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  1. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    The people in the Top 8 don't care as much about FanZ when they're just using the format as an excuse to play what's already meta in Panini Z so they don't have to invest any more money into the game. Not to mention the FanZ virtual sets and CRD updates haven't really done anything to shake up the meta since Awakening.
  2. Set 10

    Dragon Ball Super CCG is taking in the demographic of players who used to play Buddyfight not Vanguard since it's still the go to Yu-Gi-Oh! alternative without breaking the bank. Rumor has it that Force of Will TCG is getting in on the popularity of MTG's EDH/Commander format so it'd be interesting to see If anything comes of it unless it ends of flopping like Tiny Leaders did. As for your argument about the Big Three and one to two tertiary games, like I said before the Secondary Market for Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games has gotten too big for any sort of sustainability for these games. It's why we have the Living Card Game business model to help offset the amount of games getting squeezed out from staying in production as Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games. I don't remember Naruto CCG getting discontinued in Japan with Set 2 Coils of the Snake. If my memory serves me correctly it happened around the time Set 5 Dream Legacy was the last expansion that Bandai of Japan worked on for Naruto CCG shortly before Set 6 Eternal Rivalry was released. Soon after I started to notice the difference in quality between the cards from those expansions. In fact the Bandai forums for Naruto CCG even admitted that starting with Eternal Rivalry all cards were going to be designed in the U.S. Bandai of America from my understanding even started releasing English exclusive promos for the game through issues of Shonen Jump while it was still in circulation with Tragic Name Gaara being the most popular one due to his broken interaction with Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji from Eternal Rivalry and Sexy Jutsu from Set 3 Curse of the Sand. Having played against that combo I know full well how broken it was since my choices were limited to help counter it back then given what was available in the game's card pool.
  3. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    The FanZ lists at Gen Con 2017 were played before Set 9 of FanZ was released, so they didn't have enough time to playtest some of the new MP's and Styled cards released from the set or maybe they just didn't care to. If they had we probably would've seen a list for Namekian Restored Kami or even a list for Bardock, Future Gohan, and/or Chilled. Sad part is that I was more interested in Didier Greenleaf's list for Freestyle Herogeta in Fusion format than the Top 8 lists for FanZ at Gen Con 2017, but that's not saying a whole lot though. Other than that we probably won't be hearing any new FanZ Tournament reports for awhile after this since ARG recently stopped hosting tournaments for FanZ with Dragon Ball Super CCG on the rise.
  4. Set 10

    The English game proves my theory that what they're doing is exactly the same thing they did with Naruto CCG. First few sets are directly designed by the R&D team by Bandai in Japan only to leave the rest to the U.S. shortly after before the power creep starts setting in. Somehow Naruto CCG managed to survive within the later parts of Shippuden which I was already out of the game by then yet the damage was already done.
  5. Set 10

    I remember trying out the last Dragon Ball CCG Bandai released back in 2008 before Playoff/Donruss acquired the Dragon Ball license from them shortly after Bleach TCG died. I didn't really care for it compared to the original Score version due to how the gameplay mechanics didn't capture the spirit of the original source material like Pokémon TCG did. I feel as though the Living Card Game distribution model is trying to remedy this in some way without over saturating the Secondary Market like what Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Games are popularly known for. It's hard to design a Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game nowadays that captures the spirit of the source material it's based on since generic gameplay mechanics apparently helps sell more product than one's that don't which could explain why Panini Z / FanZ failed to reinvigorate nostalgia from the Retro Z era. That's why you see so many clones of various Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games that are able to get around these types of loopholes in Japan so that they can avoid copyright issues here in the States.
  6. Set 10

    I don't understand why Bandai felt the need to discontinue the Naruto CCG in Japan years ago with the English version releasing their own expansions for it when it ended up doing more harm than good for the game overall. I can see a similar situation happen to the Dragon Ball Super CCG If they decide to pull the plug on it in Japan with the game continuing to stay in circulation through English exclusive releases.
  7. Set 10

    Interest for FanZ has really waned at my locals with the Dragon Ball Super CCG getting the most attention. One of my friends recently sold all his Panini Z cards and decks while saving some for his version of Tim Batow's Fusion format which allows the use of GT cards given tweaks to the CRD to help make the format more balanced. As for me I'm still debating as to whether or not If I want to tear apart my Red Ascension Frieza deck seeing as there's only two people including myself who still play FanZ.
  8. Red Ascension Vegeta; Critical Rush

    - 3 Red Relaxation - 3 Red Stop - 1 Red Intimidation Drill - 3 Red Double Strike - 3 Red Escape - 3 Red Evade + 3 Unleashed + 2 Tree of Might + 1 Aggressive Sword Drill + 1 Afterimage Technique + 3 I'll Dig Your Grave! + 3 Red Energy Shield + 3 Red Body Block
  9. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    There was a Fusion Format (Panini + Score) event at Gen Con this year with Didier Greenleaf (Vegeta Freestyle MBS) and Ryan Lewis (Master Roshi Red TS) in the Finals:
  10. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    So that players would stop complaining about how collectors are making it hard for them to actually play the game due to the Reserved List, short print runs, and other factors. Not to mention that competitive players who play Standard, Modern, and Legacy won't have to worry about supply and demand issues from casual players who play Commander. I also heard rumors of a Class Action Lawsuit filed against Wizards of the Coast by MTG judges who say that they aren't getting paid for their job when they aren't even employees who work for the company. What's even scarier is that If Wizards of the Coast loses control of the DCI to a non-profit organization it would invalidate the Reserved List because Wizards of the Coast is no longer in charge of official tournaments. If that happens to be the case it would give more leverage for Wizards of the Coast's R&D to reprint cards from the Reserved List that would end up hurting the collectors who are keeping the game alive in the long run. The people who play know that the game can't survive without collectors stabilizing supply and demand in the Secondary Market. There has been a rise of buyouts recently due to a lack of Expected Value in recent sets. You really had to criticize me about run on sentences again? Anyway you make a valid point though, last I checked on the contents for Iconic Masters there's not enough cards in the set to devalue the entire game since the Reserved List contains more than 200+ cards dating from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited through Mercadian Masques. However there have been cases where they've gotten away with reprinting Reserved List cards regardless If they've been reprinted in a previous Core Set. Otherwise the set would be too expensive to purchase as the MSRP price would be through the roof not to mention how expensive booster packs would be compared to Modern and Eternal Masters where boosters were like $10-15+ a pack. There's just no incentive to do so when it would anger the collectors who are keeping the game alive compared to the people who actually play that struggle to obtain expensive cards in their decks.
  11. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    If Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro does what I think they might do they could potentially be wanting to do away with the Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game business model altogether in favor of the Living Card Game business model by devaluing the entire history of MTG as a means of releasing a product that contains nothing but reprints of all the Reserved List cards including the Power Nine and pass it off as Iconic Masters due to recent forced buyouts of expensive cards and insider trading with the game nearing it's 25th Anniversary which would be a slap in the face to MTG players who've already invested in Standard, Modern, Legacy, and EDH/Commander. The only way they can pull that off is by rescinding the Reserved List altogether which a lot of MTG players are debating whether If it's healthy or detrimental to the game overall similar to the Chronicles conundrum that happened way back when the reality is that both players and collectors would end up getting screwed over in the process and since cards would no longer have any monetary value there would no longer be any incentive to play MTG in any format as it would create a domino effect within the Secondary Market affecting other Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games currently in circulation right now by putting those companies out of business as an end result. So does this mean that Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro already have a Living Card Game in the works to replace MTG? If they did they wouldn't have kept it a secret this year at GenCon especially when L5R is getting a Living Card Game revival as they probably don't want to risk competing in the Living Card Game market when they're already at the top of their game when it comes to the Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game market so why stop now? Do they really want to run the risk of dumping an old business model for a new one that could potentially be less profitable for them in the long run that isn't designed to be a money pit for consumers?
  12. Set 10

    Definitely agree about Great Saiyaman being his own separate MP stack instead of being swappable with Gohan's other levels, as for Kid Trunks I'd rather have him not be interchangeable with Future Trunks either. I'd much rather have an MP stack for Videl over a new Hercule Level 1 to help increase the roster of female MP's but that's just me. Spopovich, Dabura, and Babidi are all fine choices for Villain MP stacks in Set 10. Ally cards for Nail and Raditz would be nice since they're way overdue. On a side note in regards to Set 11 I wonder how they'll handle Fusion with Gotenks, Vegito, and Gogeta, will it be like in Score Z where you needed either the Fusion Dance or Potara Earring cards with one of the fusion partners as your Ally in play while the other is your MP? Also I cannot stress this enough please implement Sensei Decks in FanZ to where they function exactly like Piccolo Sensei did in Score Z! I hated the way Sensei Decks were implemented in Score Z due to how it increased luck over skill.
  13. What masteries would you like to see?

    Bringing back Freestyle Mastery from Buu Saga in Score Z would be busted with Herogeta and Frieza since they both revolve around using their Named cards however I'd reword it to where you just get the tutor effect for them when entering combat instead of being able to keep all your Drills If you advance or lower a personality level since we already had that with Orange Adaptive Mastery back when Drillku was good until Android #20 came along thanks to Tim Batow. Since we already have functional reprints of Saiyan Style Mastery from Buu Saga and Saiyan Supreme Mastery from GT why not give us Saiyan Style Mastery from Cell Saga since it actually generates card advantage? Just don't bring back broken cards like Saiyan Blitz Mastery from GT where your opponent is forced to skip their next action every time you perform a Styled attack since it's basically the equivalent of playing against Yata Lock in Yu-Gi-Oh!. As far as other Styles go I think Black is overdue for a better Mastery compared to what's currently available while Orange and Namekian are good as it is with Blue and Red arguably in a safe spot right now though I'm not sure If they need better Mastery cards at this point in time. Too bad Panini never got around to implementing Sensei Decks before the game got discontinued but I guess that was also an excuse not to deal with Fusion like in Score Z as well.
  14. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    I'm actually dreading the possibility of an MP stack for Zen-Oh the Omni-King once FanZ catches up to Dragon Ball Super since he'll be busted as all get go. Hopefully by then the game will have already incorporated Sensei Decks just like in the Score version that function just like Piccolo Sensei which was the only reason why you'd want to run a Sensei Deck unless you needed to level faster with Vegeta Sensei.
  15. Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ)

    Title: Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ) Author: Card Slinger J Deck List: Main Personality: 1 x Frieza - Resident of HFIL 1 x Frieza - Golden 1 x Frieza - Galactic Conquerer 1 x Frieza - Revived Mastery: 1 x Red Ascension Mastery Setups: 2 x Tree of Might 1 x Villainous Visage 1 x Afterimage Technique Drills: 1 x Aggressive Sword Drill Events: 3 x Unleashed 2 x Overwhelming Power 2 x Frieza's Arrogance 1 x Time Is A Warrior's Tool Physical Combats: 3 x Frieza's Captive Strike 3 x Red Double Strike 3 x Red High Kick 3 x Red Reverse 3 x Red Capture 3 x Red Duck Energy Combats: 3 x Frieza's Supernova 3 x Red Static Shot 3 x Red Energy Blast 3 x Red Left Bolt 3 x Red Right Blast 3 x Red Freezing Beam 3 x Red Body Block 3 x Red Brace Allies: 1 x Chilled - Cackling Tyrant 1 x King Cold - Caught Off Guard 1 x Captain Ginyu - Aggressive Dragon Balls: 1 x Namek Dragon Ball 6 1 x Namek Dragon Ball 7 Description: Strategy is to spam crits with Frieza's Level 2 while also angering up to Level 4 to do the same while his Level 1 helps setup for it. Also recently tested this against Blue Resolute Turles and got my butt whupped with all the proxies I had after switching from running Piccolo while I'm still missing 10 cards in this deck to optimize it a bit more. Any help, advice, and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  16. Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ)

    Bump... Updated the decklist for Set 9 in Fan Z by swapping Beerus Ally and Red Enhanced Beam for Chilled Ally and Red Controlled Blast for 9 Physical Stops in the deck total. Also swapped Stare Down for Unleashed since they're now $30 a piece though I'm having difficulty finding room for Villainous Energy Spheres while I went ahead and decided to run Red Stomach Dive over Red Trailing Blast due to the recent errata on it for FanZ. Red Blocking Hand was taken out for Red Capture to help deal more damage with Frieza's Supernova and since I don't have to worry about gaining anger until I get to Level 3 with Unleashed within the first combat I figured why not?
  17. New FanZ CRD...

    There's only 3 people in my playgroup aside from myself who play FanZ at our locals while other players I've talked to who used to play PanZ had no interest in it due to how Panini sold us out with Bandai Namco again like in 2008 especially with the low player turnout my area had at the last Midwest Madness event at Collector's Cache which was to be expected but they had at least 20 players based on what one of my friends told me who participated so it could've been worse.