesting way of putting a cap on the limits of a Legendary Super Saiyan or should I say Super Saiyan Berserker because without it their power can continuously grow to the point where they could surpass a God of Destruction like Beerus or Champa. I'm guessing it's Toriyama's way of wanting us to think of his Broly as this tragic hero who was being controlled by his father Paragus and has this power that he doesn't even know how to control to the point where it's eating him alive. By the time Broly goes berserk to the extreme he ends up surpassing Goku and everyone else only to end up self-destructing. We've seen this in the Tournament of Power arc where Vegeta ends up self-destructing against Jiren like he did against Majin Buu but ends up surviving instead of turning to stone due to his training with Beerus and Whis. If it's worth mentioning, in Episode 2 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Cumber's evil ki made Goku go Super Saiyan Berserker. Gohan never really had a rival to push himself past his own limitations where as his father Goku has had several. Same thing with Goten and Trunks which explains their lack of enthusiasm at the End of Z. In the case with Future Trunks, it was because of what Cell and the Androids did that pushed him to get stronger but it wasn't enough when Zamasu showed up. Future Trunks was already in enough trouble with Beerus and Whis for tampering with time travel that they probably wouldn't have trained him hard enough to help tap into God Ki even If he were to train with his father in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber before fighting against Zamasu. Even If Gohan managed to tap into God Ki he'd still be outclassed by Goku and Vegeta.
  7. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Doubt we're going to see Mastered Ultra Instinct again after the Tournament of Power arc since Toei pretty much retconned it to explain why Goku resorts to Super Saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball GT If we're led to assume that it will be officially canon after Dragon Ball Super and the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai. According to the trailer we just saw Dragon Ball Minus is officially canon as well which contradicts Goku being butt naked when he arrived to Earth after Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta before the events of the original Dragon Ball series when Grandpa Gohan raised him in Mt. Paozu. I guess it'll be nice to see Bardock and Gine in this new film. How is it that when Gohan was in his Adidas track suit during the Resurrection 'F' arc people complained but nobody did when #18 wore her Adidas track suit during the Tournament of Power arc along with Goku and Vegeta wearing theirs in this new film? In the English Dub during the Resurrection 'F' arc, Piccolo even comments on this wondering why Gohan forgot his fighting gi when Frieza arrived back on Earth after he was resurrected with the Earth's Dragon Balls. People really need to cut Gohan some slack, Future Trunks didn't fare any better either after that deus ex machina Future Zeno pulled to defeat Zamasu. Why is it that Gohan gets crapped on for being a better father than his dad but when Goku gets crapped on for being a bad father he gets a free pass? We're talking about someone who abandoned his own son to go train in Other World during the Saiyan arc only to try to make up for it during the Cell Games arc when it was too little too late. Krillin's had PTSD issues worse than Gohan has due to being used as a plot device so many times in order to help further advance Goku as a character and in the case with Gohan it was Raditz, Nappa, and the Ginyu Force which he parodies as the Great Saiyaman.
  8. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Here's the first full trailer of the new film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHgm89hKpXU
  9. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    I wonder If Toei's going to ship Broly and Kale in the upcoming film like what they did with Trunks and Mai in the anime.
  10. Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

    Most Vanguard players at my locals have either quit for DBS, ditched Premium for Standard, or moved on with their lives since the end of G Era. There's only one or two people I know who still play Premium in Vanguard while the rest have been going to other LGS's to play Standard. Out of all the Premium decks at my locals there's Great Nature Bigbelly Success, Gear Chronicle Zodiac Time Beasts, and my Royal Paladin Blasters/Alfred deck. I haven't really decided on what deck I want to play for Standard though I'm leaning more toward Oracle Think Tank depending If there's a new shift in the meta down the road. One of my friends is thinking about quitting Vanguard If the new V Series support for Shadow Paladin, Pale Moon, and Dark Irregulars isn't up to his liking since he's already spent most of his money on DBS and Final Fantasy TCG. Another friend of mine is thinking of playing Standard for V Series Aqua Force. If DBS hadn't arrived right when G Era ended in Vanguard and Bandai hadn't reclaimed the Dragon Ball license from Panini, then the Vanguard community at my locals probably would've still had been around to invest in both Standard and Premium. Knowing that Bushiroad's no longer printing new support cards for G Era especially with Murakumo and Tachikaze falling behind with the new V Series being their main focus also dissuaded a lot of Vanguard players from sticking with Premium as well.
  11. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Here's the official pics of Rebooted Broly's new design in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film:
  12. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Broly is now officially canon in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film slated for release in December 2018 in Japan with the FUNimation dub confirmed for 2019: http://www.kanzenshuu.com/2018/07/09/2018-dragon-ball-super-theatrical-film-broli-movie/ When you have a franchise that's been creatively stagnant for 20+ years to the point where Toriyama is only able to come up with what the fan base has been wanting for years since the late 90's and early 2000's with Female Saiyans (Kale and Caulifla), Evil Goku (Zamasu/Turles/Ginyu), Dream Fights (SSB Goku vs. SSJ4 Goku), and now a Canonical Broly, it's time to call it quits. Same with Toyotaro for the Dragon Ball Super Manga since he's been accused of tracing images from Marvel Comics. I guess "Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4D" wasn't considered canon since it was made by Universal Studios Japan instead of Toei Animation. SSB Gogeta isn't canon but why is God Broly non-canon? I think that Toei initially wanted Kale to be the canonical Broly in Dragon Ball Super yet apparently that didn't sit well with Toriyama so he decided to put his own spin on the character even though nobody really asked for it. I think the upcoming film would've been more interesting If Yamoshi was the main focus.