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  1. Based on the wording of most cards, it appears that the combo boost in power only applies for an individual battle. There are other cards (like Senzu Bean) that provide a single card with additional power for an entire turn. My question revolves primarily around the "when you have 4 or less, combo +10,000 draw a card" staples in each color (i.e. Boost Attack Piccolo, Trunks, Protector of Children, etc.). Those cards state that they add +10,000 power to "this cards combo for the duration of the turn." I'm unclear on which card "this card" is. Is the card referencing the card that you applied the combo boost to, or is the card referencing itself in these instances. To put it simply, is this card providing a +10,000 boost for the duration of the turn to the selected battle/leader card, or is it for a single battle? Thank you
  2. Simple question, my opponent attacks and I would like to play 2 counter cards in response to his one attack (not talking about counter:counters, simply can I play two Counter:Play cards on one attack)?
  3. Evolve Cards and Retained Effects

    Thank you!
  4. Counter:Play Cards

    Ok, the explanation above makes perfect sense to me, once you've provided the examples for both play timings. I am super grateful for all of your input, and am confident in using this ruling when moving forward in the game. Thank you!!
  5. Counter:Play Cards

    Thank you for this discussion gentlemen. For what it's worth, after examining the CRD as much as possible, I have to agree with sh0ryu_repp4 that Cold Bloodlust would stop essentially everything on the card, even Auto effects. To dive a bit further, and I can move this into a separate section, I am now under the impression that Counter:Attack cards (certain ones) can also negate auto effect. I will explain based on the text: Straight from the CRD (with my interpretations between. CRD text is in italics) 7-1. During the Main Phase, the turn player can switch an Active Mode Leader Card/Battle Card in their Leader Area or Battle Area to Rest Mode in order to attack the opponent’s Leader Card or Battle Cards in Rest Mode. If the player chooses to attack, follow the procedures 7-1-1. to 7-1-4. - This step declares the Attack, no issues here 7-1-1. A counter timing occurs. The non-turn player can activate a [Counter: Attack] skill which condition has been fulfilled. - After declaring the attack, an immediate window exists (and if you note on the step below, this window kicks in prior to Auto effects). The specific text quoted in this line is not Counter:Play, but instead is Counter:Attack, so this is applicable to the Counter:Attack cards (though there is a separate section in the CRD addressing Counter:Play cards, which I will not address here). Therefore, looking at Whis's Coercion, this would be the "counter timing" window where that card is played. 7-1-2. A checkpoint occurs. [Auto] skills that trigger upon attack and the non-turn player’s [Blocker] skills activate at this timing. - Checkpoint occurs here, after the "counter timing" window. CRD specifically states that Auto Skills of both players occur at this point, after the "counter timing" window. 7-1-2-1. Even if the attack has been negated with an [Counter: Attack] skill, the checkpoint still occurs. Skills that 8 entered pending when the attack was declared activate at this timing. - This appears to simply state that this checkpoint still occurs, so if there were ever cards that triggered at this timing point that were unaffected by the counter cards (which none exist at this point as far as I can tell), then they would still kick in because the checkpoint still occurs. Based on this interpretation (which I believe is a strict interpretation from the rule book personally), not only could Cold Bloodlust turn a card vanilla, but a card like Whis's Coercion could stop things like Broly's leader ability Auto Effect as a counter:attack card. Am I wrong is basically what I'm wondering, and if so, could you please explain. Thank you
  6. Counter:Play Cards

    Thank you for the clarification. For my own sanity, I'd like to provide an example and you let me know if I am correct or not. I have a Son Goku on the table, and announce that I am going to evolve the Son Goku into God Rush Son Goku. I pay my energy cost, and place the God Rush Son Goku on the field. After paying my costs and placing him on the table, my opponent plays: Option 1 - Cold Bloodlust: If he played this, ALL of the effects of God Rush Son Goku are stopped (including the Auto effect)? I assume it would have no effect on the evolve portion of God Rush Son Goku since that is the act of physically playing the card. He would remain in active mode, but essentially be blank though (again, including the Auto effect)? Option 2 - Crusher Ball: If he played this, I would retain all of the effects from the God Rush Son Goku, but would simply place him in rest mode and he would be unable to attack for the turn and be vulnerable to attack during my opponents next main phase? Sorry to get deep in the weeds, I just want to make sure I am completely clear on this interaction. Thank you again
  7. I have one additional question that I am unclear on from the CRD. I'll explain how I think it works, and would love to know if I am wrong, and if so, in what respect. So, I believe that if I evolve a card, that I retain the additions/subtractions added to that card prior to evolution in terms of power level changes. In addition, if the card has been negated prior to evolution and cannot use skills, that even after the evolve that any skills on the new card are still negated for the rest of the turn, despite that not being the true target of the negate. What I am not entirely sure of is if the evolve card gets the skills/effects from the previous card (card under it) added to the skills/effect of the evolution. Put more simply with an example, if I have a SS3 Son Goku, Maximum Energy in my Battle Area, and during my Main Phase I play a God Rush Son Goku through its evolution effect on top of the SS3 Son Goku, Maximum Energy, does my God Rush Son Goku now gain the Dual Attack portion from the SS3 Son Goku, Maximum Energy if I had satisfied the conditions to make that effect active earlier in the turn? Hopefully that makes sense.
  8. Counter:Play Cards

    This will be a very general question, but I need some clarification on these types of cards (Cold Bloodlust, Crusher Ball, etc). What skills/effects (if any) does this type of card stop from happening? Does it stop any "when this card is played" text, auto effects (which I believe it does not), Permanents, etc? Does activating this card when an opponent plays a card from hand (or from a skill) automatically place the card into rest mode or send it to the drop area? Any other nuances revolving around this type that might not be addressed by this question would also be appreciated?