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  1. Buy/Sell/Trade Score Z

    Hey guys, I have been doing a lot with the cards lately. I have bought sold and traded on Popo's Score FB. I am about to start E-Bay listings. I would much rather buy/sell/trade here. Lets make some trades. I'll be checking this daily.
  2. Buy/Sell/Trade Score Z

    List Guidelines About Hey guys I have been collecting and trading DBZ cards since the Frieza Saga of Score was released. I have had around 80 positive refs on the old Top Tier site and many on Deck-Zone before that. I have never had a negative ref. I am currently looking for mainly Score Z but in time will add my Pan Z things, I look forward to trading with you all. Sending >Based on Refs. >Small quantities I will use top loader and bubble envelope. >Insurance will be figured by trade if wanted Buy/Sell >Everything is for sale. >Paypal is preferred. Cards/Condition >I have about 5k commons and uncommons just ask. >I am looking for GT in bulk on the cheap. >I take great care of my cards, but not all cards are in mint condition as I have cards from many people. >I have noted cards I feel have concerns to note. >If a card in our deal has a concern I missed I will let you know before the final deal set. >If there is a concern with what you have received please let me know as I am more than willing to correct any concerns so we can have a positive trade. Haves Saiyan Saga 161 Piccolo (level 1) 162 Piccolo (level 2) 163 Piccolo (level 3) 167 Krillin (level 1) 170 Raditz (level 1) 176 Nappa (level 1) x2 177 Nappa (level 2) 178 Nappa (level 3) 180 Piccolo (level 1 High Tech) 183 Raditz (level 1 High Tech) 164 Nappa (level 1 High Tech) 187 Earth Dragon Ball 7 x2 188 Earth Dragon Ball Capture 189 Earth Dragon Ball Combat x3 191 A Beginner's Heart is Dedicated x2 192 Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation 193 Respect the Spirit 194 Unselfish Behavior is Best x5 195 Hero Advantage 196 Saiyan Honor Quest 198 Saiyan Appraisal Maneuver x3 200 Cutting the Tail x3 201 The Tail Grows Back 205 Grabbing the Tail x3 206 Nappa's Blinding Stance 207 Power Gifting x3 208 Terrible Wounds 209 Broken Scouter 216 Krillin's Energy Disc x2 217 Ribs Broken x2 219 Raditz Energy Burst x2 222 Bulma Finds a Dragon Ball x4 223 Bulma Finds a Drill x3 227 T-Rex Offense 228 Vegeta's Plans x3 229 Ally Wins! x2 230 Chiaotzu's Drill x2 231 Goku's Mixing Drill x2 232 Red Life Attack Drill x2 234 Orange Focusing Drill x2 236 Saiyan Power Drill x4 237 Goku's Capturing Drill 238 King Kai's Calming x7 239 Roshi's Calming x2 240 Vegeta's Trick x3 242 Dream Machine Battle x4 FOILS 3 Orange Two Knuckle Punch 5 Orange Arm Bar 8 Red Knife Hand x2 10 Red Elbow Strike 13 Blue Round Throw 14 Blue Shoulder Wheel x3 15 Earth Dragon Ball 1 x2 16 Earth Dragon Ball 2 x3 18 Saiyan Arm Throw x2 19 Saiyan Full Spin Kick x3 20 Saiyan Pressure Punch 21 Saiyan Kneck Hold x4 22 Power Up! x2 25 Goku's Physical Attack 27 Tien's Physical Attack 29 Yajirobe's Physical Attack 30 Fall 7 times, get up 8 times. 32 The Untroubled Mind is Focused 35 Straining Penetrating Attack Move x2 36 Straining Fake Left Move x2 38 Straining Arm Drag Move x3 39 Straining Ankle Smash Move 46 Goku Anger Attack x2 49 Orange Wrist Flex Takedown x2 51 Orange Hip Throw x2 52 Orange Neck Restraints x2 54 Red Knee Strike x2 55 Red Front Kick 56 Red Side Kick x3 58 Red Back Kick 75 Earth Dragon Ball 3 76 Earth Dragon Ball 4 77 Earth Dragon Ball 5 80 Saiyan Training 81 Saiyan Armor x2 84 Yamcha (level 1) 85 Yamcha (level 2) 91 Saiyan Energy Throw 92 Saiyan Energy Defense 115 Yamcha's Energy Attack 148 Red Pressure Point Drill x2 186 Earth Dragon Ball 6 191 A Beginner's Heart is Dedicated 212 Piccolo's Flight 214 Gohan's Father Save 245 Saibaimen (level 3) Frieza Saga 90 Krillin On Namek (level 4) 92 Raditz Restored (level 4) x3 94 Piccolo (level 4) 95 Gohan (level 4) 97 Straining Force Positioning Move x2 98 Blue Stance 99 Blue Energy Outburst 100 Kami As Your Ally x2 101 Hero Teamwork Drill x3 102 Villain's Teamwork Drill x4 103 Human Technology x2 104 Power 105 Dende's Help x2 106 Goku's Super Saiyan Blast! 107 Piccolo's Wisdom x2 108 Yamcha's Good Wishes 111 Krillin's Power Tap x2 114 Gohan's Stomp x2 115 Piccolo's Stomp x2 117 Nail Inspired (level 2) 118 The Plan x3 121 This Too Shall Pass x2 122 Focusing Is Everything x2 123 Red Foot Jolt x3 Preview 5 The Luck of Trunks x7 Preview 6 Trunks Makes Himself Clear x2 FOILS 35 Saiyan Focusing Power 116 Goku's Quickness Preview 4 Good Advice Preview 5 The Luck of Trunks Trunks Saga 112 Guru As Your Ally x2 116 Guru Fades 117 Frieza's Featherlight Touch 118 What Was I Thinking 120 Thought Comes Before Action 121 A Hero's Heart Is Strong x2 122 An Amusing Trick 123 Drills Are For The Weak 124 Hero's Way x2 125 Don't You Just Hate That 127 Goku's Battle Ready x4 128 Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill 131 Chi-Chi Searches 133 Roshi's Thoughts x3 134 King Kai's Thoughts x2 135 Namek Dragon Ball Wish 137 Nail Combat Drill 138 Orange Energy Dan Drill x3 140 Black Smoothness Drill 141 Black Physical Focus x3 142 Red Evasion Drill x2 149 Blue Style Mastery 155 Krillin Enraged (level 2) 162 Frieza the Conqueror (level 2) 192 Goku (level 2 High Tech) x2 FOILS 9 Namekian Thrust 10 Namekian Blocking Defense 12 Blue Stomach Eruption 38 King Cold's End 109 Dodoria (level 1) Androids Saga 89 Android 17 Smirks 90 Android 18's Stare Down x2 91 Android 19's Distress 93 Winter Countryside x3 94 Kami's Floating Island x2 95 Defenseless Beach 96 Dying Planet x3 97 Black Mischievous Drill x2 98 Black Scout Maneuver x2 100 Goku's Heart Disease x5 101 Knockout Drill x6 102 Namekian Friendship x2 103 Namekian Teamwork x4 104 Orange Eye Beam x2 105 Orange Rage x2 106 Orange Searching Maneuver x4 107 Rebellion x3 108 Red Counterstrike x4 109 Red Tactical Drill x3 110 Saiyan Face Stomp x4 111 Saiyan Lightning Dodge 112 Severe Bruises x3 113 Tiens Flight x2 120 Tien the Watcher (level 4) C5 Awful Abrasions x3 C6 Cell's Threatening Position FOILS 11 Black Jump Kick 16 Blue Idea 25 Namekian Energy Absorption 73 Red Dueling Drill x2 88 Unexpected Company 102 Namekian Friendship Cell Saga 112 Namekian Dash Attack 113 Madness! x3 114 Chi-Chi, the Wife (level 3) x5 115 Focusing x4 116 Stunned x2 117 Blue Assistance Drill x5 118 Mr. Popo's Calming x3 123 Cell's Power Drain x4 124 Saiyan Power Blast 125 Run Away 128 Blueprints x5 143 Blue Elbow Drop 144 Blue Diving Punch Drill x2 146 Orange City Destruction 148 Saiyan Offensive Rush x4 152 Android 16's Rage x3 155 Saiyan Rapid Fire x3 156 Blue Head Charge 169 Vegeta, the Prince (level 3) 199 Android 20, the Destructor (level 3 HT) Preview 6 Cell's Style x2 FOILS 16 Saiyan Energy Attack 83 Ally Rescue 84 Yamcha, the Friend (level 1) 109 Bulma, the Expert (level 1) x2 Cell Games Saga 93 Blue Windup Blast x6 94 Cell Jr. 1 (level 1) x8 95 Injured x7 96 Saiyan Face Smash x6 97 Surprise Hit x5 98 Cell Jr. 2 (level 1) x7 99 Goku's Farewell x8 100 Korin's Tower x7 101 The Power of the Dragon x5 102 Megaton Bull Crusher x5 103 Orange Energy Smash x9 104 Blue Fist Smash x9 105 Double Teaming x10 106 Straining Rebirth Move x10 107 Android 18's Effect x8 109 Group Attack x8 110 Orange Focused Attack x7 111 Caught Off Guard Drill x5 112 Vegeta's Anger Drill x8 113 Who's da Man! x11 114 Dende (level 2) x8 115 Cell Jr. 1 (level 2) x6 116 Goku's Dragon Ball Quest x4 117 Chazke Village x4 118 Vegeta's Surprised x12 119 Gohan's Elbow Block x3 120 Straining Destruction Move x8 121 Cosmic Backlash 122 Chiaotzu (level 2) x10 123 Dragon's Victory x8 Preview 5 Brothers in Training x4 Preview 6 Chi-Chi on the Attack! x6 FOILS 1 Black Explosion 3 Black Preparation 6 Deadly Attack x2 10 Namekian Crushing Hold 13 Namekian Foot Lunge x3 14 Orange Dragon Aid 15 Orange Uniting Strike 17 Red Anger Rising x2 21 Red Flying Attack 22 Red Shifty Maneuver 24 Saiyan Blocking Technique 33 Black Blasting Beam x2 50 Bracing for Impact 59 Namekian Restoration 78 Prepared Dodge 82 Red Energy Surprise 88 Saiyan Protection Drill 98 Cell Jr. 2 (level 1) 100 Korin's Tower 101 The Power of the Dragon 110 Orange Focused Attack x2 112 Vegeta's Anger Drill 114 Dende (level 2) 120 Straining Destruction Move Preview 7 Learning the Moves World Games Saga 119 Black Style Mastery x7 120 Blue Style Mastery x3 121 Capsule Corp. x9 122 Chapuchai (level 1) x9 123 Chapuchai, the Tiny (level 2) x11 124 Chapuchai, the Tenacious (level 3) x10 125 East Kai Sensei x9 126 Freestyle Mastery x7 127 Froug (level 1) x8 128 Froug, the Underdog (level 2) x7 129 Froug, the Huge (level 3) x9 130 Gohan, the Energized (level 4) x12 131 Goku, the King's Pupil (level 4) x5 132 Grand Kai (level 1) x8 133 Red Jump Kick x6 134 Krillin, the Husband (level 2) x9 135 Krillin, the Great (level 3) x9 136 Majin Spopovich (level 1) x12 137 Majin Spopovich, the Empowered (level 2) x10 138 Majin Spopovich, the Revitalizd (level 3) x12 139 Namekian Style Mastery x4 140 North Kai Sensei x4 141 Olibu, the Honorable (level 4) x12 142 Orange Style Mastery x6 143 Torbie, the Silent (level 1) x13 144 Torbie, the Prepared (level 2) x11 145 Torbie, Unleashed (level 3) x9 146 Pikkon, the Hero (level 4) x8 147 Red Style Mastery x8 148 Saiyan Style Mastery x5 149 South Kai Sensei x6 150 Tapkar (level 1) x9 151 Tapkar, the Speedy (level 2) x12 152 Tapkar, the Fastest (level 3) x11 153 Arqua, the Water Champion (level 1) x8 154 Arqua, the Agile (level 2) x11 155 Arqua, Unleashed (level 3) x9 156 West Kai Sensei x6 157 World Tournament x6 165 Vegeta (level 1 HT) 169 Gohan (level 1 HT) 173 Goku (level 1 HT) 181 Kid Trunks (level 1 HT) 182 Maraikoh, the Vicious (level 1) 183 Maraikoh, the Strong (level 2) 184 Maraikoh, the Mighty (level 3) 185 Maraikoh (level 1 HT) 198 Videl, the Student (level 1) 199 Videl, the Protector (level 2) 200 Videl, the Determined (level 3) 201 Videl (level 1) Preview 5 Supreme Kai's Power Hold x3 Preview 6 Supreme Kai (level 1) Preview 7 Majin Vegeta, the Dark Prince (level 1) FOILS 5 Black Quick Strike 8 Blue Fire Kick 13 Blue Thunder Flash 16 Namekian Battle Stance 18 Namekian Halting Stance x2 19 Namekian Light Jab 20 Namekian Surprise Attack 21 Namekian Throw 37 Straining Reversal Move 45 Black Point Blank Kamehameha 50 Blue Energy Transformation 54 Blue Rebound 55 Blue Videl's Knee Bash x2 62 Majin Fist Block 67 Namekian Double Blast 70 Namekian Final Flash 75 Namekian Heat Seeking Blast x2 76 Namekian Knee Strike 77 Namekian Offense x2 78 Namekian Pikkon's Defense 79 Namekian Swift Strike 80 Namekian Tornado Attack 83 Orange Diving Attack 84 Namekian Friendship x2 86 Orange Overpowering Attack 94 Red Aggression 97 Red Energy Focus 104 Red Videl's Elbow Smash 108 Saiyan Focused Block 114 Saiyan Swift Kick 119 Black Style Mastery 121 Capsule Corp. 123 Chapuchai, the Tiny (level 2) 129 Froug, the Huge (level 3) 130 Gohan, the Energized (level 4) 131 Goku, the King's Pupil (level 4) 134 Krillin, the Husband (level 2) x3 138 Majin Spopovich, the Revitalized (level 3) 153 Arqua, the Water Champion (level 1) 154 Arqua, the Agile (level 2) x2 149 South Kai Sensei Babidi Saga 93 Android 18, the Mom (level 2) x5 94 Majin Babidi's Power Extension x4 96 Blue Energy Dive x2 97 Daughter's Joy x4 100 Hercule's Close Save x3 101 Heroic Force x4 102 Initiative 103 M x5 104 Majin Pui Pui, the Flashy (level 3) x5 105 Majin Yakon, the Absorber (level 3) x3 106 Majin Babidi, the Evil Genius (level 3) x4 107 Orange Backstab x4 109 Majin Dabura, Meditated (level 3) x3 110 Majin Quickness x5 111 Blue Trapped Strike x5 112 Orange Rapid Attack x2 116 Red Energy Rings x3 117 Red Meditation Drill x4 118 Red Sniping Shot x4 119 Risky Maneuver x3 120 Saiyan Headshot 121 Supreme Kai, the Mentor (level 2) x2 Preview 5 Black Choke Hold FOILS 21 Red Forearm Block 54 Goku's Shifted Balance Drill 73 Majin Dabura (level 1) 105 Majin Yakon, the Absorber (level 3) Buu Saga 115 Korin (level 1) x6 116 Goku, Super Saiyan Ascended (level 4) x2 117 Kid Trunks (level 4) x5 118 Goten (level 4) x3 120 Majin Babidi (level 4) x4 121 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 6 x6 122 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 7 x8 123 Black Front Punch x6 124 Black Right Kick x7 125 Black Royal Flush Drill x8 126 Black Style Mastery x2 127 Blue Electrical Gunk x11 128 Blue Style Mastery x4 129 Deal! x10 130 Dende (level 3) x3 131 Freestyle Mastery x5 132 Gotenks' Flight x5 133 Hercule (level 3) x3 134 Losing Battle x8 135 Majin Buu's Body Slam x10 136 Majin Buu's Charged Attack x7 137 Majin Buu's Flight x10 138 Elder Kai Sensei x7 139 Namekian Style Mastery x2 140 Oolong (level 1) x4 141 Orange Destruction Ball x11 142 Orange Style Mastery x14 143 Red Cross Punch x5 144 Red Style Mastery x4 145 Saiyan Pressure Technique x5 146 Saiyan Style Mastery x4 147 Supreme Kai's Help x6 149 The Fusion Dance x6 154 Gotenks (level 1) x2 155 Gotenks, Super Saiyan (level 2) x4 156 Goku (level 1) 157 Goku, Super Saiyan (level 2) 159 Goku (level 1 GFHT) x2 166 Kid Trunks (level 1 Alt.) x4 166 Kid Trunks (level 1) 167 Kid Trunks (level 2) 168 Kid Trunks (level 3) 169 Kid Trunks (level 1 GFHT) x2 174 Goten (level 1 GFHT) x2 176 Piccolo (level 1) 177 Piccolo (level 2) 178 Piccolo (level 3) 179 Piccolo (level 1 HT) x2 180 Majin Dabura (level 1) 182 Majin Dabura (level 3) 183 Majin Dabura (level 1 HT) 192 Majin Vegeta (level 1 GFHT) 194 Majin Buu (level 1) x2 195 Majin Buu, the Rotund (level 2) x2 196 Majin Buu, Pink People Eater (level 3) x2 197 Majin Buu (level 1 GFHT) 199 Majin Buu (level 1 GFHT) Preview 5 Vegeta's Pride Drill x3 FOILS 5 Black Floating Popo Defense 17 Heroic Quick Kick 18 Horrified 19 Krillin's Flight 25 Orange Spy Drill 27 Red Fastball 28 Red Fist Catch 32 Saiyan Energy Deflection 33 Saiyan Hand Swipe 37 West City x2 43 Black Gambit 45 Black Heroic Side Kick x2 48 Black Snap Kick 49 Black Weakness Drill x2 55 Blue Friendship 56 Blue Gambit 57 Blue Head Kick 58 Blue Protective Bubble 60 Blue Upward Block 62 Cookie! 67 Goku's Escape x2 68 Healing Magic x2 69 Hercule's Underground Training Area 71 Heroic Kamehameha 77 Majin Head Blow 82 Orange Face Breaker 84 Orange Flight 85 Orange Gambit x2 91 Physical Defense Drill x2 96 Red Joker Drill 97 Red Overhead Crush x2 98 Red Pressure Technique 105 Saiyan Ki Ball x2 106 Saiyan Onslaught 107 Saiyan Overwhelming Drill 110 The Other World 112 Whiplash 116 Goku, Super Saiyan Ascended (level 4) x2 117 Kid Trunks (level 4) 121 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 6 122 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 7 x2 123 Black Front Punch x2 129 Deal! 131 Freestyle Mastery 132 Gotenks' Flight 134 Losing Battle x2 137 Majin Buu's Flight 138 Elder Kai Sensei x2 142 Orange Style Mastery Preview 4 Watching From Afar Preview 6 Gohan, Mystic (level 4) Fusion Saga 93 Black Energy Swirl x3 95 Blue Backhand x4 96 Blue Leapfrog Drill x3 99 Den-Goku (level 1) x4 102 Gotenks' Kamikaze Ghost x3 103 Hercule-Goku (level 1) x5 104 Last Ditch Effort 107 Majin Buu's Energy Spray 108 Majin Buu's Kamikaze Ghost (level 1) 109 Majin Buu's New House x2 110 Majin Planet Destruction Blast x4 111 Majin Thrust x3 112 Namekian Door Explosion x3 113 Orange Reflex x4 115 Red Drop x2 116 Red Leverage Blast x5 117 Red Mouth Cannon x4 118 Red Whiplash 119 Saiyan Overcharged Blast x7 121 Transformation x4 122 Vegeta's Fury x3 123 Vegito (level 1) FOILS 2 Black Jaw Hammer 20 Saiyan Neutralization 25 Underdog Drill 34 Black Big Bang 38 Black Protection Orb 49 Boomstick 51 Elder Kai's Sacrifice 56 Krillin's Sacrifice 60 Majin Buu's Goo 67 Orange Laser Drill 72 Red Cross Slash 73 Red Energy Slap 101 Gohan, Mystic Empowered (level 4) 102 Gotenks' Kamikaze Ghost 118 Red Whiplash x2 Kid Buu Saga 93 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 6 94 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7 x8 95 Black Chaos Detonation x4 96 Black Disarray Drill x8 97 Black Drop Kick x2 98 Black Swerve x4 99 Blue Reverse x6 100 Fond Memories x5 101 Gohan, the Bookworm (level 1) x6 103 Hercule's Dream Sequence x7 104 King Kai, Earth's Mentor (level 1) x6 106 Kid Buu, Majin Buu (level 5) 107 Kid Buu's Prepped Crash x7 108 Orange Head Mash x5 109 Orange Intense Power x3 110 Orange Ki Assailment x4 111 Orange Massacre x6 112 Red Axe Heel Kick x4 113 Red Hunger Drill x5 114 Red Left Bolt x3 115 Red Voltage Missile x3 116 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam x5 117 Saiyan Beef x6 118 Saiyan Handstand x4 119 Saiyan Lurch x3 120 Intense Observation Drill x8 121 Uub, Enraged (level 3) x8 122 Vegeta, Settled Down x6 123 Vile Energy x2 FOILS 9 Blue Double Blast 12 Blue Stretch Kick 15 Heroic Power Detonation 18 Namekian Remedy Drill x2 25 Red Kaio-Ken Drill 27 Saiyan Aggression Drill 36 Black Buffer Block 39 Blue Alliance 40 Blue Deviation Drill 41 Blue Dikaio Blast 68 Power Headbutt 43 Blue Impulse x2 54 Krillin's Destructo Disk 61 Orange Carnage 70 Quick Teleportation Drill x4 76 Red Power Slam 80 Saiyan Desperation x2 82 Saiyan Jeering Drill x2 85 Ultra Uppercut 92 Yamcha the Single (level 2) 94 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7 109 Orange Intense Power 110 Orange Ki Assailment 111 Orange Massacre x2 118 Saiyan Handstand 119 Saiyan Lurch x2 120 Intense Observation Drill x2 Trunks Reforged 127 Goku's Battle Ready x3 129 Piccolo And Heroes Gather 134 King Kai's Thoughts x9 141 Black Physical Focus 154 Krillin (level 1) Preview 6 Trunks Finds the Answer x4 FOILS 23 Red Gravity Drill 29 Vinegar's Revenge 32 Garlic Jr's Energy Blast x2 91 Expectant Trunks 97 Blue Leaving 117 Frieza's Featherlight Touch 118 What Was I Thinking 119 Hero's Lucky Break 125 Don't You Just Hate That x2 127 Goku's Battle Ready x2 139 Orange Junction Energy Blast x2 140 Black Smoothness Drill x2 167 Piccolo, the Avenger (level 1) x2 168 Piccolo, Revived (level 2) 169 Piccolo, the Hero (level 3) 173 Vegeta, the Determined (level 1) 174 Vegeta, the Powerful (level 2) 186 Trunks, the Swordsman (level 2) 187 Super Saiyan Trunks (level 3) P1 Trunks' Defensive Crouch x3 P2 Confrontation x3 P3 Concentration Drill P4 Blue Battle Drill x2 P5 Tien Stands Ready x3 P6 King Cold's Sword Trick x4 P7 Garlic Jr.'s Revenge P8 Trunks Power Strike x2 P9 Surprise! x4 P10 Showdown Movie 7 Super Android 13 Subset M6 Android 15 (level 3) M12 Blue Android 15's Energy Ball x2 M23 Super Saiyan Trunks (level 1) M25 Android 18's Drop Kick M29 Android Tag Team x2 M30 Android 18's Palm Blast M32 Android 18's Left Hook Movie 8 Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan Subset 3 Broly, Super Saiyan (level 3) 4 Broly, the Legendary Saiyan (level 4) x3 5 Broly, the Unstoppable (level 5) 6 Broly's Energy Burst 8 Broly's Might x4 12 Saiyan Charge 16 Saiyan Setup x2 17 Saiyan Surprise 18 Battle of the Saiyans 26 Efficient Medicine x2 27 Master Roshi (level 1) 28 Comet Kumolre 34 Power Transfer BR1 Broly, the Calm (level 1) x2 BR2 Broly, Super Saiyan (level 2) x2 BR3 Broly, Empowered (level 3) B3 Broly, the Ferocious (level 3) Bojack Unbound Subset 13 Saiyan Outburst 19 Bulma and Chi-Chi's Stare Off 26 Triple Torpedo 30 Zanya's Entrapping Strings x2 Cosmic Anthologies Subset CA16 Gohan's Immense Power CA21 Goku's Super Saiyan Catch CA27 Alt. Earth Dragon Ball 3 CA35 A Hero's Heart is Strong Set Promos P9 Red Blocking Hand x2 P7 It's All About Time P1 Cell Jr.'s Flight x14 P2 Chi-Chi (level 1) x4 P6 Quick Recovery Drill P9 Tapkar on the Move x3 P1 Majin Babidi's Magic x4 P6 Majin Strength Maneuver x11 P8 Outer Space x5 P10 Total Defense Drill x7 P1 Gotenks' Fast Action x3 P7 Vegeta, the Celestial (level 1) League Promos L3 Team Work Kamehameha L3-3 Huge Strength Maneuver L4-3 Goku's Jump Kick L5-1 Power Napping L5-2 Supersonic Jabs L5-3 Tooth Maintenance L5-4 Spirit Shot L5-8 Staggering Super Slap Capsule Corp. Power Pack 42 Breakthrough Drill CP1 King Kai (level 1) CP2 King Kai (level 2) x4 CP3 King Kai (level 3) x3 CP4 Lord Slug (level 1) x2 CP5 Lord Slug (level 2) x6 CP6 Lord Slug (level 3) x4 CP7 Master Roshi (level 1) x4 CP8 Master Roshi (level 2) x3 CP9 Master Roshi (level 3) x3 CP11 Future Gohan (level 2) CP12 Future Gohan (level 3) CP13 Ginyu Force (level 1) x3 CP14 Ginyu Force (level 2) x3 CP15 Ginyu Force (level 3) x2 CP16 Bubbles (level 1) x6 CP17 Bubbles (level 2) x6 CP18 Bubbles (level 3) x6 CP19 Mighty Mask (level 1) x7 CP20 Mighty Mask (level 2) x5 CP21 Mighty Mask (level 3) x5 CP22 Bardock (level 1) CP25 Meta-Cooler (level 1) x2 CP26 Meta-Cooler (level 2) x4 CP27 Meta-Cooler (level 3) x3 CP28 Android 17 (level 1) x4 CP29 Frieza (level 1) x6 CP30 Krillin (level 1) CP31 King Kai, the Mentor (level 4) CCPP 2 Saiyan Conservation x4 CCPP 3 Anger Management x4 CCPP 5 Unpredictable x2 CCPP 6 Black Thought Focus CCPP 7 Red Arm Cannon CCPP 8 ___________'s Guard Crush CCPP 9 Momentum x3 CCPP 10 Blitz! x5 Gameboy Promos GB6 Black Body Destruction GB7 Gathering of Heroes x4 GB9 Taunting Drill x3 INF1 Red Overbearing Attack x2 Lost Villains Promos LV1 King Cold, the Boastful (level 2) x6 LV2 Frieza, the Untouchable (level 1) x5 LV3 Rats, Foiled Again! x7 LV4 Grand Kai Sensei x3 LV5 Jeice, the Avenger (level 1) x7 LV6 Cell's Neck Grab x4 LV7 Heroes En Masse x8 Puppet Show Promos PS 1 Cell, the Puppet (level 3) x2 PS 2 Goku, the Puppet (level 1) x5 PS 3 Piccolo, the Puppet (level 1) x4 PS 4 Vegeta, the Puppet (level 1) x4 PS 5 Hercule, the Puppet (level 1) x7 PS 6 Stupid Tricks! x6 Tuff Enuff Promos TF1 Black Smackdown x2 TF2 Blue Smackdown x2 TF3 Namekian Smackdown TF4 Orange Smackdown TF5 Red Smackdown TF6 Saiyan Smackdown x2 TF7 Garlic Jr.'s Palm Blast x2 TF8 Loser With Style Drill x3 TF9 Krillin's Coolness Drill TF10 Are You Tuff Enuff??? x2 TF11 Bubbles Drill TF12 Namekian Side Swipe TF15 Blue Show Off x2 TF16 Straining Double Strike TF17 Saiyan Anger Strike x2 TF18 Black Energy Stance TF19 Blue Goku's Power Kick TF20 Blue Frustration Drill x3 TF21 Black Transformation TF22 Tien and Yamcha Strike X Promos X3 Motherly Rage Wants Saiyan Saga 88 King Kai Uniform (Foil) 90 Mother's Touch (Foil) 93 Saiyan Mental Energy Attack (Foil) 95 Saiyan Energy Aura (Foil) 96 Saiyan Sweeping Defense (Foil) 97 Power Up More! (Foil) 102 Raditz Honor Duel (Foil) 103 Piccolo Honor Duel (Foil) 107 Yajirobe Lv1 (Foil) 113 Krillin's Energy Attack (Foil) 116 Yamcha's Physical Defense (Foil) 119 Vegeta's Energy Blast (Foil) 120 Nappa's Energy Aura (Foil) 122 Yajirobe's Energy Attack (Foil) 123 Chiaotzu's Energy Manipulation (Foil) 125 Blue Off-Balancing Opponent Drill (Foil) 131 Black Bear Hug Drill (Foil) 132 Red Rolling Drill (Foil) 140 Red Reading Drill (Foil) 141 Blue Enemies Drill (Foil) 149 Meditation Drill (Foil) 151 Orange Joint Restraint Drill (Foil) 152 Black Defender Drill (Foil) 156 Ally's Sacrifice (Foil) 187 Earth Dragon Ball 7 (Foil) 188 Earth Dragon Ball Capture (Foil) 203 Saiyan Truce Card (Foil) 204 Battle Pausing (Foil) 205 Grabbing the Tail (Foil) 209 Broken Scouter (Foil) 211 Tien Mind Reading Trick (Foil) 214 Gohan's Father Save (Foil) 215 Krillin's Drill (Foil) 216 Krillin's Energy Disk (Foil) 219 Raditz Energy Burst (Foil) 221 Vegeta's Quickness Drill (Foil) 224 Baba Witch Viewing Drill (Foil) 227 T-Rex Offense (Foil) 228 Vegeta's Plans (Foil) 232 Red Life Attack Drill (Foil) 233 Blue Life Defense Drill (Foil) 235 Black Shadow Drill (Foil) 238 King Kai's Calming (Foil) 239 Roshi's Calming (Foil) 246 Saibaimen Lv4 x2 (1 Foil) 247 Goku's Truce 248 Goku's Plan 249 Medic Kit 250 Chiaotzu's Physical Defense P1 Goku Lv4 P2 Piccolo Lv4 P4 Raditz Lv4 (Foil) P5 Gohan Lv4 (Foil) P7 Nappa Lv4 Frieza Saga 1 Orange Planet Destruction (Foil) 2 Orange Kamehameha Attack (Foil) 3 Orange Taunting Attack (Foil) 4 Red Energy Suspension (Foil) 5 Red Energy Disk (Foil) 6 Red Energy Disk Blasting (Foil) 7 Blue Energy Flight (Foil) 8 Reccome Boom (Foil) 10 Saiyan Concussion Punch (Foil) 11 Saiyan Rapid Deflection (Foil) 13 Empowerment! (Foil) 14 Goku's Righteous Force (Foil) 15 Gohan's Temper (Foil) 16 Tien's Jolting Aura (Foil) 17 Vegeta's Jolting Slash (Foil) 18 Saiyan Concentration (Foil) 19 Powerful Followers (Foil) 20 Straining, Floating Attack Move (Foil) 21 Straining Blasting Move (Foil) 22 Straining Energy Move (Foil) 23 Straining Defense Move (Foil) 25 Straining Focusing Move (Foil) 26 A Hospital Stay (Foil) 27 Orange Thumbs Up (Foil) 28 Orange Fist Detonation (Foil) 29 Goku's Sudden Outburst (Foil) 30 Time Is A Warrior's Tool (Foil) 31 Dodoria Energy Attack (Foil) 32 Dodoria Flames of Fury (Foil) 33 Jeice Flash Attack (Foil) 34 Saiyan Planet Explosion (Foil) 36 Alien Anger! (Foil) 37 Jeice Lv1 (Foil) 38 Dodoria Lv1 (Foil) 39 Tien Lv3 (Foil) 41 Chi-Chi Lv2 (Foil) 42 Bulma Lv2 (Foil) 43 Chiaotzu Lv3 (Foil) 44 Yajirobe the Hero Lv3 (Foil) 46 Guldo Lv2 (Foil) 47 Guldo Lv3 (Foil) 49 Frieza Smiles (Foil) 51 Jeice Shouts (Foil) 52 Jeice Comet Attack (Foil) 53 Dodoria Boom (Foil) 54 Goku's Energy Absorption (Foil) 55 Guldo's Time Freeze Drill (Foil) 56 Gohan's Anger Blast (Foil) 57 Krillin's Anger Blast (Foil) 58 Tien's Anger Burst (Foil) 59 Yamcha's Skillful Defense (Foil) 61 Vegeta's Powering Up (Foil) 62 Captain Ginyu's Visionary Attack (Foil) 63 Yajirobe's Gifting Drill (Foil) 64 Chiaotzu's Glaring Power (Foil) 65 Red Energy Defense Drill (Foil) 66 Blue Mental Drill (Foil) 67 Orange Destruction Drill (Foil) 69 Red Phasing Drill (Foil) 70 Blue Allies Drill (Foil) 71 Orange Leg Drill (Foil) 72 Black Energy Stamina Drill (Foil) 73 Red Implosion Drill (Foil) 74 Captain Ginyu Reversal Drill (Foil) 75 Jeice's Style Drill (Foil) 77 Dende Healing Drill (Foil) 78 Gohan Anger Drill (Foil) 79 Frieza's Influence Drill (Foil) 80 Black Erasing Drill (Foil) 81 Krillin's Power Block (Foil) 84 Black Driving Leg Thrust (Foil) 86 Straining Neck Move (Foil) 87 Krillin's Concentration (Foil) 88 Hero Enraged (Foil) 89 Vegeta On Namek Lv4 x2 (1Foil) 90 Krillin On Namek Lv4 (Foil) 91 Nappa Restored Lv4 (Foil) 92 Raditz Restored Lv4 (Foil) 93 Goku On Namek Lv4 (Foil) 94 Piccolo Lv4 (Foil) 95 Gohan Lv4 (Foil) 98 Blue Stance (Foil) 99 Blue Energy Outburst (Foil) 101 Hero Teamwork Drill (Foil) 102 Villain's Teamwork Drill (Foil) 103 Human Technology (Foil) 105 Dende's Help (Foil) 106 Goku's Super Saiyan Blast! (Foil) 107 Piccolo's Wisdom (Foil) 108 Yamcha's good Wishes (Foil) 109 Captain Ginyu's Sacrifice (Foil) 110 Nail the Namekian Hero (level 3) (Foil) 111 Krillin's Power Tap (Foil) 112 Black Swift Elbow Strike (Foil) 114 Gohan's Stomp (Foil) 116 Goku's Quickness (Foil) 119 Mommy's Coming Dear (Foil) 120 Bulma's Scouter (Foil) 121 This Too Shall Pass (Foil) 122 Focus Is Everything (Foil) 123 Red Foot Jolt (Foil) 125 Super Saiyan Goku Lv4 P8 Goku's Good Swift Kick P11 Vegeta's Lunge Trunks Saga Trunks Saga Poster #=Want XXX ##X XXX Trunks, the Saiyan Poster #=Want XXX X#X XXX Preview 2 Just Kidding (foil) Preview 3 No, really Drill? (foil) Preview 6 Trunks Makes Himself Clear (foil) 1 Orange Energy Blast (foil) 2 Red Kiencan Discs (foil) 3 Namek Dragon Ball 2 (foil) *NOT REFORGED* 4 Captain Ginyu Frog (foil) *NOT REFORGED* 5 Krillin's Kamehameha Outburst (foil) 7 Namekian Glare Attack (foil) 11 Red Implosion Lunge (foil) 13 Orange Power Shifting Drill (foil) 14 Orange Surprise Blast (foil) 16 Orange Straight Jab (foil) 18 Black Flying Kick (foil) 20 Black Defensive Burst (foil) 21 Black Overpowering Attack (foil) 22 Red Blazing Drill (foil) 23 Red Gravity Drill (foil) *NOT REFORGED* 24 Red Energy Shield (foil) 25 Namek Dragon Ball 1 (foil) 26 Spice and His Friends (foil) 28 Vinegar Has Plans (foil) 29 Vinegar's Revenge (foil) *NOT REFORGED* 30 Black Water Confusion Drill (foil) 31 Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique (foil) 33 Garlic Jr's Black Water Mist (foil) *NOT REFORGED* 34 Krillin Lashes Out (foil) 35 Krillin Takes A Shot (foil) 36 Frieza's Finger Tip Energy Blast (foil) 37 King Cold Smiles (foil) 39 Goku's Ready (foil) 42 Breakthrough Drill (foil) *NOT REFORGED* 43 Blue Thrusting Fist Strike (foil) 44 Chiaotzu's Psychic Hault (foil) 46 Black Hug Maneuver (foil) 47 Black Driving Palm Strike (foil) 48 Dodoria's Waiting Game (foil) 49 Frieza's Aura Shot (foil) 50 Saiyan Knee Strike (foil) *NOT REFORGED* 51 Frieza's Powering Rage (foil) 54 Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack (foil) *NOT REFORGED* 56 Frieza's Tail Hold (foil) 58 Scorning Aura Shot (foil) 59 Frieza Is Ready (foil) 60 Banekian Physical Drill (foil) 62 Burter's Power Stance (foil) 63 Red Shattering Leap (foil) 64 Gohan's Quest (foil) 65 Krillin's Quest (Foil) 67 Red Knee Eruption (Foil) 68 Red Face Upheaval (Foil) 69 Orange Special Beam Cannon (Foil) 71 Orange Special Beam Cannon Drill (Foil) 72 Black Energy Web (Foil) 73 Black Energy Blasts (Foil) 74 Black Energy Deflection Drill (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 75 Red Power Rush (Foil) 76 Red Lighting Slash (Foil) 79 Namek Dragon Ball 3 (Foil) 80 Namek Dragon Ball 4 (Foil) 81 Tunks Slash (Foil) 83 Trunks Cuts Down (Foil) 84 Trunks Energy Sphere (Foil) 85 Trunks Effortless Drill (Foil) 86 Trunks Planning Drill (Foil) 87 Trunks Sword Position 1 (Foil) 88 Trunks Sword Position 2 (Foil) 89 Trunks Sword Position 3 (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 90 Trunks Sword Position 4 (Foil) 91 Expectant Trunks (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 92 Trunks Draws Steel (Foil) 94 Double Saiyans (Foil) 95 Blue Softening Stance (Foil) 97 Blue Leaving (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 100 Frieza, the Revived Lv4 (Foil) 101 Garlic Jr., the Void Master Lv4 (Foil) 103 Vinegar, the Attacker Lv4 (Foil) 104 Jeice with Style Lv2 (Foil) 105 Jeice Attacks Lv3 (Foil) 106 Captain Ginyu Lv1 (Foil) 108 Captain Ginyu Changes Lv3 (Foil) 110 Dodoria In Flight Lv2 (Foil) 111 Dodoria the Mocking Lv3 (Foil) 112 Guru As Your Ally (Foil) 113 Namek Dragon Ball 6 (Foil) 114 Namek Dragon Ball 7 (Foil) 115 Namek Dragon Ball Combat (Foil) 117 Frieza's Featherlight Touch (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 118 What Was I Thinking (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 119 Hero's Lucky Break (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 121 A Hero's Heart Is Strong (Foil) 122 An Amusing Trick (Foil) 123 Drills Are For The Weak (Foil) 125 Don't You Just Hate That (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 127 Goku's Battle Ready (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 128 Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill (Foil) 129 Piccolo And Heroes Gather (Foil) 130 Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast (Foil) 131 Chi-Chi Searches (Foil) 132 Nail Takes Extra Effort (Foil) 133 Roshi's Thoughts (Foil) 134 King Kai's Thoughts (Foil) 135 Namek Dragon Ball Wish (Foil) 136 Namek Dragon Ball 5 (Foil) 138 Orange Energy Dan Drill (Foil) 139 Orange Junction Energy Blast (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 140 Black Smoothness Drill (Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 142 Red Evasion Drill (Foil) 143 Red King Cold Observation (Foil) 144 Red Style Mastery x2 (1 Foil) 145 Black Style Mastery x2 (1 Foil) 146 Orange Style Mastery x2 (1 Foil) 147 Namekian Style Mastery x2 (1 Foil) 148 Saiyan Style Mastery 149 Blue Style Mastery (Foil) 150 Trunks, the Hero Lv4 (Foil) 151 Vegeta, Saiyan Prince Lv4 x2 (1 Foil) 152 Gohan Empowered Lv4 x2 (1 Foil) 153 Piccolo Enraged Lv4 x2 (1 Foil) 154 Krillin Lv1 x2 (1 Foil) *NOT REFORGED* 155 Krillin Enraged Lv2 (Foil) 156 Krillin, the Warrior Lv3 (Foil) 157 Where There's Life There's Hope 158 Villain's True Power 159 Goku, the Unbeatable Lv4 160 King Cold, the All Powerful Lv4 164 Goku, the Leader Lv1 165 Goku, the Defender Lv2 167 Piccolo, the Avenger Lv1 168 Piccolo, Revived Lv2 169 Piccolo, the Hero Lv3 170 Gohan, the Leader Lv1 172 Gohan, the Warrior Lv3 173 Vegeta, the Determined Lv1 174 Vegeta, the Powerful Lv2 175 Vegeta, in Training Lv3 177 Garlic Jr., the Master Lv2 178 Garlic Jr., the Monster Lv3 179 Spice Lv1 180 Spice, the Leader Lv2 181 Spice, the Warrior Lv3 182 Vinegar Lv1 188 King Cold Lv1 189 King Cold, the Destroyer Lv2 190 King Cold, the Ruler Lv3 193 Piccolo Lv2 HT 194 Gohan Lv2 HT 195 Vegeta Lv2 HT 196 Garlic Jr., the Merciless Lv2 HT 197 Spice, the Enchanter Lv2 HT 200 King Cold, Galactic Ruler Lv2 HT P7 Garlic Jr.'s Revenge *NOT REFORGED* Android Saga 1 Android 17's Neck Hold (Foil) 4 Android 19's Energy Burst (Foil) 6 Android 20's Energy Burst (Foil) 8 Gravity Chamber (Foil) 12 Black Taunting Attack (Foil) 14 Blue Foot Smash (Foil) 15 Blue Glare Attack (Foil) 17 Blue Sidestep (Foil) 18 Gohan's Ready (Foil) 19 Goku's Conquering Stance (Foil) 22 Namekian Defensive Stance (Foil) 23 Namekian Determination (Foil) 24 Namekian Dodging Technique (Foil) 26 Namekian Wrist Grab (Foil) 27 Orange Fist Catch (Foil) 28 Orange Palm Blast (Foil) 29 Piccolo's Stance (Foil) 30 Red Burning Stance (Foil) 32 Red Power Drain (Foil) 33 Red Power Lift (Foil) 34 Blue Battle Readiness (Foil) 35 Saiyan Glare (Foil) 36 Saiyan Inspection (Foil) 39 Android 20's Enraged (Foil) 41 Android 20's Search Pattern (Foil) 44 Master Roshi's Island (Foil) 46 Black Energy Assault (Foil) 49 Gohan's Peaceful Stance (Foil) 50 Black Power Up (Foil) 54 Blue Betrayal (Foil) 55 Blue Holding Drill (Foil) 56 Blue Right Cross (Foil) 59 Bulma's Looking Good (Foil) 60 Goku's Training (Foil) 61 Namekian Elbow Smash (Foil) 65 Orange Aura Drill (Foil) 67 Orange Energy Phasing Drill (Foil) 72 Orange Uppercut (Foil) 74 Red Hunting Drill (Foil) 81 Saiyan Destiny (Foil) 85 Red Lifting Kick (Foil) 89 Android 17 Smirks (Foil) 92 City in Turmoil (Foil) 93 Winter Countryside (Foil) 94 Kami's Floating Island (Foil) 98 Black Scout Maneuver (Foil) 101 Knockout Drill (Foil) 103 Namekian Teamwork (Foil) 104 Orange Eye Beam (Foil) 105 Orange Rage (Foil) 109 Red Tactical Drill (Foil) 110 Saiyan Face Stomp (Foil) 111 Saiyan Lightning Drill (Foil) 115 Android 17 Lv1 (Foil) 116 Android 18 Lv1 (Foil) 118 Android 20 Lv1 (Foil) 119 Piccolo the Trained Lv1 (Foil) 120 Tien the Watcher Lv4 (Foil) 121 Vegeta the Ready Lv1 (Foil) 123 Yamcha Lv4 (Foil) 124 The Hero Is Down 125 Trunks Guardian Drill P5 Android 19 Is Stoic P7 Android 16 Smiles P9 Goku's Hesitation P11 Goku's Dashing Punch Cell Saga C2 Cell's Dark Attack (Foil) C3 Cell's Energy Blast (Foil) C5 Awful Abrasions (Foil) C6 Cell's Threatening Position (Foil) 1 Blue Sliding Dodge (Foil) 2 Red Side Step (Foil) 3 Blue Fist Strike (Foil) 4 Orange Focused Blast (Foil) 6 Saiyan Right Cross (Foil) 7 Namekian Energy Ray (Foil) 8 Black Fatality (Foil) 9 Blue Flight (Foil) 15 Saiyan Counterstrike (Foil) 21 Orange Sidestep (Foil) 24 Saiyan Palm Blast (Foil) 26 Black Forearm Block (Foil) 28 Red Defensive Jump (Foil) 29 Orange Strike (Foil) 30 Black Strike (Foil) 31 Orange Energy Deflection (Foil) 32 Red Power Strike (Foil) 33 Red Face Strike (Foil) 35 Orange Left Kick (Foil) 38 Black Neck Break (Foil) 39 Dende Dragon Ball 1 (Foil) 40 Dende Dragon Ball 2 (Foil) 41 Saiyan Triple Kick (Foil) 42 Namekian Fist Block(Foil) 45 Namekian Energy Catch (Foil) 46 Red Offensive Stance (Foil) 47 Blue Evasion (Foil) 48 Orange Energy Focus (Foil) 53 Saiyan Power Kick (Foil) 56 Blue Palm Shot (Foil) 57 Red Jump (Foil) 58 Namekian Rock Crush x2 (1 Foil) 59 Saiyan High Jump Kick (Foil) 60 Saiyan Flying Kick (Foil) 61 Orange Solar Flare (Foil) 63 Orange Side Shot (Foil) 66 Blue Wrist Block (Foil) 67 Orange Ally Drill (Foil) 68 Heroes' Discovery (Foil) 69 Piccolo's Determination (Foil) 70 The Car (Foil) 71 Krillin's Defense (Foil) 72 Capsule Corp. Ship (Foil) 73 Dende Dragon Ball 3 (Foil) 74 Dende Dragon Ball 4 (Foil) 75 Dende Dragon Ball 5 (Foil) 77 Trunks Prepares (Foil) 78 Smokescreen (Foil) 79 Time Chamber Training (Foil) 80 Gohan's Stance (Foil) 81 Grappling Stance (Foil) 82 Cell's Android Absorption (Foil) 85 Yamcha, the Battler Lv2 (Foil) 86 Tien, the Swift Lv1 (Foil) 87 Tien, the Leader Lv2 (Foil) 88 Yamcha, the Powerful Lv3 (Foil) 89 Krillin, the Friend Lv1 (Foil) 90 Android 19 Lv1 (Foil) 91 Tien's Tri-Beam (Foil) 92 Orange Deflection (Foil) 94 Namekian Side Kick (Foil) 95 Android 19, Recalled Lv2 (Foil) 97 Krillin, the Champion Lv3 (Foil) 99 Krillin, the Hero Lv2 (Foil) 101 Orange Goku's Kamehameha (Foil) 102 Straining Hand Blast Move (Foil) 103 Tien, the Quick Lv2 (Foil) 104 Blue Straight Jab (Foil) 105 Namekian Power Up (Foil) 106 Android 16 Detects (Foil) 110 Krillin Asks For Help (Foil) 112 Namekian Dash Attack (Foil) 113 Madness! (Foil) 119 Namekian Preparation Drill (Foil) 121 Dende Dragon Ball 6 x2 (1 Foil) 122 Dende Dragon Ball 7 x2 (1 Foil) 125 Run Away (Foil) 127 Trunks, the Powerful Lv4 (Foil) 128 Blueprints (Foil) 129 Black Style Mastery 130 Saiyan Style Mastery (Foil) 131 Red Style Mastery (Foil) 132 Piccolo, the Namek Lv4 (Foil) 133 Android 18 Lv4 (Foil) 134 Gohan, the Winner Lv5 x2 (1 Foil) 135 Goku Lv4 (Foil) 136 Cell, the Master Lv5 (Foil) 137 Cell, the Destroyer Lv4 x2 (1 Foil) 138 Gohan, Ascendant Lv4 x2 (1 Foil) 139 Krillin, the Mighty Lv4 (Foil) 140 Orange Style Mastery x2 (1 Foil) 141 Namekian Style Mastery (Foil) 142 Red Feint (Foil) 143 Blue Elbow Drop (Foil) 144 Blue Diving Punch Drill (Foil) 145 Blue Left Cross Punch (Foil) 147 Orange Haulting Drill (Foil) 148 Saiyan Offensive Rush (Foil) 149 Namekian Fusion (Foil) 153 Namekian Energy Focus (Foil) 155 Saiyan Rapid Fire (Foil) 156 Blue Head Charge (Foil) 157 Z Warriors Gather 158 Cell's Presence 159 Vegeta, the Revitalized Lv5 160 Goku, the All Powerful Lv5 161 Goku, the Hero Lv1 162 Goku, the Saiyan Lv2 163 Goku, the Perfect Warrior Lv3 164 Gohan, the Champion Lv1 165 Gohan, the Swift Lv2 166 Gohan, the Mighty Lv3 167 Vegeta, the Powerful Lv1 168 Vegeta, the All Powerful Lv2 170 Piccolo, the Warrior Lv1 171 Piccolo, the Champion Lv2 172 Piccolo, the Destroyer Lv3 176 Android 16 Lv1 177 Android 16, the Machine Lv2 178 Android 16, the Battler Lv3 180 Android 17, the Leader Lv2 181 Android 17, the Fighter Lv3 182 Android 18 Lv1 183 Android 18, the Model Lv2 184 Android 18, the Machine Lv3 188 Cell, Stage One Lv1 189 Cell, Stage Two Lv2 190 Cell, Perfect Lv3 191 Goku, Earth's Hero Lv3 HT 193 Vegeta, the Last Prince Lv3 HT 194 Piccolo, Earth's Protector Lv3 HT 197 Android 17, the Destroyer Lv3 HT 198 Android 18, the Smart One Lv3 HT 200 Cell, the Perfect Warrior Lv3 HT P1 Cell's Self Destruct Cell Games Saga Cell Games Saga Poster #=Want X#X XX# XXX Pv1 Cell's Draining (Foil) Pv2 Cell's Arena (Foil) Pv3 Cell's Last Strike (Foil) Pv5 Heroes' Battleground (Foil) Pv6 Cell's Style (Foil) 26 Saiyan Fist Attack (Foil) 30 Strength Training (Foil) 32 Black anticipation Drill (Foil) 34 Black Double Attack Drill (Foil) 39 Black Shifting Drill (Foil) 46 Blue Recovery Drill (Foil) 48 Blue Stamina Drill (Foil) 50 Bracing for Impact (Foil) 51 Caught in the Act (Foil) 53 Cell's Instant Transmission (Foil) 54 Cell's Swift Strike (Foil) 57 Fighting in Cover (Foil) 58 Cell's Backslap (Foil) 61 Namekian Energy Spike (Foil) 62 Namekian Face Smack (Foil) 65 Namekian Quick Blast (Foil) 66 Namekian Ready Drill (Foil) 70 Orange Burning Aura Drill (Foil) 71 Orange Energy Concentration (Foil) 74 Orange Fateful Attack (Foil) 76 Orange Steady Drill (Foil) 79 Protective Shelter (Foil) 90 Senzu Drill (Foil) 91 Something Dangerous is Coming! (Foil) 92 Tien's Block (Foil) 97 Surprise Hit (Foil) 109 Group Attack (Foil) 123 Dragon's Victory (Foil) 125 Piccolo, the Defender Lv5 P5 Goku Charges P9 A Raditz Memory World Games Saga Pv1 Celestial Games Begin (Foil) Pv4 Gathering of Warriors (Foil) Pv6 Chi-Chi on the Attack! (Foil) 2 Black Defensive Stance (Foil) 14 Goten's Focused Blast (Foil) 15 Earth Dragon Ball 3 (Foil) 25 Orange Palm Block (Foil) 27 Red Energy Defensive Stance (Foil) 31 Saiyan Abduction (Foil) 32 Saiyan Defensive Sphere (Foil) 33 Saiyan Energy Ball (Foil) 35 Straining Cry Baby Move (Foil) 38 The Middle of Nowhere (Foil) 39 Kid Trunks' Palm Blast (Foil) 41 Black Driving Elbow Strike (Foil) 46 Black Super Kick (Foil) 47 Black Triple Team (Foil) 49 Blue Back Kick (Foil) 57 Goku's Quickness Drill (Foil) 58 Hercule's Drop Kick (Foil) 64 Majin Knee Strike (Foil) 66 Namekian Combo (Foil) 74 Namekian Focused Kick (Foil) 85 Orange Light Jab (Foil) 88 Orange Power Kick (Foil) 89 Orange Power Stance (Foil) 95 Red Double Strike (Foil) 96 Red Energy Drill (Foil) 98 Red Heat Seeking Blast (Foil) 100 Red Light Jab (Foil) 105 Saiyan Discharge (Foil) 106 Saiyan Finger Block (Foil) 112 Saiyan Light Jab (Foil) 115 Saiyan Uppercut (Foil) 117 Straining Focused Move (Foil) 120 Blue Style Mastery (Foil) 127 Froug Lv1 (Foil) 136 Majin Spopovich Lv1 (Foil) 137 Majin Spopovich, the Empowered Lv2 (Foil) 145 Torbie, Unleashed Lv3 (Foil) 146 Pikkon, the Hero Lv4 (Foil) 147 Red Style Mastery (Foil) 148 Saiyan Style Mastery (Foil) 151 Tapkar, the Speedy Lv2 (Foil) 152 Tapkar, the Fastest Lv3 (Foil) 158 Evil Presence Drill 159 Goku, the Galaxy's Hero Lv5 160 Goku's Blinding Strike 161 Pikkon, the Prized Fighter Lv5 194 Piccolo, Majunior Lv1 195 Piccolo, the Mentor Lv2 196 Piccolo, the Former Guardian Lv3 197 Piccolo Lv1 HT Babidi Saga Pv1 Face Off (Foil) Pv2 Righteous Strike (Foil) Pv5 Supreme Kai's Power Hold (Foil) Pv6 Supreme Kai Lv1 (Foil) Pv7 Majin Vegeta, the Dark Prince Lv1 (Foil) 1 Android 18's Iron Defense (Foil) 3 Black Palm Reversal (Foil) 6 Black Quick Kick (Foil) 7 Blue Cape Swing (Foil) 10 Blue Speediness (Foil) 12 Entering the Arena (Foil) 13 Hercule's Power Stance (Foil) 14 Heroic Shoulder Slam (Foil) 16 Orange Crushing Kick (Foil) 19 Orange Firebreath (Foil) 20 Orange Right Punch (Foil) 23 Red Slide (Foil) 24 Red Thrusting Beam (Foil) 26 Saiyan Duck (Foil) 27 Saiyan Energy Rupture (Foil) 28 Saiyan Might (Foil) 29 Saiyan Power Block (Foil) 30 Saiyan Prepared Smash (Foil) 31 Straining Counter Punch (Foil) 35 Majin Babidi's Ship (Foil) 36 Black Backstab (Foil) 39 Black Pummeling Strike (Foil) 40 Black Reverse Kick (Foil) 41 Black Surprise Maneuver (Foil) 43 Blue Leverage (Foil) 44 Blue Palm Sphere (Foil) 46 Blue Torso Strike (Foil) 47 Majin Vegeta Lv1 x2 (1 Foil) 50 Majin Dabura's Petrifying Spit (Foil) 52 Energy Storage Drill (Foil) 53 Goku's Berserk (Foil) 57 Majin Vegeta, the Evil Lv2 (Foil) 58 In The Groove (Foil) 60 Majin Defense Drill (Foil) 61 Majin Lightning Hit (Foil) 63 Majin Power Drill (Foil) 65 Majin Pui Pui Lv1 (Foil) 66 Majin Pui Pui, the Henchman Lv2 (Foil) 67 Majin Babidi Lv1 (Foil) 68 Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack (Foil) 70 Majin Yakon Lv1 (Foil) 71 Majin Yakon, the Monster Lv2 (Foil) 72 Majin Babidi, the Wizard Lv2 (Foil) 74 Orange Critical Hit (Foil) 75 Orange High Block (Foil) 77 Orange Surprise Reaction (Foil) 78 Orange Temple Strike (Foil) 79 Paper, rock, Scissors (Foil) 81 Majin Dabura, King of Fighting Lv2 (Foil) 88 Saiyan Movement (Foil) 90 Saiyan Suspended Blast (Foil) 91 Majin Vegeta's Rage (Foil) 92 Videl, Tournament Ready Lv2 (Foil) 93 Android 18, the Mom Lv2 (Foil) 97 Daughter's Joy (Foil) 98 Gohan Energized x2 (Foil) 99 Goku, the Legendary Lv5 (Foil) 104 Majin Pui Pui, the Flashy Lv3 (Foil) 106 Majin Babidi, the Evil Genius Lv3 (Foil) 109 Majin Dabura, Meditated Lv3 (Foil) 110 Majin Quickness 113 Majin Vegeta, Uncontrollable Lv3 (Foil) 114 Majin Vegeta, the Malicious Lv4 (Foil) 119 Risky Maneuver (Foil) 120 Saiyan Headshot (Foil) 123 Majin Vegeta, the Malevolent Lv5 (Foil) Buu Saga Pv1 Orange Headbutt (Foil) Pv2 Saiyan Escape (Foil) Pv3 Blue Buu Blast (Foil) Pv4 Namekian Knowledge Drill (Foil) Pv5 Black Choke Hold (Foil) Pv6 Red Torso Chop (Foil) Pv7 Red City Destruction (Foil) 6 Black Diving Energy Drop (Foil) 9 Blue Slam (Foil) 10 Carpet Attack Technique (Foil) 16 Goku's Power Attack (Foil) 22 Orange Chin Break (Foil) 29 Red Passive Block (Foil) 32 Saiyan Energy Deflection (Foil) 34 Saiyan Snap Kick (Foil) 40 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 5 (Foil) 53 Blue Energy Cannon (Foil) 63 Energy Ricochet (Foil) 64 Flight Training (Foil) 65 Gohan's Swordplay Drill (Foil) 66 Goku Swiftly Moving (Foil) 69 Hercule's Underground Training Arena (Foil) 75 Majin Buu's Magical Ray (Foil) 80 Namekian Shuto (Foil) 95 Red Gambit (Foil) 96 Red Joker Drill (Foil) 102 Saiyan Concentrated Blast (Foil) 103 Saiyan Gambit (Foil) 106 Saiyan Onslaught (Foil) 125 Black Royal Flush Drill (Foil) 128 Blue Style Mastery (Foil) 136 Majin Buu's Charged Attack (Foil) 148 Supreme Kai's Ki Push (Foil) 149 The Fusion Dance (Foil) 150 The Eternal Dragon Quest 151 Majin Buu Lv5 152 Goku, Super Saiyan 3 Lv5 153 Master Roshi Sensei P3 Majin Buu's Fury P10 Majin Buu's Smooch Fusion Saga Vegito, Super Saiyan Puzzle #=Want XX# XXX XX# Preview 5 Vegeta's Pride Drill (foil) 1 Black High Kick (foil) 6 Dimension Scream (foil) 7 Hercule's Assault Drill (foil) 8 Hercule's Immunity (foil) 9 Heroic Effort (foil) 10 Majin Buu, Evil Buu (lv1) (foil) 12 Majin Buu's Taunt (foil) 15 Orange Strength (foil) 21 Saiyan Power (foil) 22 Saiyan Spindletop Punch (foil) 23 Taking Cover (foil) 24 Tien's Surprise Technique (foil) 26 Underdog Drop Kick (foil) 29 Vegito's Drop Kick (foil) 31 Vegito's Uppercut (foil) 33 Apocalyptic Battle (foil) 35 Black Dark Energy (foil) 36 Black Jawbreaker (foil) 39 Black Restraint (foil) 40 Black Spin Kick (foil) 43 Blue Forceful Explosion (foil) 48 Blue Weaving (foil) 53 Gohan's Left Energy Release (foil) 58 Majin Buu, Super Buu (lv2) (foil) 63 Namekian Finger Blast (foil) 64 Narrow Escape (foil) 66 Orange Headshot (foil) 68 Orange Protection Drill (foil) 69 Orange Rush (foil) 70 Overcharge (foil) 78 Red Static Shot (foil) 79 Redeemed (foil) 82 Saiyan Explosion (foil) 83 Saiyan Gut Kick (foil) 84 Saiyan Neckbreaker (foil) 86 Saiyan Push (foil) 87 Saiyan Two Gun Woo (foil) 88 Sneaky Tricks (foil) 92 Yamcha, the Amazing (lv1) (foil) 93 Black Energy Swirl (foil) 95 Blue Backhand (foil) 98 Dazed (foil) 100 Gohan, Earth's Protector (lv5) (foil) 104 Last Ditch Effort (foil) 105 Majin Buu, Gohan Absorbed (lv5) (foil) 106 Majin Buu, Gotenks Absorbed (lv4) (foil) 119 Saiyan Overcharged Blast (foil) 123 Vegito (lv1) (foil) P2 Hercule Draws Steel P3 Heroic Head Throw P4 Human Extinction Attack P5 Locked On P6 Orange Blitzkrieg P8 Orange Palm Technique P9 Orange Power Point Kid Buu Saga Pv1 Goku's Flight (Foil) Pv5 The Power of Porunga (Foil) Pv6 Devastation Drill 1 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 1 (Foil) 2 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 2 (Foil) 3 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 3 (Foil) 4 Black Exertion (Foil) 6 Black Magic (Foil) 10 Blue Kai Build Up (Foil) 11 Blue Sledgehammer (Foil) 16 Ki Catalyst (Foil) 17 Majin Hair Pull (Foil) 19 Orange Arm Break (Foil) 20 Orange Discharge Drill (Foil) 21 Orange Hand-clasp Drill (Foil) 22 Overwhelmed (Foil) 23 Pan's High Slap (Foil) 24 Red Bullrush Drill (Foil) 26 Red Puppy Slap (Foil) 28 Saiyan Dashing Kick (Foil) 29 Saiyan Stomp (Foil) 30 Stupendous Strike (Foil) 33 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 5 (Foil) 34 Android 18, the Mom Lv1 (Foil) 35 Black Bicycle Kick (Foil) 38 Black Swivel Kick (Foil) 42 Blue Face Crunch (Foil) 43 Blue Impulse (Foil) 45 Bulma, the Wife Lv1 (Foil) 46 CHARGE! (Foil) 47 Chi-Chi, the Grandmother Lv1 (Foil) 49 Energy Lob (Foil) 50 Goku's Setup Strike (Foil) 51 Goku's Supreme Kamehameha (Foil) 52 Hercule, the Everlasting World Champion Lv1 (Foil) 53 Kid Trunks, Teenager Lv1 (Foil) 55 Kid Buu, Majin Buu Lv1 (Foil) 56 Kid Buu, Majin Buu Lv2 (Foil) 57 Majin Buu's Backstabbing Kick (Foil) 58 Majin Dabura, the Redeemed Lv1 (Foil) 59 Massacre of the Billions and Millions of Bountiful Mini Bitty Maliciously Baneful Majin Buus (Foil) 60 Masterful Moves (Foil) 63 Orange Might (Foil) 64 Orange Obliteration (Foil) 65 Orange Vegeta's Assault 66 Pan, Granddaughter of Goku Lv1 (Foil) 69 Provoke Drill (Foil) 71 Recoome's Vogue Drill (Foil) 72 Red Aerial Force (Foil) 73 Red Annihilation (Foil) 74 Red Clap (Foil) 77 Red Sword Cleave (Foil) 78 Red Thunder Clap (Foil) 79 Saiyan Brace (Foil) 84 Ultimate Defense (Foil) 87 Uub, the Quick Learner Lv2 (Foil) 89 Videl, the Heroic Lv1 (Foil) 91 Yajirobe, Retired Lv1 (Foil) 93 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 6 (Foil) 95 Black Chaos Detonation (Foil) 96 Black Disarray Drill (Foil) 97 Black Drop Kick (Foil) 102 Goku Sensei (Foil) 105 Kid Buu, Majin Buu Lv4 (Foil) 107 Kid Buu's Prepped Crash (Foil) 108 Orange Head Mash (Foil) 112 Red Axe Heel Kick (Foil) 113 Red Hunger Drill (Foil) 114 Red Left Bolt (Foil) 115 Red Voltage Missile (Foil) 116 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam (Foil) 117 Saiyan Beef (Foil) 122 Vegeta, Settled Down Lv2 (Foil) 123 Vile Energy (Foil) 124 Earth's Spirit Bomb (Foil) Super Android 13 Super 13 Poster #Want #XX X#X X#X M10 Android 13's Prepared Stance M11 Goku's Defense Drill Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan 10 Broly's Supreme Power BR1 Broly, the Calm Lv1 (Gold Foil) BR2 Broly, Super Sayan Lv2 (Gold Foil BR3 Broly, Empowered Lv3 x2 (Silver & Gold Foils) Cosmic Anthologies CA1 Supreme West Kai Lv1 CA7 Zarbon Lv1 CA17 Goku's Power Pole CA19 Icarus Lv1 CA20 Tree of Might CA25 Returning the Favor Bojack Unbound 6 Bujin Lv1 8 Bojack Lv1 9 Bojack, the Villanious Lv2 10 Bojack, the Notorious Lv3 15 Orange Brick Breaker 17 Black Eradication 18 Master Roshi's Gawking Drill 23 Kogu's Dual Strike 24 Trunks' Deadly Impact 26 Triple Torpedo 27 Bojack's Overhead Toss 29 Bojack's Defensive Shield 30 Zanya's Entrapping Strings 31 Gohan's Obliteration 32 Power Overwhelming Broly Second Coming M1 A Simple Wish M3 Black Broly Blast M4 Black Diamond Throw M5 Black Leapfrog M6 Black Torture Hold M7 Blue Accelerated Volley M9 Blue Careen M10 Blue Overhead Catch M12 Broly Lv5 M13 Broly Lv2 M14 Broly Lv1 M15 Broly Lv3 M16 Broly's Dashing Punch M17 Crazy Ritual M18 Dragon Radar M19 Frightened M20 Krillin Lv1 M21 Orange Energy Toss M23 Orange Shift M24 Orange Soul Exertion M25 Red Palm Deflection M26 Red Pummel M27 Red Throwdown M28 Red Uncontrolled Salvo M29 Saiyan Broly Charge M30 Saiyan Doubled Kamehameha M31 Saiyan Handstand Kick M32 Saiyan Head Crush M33 Saiyan Nose Clip M34 Sinister Onslaught M36 Unexpected Company League L1 Warrior's Preparation x3 (Non-Foil, Foil, UR Foil) L2 Line Up (UR Foil) L3 Team Work Kamehameha (UR Foil) L4 Goku's Relentless Spirit (Foil) Gohan Season L1-0 Gohan Season L1-1 Showing Off Your Power L1-2 Multi-form Training L1-3 Garlic Jr.'s Double Blast L1-4 Blast From The Past L1-5 Energy Explosion L1-6 Pain Hurts L1-7 Gohan's Defense Drill L1-8 I'm a Popo in a Bottle... L1-9 Gohan Season Krillin Season L2-4 Clash of the Titans L2-7 I Want You L2-9 Krillin Season Yamcha Season L3-2 Super Arm Cannon of Super Stuff! L3-6 Yamcha Vigor Vegeta Season L6-0 Vegeta Season L6-1 Vegeta's Percussion Concussion L6-6 Vegeta's Gutter Wallop L6-9 Vegeta Season Burger King BK7 Vegeta's Smirk Cell Games Redemption CGR3 Big Man on Campus CGR4 Gohan's Heroic Uppercut Collector's Club CC5 Piccolo's Multiform Cookie Bag CB1 Power of Cookies!!! Game Boy GB3 Orange Scatter Shot GB4 Namekian Dash GB6 Black Body Destruction Infogrames INF2 Confrontation Irwin Toy IR2 Super Saiyan Gohan Lv1 IR4 Videl's Head Kick IR17 Make A Wish IR21 Long Journey IR22 Black Upward Dodge IR27 Super Buu's Absorption IR31 Pikkon's Leg Catch IR35 Gohan's Jump Kick IR36 Ring Out IR37 Black Sweeping Strike IR38 The Pairings Judge Exclusive J1 Fatherly Advice J2 Broly's Legendary Ki Explosion J3 Blue Backbreaker Kraft K1 Gohan's Kamehameha K2 It's Empty K4 Majin Rapid Fire K5 Stop! K6 Majin Buu's Childish Taunt K7 Multi-Purpose Strike K10 Gohan, Released Lv3 Redemption R9 Cell Stage One Lv1 HT R14 Android 16, the Warrior Lv4 R15 Android 17, the Energized Lv4 R16 Android 18, the Survivor Lv4 R17 Android 19, Refreshed Lv4 R18 Android 20, the Mastermind Lv4 K1 King Cold, the Mighty Lv4 Saiyan Exclusive K1 King Kai Lv1 K2 King Kai Lv2 K3 King Kai Lv3 K4 Gohan's Power Hit K5 Trunks' Speedy Flight SEVEN Tournament SZ1 Black Lunge SZ2 Victorious SZ3 Champion Drill SZ4 Champion Belt SZ5 Victorious Drill SZ6 Champion's Aura SZ7 Let the Games Begin SZ8 World Champion Punch SZ9 Ultimate Champion X X1 Frieza's Anger Blast X4 Body Slam X5 Piccolo's Power Ball Other Promos F1 Grand Kai's Palace F2 Half Nelson F3 Orange Conversation Drill F4 Black Stomach Breaker GS1 Startled GKI1 Your Invited