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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone

    Hey everyone new to the community of Dragon Ball Super but have played the game for maybe a week pretty fun.
  2. So I thought it'd be fun to show off the special pack and do an unboxing. Hope you guys enjoy! https://youtu.be/A_0BFmBWdGU
  3. Hey guys! So I know I introduced myself in the proper place a few days ago, and I can't tell you how excited I am about being a part of this community! I thought it'd be a neat idea to document my experience as a brand new player to the game and am going to be making videos about it along with casual and tournament matches as well as deck profiles and pack/box openings! There's lots of ideas I have for this but the main path right now includes building my first competitive deck and trying to get as much experience as I can before this big tournament in Richmond happening in January. I hope I can give some perspective and encourage other people to pick up and play the game. If you wanna check it out, my first video is just a very short introduction here:
  4. New DBS Player

    Hello Im starting to play DBS. I used to play yugioh at a top level but got board of it and to me the game is not the same anymore.
  5. Hey everyone! My name is Colt, and I'm a new Dragon Ball Super player. I just ordered a starter deck and some singles to start working on a beginner deck. I've been playing Magic: The Gathering since I was 8 (1998!) as well as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh for a stint. I just love playing card games and sharing the excitement and challenge with new people. I can't wait to talk deck ideas and strategies with you all and to become a part of the fantastic community you all have built! Thanks for having me.
  6. Sup guys!

    Hey guys! Emceeza here. I'm a father, husband, body mod artist. Collector of high-end nerd things (comics, cards, props, signed, etc) Here for talking DBS TCG and makin' friends (mostly finding players to play with) I'm really excited to play, and if you live in central PA and want a free half deck, get at me! Also, since I have robotic components, I'm a literal android (looks human, has robotic components) and not a cyborg ;D